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  1. Just a quick post to highlight the good that has happened during this tough time. Now I’m not gonna sit here and praise the government as we all know there are things they could’ve done quicker, better or differently. I just want to highlight that the country has got things to proud of. Firstly a big shout out to the 500,000+ people who volunteered to help the NHS. Putting themselves at a higher risk including my 60yr old Aunty who only retired after 40yrs service in August from the NHS but willing to step back into the eye of the storm The speed and efficiency of the military and civil servants in setting up Operation Nightingale which will provide up to an extra 4000 bed for the seriously ill. The (slight) improvement of admitted patients showing the green roots of positive effect of social distancing. The British spirit of helping others in greater need that I have witnessed by either doing odd jobs or just checking in with them in my village. Strangers are more willing to stop and talk to others now. Whilst maintaining 2 meters gap. Also after the initial possible selfish panic buying people are a lot more considerate The telephone befriending initiative seems to be a success in Brighton too The Action of Banks and large corporations introducing mortgage gaps etc to help people and small businesses. The economic package promised by the government to protect workers, businesses and the self employed. On a personal note I’m enjoying my time spent with my kids. They are really set into a routine now and it’s a pleasure to see them play with each other (today they’re building a den ) rather than the bickering that usually occurs. Celebrities using their platform for good. Wether it’s Joe Wicks morning workout (which we do every day) or footballers raising money online. To Football clubs offering their facilities to NHS staff and the countless individuals that helping or setting up projects in areas that are important to them. The last thing is the environmental benefits that are occurring. Venice is reporting that it’s canals have never been so clean. And with the massively reduced pollution/carbon emissions it can only be a good thing. I know everyone will have different experiences and there is still a lot more to be done. I don’t want to play down the dangers this virus still possesses, but just wanted to spread a bit of good news Stay safe oneBoro 👍
  2. I went to Waitrose but only because the queue was much shorter than Asda just to get in the store. The Aisles were reasonable stocked just fricken ridiculously priced 😡
  3. Boris confirmed with COVID-19. Expect 2,000,000 ventilators inbound in the next 24 hours 😳
  4. Not even a news story. He’s one of over 14000 companies that registered its intent to help. Just a few questions that the article failed to ask How long was delivery time from UAE Were they the cheapest bidder were they the ventilators that the NHS needs Are the compliant in the Health Care standards How available are spares Are they easy to train on or already like the ones we have in the system Why didn’t the company order them and hold them in the UK for quick distribution Thus isn’t a dig at you DZ we have already discussed the red tape and bureaucracy that hamstrings the NHS and other government industries. But it us the laziest journalism I’ve seen in a while But for those who only read the headlines or first paragraph it serves a purpose
  5. My family is really quite small. Although my older sister lives her life through Facebook. I had loads of workmates who were largely full of 💩
  6. This is one of the many reasons I don’t do Facebook to many fricken idiots on there 🤦‍♂️
  7. It’s all about how you want to perceive the story. Anti government/Brexit: This government is inept of the highest level. Cutting its nose of to spite its face in order to double down on its anti Europe vitriol ultimately putting life’s at risk. Or Pro Government/Brexit: The government wanted to get ahead of the ventilator issues rather than delay which would’ve happened with the amount of bureaucracy within Brussels. Especially it comes to distribution. Incidentally I think nether is true and the facts will be somewhere in the middle. However if the UK didn’t receive the details of the deal before a deadline was due, is that accusing the EU of purposely leaving us out in time of a global pandemic? 🤷‍♂️ The one thing I do know for certain is that Layla Morans comment about putting Brexit before Breathing is pathetic and shows what a truly self serving, nasty piece of work her party is
  8. Seen them too. Although I was a little disappointed with the turnout in our village 😔
  9. If it was a good idea. The government would go for it. I doubt very much they are just being spiteful especially the billions they are forking out due to this virus anyway. The thing is we don’t know the deal that Brussels were offering. But I can’t think for one moment it would be finically beneficial to the UK. However this then hints at a more serious ethical question
  10. Uwe

    'Other Boro stuff'

    No he’s not and I’d argue virally against anyone that says different!!! jeez. Now he’s gone and done it by proxy 😉
  11. 1 ☘️🚗🚗 = Shamrock Rovers 2 🐚🔥 = Shellbourne 3 ⬇️🍖💯 = Southampton 4 ⚫️🏊‍♂️ = Blackpool 5 🎥🌌 = LA Galaxy 6 🔴⭐️🛎🅰️ = Red Star Belgrade 7 💜💜 = Hearts 8 👨🏻♟🥄🇺🇳 = Manchester United 9 🐺🚶🏻🚶🏻 = Wolverhampton Wanderers 10 🚣🏻👩‍👦‍👦 = Roma 12 🗼✝️🇩🇪 = PSG 13 👁❌ = Ajax 14 🗽🔴🐂🐂 = New York Red Bulls 15 🔮🏰 = Crystal Palace Little bit embarrassed how long it took me to get Ajax 🤦‍♂️
  12. Let me just reiterate that the press up challenge is throughout the whole day
  13. Mine is all about routine I normally Awake about 0630-0700 have a cup of tea watch the news. 0800 Get the kids up, as I’m keen for them to realise just because they’re off school, this is not a holiday 0900 my little girl does the Joe Wicks workout 0930-1200 School work. I’m still trying to complete 1000 press ups in a day. So far my best is 850. (The first 10 sets are reps of 60 then drop to reps of 50) 1200-1300 lunch (whilst trying to teach Oscar how to cook simple meals 1300 we go for a walk if we need any groceries I incorporate this in here 1500 Free time (I have some work to be going on with) 1800ish Tea time (Still refuse to call it Dinner) 1900 Movie night or games night 2100 Little girl goes to bed 2200 Bedtime And repeat
  14. Uwe

    'Other Boro stuff'

    I’m counting Nsue as Equatorial Guinean 😉
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