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  1. Loved the "golden thread" article. 👍 As you say, communication with the fans may not be the most important thing, in terms of maintaining MFC as a functioning club. However, the fans are the heart & soul of any football club and don't deserve to be treated like mushrooms, or simply cash cows to be milked for all they're worth. Like your other pieces, it would be nice if someone from the Boro board read them and took notes. Most of the official social media stuff is far too smug and self-congratulatory. Its almost as if criticism and self-analysis is forbidden.
  2. It'd be a competition between you and Neymar to see who could do the most theatrical fake injury.
  3. Agreed. I'm still hoping Warnock has identified an actual LB he wants to bring in.
  4. Well I didn't want to have to say this, but you forced my hand. I already know who's going to win this season...and I can also tell you that first prize is a season ticket to Somerset County cricket club. 😝
  5. Really? In that case, can you confirm if you are related to Steve?
  6. I thought if you drank enough Carlsberg, you eventually went total Viking?
  7. I swear they just make the rules up as they go. They're about as consistent as stewards' decisions in F1.
  8. You must love hospital food! 😂 Dunno if you've noticed but there aren't many fat rugby players nowadays. Even the forwards tend to be more muscle than flab (usually). Do your cricket fan mates come back with stuff like: "At least in cricket the video referee system actually works" "In cricket when a player dives, its a legitimate move and not an attempt to con the ref" "Getting hit by a cricket ball actually hurts...would love to see how footballers react to getting hit by one of those" 😁
  9. I haven't had a go at this predictions league malarkey for a few years. Might as well see if my clairvoyant powers have got any better...or worse... Add me to the list please!
  10. I dare you to say that to Ben Stokes' face...or even that Eioioioioin Morgan fella. 😜
  11. That does actually look quite cool tbh. Just unfortunate it is very reminiscent of Leeds...and Derby come to think of it.
  12. May have more luck on Grindr... 😉
  13. In the "what you're looking for" section: - Good sense of humour (essential for following Boro and putting up with a footy-mad partner) - Likes eating out - Enjoys travel abroad - Must have (and be willing to part with) a Boro 75th anniversary shirt...size XXL
  14. Angry / bitter / vengeful ex-wives...thats who. 😡
  15. Thats a shame. His opportunities here have been limited - I'd have liked to see him go on loan for a while to get some first team experience at a decent level, then hopefully come back to be our first choice keeper. Maybe he could do a Ben Gibson...
  16. My current favourite player has to be Tavernier...arguably our most creative midfield player. He seems to make things happen, more often than not. Or at least we seem more likely to score when he is on the pitch. Shout outs for both Fletch and Britt who managed to bag a reasonable amount of goals, considering how badly we struggled. Imagine what they'd be like in a decent team! I'm just sad it seems like that partnership will be broken up next season.
  17. Sliding scale makes a lot more sense to me...say a maximum of 50-60% of a club's annual revenue. Bigger clubs that draw larger crowds, ticket & merch sales etc. and better sponsorship, should be allowed to spend more. Just not to the point where they risk putting the club out of business if they get relegated, or a financial crash, pandemic or other event outside their control impacts their income.
  18. Must admit I'd completely forgotten about him. Don't think he was the kind of player that really stuck in the memory. As you say, solid enough in the 2nd tier, but like a few of our lads at the time, struggled to cut it in the top flight.
  19. God there's a blast from the past. Our first £1m signing, no less. If his and Neal Ardley's performance with Wimbledon is any indication, it could be Woodgate Mk 2.
  20. Not necessarily - though I'm happy to admit I was an 80s kid (some great music from that decade). But I also like Pink Floyd and other stuff from the 70s. Musical taste isn't always an indicator of age. I see lots of comments from kids on Youtube, saying they much prefer music from the 80s and 90s. (although they could just be old people lying about their age)
  21. I'd rather have Chris Lowe from Huddersfield. Pet Shop Boys beat Coldplay any day of the week. 😁
  22. Just checked the table and somehow we managed to win 13! Although 4 of those were under Warnock and there was that 4-in-a-row purple patch at Christmas.
  23. Aww...I'm just kidding! Love your threads too. But you have to admit those vocal summaries are pretty hilarious (that is BU, right?).
  24. I did not know this! Maybe BU's stick in the memory longer because of his funny / entertaining matchday threads. 😁
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