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  1. Gibson playing the long con, netting his uncle a cool 15mill before getting sent off on his debut so that he can come back on a loan for peanuts after 12 months. Pure genius.
  2. ----------------Randolph---------------- Howson---Ayala-----Fry------Bola ------------------Clayton---------------- -----------Wing---------Saville-------- Browne---------Britt------------Tav 2-0 Boro, Britt & Wing I hope. Looking forward to actually seeing us play half decent football with wingers regardless of the result ?
  3. McNair was supposed to score 10 from midfield and I've not even seen him have a shot today, disgraceful performance.
  4. MMC

    'Other Boro stuff'

    The irony being that of the bunch Traore's vs Villa was probably the softest. No idea how his one vs Sunderland was rescinded when he swung an arm at their lad.
  5. Who, Tom and what word? I didn't want to quote it, but it's fairly obvious which one. Pornhub?
  6. West Brom's passing has been atrocious. I actually think we look half decent today but that's probably more down to West Brom throwing plauers forwards and actually leaving us with space to counter attack.
  7. Holy *** we actually look half decent when we're not slapping it 90 yards in the vague direction of Hugill, who'd have thought it eh
  8. Just bothered myself to scour my posts to see who I had the £100 bet with and as you obviously know - IT WAS YOU!!!!! hahaha - what a knob you are I think he's had a few drinks perhaps. I wouldn't take anything to heart and I wouldn't make equally impolite posts. Better to leave it and then if you're both still raging tomorrow absolute rip each other's heads off on here so we can all enjoy it. But don't rip each other's heads off in the SmogDane fashion.
  9. I see Lassina Traore, a 6'8" striker who's pushing 30 is available and I'm thinking it's all part of the Pulis master plan.
  10. Or baseball caps. Make Boro Great Again :) Tony Pulis - "I will build a great wall, right in front of our goal" "And Blackburn Rovers are gonna pay for it!"
  11. The only thing I hate about Britt is his dodgy first touch. He's the best finisher and all round striker at the club. Absolutely criminal that we could potentially have lost him and Bamford in half a season in place of Hugill.
  12. A bunch of links here lads - https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams_other/comments/ak1gs2/1500_gmt_middlesbrough_vs_newport_county/
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