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  1. God, I'm having flashbacks to my time at uni now.
  2. I just read that he's only made 6 first team appearances since he moved. Wonder if he's wishing he'd stayed now? If Dyche doesn't want to play Gibson, why the hell won't he let him go on loan (Boro being just one of several clubs to have expressed an interest)?
  3. Suppose its as close as you can get to saying "they're not for sale" without actually saying it. As much as the club might need the money, we probably can't afford to sell any players if we want to be able to field a full starting XI and subs bench, given our injury problems.
  4. *tries to imagine anyone offering £30m for Fry* Or any of our players, for that matter.
  5. Sounds like we got away with that one...a fortunate point. Missed a penalty, Brum having a goal chalked off, a crap ref and a generally underwhelming performance. Hope to god Woody knocks a few heads together (after he's given the poor lambs a few days off) and maybe makes them watch replays of the games during our winning streak...just to remind them how good they can be, when they put their minds to it. Should have been a win, but all things considered, a point isn't so bad.
  6. Why let the football do the talking when you can have a good old bust-up on the touchline? 🤦‍♂️
  7. Is that as painful as getting kicked...downstairs? 😮
  8. Been wondering that for ages. We always seem to go for Hollywood passes, or try to pass through a wall of players...or go it alone when there is someone better placed. And thats without our tendency to pass it around the back when the opposition are pressing and looking to nick the ball. Our decision making is atrocious most of the time.
  9. What? There's no shame in being a nerd. #NerdPride #NerdLivesMatter 😁
  10. Wimp - you should have gone with "even more than that". 😁 On a totally related topic...what has Duvel done to deserve his own special thread of shame?
  11. I'd love to give the Corey Taylor / Rob Halford treatment to the lot of them...absolute *** every single one. Its not just kids. You see it at major festivals too...including "grown-ups" who should know better. 🤬 This has been one of my major pet peeves for a while now and I'm just glad bands / artists are taking a stand against these idiots.
  12. Boro Unger...the Patrick Roberts of match day threads. 😉
  13. We definitely should be looking to win this one. Both to get things back on track, following our defeats at Spurs & Fulham and to restore confidence & morale within the club. While Birmingham will be no push-overs, they certainly don't pose the sort of threat our previous opponents have. That, plus home advantage (even if it is a Tuesday evening), should see the lads making every effort to bounce back. As some have already mentioned, we need to start playing from the first whistle - not the second half. While we may be fatigued from the festive fixture crush, every other club has the same problem to deal with, so lets not be using that as an excuse. We've GOT to start playing like we want to score (and win) from the kick-off. Not sit back and let other teams work us over for 20-30 minutes before we start trying to attack. Only 3 points will do from this one. Anything else and I will be very disappointed. Prediction: Boro 2 - 1 Birmingham
  14. Just an unfortunate choice of doll. If you'd picked a Cabbage Patch doll, or pretty much any other soft/rag doll, you would've been okay. 😉
  15. Showing my age here, but when I was a kid you used to be able to send away for a range of these dolls, if you collected tokens from a certain brand of jam jars (and this was the 1980s). Then again, white people wearing black or brown make-up on TV was still considered okay. Well, maybe not okay, but only "edgy", rather than racist. Now you've got people calling the media racist, just for saying unkind things about Meghan Markle. Wonder what Diana would make of that?
  16. I'm frustrated too because Boro put about 90% of their attacking effort into that 5 minutes of stoppage time. We should have been doing that all game, but for god-only-knows-what reason, we looked scared and ineffectual for most of the time. I said yesterday we could and really should be looking for at least a point...and I still feel it was there for the taking...if we'd only bothered to work for it.
  17. I can't agree with that. If Fulham were crap they wouldn't be 3rd / 4th in the league. They have quite a bit in common with Spurs...strong in attack but suspect in defence. That frantic stoppage-time finish was the epitome of what I wanted to see us doing to Fulham pretty much from kick-off. Put them under pressure...get them on the back foot. But, as usual, we sat in our own third of the pitch and let them come at us. We didn't even try to get at them until halfway through the first half. We also began the 2nd half quite promisingly, but that died a death after 15 minutes or so as Fulham just took control of the game again. Also, as per usual Woody left his subs til late on and Boro only exerted sustained pressure for the first time after the 90 minutes was up. Too little, too late... The 0 shots on target pretty much sums up how toothless we were and if Fulham had won 4 or 5-0 it wouldn't have flattered them. It was a 1-0 thrashing... Now Woody really needs to clear the decks and get the lads ready for the home games, where we should be looking for maximum points.
  18. Bloody hell! Some sustained pressure from Boro! Why the *** were we not playing like this from the kickoff? So annoying when you consider we really could have got something from this game, if we hand't been so defensive-minded for so long.
  19. Well Boro just haven't been able to play by virtue of Fulham dominating us...they've just been better all over the park. Not a whole lot you can do in that situation, except try to outwork the opposition. I would've hoped we'd be a but more adventurous and try to expose their defensive frailties, but they just blew us away first half and set us in a more defensive frame of mind.
  20. Game over...Odoi makes it 2-0... 😔 ...wait..ruled offside...by the tiniest of margins! If that doesn't give Boro the kick up the backside to get an equaliser, I don't know what will.
  21. Well thats true, but he also sees less of the ball. 😉
  22. Either that or Woody think's Wing's long-range artillery might be more effective than trying short-range efforts.
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