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  1. Agree with most of this, but I'm far from confident about us retaining Championship status. If we can use the decent performance against QPR as a springboard and start picking up points more often, we might end up quite comfortable. Knowing Boro though it'll be a last-game-of-the-season nailbiter.
  2. Ah, great times back in 1995. That was really quite an occasion. Hard to believe the calibre of players we could attract back then. Interesting to note in that 1982 paper, one of the articles states that the club was losing 12 grand a week. Seems all was not well, long before 1986. 😞
  3. Nice to know that money isn't the sole motivator for all players. God knows we need him to stay more than most. Must be the parmos... ðŸĪŠ
  4. Were you in the First Class carriage by any chance? ðŸĪ‘
  5. They probably had to sell the Borocopter as part of the cost cutting. Also had to give up the limo. 😉 On a more serious note, even leasing those things isn't cheap. Nice to know senior management are joining in the belt tightening though.
  6. Yeah - I wasn't that impressed with it either. He really does excel at looking at the quirky or downright ludicrous aspects of life...and those pranks! The one with the jigsaws I think is one of my favourites. I won't knock him for trying something different...I think the problem is that he's trying his hand at something lots of other people already do, so it doesn't seem very original or interesting.
  7. Oh come on...thats no contest. The Gormanator would absolutely smoke Woody. Especially if he included a found poem. 😁 God, I wonder what kind of found poem he could make out of this forum? Doesn't bear thinking about really.
  8. Well you can look at Woody's comment two ways. There are undoubtedly trolls and idiots online, everywhere you go. Not to mention fans of other clubs wading in with their 2 cents. If people were giving him and the team grief after this game, then thats fair enough. You do have to block out the media, to a certain extent and just focus on your job, given the frenzy of criticism that comes your way, when things aren't going well. If he's also including "real" fans who simply can't make the trip from Teesside, to the far flung corners of the country (or London), then he is heading into dangerous territory. Similarly, failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the club's situation will make him come across as stubborn and pig-headed. That said, I don't think there's enough context in the article to really say either way. Nothing to get your knickers in a twist over IMO.
  9. Knowing our luck they'll confirm that in the EFL show tonight.
  10. Yep. Fair result, given the performance of the teams. Was fairly pleased with Boro's attacking play. We looked a bit static and slow to react at times, when we could have won the ball back, but took our chances when they came. Defensively we're still a mess...but at least we kept our composure to see out the stoppage time and kept pushing for a winner in the closing stages.
  11. Well he is meant to be a roadblock in central midfield. Mobility was never a strength of his.
  12. QPR SO lucky not to be down to 9 men. How is the ref not carding these fouls?
  13. This last 10 minutes is gonna be torture. I just hope we don't sit back and play for a point...cause we'll lose if we do...
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