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    'Other Boro stuff'

    I was born in North Tees hospital and grew up in Roseworh, Stockton on Tees, so I would very much count Yarm as exotic 😉
  2. D Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen. A SC Paderborn v 1899 Hoffenheim H SC Freidburg v Werder Bremem. A VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund. H Bayern Munich. v Eintracht Frankfurt. 24th May. H FC Schalke v FC Augsburg A Mainz v RB Leipzig. D FC Koln Fortuna Dusseldorf edited 16:44 on Sunday 24th May (coz I’m a divvy) 26th May H Dortmund v Bayern H Leverkusen v Wolfsburg
  3. Uwe

    'Other Boro stuff'

    It’s to cold is just a polite way of saying “ Middlesbrough?? No fu****ing chance”
  4. Any mechanics on here. I have a BMW M135i and for some reason the boot won’t latch closed when shut/pressed. On initial inspection I can’t see any damage around the locking mechanism so I’m thinking it’s not a alignment issue. any help/advice Would be greatly appreciated cheers 👍
  5. Has to be Stewy. The second best Downing ever. After this guy obviously 🙄
  6. Jimmy. For the simple fact he scored a late winner (May have been an equaliser) against the magpies which was the most blatant handball you’d ever see. even when asked into the post match interview wether it was a legit goal or not he replied with a wry grin “the Ref give it so it’sa goal” (this is drawn from memory so it could be inaccurate!
  7. Whoever was the cheaper option/finically Sounds therefore we got more bang for the buck. 🤔
  8. I always feel sorry for Sergio Aguero’s little boy Father... Sergio Grandfather... Diego Maradonna Godfather... Lionel Messi No pressure kid 😳
  9. 100% it’s mad dog. Blood sweat and tears
  10. Really think Juninho should’ve been slotted straight into the squad it’s unfair to whoever was going against him
  11. Would make the ‘walls’ a lot easier to shoot through with free kicks 🤔
  12. https://apple.news/AesSewNlESMiUH0peurdZ1Q
  13. Hardly surprising... his team just haven’t turned up in the last 6 weeks or so 😉
  14. I take it all back. Trump surely is a man of the people (Well those type of people anyways) 😂
  15. Gotta agree with DZ here. Although some governments might have a maximum quota of death (for want of a better way to put it) I hope our government see that all life is precious and keep as many people alive as possible
  16. He really doesn’t help himself does he 🤦‍♂️
  17. Not at all. He knows he’s not a politician so he conducts himself the same way he conducts his business which is very aggressively (which is why he either makes tens of millions or goes bankrupt) it may seem strange to us the way the US run their political parties but the Americans love him. He will win the next election imo
  18. Again just for fun.
  19. So far I have sanded then stained the decking and painted the fence in my garden. I look forward to testing out my new karate skills when this lockdown is over 🥋👍
  20. I got 9. Ozil & 10. Tammy Abraham
  21. Picture quiz. Just for fun
  22. Passes 10 mins. Can’t for the life of me get number 1 or 12
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