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  1. I really hope so. I think a major clear-out of staff, as well as players, is necessary for us to properly move on.
  2. I'm conflicted too. I voted to stick with Carrick...but I had to really think about it. True this has been a poor season, no arguments about that. But we lost our best players, who were all loanees (plus Akpom) and replaced them with inferior quality. On top of that, the injury crisis has meant chopping & changing the starting lineup for most of the season. Also true that MC hasn't shown much sign of learning from his mistakes or being able to adapt to changing situations, but binning him now would set us even further back. So I'm resigned to giving him at least 1 more season (an
  3. QUESTIONS How excited are you for the game? What would your team and formation be? Same as the one I picked for the Stoke game. Still reckon we could've won with this... How long does Carrick have left? You have to feel time is running out with every result like the last two games. I know this was meant to be a multi-season rebuilding job, but we have taken a big step back from last season, with no signs of anyone being able to plot a way forward. This isn't just Carrick's fault though and if/when he goes, I'd hope the coaching staff and Scott f
  4. In fairness the mass of injuries has been at least partly to blame for that, but agree, even when he had a full strength squad to choose from, his selections and subs have been baffling at times. Worse, when he has changed things up, like the Leicester game or Chelsea home game and we actually played better, he immediately reverted to type for the next games and we went back to looking awful. I mean, does someone have to smack him in the face with a video replay before he gets the message that maybe 4-2-3-1 isn't always the best way? The players clearly were able to adapt when he ask
  5. Some say it was the players that carried us to the UEFA Cup final, rather than McLaren's managerial genius. Just saying... 🤷‍♂ī¸ Although in that case it was their fault we got drubbed in the final.
  6. Definitely don't want him then as our coaches are clearly ***! ☚ī¸đŸ˜¯
  7. Out of the ones you've named, I'd rather have Cooper. Marsch is still unproven IMO. Bielsa could turn out to be another Karanka and I've no idea who Danks is.
  8. Actually I've noticed we can and do play some pretty slick, effective build-up play. It just all comes undone around the penalty area because there is rarely anyone in space to receive the ball...or the final pass / cross is wayward. Its mystifying and annoying. Technically we are not terrible and can play some neat one-touch stuff. We can also get the ball around the pitch when we want to. Its just those final touches and the positioning / timing of runs by our forwards that usually lets us down.
  9. Fully agree. I mean its great that he likes to play attacking football, but even last season our defence was terrible (conceded about 20 goals more than any of the other top 6 teams) and led to us dropping points where maybe we shouldn't have. Extrapolating from that we could have finished higher up and not have had to face Coventry in the play-offs. Speaking of which, our games against them should have had alarm bells ringing about Carrick's limitations.
  10. That wasn't the point though. Players go to different clubs, have to play with new team mates, possibly under a different system and fail to recreate the performances that garnered attention in the first place. Fairly common problem. What macapes was saying is WE never replaced the critical parts that made OUR system work and, worse, failed to find a system that worked with the players we had available. Last season was clearly a happy accident where the loan signings we made, plus the return of a rejuvenated Akpom, were a match made in heaven. But apparently it was not a sustain
  11. To be fair, when you are in trouble, you can't openly admit it in press conferences. You just offer the usual bland generic statements about working to improve performances & results. Hopefully behind the scenes things are very different...but I won't hold my breath.
  12. Well we've managed 4 wins in our last 12, so should be a cinch...right?
  13. But the more games we have like this, the less likely it is he will turn the situation around. The last time we won back to back games, was in December and since then we have managed a grand total of 3 wins. Our season is nosediving like a fighter plane from a WWII movie and will likely finish with an ugly crater in the ground, on current form.
  14. Like Carrick I'm prepared to give him a bit more time, but if we don't start seeing serious improvements after next Summer, I think they both need to go. Give Woody and the rest of the coaches their P45s too.
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