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  1. He looks like he's wearing someone else's face as a mask
  2. Thought he was okay personally, Tav and Dijksteel stuck out more to me and it's the first game I've seen a centre half completely neutralize Uche.
  3. He also never had a chance at any of those clubs to show what he could do. All around bizarre comparison, of course Burnley fans aren't pining for a player their club gave half an hour of football to in half a season.
  4. It's alright babes, I think you're more acute anyhow ❤️
  5. Yeah, still a few undesirables lingering there and on reddit tho who believe that the world's out to get them and that Steve Gibson stalks around Derby at night to drink the blood of their children.
  6. Their delusional fans will still find a way to pin it on the EFL being out to get them and Steve Gibson rather than the crooked *** running their club. Would almost feel sorry for any other Champ club, but Derby deserve everything they get.
  7. I really hope that when his Dad is watching and he gets a touch, that he takes any opportunity to turn to the fella next to him and say "that's my lad Milad".
  8. Very pleased with that end to the window, hopefully the bit of quality in midfield and upfront that we need. A bit sad about Morsy going but the game at the moment seems to prefer midfielders who are decent across the board rather than specialist attacking and defensive midfielders. Glad to have a bit of pace and mobility in the middle of the park in Siliki and Payero (when he is deemed up to speed). No more watching 3 of the likes of Leadbitter/Clayton/Morsy/Howson/Saville/etc. trundle through the middle of the pitch. Hope Sporar comes good, certainly seems the type of player who could b
  9. Nicky Maynard... Now that's a name I haven't heard for the better part of a decade.
  10. Think this is the first year that our 50m "smash the league" splurge isn't counted towards FFP so we can maybe push the boat out a bit.
  11. Error: Username does not match post content!
  12. Just homesick and upset at leaving his old club, he's a bit Soppy.
  13. Knowing Daniel he'd try to do it 15 mins into the second half while the ball's in play tho
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