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  1. Bold prediction for a keeper who had a long injury lay-off recently and has barely played a game in the last year or so. Started 17 games for Fortuna Dusseldorf in the 2019-20 season (then got injured) - record reads W4 D3 L10. Conceded 35 goals and kept just 2 clean sheets. Not entirely the keeper's fault obviously, but strangely their record got better after he was out injured. W2 D9 L6 for the rest of the season. Maybe he will turn out to be brilliant...but there is little evidence for it.
  2. A tad ambitious there I think, given they will be building a squad virtually from scratch. A lot will depend on the manager and coaching staff. If they have a good setup and make the right signings, things could take off quickly. If not, it could be a case of slow and steady progress. In either case I don't think there will be many complaints. The fans will just be glad they still have a club.
  3. Sounds like Lumley at least kept more clean sheets than you anyway...all that tugging... 😜
  4. I do worry about that lad sometimes...okay all the time. 😆
  5. According to this BBC article he's not too badly off. Dunno how it would compare to someone like Gibson though... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61927037 He can probably at least keep the club on an even keel until they can start looking for other sources of revenue. Anyway, just wanted to check in and see how you're coping with the news. I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to. 😉
  6. It has helped other clubs survive until they could get a place of their own. Wonder if Forest would consider putting them up? 🙃
  7. Could be worse - at least they're not wearing corsets!
  8. Just to be completely pedantic, thats actually a purple tick. 😉 THIS is a green tick...
  9. As we saw with Sol Bamba when he had to play regularly...
  10. My only real issue with loan players is how invested they will be in the team and the club. Are they coming with a point to prove and therefore give it 100%, or are are they just marking time until they can go back to their parent club? Obviously you hope the manager & recruitment staff will do their homework, but after seeing some of our recent loanees I do wonder.
  11. Unless its a classic car...many of them can actually increase in value (depending on the market). 😉
  12. Okay - you're going in the weird pen along with DZ!
  13. Honestly, I like theirs better...apart from the sponsor. Rather European-looking, like something Ajax might use Quite bold and distinctive with no weird bits that don't look like they belong. Particularly like how the club badge and manufacturer's name are centred on the chest.
  14. Just waiting for opposition fans to start chanting, "You're all a load of shi'ite!" 🙃
  15. Just makes them look even more like ...or possibly...
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