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  1. Fantastic draw all round! Love that there is a good chance of a fair few lower league teams making it through to the next round! We get home draws constantly! Massive chance for us to make it through to the next round, love it!
  2. This would be the best christmas present EVER! My heart says it could for sure happen, i think Adama liked playing for Pulis, but my head says no chance, Wolves fans would be fuming loaning out their 20m signing, to a champo team. But by gosh, if we did ever pull this off i think we would see the highest sales of half season tickets! And im a glass half full kinda lass, so im going with me heart!
  3. Whats the deal with Ben Gibson and Bamford? I see that neither are playing for their respective teams... are they injured, or just not making the cut? Feel a bit sorry for Gibson if he isnt making the cut it what seems a struggling Burnley side.
  4. I cant say i was expecting a fluid football game today, not at all. Away to Leeds is always hostile, and Pulis has been in the game too long to have us go out there, trying to be fancy and messing it up. As it was highlighted, the team with the best attack so far this season, was meeting the team with the best defence so far. And we have some massive blokes that can bang a header in at anytime. So of course, we played to our strengths, completly nullified Leeds game plan, and easily could have nicked the game 1-0. If we had gone out trying to open them up and took too many risks and lost 2-0,
  5. I personally thought Shotton had a fantastic defensive game today, didnt put a foot wrong. We are so solid! It isnt the most pretty football that we play, but lets be honest, we dont need pretty in this league. Feel we can nick a goal at any point. Happy with a point there, all the lads worked their socks off.
  6. TP said that he'll be making a lot of changes for this game in his post-match interview after the 3-game week start to the league season. It probably won't be an entirely different 11 but I think we'll see a lot of changes just to rest the first team regulars. Tony does tend to take his cup games seriously, but i dont think he has got the squad, numberswise to do that right now. So given that, i think we will see changes, even if in his heart he doesnt want to.
  7. is he worth £30k a week? There is that and then the fact that Heerenveen had to play him every match last season or pay a "fine" to Real. Surely we could get someone more proven for 30k. If they would be after an agreement like that again, then i think we should look elsewhere... then players needs are coming over the teams needs, and that can cause unwanted disruption amoung players.
  8. is he worth £30k a week? Dont know if he is worth that, hard to say. The championship is a whole different kettle of fish in regards to physicallity etc. But he is highly though of here in norway, and real madrid must see something in him to buy him in the first place, and be looking to loan rather than sell. He is for sure of the creative sort, that many of us think our beloved boro are in need of! Could be worth a punt, if finances allow.
  9. I hope you are right here, but i have to say (and i hate it) that Leeds seem to be putting a strong team together, although he loved his time here, i do not think it will play a part in his decision. If he feels Leeds have a better chance than us of going up, i think he will go there. But i really do hope you are right!
  10. 100% with you, cant see who we could bring in that could replace him for one, and he is settled, that could take time for new signings, and we need someone who can do a job now with the games coming thick and fast!
  11. Possibly Burnley? Dyches been linked in the past and they seem to be struggling with West Broms valuation of Rodriguez. Would really like to keep him, 17 goals is tough to replace, but if we do sell him, then i think its important it isnt to a direct rival, so in those terms Burnley would be ok with me.
  12. Who can yous see Britt going to, if we do sell?
  13. Tough one to swallow that.... although Adama is not the finnished article yet, you will struggle to find a player anywhere with his set of skills, let alone one that will come play for us again. A truly unique player that single handly has the ability to carry a whole team, almost literally! (Have you seen those muscles!) Im just happy i have got to see him in a boro shirt. He is going to be massive for Wolves, thats for sure. But, when one door closes, another one opens... hopefully! Maybe this can be a blessing in disguise. We have probs been way to dependent upon Adama, now we have the oppe
  14. Just read in the gazette that Adama is likley to be called up for a full national team training camp to make up the numbers since so many Real Madrid spanish players cant make it due to the CL final, and it got me thinking: IF Adama was English, do yous think he could have had an outside chance to make the full england team for this upcoming world cup?
  15. I guess a lot of it has to do with what Gibson himself believes he is capable of (and i imagine he is pretty ambitious and confident in his own ability), and what sort of price tag we put on his head. It would be really bittersweet to see him go. Will ALWAYS be rooting for him, and wanting him to reach his true potential, in what ever team he went to. But i just hope he thinks it through (if the chance to leave does come), because at Boro he can always be the big fish in a little pond, and potentially have 'the little fella' status amoung boro fans.
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