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  1. Eric Dier could easily be moved into the back three with Stones and Keane :dodgy: But I still hope Gibson starts.
  2. *** off, he was completely mis managed. A run of 5 games up front and he would have scored. Guaranteed. He did fluff a lot of chances for us though. We bought him for his clinical finishing. I think in a two upfront he'd have done alright but 1 up top he's been average.
  3. I hope he does apologise but he's said it how it is. We've just not addressed the issue with creativity.
  4. Rhodes never scored a goal for us at the Riverside. He scored some important goals for us but he has been a disappointment.
  5. They rejected the £38m bid from the Chinese team, not accepted.
  6. He's been linked to Leeds, Villa and Newcastle. With our Premier League status I'm sure we could be a more attractive offer.
  7. Bamford definitely isn't a long ball striker. It's clear as day that he is a Karanka signing. Gestede? He is a good plan B option in case you want to lump it long. But he does fit the lone striker role better than Rhodes. Whatever he is, I don't think he will have been his first choice. It doesn't scream a "Gibson signing" either, if that even exists. Not as much as Downing or Rhodes does.
  8. The main reason is? I presume you mean Aitor? :huh: Yes Why won't he be here? Is this just opinion or is this something you've heard? It something I was told Friday I laughed it off. Ponce has said something tonight. Let's just say next couple of days will be interesting to be a boro fan I've just looked on his Twitter now...great. There's no doubting he has some good contacts in the club so that worries me. Whether it's true or not, Karanka really does seem to let himself down in those respects. He's been in Champions League finals etc so you would think he'd know how to handle pressure and disagreements in changing rooms.
  9. The main reason is? I presume you mean Aitor? :huh: Yes Why won't he be here? Is this just opinion or is this something you've heard?
  10. The main reason is? I presume you mean Aitor? :huh:
  11. I don't think we as fans are asking too much at all. It's just sometime we need to start winning some games especially home games like this otherwise we will get relegated. Swansea have put some results together since Clement arrived. I'm sure Sunderland will put up a fight as will Palace. Games are running out.
  12. AC Milan's official Twitter account but it's now been deleted.
  13. I do think he could do with some time in the Championship first though. I just hope it's not with us next season :D .
  14. I was thinking he would take over as 3rd choice keeper once Dimi goes/retires this summer.
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