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  1. I hope the Beckford part is *** but a PL LB would be nice...
  2. Doubt there's anything in this but I'm clinging to hope in desperation we sign someone...
  3. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! Yeah I'll give it a go for the first time, happy with the current set up but will go with the majority.
  4. Panic over, they arrived!
  5. Area 551, row 32, seats 332/333 IF they turn up!
  6. No mate, megabus. Was a tenth of the price so was never going by train regardless of the strike!
  7. Is anyone else who ordered tix on Mondays General Sale still awaiting arrival of their tickets? I'm in Bristol so can't just turn up at the Riverside tomorrow.
  8. Got two tix!! Up in the gods, area 551, but better than a kick to the teeth!
  9. Season card Holders and Boro Pride members can buy on Thursday 14th May with general sale the next day. First glimpse at 9am on Thursday (tomorrow) morning apparently! http://www.mfc.co.uk/news/article/2014/middlesbrough-boro-adidas-boro-shirt-2454841.aspx
  10. Boro27

    Wembley Query

    Well the replies so far have me feeling a bit more positive, megabus (1/4 of the price of train travel - even with a railcard), hotel and oyster card sorted!
  11. Boro27

    Wembley Query

    I am in the process of sorting out my travel arrangements for Wembley and was thinking: am I realistically likey to get a ticket should we get there? Living in Bristol, I am not a season ticket holder but have attended quite a few games this season. Anybody able to put my mind at ease? :P
  12. You could get the train to Paddington and then Bakerloo tube line from Paddington to Wembley Central. Not sure what costs would be for that though! I'll look into it! Cheers :shy:
  13. Donated. All the best to you and your family, thoughts are with you all.
  14. I have a a room booked here (with free cancellation obviously): http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-3141-ibis-london-wembley/index.shtml As for travel, coming from Bristol so not sure the best way; any other South-Westerners with a plan?
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