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  1. Understand that line of thinking, but on the flipside if we were promoted to the prem we'd ideally want better strikers than we're able to attract now. Bringing those 3 in would mean we wouldn't have Championship level strikers needing shifted on if we were promoted next summer, or put us in a tricky spot if we cock it up, miss out and need to mind FFP for the next couple seasons. Good way to gamble without getting stranded with another Fletcher/Britt situation.
  2. Both can be true, Spurs gets him back to London and playing Champions League football under a manager who doesn't look like Gollum
  3. If the justification is "well people still buy them 🤷‍♂️" then it's just the club exploiting peoples' passion for their team. Fans shouldn't have to vote with their feet for fair and appropriate pricing. £560 in one of the least affluent parts of the country is borderline predatory. I think it's too much for a Premier League side let alone a club that's been a perennial championship side for over a decade. At 16 Premier League clubs you can buy an adult season ticket for a lower price. If you go up the road tickets are almost 50% cheaper for the same standard of football. I'm glad we've g
  4. Can't believe they've got Spence on a free transfer!!! 😵😵
  5. Club shop pics look a bit better but in the official promotional ones it looks absolutely awful. Genuinely looks like a fake shirt you'd buy in Turkey for a fiver. Looks so tacky and cheap.
  6. I hope Steve Gibson drops our claim so they can finally be sold, after all it's the only thing holding it up...
  7. Agreed, Tav's a perfect box to box midfielder at this level. I thought Leadbitter and Clayton were grafters for us in midfield and he puts them to shame. His finishing and delivery are inconsistent for sure, but he has so many positive attributes that he brings to the table. Absolutely unbreakable mental as well. Even when his form dipped and he had the Riverside on his back, he never hid from the ball.
  8. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/transferrekorde/wettbewerb/GB2 Think his point's fair by and large (assuming those fees are correct). Always going to be outliers when it comes to quality vs fee, some teams will be daft enough to get fleeced 15 mill for a Britt Assombalonga
  9. They are easily confused in both name and appearance in all fairness.
  10. Absolute scenes when Wilder is announced by Watford on June 1st
  11. Wait, Nixon's trying to make people pay monthly to read his guff tweets? Bahahahahaha
  12. We could lure a certain Mr Warnock out of retirement...
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