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  1. Bristol city just published their players wages. Diedhiou was on £18.5k p/w could we afford that? Is he worth it? also it says that Bettenelli was on £24.5k p/w 🤮🤮🤮 not sure how reliable the website is as I’ve done no fact checking on it https://footballleaguefc.com/middlesbrough-2019-20-player-wages/amp/
  2. Apologies but I’ve been out all morning. If you could give me a run down of how the game went. Using gifs only that would be appreciated cheers
  3. D..Barnsley v Norwich D..Blackburn v Birmingham H..Bournemouth v Stoke A..Bristol City v Brentford H..Cardiff v Rotherham A..Coventry v Millwall D..Derby v Sheffield Wed H..Middlesbrough v Wycombe A..Nottingham v Preston D..QPR v Luton H..Reading v Huddersfield H..Watford v Swansea
  4. Really not well..... For Yugoslavia 🇧🇦 🇽🇰 🇷🇸
  5. If you want to do it @Youngy228 go for it. You’ve done a Stirling job since taking over mate 👍
  6. Welcome to the forum BB. You’re such a tease 😃 anything else you can tell us. Age, former clubs , (name 😉)
  7. I’m also dubious about the impact it will have on the platforms revenue or professional image. They did ban Trump with his almost 89 Million follows. Can’t imagine the combined premier league/ EFL are much more than that
  8. I too love a knock out. but happy just to be involved 🙂
  9. But not intended to show those absolute f**ktards who’s boss it’s intended to force the platform owners to take responsibility and create accountability for what you post. I’m sure a couple of clever algorithms or even proper registration process would catch and eliminate 90% of it. Also it was no great surprise to see how quickly the. EPL, FA and government can bring their full force to bear when their profits are under threat but when it comes to taking action in fighting online hate they’re just content with a shoulder patch, banner etc as they continue to kick the can down the street..
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