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  1. In that case... This was a blatant The ref deserves a damn good
  2. I would be too. I didn't know before today that he is also a qualified referee...so that probably just makes it worse.
  3. Phew! Thought I was going mad for a while there. 👍
  4. Well I guess it depends which replay you saw. Opinions are still divided over the other goals. 😉 Just saying that the one I saw from the front, it looked like George got his foot to the ball and the Swansea player basically fell over him. In real time it didn't look good, so I can understand why the ref gave it.
  5. Well it definitely looked inside the area. Can't tell if George got the ball first, but it didn't look good and not surprised the ref gave it. EDIT: just seen a replay and Saville does brilliantly to get the ball. Very little contact with the player. Can only think the ref gave it because it looked like a bad challenge. Feeling even more hard done by now.
  6. Gutted. Swansea did not deserve to win that. Draw would have been a fair result. But a couple of defensive lapses plus some world class clown refereeing denied Boro a point. Another ref that deserves to spend some time in the National League.
  7. OH YOU ARE *** KIDDING!!! SWANSEA GET A *** PENALTY!!! ðŸ˜ĄðŸ˜ĄðŸ˜Ą Thing is if Saville hadn't done what he did, Swansea would likely have scored anyway. Still *** off at being robbed of a draw...but what can you do?
  8. *** GET IN THERE!!! GIVE SAMWISE MORSY A COOKIE! Didn't look a particularly hard shot - it literally bobbled past the keeper. Guess the bounce made it awkward to save (Bettinelli wouldn't have got to it either 😛 ). No less than Boro deserve, but still galling that we should be winning now.
  9. Losing because you're out-played is one thing (and easier to accept). Losing because the ref is an incompetent muppet is really galling.
  10. Again decent pressure from Boro in and around the Swansea goal but just can't get anyone in a position to have a crack at putting it in the net. This is where our lack of quality and intelligent decision-making really shows.
  11. I like how we're being more tenacious and really pressuring Swansea now. Come lads - keep it up!
  12. I dunno - they've made video refereeing work in rugby and cricket. Just needs some competent heads to make it work in football. As it is though, I agree it has made the game worse.
  13. He really is utterly useless, staying back in his own 18-yard box, instead of being up with the attack, blocking the ref's view so he couldn't blow for anything. ðŸĪŠ
  14. I'd agree but the VAR officials aren't any more competent. Seems even seeing video evidence with your own eyes doesn't help in making good decisions.
  15. Some nice rapid, incisive play. Boro will need more of that. Bola actually sticks the ball in the net, but the ref blows. Lovely shot from outside the area. Seeing the replays I can't see what the ref actually blew for. Seems we've been robbed of an equaliser. ðŸ˜Ą *** typical!
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