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  1. Cheers - I normally use either USAGOALS or Cricfree. Never heard of the others, but will check them out.
  2. I would probably listen to KISS more if Gene Simmons wasn't such a colossal nob end. There's a guy who should definitely keep most of his thoughts to himself. Actually I find most of their songs to be pretty meh. The only ones that ever really grabbed me were Crazy Nights and their re-write of Argent's God Gave Rock n' Roll To You for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Hmm...now I think on it, Love It Loud and Unholy aren't bad either...but thats definitely it.
  3. Unfortunately they are lacking one very important ingredient...Bielsa! 😁 A laudable aim, but I don't think they are going to become the new Leeds any time soon. I'd keep the same lineup, as far as possible, only making changes for fitness, injuries etc. We should certainly be looking to win this game and I'm fairly optimistic we will. The Terriers have scored a decent amount of goals, but our defence has kept clean sheets against some of the best sides in the league. Don't expect it to be easy, but I reckon we'll come away with a 2-1 win.
  4. SATURDAY 28TH NOVEMBER Birmingham City v Millwall (A) Blackburn Rovers v Barnsley (H) Cardiff City v Luton Town (D) Derby County v Wycombe Wanderers (H) Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough (A) Norwich City v Coventry City (H) Rotherham United v AFC Bournemouth (A) Sheffield Wednesday v Stoke City (D) Watford v Preston North End (H) SUNDAY 29TH NOVEMBER Nottingham Forest v Swansea City (D)
  5. Ah yes - Mercyful Fate...how did I forget about them? King Diamond - the Danish Rob Halford? Metallica (or maybe just Lars) have often cited them as a major influence. Can't say I've heard of the others though... 🤷‍♂️
  6. You'd think they'd have learned a lesson from John Terry signing for Villa (as I recall he didn't have much of an impact on the pitch for them).
  7. Typical that there were no streams available for our biggest win of the season (so far). 🙄 But reading some reports it looked like Derby made a good start. We scored rather against the run of play. They could have scored a couple of times second half before the OG, then Much Maligned Marvin wrapped up the points late on. So I'm getting the impression Derby weren't exactly crap...they just had the same problem we've often had - i.e. unable to convert chances. Anyway, good job lads. Nice that we were able to ensure they keep propping up the table. Hopefully that will help instil a bit more confidence and composure in our lads in front of goal. Did NW change formation / tactics during the game, or were our subs like-for-like?
  8. I dunno if you heard but they retired a while back. Plus they're not Danish. IIRC Denmark's biggest claim to metal fame is Lars Ulrich. 😁 Also to be fair to Volbeat they do incorporate metal riffs in some of their songs...just listen to the track Still Counting. The fact they vary their sound from guitar pop to thrash is one of the things I like about them.
  9. So that'll be one of his mates who runs a local Sunday league team then?
  10. Actually Denmark have redeemed themselves hugely in recent years with these guys... Don't need to know any dances for this...just mosh like hell!
  11. I can't regard anyone who cheats as "great". Skilful maybe...but his bad points outweighed any good he may have had. Never even had the decency to apologise. Refused to accept he cheated until his...well...today... I will always consider him an embarrassment to the game rather than a "great" - as much for his off-field antics as anything he did on the pitch.
  12. Generous! I saw one optimist on their forum predict a 1-4 win for them.
  13. I know Warnock doesn't "do" 4-4-2 and likes to go 4-3-3, but lately we've struggled to create a lot of chances...and haven't been able to take the ones we have made. We also seem to try and play through the middle a lot - only playing the ball out wide if we can't get a shot on goal (by which time the opposition are usually back in numbers). I know its wishful thinking, but going 4-4-2 and starting with 2 actual wingers might result in more play down the flanks, stretching the opposition defence a bit more, so we don't have to fight through the middle so much. I expect we will start with 3 up front tomorrow...just have to hope we can catch Derby before they start their recovery.
  14. What should Neil Warnock do? Does he play Derby the same way as most of our recent games have gone and hope that we nick a goal at some point?Does he go for their throat straight away with an attacking team (defence sorts themselves out IMO)? Neither. I think all we really need is some minor tweaking to give us a more attack-minded lineup. It would be foolish to completely abandon the sound defensive play we've shown so far, but we definitely need to let our midfield off the leash a bit more. Derby are there for the taking and we should be looking for 3 points here. Does he make any changes for the starting 11? I'd like to see him start Roberts and play with 2 strikers...not gonna hold my breath though... Does he see this as a "must win" game? He should do...because it is. If we can't beat teams that are struggling as much as Derby are then both manager and players really need to ask themselves some serious questions. Your preference: What is your prefered starting 11? See graphic below. Are Derby any good and should we play with utmost caution? Haven't seen them play, but based on results they must be pretty awful. Should never take any opposition lightly, but NW definitely needs to take the shackles off our attacking players. Be sensible...just more attack-minded. With our defence I think we can afford to be.
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