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  1. Got no problems with what He said and how he said it. A lot of reporters tend to give the rookie managers a harder time whilst trembling in front of some of the ‘Big Name’ ones.
  2. Any excuse for thus gif 😂
  3. This is the only thing I have to look forward too this season 🙃
  4. This topic has been dealt with. Via DM with the person and the myself. It’s now closed and I for one would like to move on, I’m sure most people on here would too.
  5. I don’t know why but I’m really angry about that result/performance. Certainly Woody shoulders some of the blame for the lateness of his attacking subs
  6. I don’t even think Gestede has been our worst player tonight. That honour goes to Coulson
  7. That linesman must have VAR lines printed on his contact lens to see that offside 😳
  8. He was just then. Had to rewind it 3 times to figure out how he kept possession then 😀
  9. There’s the difference between our luck and Derby’s 😡😡😡
  10. For all the good things Fulham are doing, we’re making some howlers. Mistiming headers. Misplaced passes and losing the flight of the ball. Very amateur
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