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  1. How did Friend perform? I think we can start seeing that Pulis have his preferred back 5 more or less only left back with question mark. Great to hear that Traore is doing well and Pulis working on how to get the most out of him regularly.. I think with Shotton behind him he can focus on attacking but also have the support of a “talking”defender behind him which should hopefully help him improve further. On the left I guess we will see downing and friend next game. With britt coming in to play of Gestede.
  2. I believe Pulis will take the chance to test some more of the players in the squad but still want to have strong team and I could see the following team. Randolph Shotton- Ayala - Fry - Friend Traore - Clayton - Howson - Tavernier Bamford - Braithwaite Chance for Fry, Friend, Clayton, Traore, Tavernier and Banford/ Braithwaite to impress. Should win comfortable hopefully
  3. My bet would be that Braithwait takes a chance if he gets it as one of our 2 strikers. But I would say that so far Britt is easily best in terms of goals and then Braithwaite. Neither Bamford, Fletcher and Gestede have showed or scored much. Gestede role as target player is clear and I think Bamford have more experience so he will fight it out with Britt And Braithwait. Fletcher I would send out on loan to mid/Lower championship team. A striking force of Britt, Gestede, Bamford and Braithwait is really strong in my view. However our main issue is still the creativity to create chances for them. That was our main problem last year and still not resolved.
  4. I think already it is quite clear that the below positions are open for strengthening. Randolph Shotton - Ayala - Gibson - LB Howson - CM RM (Traore?) Downing Gestede Britt So priority should be a LB and a right winger. CM need strengthening but problem we have already to many so a few need to go first. Strikers also too many but can’t see us selling so many and buy new. CM hopefully but not strikers
  5. I think the positions we need to strengthen is left back to compete with Friend. Winger depending on formation and then an playmaker. Outgoings I think we will see Forshaw, Fabio, Fletcher on loan and recall maybe of baker and Roberts.
  6. Sam Larsson is a tricky winger. A bit light weight so not sure that he would be suitable to the championship. Also seems quite expensive with the quoted prices of 8-9 million.. Would rather spend that money on Jota or someone that we know can do it in this league.
  7. Our weakness over the last few years are creativity in the attacking third. Ramirez helped solve that partly during the promotion spring but last year summer we didn't solve it and we have still not replaced Adomah properly. Traore is raw so need alt and he might leave as well. On the left we have only downing and chapman. So need 2 players on the left that can play and create chances. Same one on the right or 2 if traore goes. In the middle we have Ramirez and Howson but need one if Ramirez goes. Creativity and creating goal scoring chances kind of player like Jota should be highest priority for me. Bamford, gestede and Stuani can all finish but who will create any chances ??
  8. From Newcastle I have been impressed by Wijnaldum he could be a good attacking option and could add some goals from midfield.
  9. I think we need to add new first team players in this positions: GK Right Defense Center mid Left wing Striker Plus a few backup/squad players CB, right wing, left back etc. Dwight gayle from Crystal Palace might be worth a punt?
  10. Amazing season! We have had so many chances to wrap it up but we don't do it the easy way:) Looking forward to the start of the next season back in the PL :)
  11. Very nervous game against Bolton. Hope for a great game and a Boro win on Tuesday! Still feel like it so much to do..
  12. Hi, sorry to hear about David and his wife. I live in Dubai so pls let me know the details of the event and I will support it as well. Regards Anders
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