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  1. It's better than that pale blue thing we had a few seasons back, that was awful!
  2. I wish him well, always liked the lad but it was always going to be difficult to break through with the Boro I hope he manages to realise his potential
  3. Imagine Vossen and the Juke upfront for Burnley next season! There's a 7 goal a season partnership if ever I saw one. That's one less team to fear next season. Watch those words come back and bite you on the ***
  4. Mogga didn't play him when he was at Coventry did he? I remember him bein on the bench, was he injured his entire spell there?
  5. It has been a while, thought I'd stop by, see if I learned anything new :D Gloria FESTAfan and the NIMELY Sound Machine... that was the last one :s
  6. Flock of ZIEGEals (flock of seagulls) Need to stop now :s This is what happens when you are by a pool in turkey and have ran out of books to read!
  7. Hey, get your own material :P Erm.... STEELEy Dan? :p
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