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  1. Damn that opening post is a masterclass in tactical analysis! Wonder if he's on the club's payroll? Looks like they've got some good peeps on their forum anyway. Usual matchday nerves are starting to kick in. Trying to stay calm by watching the cricket...its actually helping a lot! 😴
  2. I was put off by the fact its a US show. Just didn't see them making a good version of it. But if you reckon its worth a watch, I'll give it a go.
  3. We definitely could do (and have done) worse. Warnock has a track record of both keeping clubs up and getting them promoted. Given decent resources and time, I don't see why he couldn't do the same for Boro. The only potential problem is his age and the fact he could decide to retire at any time. I've not heard anything to suggest he has any health issues, but he ain't no spring chicken and management is a stressful job even for the best people. I think thats why a lot of folks (myself included tbh) don't see him as a long-term appointment.
  4. God I wish him and Benedict would get back together for another season of Sherlock. One of the best things the BBC has done in ages.
  5. I understand its because he got into a bad hobbit.
  6. Anyone know what Rafa Benitez is doing these days? 😁
  7. I'd definitely stick with the same team and formation, given we actually looked like we knew what we were doing against Millwall. As usual only make changes for injuries, fatigue etc. Bristol's season has been rather derailed since the restart, losing 4 out of 5 games. They managed to beat Hull at home last time out, but that wasn't exactly comfortable. Also have a negative goal difference, so their defence is leaky. Clearly a club in a bit of turmoil and on paper it looks like a great chance to make it 2 wins on the bounce. Trouble is, Boro have a bit of a track record of fluffing opportunities like this. Head says we will find some way to blow this. Heart says we'll make it 2 out of 2. Prediction: Boro 1 - 0 Bristol.
  8. There are just so many potential scenarios, its impossible to tell what we'll be doing. Assuming Warnock keeps us up and doesn't feel like calling it a day just yet, it has to be tempting for Gibson to keep him on for at least 1 more season, knowing he can get decent results with a limited squad. Wouldn't need a huge squad clearout...more like a few signings to strengthen. On the flip side, you are always on borrowed time with NW, given his age. Would Gibson say "thanks and goodbye" before he decides to jump? What are the chairman's plans / aspirations for the club in the immediate future? I don't see him funding another promotion push just yet. He's probably content just to keep us in the Championship for now. Getting a new manager in would likely see major changes to the squad, to fit a new playing philosophy. Also would likely mean a new backroom staff (which would be no bad thing). Does SG feel like financing that kind of change right now? This is also assuming there are some suitable candidates out there that actually want the job. As has been said, the pool of available & experienced managers is pretty small to start with. How many would actually put pen to paper? As ManBearPig said and as NW is (hopefully) starting to prove, an experienced manager and decent coaches are worth more than expensive signings, so whatever Gibson does, I hope we at least have a solid management staff next season. That way, if we have to get players in on the cheap, we at least have a shout of moulding them into a decent team.
  9. That would have been a very "typical Boro" moment - one of our guys getting sent off while the ref remained blind to all the shenanigans from Millwall.
  10. That is my worry too. Hopefully, if Warnock keeps us up and decides he fancies another season, he might be able to convince Gibson its time for a change of plan...or even to have one in the first place...
  11. Today was definitely one of those "typical Boro" days. Potentially difficult away tie against a team significantly higher up the table...and they only go and put a shift in. Played like they cared about the result. Defended well most of the time. Fought to win the ball back. Put together some nice attacking moves, scored a simple but well executed goal and forced a penalty to double their lead. Which begs the question: why the hell haven't we played like this more often? Don't think any of us would have predicted a 2-0 win. Shows what they can do when they really try. Okay it still wasn't great football...not by a long shot. But it was a hell of an improvement over some previous performances and right now thats all we need to stay up. A couple more results like this and we can all breathe easy.
  13. Think someone should check his changing room to see if there's a brown envelope stuffed into his kit bag.
  14. 8 minutes plus stoppage time. Probably gonna feel more like half an hour... I so hope we don't just sit back & defend. Thats just asking for trouble.
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