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  1. Its not so much too come back here but move back up north. He is home sick, we obviously would be his number 1 choice but he is desperate too move back up north.
  2. Everything agreed apart from fee. But a lot closer than Wednesday. Spurs are going too have tie it up soon. Spence now willing to move elsewhere levy bargaining tool weakening a bit now
  3. He is desperate too come back! But we can’t afford wages. He would even of chose us over the premiership club who is looking at him. If I chose one club for him not too sign for would of been these! Not Newcastle!!
  4. It was never off. Just have some competition for him
  5. It was me, i suspect this is why he was on his own in the unveiling on the training pitch. Just a guess
  6. 2 x teams already agreed too pay what we want for Spence but he is pushing spurs deal. Wants champions league
  7. Yes he was there yesterday, trained this morning.
  8. They wanted his opinion, I think it’s the correct thing too do. He will be working with him in the end of the day!
  9. Minimino going to Monaco was a blow for us. Spence hold up is for a different deal/
  10. Previously mentioned yes. Still have enquiries for some not mentioned. We tried for Bryan from Fulham but Giles is preference now as Fulham won’t be selling him yet
  11. We have had a few options for keepers for weeks but Scott wanted to wait until new keeper coach came in so he has an input. Good thing is talks have already took place
  12. Not Gayle but there is still interest in him got complicated when other clubs got involved.
  13. No he has had talks with us and another 2 clubs but no decision has been made by him yet. My guess would be West Brom though. Location wise only.
  14. Yes but there needs too be a big money shift for him to go.
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