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  1. If we'd voted remain it would've been a far tastier Pilsner and Paella at halftime... 😉
  2. To me it's like he thinks every touch of the ball has to be a goal or assist. Always looking for the Hollywood ball even when it isn't on. He's got talent I think he just needs to learn when to keep it simple and to stop tunnel visioning on the top corner whenever he's within 30 yards of goal. Would rather keep him than Saville personally.
  3. Yeah the fever sucks but once the nanobots recode your genome you'll feel way better.
  4. They can still play us off the park when losing. Was a typical Karanka game, low possession, few chances. Clayton managed to score after about 3 deflections. Mate that team had little right to a top half finish, let alone winning the playoffs, let alone managing to survive in the prem. A poor manager would have seen them crash and burn like Derby. Since sacking him at the beginning of this season Schalke won 3 of their next 32 games and finished rock bottom. Safe to say Wagner was not the biggest problem there.
  5. I for one am looking forward to the All American Eurostars Universal Vocal Championships and I will be supporting my favourite franchise The United Kingdom of States. It sure does confuse me that only part of the Irish franchise is being represented. They're my backup option as I'm Irish - my great, great Granddad once ate a bag of Taytos so I have heritage. Rule Brittania y'all!
  6. I mean he did an incredible job with Huddersfield with pennies to work with, they played us off the park in our promotion season and the squad he had to work with was awful. After Mooy and Billing you're legitimately hard pressed to find another top half championship caliber player.
  7. That's what makes me reckon Fletcher's full of bs. No club would wait till the point where the player can sign pre-contracts elsewhere to negotiate a new deal. We didn't do it with the other lads who signed new deals, I see no reason why we'd do it with Fletcher.
  8. I'll take brown to signify I'm full of ***.
  9. Had a gander on the Charlton forum out of curiosity. They seem to rate him but reckon he's crocked from a previous injury. If his wages are low I'd take the gamble, actually looks to have something to his all round game unlike Wyke who looks to be Matalan Rhodes.
  10. With Rangers back in the fold it's a high risk low reward job for him and I don't blame him for refusing it. Winning the league would be an expectation rather than an achievement and anything less would be a failure. His Bournemouth side might have stagnated towards the end of his tenure but I really rate Howe as a manager. Managed to bring them all the way up the leagues while playing exciting football. He's a manager I'd take here tomorrow but who legitimately deserves another chance with a premier league club imo.
  11. Both excellent, both very different players and it's just nice to have the option tbh. Wish we were as stacked across the park as we are at RB, Trippier, Walker and even Wan Bissaka walk into most national team starting 11s. That's without even mentioning Trent.
  12. Might fancy being first choice, not going to get a look in for the next 5 years there with Btec Rashford upfront for them.
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