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  1. Yeah it was mine gutted still had a chance. Lol seriously I was still in both cups was flying. Never mind
  2. I would Like to post alot more but club are trying to stamp out a lot of confidentiality issues at the club
  3. More or less sorted too be honest maja wages were obscene. Club waiting for thumbs up to announce it. Trivia reasons for delay
  4. We don't need the money. Well everyone needs money but it isn't dependant on anyone leaving. Although I think they will
  5. If we don't sign 4 it won't be for lack of trying. I think one transfer and the whole lot will fall into place
  6. No but when I asked he smirked and never answered. Some reason he avoided subject
  7. My predictions after a chat today 3 hopefully 4 in tomorrow 2 out.
  8. Any last minutes enterees are welcome don’t miss out!
  9. Not long left for the final guys to get your team in pots league as it stands £90 head to head £80 friends and family welcome let’s get them winnings up
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