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  1. Suit at home. Trackies for away games 👍
  2. 100% I’d take him on a pay as you play deal. He’d actually end up owing us money 💰
  3. Posting things like this could stop whoever they are from posting their very reliable information. I think it's in the forums interest to not point a finger directly at them. So we can rule out D.Z then 😉
  4. Sorry buddy. I be just got back in from work read through 15 pages of dross and really thought it just needed lightening up a bit 😉
  5. Yeah. It turns out not everyone thinks a ‘Dutch Oven’ is as endearing as I do 🤷‍♂️
  6. It’s usually the other way around for me 😔
  7. Can’t believe people are say “Nothing has happened” it’s been really busy below are the highlights Some people upset @D.Z. 😳 @Changing Times posted something sarcastically (Which was instantly taken the wrong way) 😱 I think @Duvel got his message across that he may not be ‘Too Keen’ on Woodgate 🤔 But the biggest breaking news was....... @Prowler has actually got a girl to agree to go on a date with him 🤭🤭🤭 cmon oneBoro what more do you want???
  8. I was going to take part in this but you made it too complicated (for me) I could just cut and paste other predictions but I don’t feel that’s in the correct spirit. So for that reason I’m out 😔
  9. It’s a good old chat show that you used to get on the wireless only difference it’s on call for when you want it 👍
  10. Currently in Sarajevo and lost my phone early Tuesday morning so have effectively been off the grid. Could someone please give me a breakdown of what I’ve missed the last 48 hrs or so
  11. Started watching it yesterday but got sidetracked. Will start it again soon though.
  12. Sense of relief will ultimately be decided on who is appointed out of the names been touted I’d be most happy with Jokanovic and least happy with Woody. Thats not to say I would be unhappy with JW as I believe every manager/player deserves my support and optimism until they give me reason not too
  13. Did you get my DM?
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