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  1. Kind of ironic that Boro then ended up in a similar situation with Karanka...though I'm guessing he was nowhere near as bad as Magath.
  2. Well it could be, if they haven't been recommending the kind of players he is looking for. Or else it speaks to more poor communication if they haven't been given the right instructions. Some people adopt the, "If you want something done properly...do it yourself..." philosophy if they find others aren't doing what they want. Maybe thats whats going on here...unless Warnock has had the same approach at his other clubs. 🤷‍♂️
  3. I'll definitely be cheering for Denmark. Hope you stuff those Russkies. If you play anything like you did against Belgium, you'll get through. VIKING POWER!
  4. Thats why I can never like or support Italy. They're ridiculously good footballers...but they even put our PL teams to shame when it comes to "simulation", time-wasting etc. Going down like they've been shot the moment an opponent comes anywhere near them. Disgusting...and they've always been like this, even going back to the 90s.
  5. Well we do seem to be hamstrung on 2 fronts with this. First, we don't seem to have a competent recruitment team in place to identify potential signings a good way in advance of when the window opens. Basically relying on Warnock, Jepson & Blackwell having spare time to do it themselves. Second, we're probably going to struggle to match the wages other clubs can offer. Or trying similar shenanigans to the Danny Mills saga and missing out because we're trying to get them really cheaply.
  6. Russia v Denmark (A) Finland v Belgium (A) North Macedonia v Netherlands (A) Ukraine v Austria (D) Croatia v Scotland (H) Czech Republic v England (H)
  7. "Bukkake Football" - sounds like a Japanese sport-porn site. 😂 I agree though. The club's decision-making and financial management has been pretty abysmal for some time now.
  8. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've never bashed him for not putting more money into the club. I shudder to think how much he has sunk into Boro over the years, knowing he will never get it back. I'm also grateful he continues to subsidise the annual running costs. What I have been bashing him for is his total inability to think any further forward than the next season, his chopping and changing of mangers every couple of seasons (with the resultant changes in playing staff), some truly terrible decision making and his seeming refusal over the years to let go the reins of power and br
  9. At least now England aren't the only "big name" to slip up against supposedly lesser opposition. I just hope the Scotland game serves as a wake-up call that we can't just go into games hoping to "manage" them and only put maximum effort in for 15 minutes or so.
  10. True, but you'd think that with what he was saving in the transfer market, he'd be a little smarter about who he appointed as manager, or at least get some competent back-up for a rookie manager facing a tough challenge.
  11. Perhaps Warnock wants to do his own scouting because he doesn't trust Boro's current set-up? If we got someone competent in, maybe he'd be happy to hand over the reins, so he can concentrate on working with the squad?
  12. Aren't you forgetting the bloke who chose to put him in charge while simultaneously implementing a budget-cutting exercise? When we were in danger of getting relegated under Robson, (who had a few seasons under his belt by then), Gibson brought Venables in to help out. Southgate got no such assistance...which as a rookie manager I'm sure he would have welcomed.
  13. Clearly its not just Warnock who reads oneBoro...Gibson must be having a peek now and again. Or maybe its one of the first things he does every morning when he gets into the office? 😁 I do hope the rumour is true. My only reservation being the guy is a scout, rather than a DoF. But if he's worked with Stuart Webber he presumably has a pretty good understanding of the role.
  14. Have to admit his decision making was so utterly baffling that I'm inclined to go with the conspiracy theory angle that the match was fixed. 😁 Or maybe GS was a one-tournament wonder and we're now seeing him simply duplicate what so many of his predecessors have done...play it safe and fail...
  15. He did look lost for most of the game and as others have pointed out, our forward line looked completely isolated from the defence (a lot like watching Boro). Philips & Rice seemed to be additional defenders more than anything. The only players who actually tried to get forward and make things happen were Foden and Mount...and Scotland seemed to have their number most of the time. Sterling always seems to think he's auditioning for Strictly (floats like a butterfly and stings like one too). As Wilson said, England were crying out for some pace and inventiveness later in the game.
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