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  1. That's a very optimistic if.
  2. I thought the opposite and it was the left side that was generally targeted. I don't think he's awful defending 1 on 1 but seemed particularly vulnerable to balls over the top. That said he was normally pushed forwards with McGree floating in field while on the right side Smith sat deeper and Forss would bust a gut tracking back. Our tactical setup probably created more opportunities for opposing teams down the left before individual skill became a factor.
  3. I hope so too, especially as he plays for West Brom and Sheff Wed stealing and playing him would be quite a blatant violation of the rules.
  4. The bit between the posts you mean?
  5. It really irrationally irritates me when Drury incorrectly commentate small moments in games. Regularly through a match he'll say a player has lost the ball despite the pass never making it to them, call tackles interceptions (or vice versa), say a player has lost control of the ball when he was never going to get close to it, etc. Happens multiple times per game and I can't abide it!
  6. Wilder punching air right now
  7. That's almost half a season of games without a replacement when we're still in touch with securing a playoff place. A summer sale gives us a period of downtime to replace him without impacting on our season. Sure it could drag on but we'd certainly have more time than the 1 week we currently have. That's assuming that Azaz hasn't been brought in as his replacement mind you.
  8. Biggest thing for me is selling Rogers in the summer actually gives us time to properly replace him and start to embed a new signing into the team.
  9. Have I missed something? I always thought Humpty being Bausor was just a OneBoro meme in the way CT being Vickers, us almost signing Jed Wallace and SmogDane's browsing history are.
  10. Plantar fasciitis, so quite possibly
  11. Or several moments ago some would say. Anyone else game to fake celebrate a goal to get AnglianRed excited?
  12. Really *** off with that result. I thought we actually played really well, defended set pieces confidently and never let Rotherham have a sniff. We did the hard part numerous times, making gilt-edged chances against a dogged defence with no intention of doing anything but sitting deep and denying us space. So gutting to do absolutely everything to win the game barring putting the ball in the net. Not going to talk about the referee's decision because I really think that with the chances we had it should have been inconsequential to the result.
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