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  1. But then we won't be able to chant "Go Go Gryffindor!" at matches. 😟 In all seriousness, I think the current badge would be perfect without the scrollwork at the bottom. The re-design with the transporter bridge (minus the circular badge outside) would be great IMO.
  2. Thats what you get for wearing a Birmingham kit. 😜
  3. Just thought I'd put some stats to tomorrow's game. Including cup games, our record looks as follows: Overall - Played: 138 // Won: 39 // Drawn: 39 // Lost: 60 Home - Played: 67 // Won: 26 // Drawn: 19 // Lost: 22 Away - Played: 71 // Won: 13 // Drawn: 20 // Lost 38 In our last 10 games at Ewood Park, going back to 30th December 2006, our record is W2 D4 L4. Which goes some way to confirming my thoughts that a draw will be a decent result.
  4. I actually prefer the shield design but thats a nice update of the 86 badge. 👍 Would not be unhappy with this. Bold, simple and unfussy.
  5. That is disgusting...but I'm assuming (hoping) its just the scumbag element and not representative of Derby fans as a whole. You always get some eejits in any fan base, sadly.
  6. Honestly not a fan of this design. Essentially a mashup of the 2 different badges, it just looks too "busy" - too much going on. I like the shield design, more or less as is. Inclusion of the transporter bridge is a very nice touch. Just change the 86 to 1876. 1986 won't mean anything to other clubs and (most) Boro fans are already aware of its significance. I don't mind the 1986 circular design. Would leave that as it was and just change the date.
  7. But you can't see a white band on a white shirt. 😉
  8. Who do you suppose they're for? Mel Morris, Gibson, the Forest fans? Just wondering if they can get a close up to see if any have BORO scrawled on them in marker pen.
  9. See? We're making this community more toxic and divided already! 😁 #ParagraphLivesMatter
  10. I'd go with this myself Or possibly...
  11. Pretty much echoes my sentiments. Friendly tip: walls of text are easier to read when broken up into paragraphs. 😉 I would normally encourage anyone to question those in authority and hold them to account, but I think this forum is one of the few places that can be excluded from that. As I said before, every forum I've ever been a member of has been run the same way. I genuinely believe that being allowed to vote for mods would actually cause more problems than it solves. Certainly has the potential to make the forum a more toxic and divided community.
  12. Bristol City v Cardiff (H) Nottingham Forest v Derby (D) Birmingham v Barnsley (H) Blackpool v Millwall (D) Bournemouth v Hull (H) Coventry v QPR (H) Reading v Huddersfield (A) Sheff Utd v Luton (D) Stoke v Fulham (A) Swansea v Preston (A) West Brom v Peterborough (H) Blackburn v Middlesbrough (D) Back-up Fixtures 1. Everton v Aston Villa (A) 2. Arsenal v Burnley (H) 3. Brentford v Wolves (A) 4. Leeds v Newcastle (H)
  13. Or Wilder could use the Van Halen option in press conferences...Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love...
  14. Not bad. Is it just me or should the white kit have a red band and white logo?
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