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  1. They're the runners, still think he wants the big lump up top to win the aerials for them to play off. Be surprised if we weren't still playing a very direct style, hopefully just more effectively with an actual targetman.
  2. Well Brentford and Reading play better football and aren't as willing to indulge in head tennis with us like Cov and Cardiff. When 2 direct teams meet it gets ugly.
  3. Verging on satire at this point 😂
  4. We're going to regret all these almosts
  5. Reckon it's a flat back 4 with McNair in midfield, he can't cope with big physical players when at centre half.
  6. A line a day keeps the asthma attacks away!
  7. MMC

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'd snap your arm off for Moses, think he'll have top flight clubs that would offer a lot more than he could, don't think he's within reach. Agree on Hoilett, should have checked I thought he was older.
  8. MMC

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I'd be amazed if we weren't in for Diedhiou or Wickham and one of Hoilett, Waghorn or Bolasie if Warnock sticks around another season. If Mendez-Laing can drum up some fitness or form, a longer contract would be a no-brainer. Off that list I wouldn't mind any of Diedhiou, Mowatt, Murphy and Ameobi. They'd give us options to play differently as well as improve the overall quality of the squad. I feel like most of our players are much of a muchness, especially in midfield and up front.
  9. Perfectly sober, lucid and aware that the followup game against Coventry will be a 12-1 win to the Sky Blues!
  10. MMC

    'Other Boro stuff'

    If you're on about Pears he's been resoundingly awful for Blackburn since signing. Still a better shot stopper than Bettinelli mind.
  11. MMC


    I'd give it to Bola, has the right attitude, puts in the effort and is consistent. Think the closest to a Leadbitter type captain we have is Morsy, but he's maybe on the slightly too mad side and needs to find a patch of consistently good performances.
  12. If we beat the likes of Derby, Sheff Wed, Bristol, Rotherham and Birmingham, 5 of the easiest games we've had on paper this season we'd be above Brentford. Even winning 3 of those would have had us competing for the top 2 spots. Weakest championship I can remember in years. It should be Norwich, Brentford and Swansea - comfortably been the best 3 teams.
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