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  1. I thought it was fan policy to always blame the Irish? ☘️😁
  2. I've lost count of the number of strikers we've signed with good track records, or who had amazing previous seasons. Then the minute they pull on a Boro shirt they either can't hit the side of a barn, or else end up isolated, frustrated and having next to no impact on games.
  3. Considering what we got for Spence and Tav I'd agree it is pretty reasonable. Any transfer is ultimately a gamble and while £8m is a lot of money for Boro to fork out, if we're not going to get Larsen, Riis seems like a good second choice. As always, my main concern is that we're looking to bring in a player who has been successful playing with a certain set of players, to another manager's tactics. Will they be able to replicate their form playing under Wilder?
  4. Next thing you know Steve Gibson will be forced to resign after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal with one of his employees... ...and Neil Bausor will have to step up to become the new chairman.
  5. Are they known for being a troll / WUM? Hopefully it'll be confirmed by a more reputable sauce later.
  6. Where do you stand on sweet potatoes (not that it'll change my answer)? For the record I believe "crisps" has become a generic terms for any crunchy savoury snack sold in bags - much like Hoover is a generic term for vacuum cleaners. What if someone put pork scratchings? 😁
  7. Nah - thats' lazy title writing...plus it writes off other potential songs for future transfer threads. 😉 Megamixes are for kids' parties and the checkout counter at supermarkets only.
  8. Stock response every time this question is asked of any manager. "There are no easy games in this league..." 🙄😴 Honestly I don't fancy our defence against anyone. Even if the opposition isn't that good, we usually find ways to give away soft goals. I'll be surprised if we keep many clean sheets this season.
  9. Talking points 1. How many more signings do you think we need to compete for automatics? Probably 6 or 7. Still need at least 3 more first-teamers. 1 more striker, midfielder and defender, then the rest to provide strength in depth / cover for squad rotations, injuries etc. 2. Should Dael Fry be starting every game? How do you fit him in? Not sure he's best suited to playing in a back 3...but then how many of our defenders are? Think he's best used as a sub or second-string / squad rotation for now. Unless by some miracle Wilder suddenly decides to go 4 at the back. 3.
  10. I might have gone for a more Beatles / John Lennon approach. What was that song they did...Give Riis A Chance?
  11. What's Ibrahimovic's availability like? Reckon we should put in a cheeky bid for him.
  12. If you mean Ameobi I think he's currently a free agent. Might struggle to find takers though, with his record of injuries and suffering with asthma. Looking at his career profile he's been a real traveller / journeyman, never staying anywhere more than a couple of seasons, since he left Newcastle.
  13. Not sure about the "bumper contract" - unless he's on a pretty small wage at Preston. Also not sure about Boro having a "chance to win for the Premier League" this season. Maybe next... I imagine we wouldn't want to pay much more than we were offering for Larsen. Hope £8 million is close enough for them.
  14. Lets hope he won't end up like most of our strikers...Hunting High and Low for goals...
  15. Larsen posting a cover of A-Ha's Take On Me on his Insta account? 😁
  16. I wonder if Woody looks back on that now and cringes? (I hope so).
  17. Awww... I'm guessing you ran out of alcohol?
  18. Not really - but if he can score headers like Crooksy I won't complain. Think he looks more like Morten Harket.
  19. Does a lot to reinforce my opinion that footballers are basically overgrown kids. Reminded me of a lot of playground stuff at school. Funniest bit has to be that little kid (Chelsea mascot?) thumbing his nose at a Liverpool player. 😆 At least he had the excuse of actually being a kid.
  20. Thanks - I hope he took it the right way. 😁 I just think that sometimes people get too hung up on stats and they only ever tell you part of the picture at best, or indicate probable outcomes. I mean they're great in engineering for calculating things like reliability of equipment and maintenance requirements, but sport is a lot more unpredictable. At the end of the day the only thing that really counts is results.
  21. Going by all stats available: you're Norwegian. 😝
  22. Patience Grasshopper. In order to bag top quality signings, one must be like the praying mantis...silent, unmoving, only striking when the time is right...
  23. I don't bother about stats. I just make my opinions based on what I see. You can tell if a team has problems or not with good old fashioned Mk I eyeballs. 🤷‍♂️ Don't need none of that fancy stats malarkey.
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