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  1. Have you got the munchies yet?
  2. Only 2 metres? I thought you could get high as a kite? 😁
  3. Maybe the lads just need a few Huggies to make them feel better and more motivated (obeying the Rule of Six, of course)?
  4. AnglianRed


    I'd advise you to get the Opera browser. It has ad-blocker switched on by default. Also comes with a VPN system that is useful for viewing "unofficial" streams. πŸ˜‰ I don't mind viewing ads on my PC - big enough screen to navigate accurately. But I agree they're a bloody nuisance on a phone.
  5. Just in case no-one else has heard, I was listening to TalkSport this afternoon and they said the game will be going ahead (for what that's worth). @Redcar Rioja Fantastic post that rather nicely underlines my reservations about BLM (and Extinction Rebellion and pretty much all other protests, movements etc.) However worthy the cause, real change only tends to come about if there is a driving political or economic imperative, or unless there is an overwhelming change in societal values. While things are undoubtedly better than they were 30, 40 or 50 years ago, there is still a lot that needs to be done. I think we're a lot more aware (or "woke") as a nation. I'm just not sure we're ready to act in a meaningful way on a large enough scale. @Tobermory you must be one of those millennial whippersnappers that missed the 80s hair metal era. πŸ˜‰Allow me to enlighten you:
  6. Well the question is whether its actually having any effect or not. As I said in another post, its undoubtedly keeping the issue in the public consciousness...but is it actually going to cause any significant changes? I would say not. Some of those doing the attacking may just be people who don't want to have to think about socio-political issues when they attend or watch sporting events for entertainment. Some are undoubtedly trolls who just like being offensive...and some will actually be people with racist attitudes. Gestures are all well and good, but little will actually change until people's attitudes change. Getting police behaviour / procedures to change will be hard enough. Getting rid of racism in society as a whole I think will sadly prove impossible. Also, as an F1 fan it does sadden me the amount of hate Lewis Hamilton gets on pretty much every forum I visit. Its always a minority, but they're always there and some of the crap they come out with is disgusting.
  7. Great idea! I also believe the stadium is jinxed. Reckon we could find a nice site just outside Guisborough, with a great view of the North Yorkshire Moors. πŸ˜‰
  8. I wouldn't have thought so. Its quite normal for assistants to take charge if the manager can't for any reason. Given Warnock will have to isolate for at least a week...maybe two...I don't see the EFL allowing us to postpone matches until he can come back. Assuming we don't also end up with a number of players testing positive.
  9. Well he's only tested positive so far. May take a few days for any symptoms to manifest themselves, if at all. But you're right - he is in the "danger" age bracket. Got my fingers crossed he doesn't get too ill, or end up needing hospital treatment.
  10. Now I have visions of them arranging a conference call on MS Teams or something and Jepson holding up a phone so Warnock can see whats happening on the pitch. 😁 They'll probably be in contact with him, letting him know whats happening so he can at least advise them what to do.
  11. They probably still wouldn't give a Donald Duck. They're only interested in the PL trophy and Champions And Runners Up League.
  12. To the best of my knowledge there has never been (and never will be) any pressure on crowds to join in. As far as I'm concerned its a purely personal choice - do it or don't. Its up to you and your personal beliefs. Personally I think its pointless and a waste of time, as gestures alone never changed anything. Even changing laws only goes so far. Sadly you'll never be able to change how people think...unless we end up in some Orwellian dystopian future where the government carries out brainwashing. Also, this particular protest was sparked by police brutality and the murder of a number of black people in the USA. There are definitely some parallels with British police, though not nearly to the same extent. In any case, until and unless there is some serious root and branch reform, to identify and stamp out racist attitudes and behaviour in the police, these sort of tragedies are likely to continue. So I would agree that these sort of displays at sporting events serve no purpose. They may keep issues in the public consciousness, but do nothing to actually resolve them. I mean, how many fans are likely to get back home from a match and think, "Right, I'm starting a campaign for police reform"? Same as if I went to a concert - I don't want to listen to the band's lead singer going on about the environment, racism or whatever (unless its a gig specifically put on to benefit said cause). I just want to hear the music.
  13. That would be my guess too. A small number of fans just to test the stewarding, seating and whatever other procedures they are trialling...basically to see if they work, highlight any issues or oversights. I'd guess if this game goes without a hitch they will consider press-ganging letting more fans in.
  14. Don't worry - I'm sure Bournemouth will get a couple. πŸ˜‰ Jokes aside, I think I'm correct in thinking they're not that solid defensively (at least as not as good as Watford) so we may get more of a sniff. Still reckon they'll outscore us though.
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