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  1. Exactly. The next logical step is to call in the police (or more likely the military) to physically bar people from moving around, which will almost certainly lead to more aggro. Not to mention putting military personnel at increased risk. Do you really want to introduce potential sources of Covid-19 into the prison system...even assuming there was room for them? Only alternative would be to set up detention camps...grouping large numbers of potential health risks together... In Italy, the population seem to be acting more sensibly and are complying with their lockdown...probably because they've been scared by the sheer number of deaths. I think the government knows we're rather more bolshy / stupid over here...which is probably why they've tried to delay it as long as possible.
  2. I think a lot of smaller businesses that operate on a week-to-week basis could fold permanently. The "gig economy" will crash hard and may take a while to grow back. The self-employed are in a world of hurt right now. Even large businesses like airlines, major chain stores are being hit hard. Supermarkets and stores with established online & home delivery services are about the only exception. I think there will be a big economic hit...even with all the assistance the government is offering. Probably at least on a par with 2008. They are having to borrow BIG...and will have to repay all that money at some point. I really hope we see the end of "fast fashion" purely for the environmental impact it has. For those businesses that do survive, I'm pretty sure they will see a massive upturn, as soon as restrictions are lifted.
  3. Well done...just conveniently ignore all the very valid reasons I've given and continue your blinkered focus on copying other countries. I'll just reiterate your opinion is very much at odds with the country's top medical experts. Just heard on the midday news that in France they've already issued over 90,000 - yes NINETY THOUSAND - penalties (around €130 each) to people ignoring social distancing protocols or otherwise violating their lockdown procedures. So doing as you suggest won't necessarily work either, given we've still got plenty of idiots failing to heed the government's repeated pleas for compliance. All it'll likely result in is lots of people being fined and I doubt the prison system has the space and resources to deal with more offenders. That said, the government hasn't ruled out "more stringent measures". Be interesting to see exactly what they are and whether they have any effect.
  4. I've seen video footage of how the Russian police operate...I'm not surprised! 😲 Then again they don't have to worry about stuff like Police Complaints Commissions.
  5. First time I've actually seen that game (could only listen on the radio back then). Always great to see any game with the Little Fella. Love Schwarzer's gold jersey. 😁 We got off to an absolute flier...then got a bit scrappy and let Bolton back into the game. Quite the howler from Mark to gift Bolton their goal...but he made up for it with some great saves. Boro could easily have had a couple more with Mendieta's skied effort (on his wrong foot though - really should have scored 2nd half) and Job should have had a penalty when he got his shirt pulled. Second half seemed very end to end with both sides creating some decent chances...plus a few heart-in-mouth one-on-ones. Even though I knew the score I was still having kittens in the last 5 minutes. Scenes at the end definitely brought a tear to the eye. What a team we had back then.
  6. Thats possibly the first thing he's ever said that I agree with. As I've said before, dictatorships do have their good points...now and again...
  7. Oh wow - thats awful! My best wishes to all of you - that your mun-in-law pulls through okay and that you both see out your quarantine clean and safe to return to work. For what its worth, I'm sure there must be many others in similar situations. Just gotta hang in there!
  8. Holy crap! I'm happy if I can do 30 push ups in one go (usually followed by the same number of sit-ups). Could probably stretch that to 100 in a day. As to movies... Police Academy Any of the Indiana Jones films (provided your kids don't get freaked out by the scary bits) Short Circuit Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Big Trouble in Little China
  9. Well if you live in the country, there is more opportunity to get out and about. The government has advised that its okay to go for walks, bike rides etc. In fact they are positively encouraging outdoor activities, as a way to stay healthy. What they are trying to prevent is large gatherings in enclosed spaces...pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms etc. Not to mention large crowds in places like football stadiums (which also have enclosed concourses). You can't stop people being stupid. If they want to put themselves (and others) at risk by having large house parties, thats on them. However, if the majority act sensibly, it will still have a positive effect. I know some countries have already got police and military blockades in place and require people to have travel passes to prove they are outside legitimately. I'm desperately hoping it won't come to that here.
  10. Uwe - fetch your ban hammer! We can't have such terrible punnery on the forum. 😂 I'm just trying not to imagine what their houses will smell like in 10-12 weeks' time, with that sort of diet. 😮🤮
  11. I think it may be a bit too late for that. It seems to be remaining civil so far, even if there is some disagreement. You can always swing your mod hammer if things get out of hand. 😁
  12. Well some folks on here were saying that 2 weeks ago we would be in the same situation as Italy. As of today, we're still a long way behind where Italy was, both in terms of recorded cases and deaths (they were already at over 7,000 cases and 360 deaths). Its absolutely tragic how those numbers have escalated since...though medical experts have pointed out Italy has a much larger elderly population than the UK...so maybe those numbers just reflect that. Looking at the pure numbers, it would appear the government's actions are suppressing the rise in cases and fatalities better than in most other countries. As I said in another post, we may have a capitalist, Tory government in power, but I'm pretty sure their motivations have been anything but selfish...for two reasons. First and foremost, the longer you keep the country "locked down", the harder it is for businesses to survive. Those businesses provide employment and income to people. If the businesses go under, people can lose their jobs. Secondly, the longer restrictions are imposed, the higher the risk of people ignoring them and the necessity of needing the police and even the Army to enforce those restrictions. Just thought of a third one. The government is already having to borrow massive amounts of money. Putting the measures in place earlier would mean borrowing even more. This WILL come back to bite us on the ass at some point, in the form of more austerity measures. So I'm guessing they are trying to limit their borrowing as far as possible. AS I've said before, its an incredibly tricky balancing act they are trying to perform, between stamping out the virus and retaining some semblance of normality...AND limiting the economic impacts, both during and after.
  13. Well any Prime Minister / President is only the figurehead / mouthpiece for their government (lets ignore dictatorships at this time). We all know the real work is done by the Cabinet, Civil Service and other organisations (e.g. the NHS). But a figurehead is still important for communicating to the nation exactly what is being done. Would still rather have Boris' positivity than old misery guts Corbyn. 😉
  14. Well thats the crux of the problem. To slow / contain the virus you need to isolate people. But to do that you need to stop them doing so many things that contribute to the economy, which keeps money flowing and businesses operating. Also people still need money to be able to buy essentials, pay their mortgages / rent, bills etc. They also need jobs to go back to. As far as I can tell there is no correct answer...you can only go on the advice of your medical experts and by watching what other countries do (and whether their measures are effective or not). Obviously different experts have given different advice in other countries - hence the differing responses. I believe the government has done its utmost to limit the disruption and potential hardship that goes with effectively shutting the country down by delaying it as long as possible. Both to limit the economic impact and to lessen the likelihood of the population succumbing to cabin fever and ignoring what the government tells them to do. Considering the UK is still well behind most other countries, in terms of recorded cases and deaths, I think they've done a pretty good job so far.
  15. Don't forget to include... A couple of other picks from my own "Apocalypse Playlist"...
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