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  1. Don't get me wrong that's me being overly critical - he gets a 7 or 8/10 for his performance, just second half in particular there were a few poor balls. Hard to pick faults with anyone really, it was a pretty great team performance. Also Rav Van Den Berg does not play like he's just turned 19. What a find he has been.
  2. Managed to make it to the game last night and was delighted with the overall performance after the first 10 minutes or so. Don't think there were any real negatives to talk about. The defence and the way we pressed Preston was excellent, they were continually going backwards and were never able to lay a glove on us. We seemed to be able to go through them with ease with some really good, intricate moves. Jones' goals were excellent team moves. If I'm being overly critical Barlaser was a bit loose with his passing at times although was overall very good. Rogers drifted in and out of the ga
  3. Feel a bit sorry for Lath, don't feel we played to his strengths today. The lad's not got much of a chance winning lofted balls forwards and holding it up and I didn't see us trying to play it in behind for him.
  4. Have to say picking up Glover is seeming a really weird signing. You'd probably want your second keeper to be available to fill in when you know your first choice is going to be unavailable.
  5. That is the most inch perfect free kick I think I've seen.
  6. There's Howson's weekly brain dead pass out the way at least!
  7. Shocking decision from Greenwood to shoot from there when Crooks could be in.
  8. Enjoyed that half despite us losing. More goals in this. Just wish we were a bit sharper in our decision making, picked the wrong ball or hesitated on the final pass a few too many times. Defensive disaster class from both sides mind!
  9. Guess we're due a loss. Just hoping for an improved second half and for us to bounce back quickly. Shame to see the winning run come to an end.
  10. No idea what the second yellow was for but he should have been off the pitch half an hour earlier anyway 🤷
  11. What is that Sunderland defender doing there lmao? Should really be a pen
  12. Haha only a *** one in fairness. Easy for us to say though watching on the telly
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