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  1. Folarin himself a bit too much there!
  2. Excellent, we've an academy to be proud of and to shout about. Hopefully increased coverage in the same way we've had recently with the senior squad. Here's to another Kavanagh hattrick 🤞
  3. Not bad for a Louise Taylor piece, she normally just chats *** about us.
  4. I want the old, old badge. No crest, no shield, just a lion with MFC under it. Clean and simple, big fan of minimalist kits and logos personally. Our current one is tacky as ***, feels very 14 year old on a 2 week free trial of photoshop to me.
  5. American fella then, anyone else for Couhig vs Binnie for this year's WWE hell in a cell to decide Wycombe's claim?
  6. Unless I was tripping balls I seem to recall him playing centrally under Warnock as a 10, or Warnock's equivalent of a 10 at least. He was definitely out wide for us before his Oxford loan tho. Certainly a question to be asked at least if he could be converted to one of the striking/midfield roles, maybe even wingback. Has the pace, attitude and workrate Wilder likes. Probably a bit hopeful from me but would be nice to see him succeed with us after his dogshit luck here.
  7. For me social media's made the situation scarier and worse. Given thousands of people spaces to stir ***, doom-monger and come up with conspiracy theories in their own little echo chambers with little to no accountability for what they say.
  8. Be pleased for the lad if he does. Looked to have something about him pre injury and if the way he cheers on the club and the team on social media is a fair reflection of his personality, he's definitely a positive dressing room influence.
  9. Agreed, finishing was off but got into good positions and made a few chances himself. Excellent workrate too, just looked like one of those where he was too desperate to make an impact and snatched at those chances. Balogun looked silky smooth when he came on so wouldn't cry if he started either to be fair.
  10. Don't forget chaps the first stage of grief is denial.
  11. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/derby-county-owe-thousands-ambulance-6236486 Pretty certain their fans had a whip round and sorted that debt out tho tbf to them
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