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  1. I think I've seen his brother lurking in the Mines of Boulby...
  2. I was looking at the comments section under the BBC article and most of them seem to blame the board and/or the players, rather than Hughton. They reckon he's a decent manager who wasn't backed by the board and the squad he had to work with wasn't Championship standard. Hmm...interesting. Well there's a (tenuous) Norwich connection. Scott joined the Canaries a couple of months before Neil left to manage Preston. Alex did okay at Norwich, though like Farke, he couldn't keep them in the PL at the first time of asking. Guess he'd be an upgrade on Warnock, but his track record
  3. Since I forgot the midweek predictions this week, I'd better do these while I remember: Hull v Sheffield Utd (A) Barnsley v Blackburn (D) Cardiff v Bournemouth (D) Derby v Stoke (A) Fulham v Reading (H) Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest (H) Luton v Swansea (H) Middlesbrough v Blackpool (H) Millwall v Coventry (D) Peterborough v Birmingham (A) Preston v West Brom (A) QPR v Bristol City (H)
  4. Will we see a Boro performance worthy of a second win on the spin? I dunno about "worthy of a win" but I think we will see Boro make it 2 on the bounce. Expect a slightly improved version of our win against Forest. Scrappy, disjointed and infuriating at times, but we'll bring home the win. With Hughton sacking confirmed, will Warnock target Neil Critchley and add further pressure on him? Lol. You make it sound like NW is some kind of managerial "Terminator" on a mission to end his peers' careers. I'd say Critchley is under less pressure, since this is 'Pool's first
  5. Pretty good summary. I thought we actually played some decent football for the first 15-20 minutes. Then after we scored, we seemed to revert to hoofball - but worse than usual. At times it was more like watching a rugby union game where both sides opt for the chip n' chase style of play. Felt Forest actually played the better football in the middle of the park (just) and had some decent wide play. Boro were just lucky they were as bad as us in front of goal. In the end the game was decided by our one bit of quality play in a dangerous position and a defensive howler on Forest's
  6. Same here - especially considering he usually plays as either a RB or CB. Once Bola's back I'd rather see him in the middle instead of Hall or Bamba. Also the sooner we get (proper) cover for Bola the better.
  7. Thats unfortunate. I guess Forest were just the wrong club at the wrong time for him. I'm sure he'll get other opportunities. Be interesting to see if things improve under new management.
  8. Oof - should have been 3 for Boro there. Keeper spilled a header from Ikpeazu.
  9. Fookin' hell ref - get your fat *** out the bloody way! 🤦‍♂️
  10. Lol - usually I'm the pessimist! Don't worry - I think Boro have got it from here. 😉
  11. LMAO!!! Defensive howler by Forest. Keeper with an awful first touch from a backpass lets Hernandez nick the ball off him, jink past him and tap it into the net. Game over. FOREST 0 - 2 BORO
  12. Good grief - waste of a freekick by Tav there. 🤦‍♂️
  13. Nice ball from Howson there...but as usual we can't do anything with it.
  14. Decent effort from Siliki...if a bit optimistic. A shot on target anyway...
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