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  1. I did say earlier that it could’ve been down to nerves, but it could’ve been any number of things some even out of her control. The guy in her ear could’ve messed It up for instance or some miss information printed out on her notes. Just if I see incompetence (might be a harsh word but can’t think of another just now) it’s fair to call anyone out for it. It certainly happens in my job
  2. Diversity for diversity sake is exactly how I’m putting it. Now please let me explain that statement. There are many people who have jobs in sports media who I think are dog ***. Chris Sutton, Michael Owen on TV and don’t get me started on the Adrian Durham Darren Gough on talkSPORT. But if we are going to put women or people from the BAME community there are much more capable than what we tend to see. Alex Scott is fantastic as is Georgie Bingham. I was all for the overhaul of soccer Saturday Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas etc were dull as dishwater but to replace them with the likes of Pulis and Sherwood is totally WTF in my opinion. Micah Richards is a revelation on MOTD Kammy would be brilliant inside the studio of SS It’s harder for women in my opinion as they want to be taken seriously as journalists or pundits so they tend to stick to facts and stats to back up their claims and we see little of their personality but I’m sure that will come in time. I’m kind of rambling now but what I’m trying to say is that they are Capable knowledgable diverse presenters or there but in a rush to be seen to do the right things I feel that some media outlets push some people that aren’t quite ready just yet and that won’t do them any favours. I’m not on Twitter as I believe it’s a hateful and vitriol place and I bet my mortgage that girl received dogs abuse for tonight which may shatter her confidence. Do in short we need things to change but it needs doing at the right pace. Just because we got it wrong (and we did) buy making it a men only domain we can’t force people into positions they aren’t quite ready for yet. One thing I’d like to add is. I go after the BBC especially hard as because they bill me for the privilege of having a TV the least I expect is competence Again this is all my opinion and there maybe a 100 reasons the things are happening the way they are and it might turn out for the best in the long run
  3. 😂😂 it could’ve been nerves but the first 3rd of the draw completely went to pot for her. I just have a real big issue with many media outlets wanting the right type of person rather than the right person and the BBC are the worst for it
  4. It’sa shame that the FA confirmed that fans won’t be allowed to watch as some of those clubs could really do with the revenue. Also shame to see that the BBC in their relentless pursuit for diversity have another woefully experienced person to host who promptly went on to blow it out of her ass 🤦‍♂️
  5. TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER D Barnsley v Queens Park Rangers A Blackburn Rovers v Reading A Brentford v Norwich City H Middlesbrough v Coventry City D Swansea City v Stoke City A Wycombe Wanderers v Watford WEDNESDAY 28TH OCTOBER D Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town H AFC Bournemouth v Bristol City A Derby County v Cardiff City A Luton Town v Nottingham Forest H Preston North End v Millwall A Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Can we add George Savinelli to the title thread please 😉
  7. My commentary is 15 seconds ahead of my stream. Muchos annoying
  8. That’s exactly what my toddler said. Well I day said, but I mean it’s what he spelled when he threw his alphabet spaghetti at the wall
  9. They’re all pretty much of a muchness except the iPad which is the best. From experience it’s what you are more comfortable with. I’ve always had apple products but got my son a Galaxy tablet because they were cheaper. But I got caught out with the apps purchase process which could of cost me over £300 So after that I got him (and my daughter) refurbished iPads which are much cheaper and I’ve never had a problem them
  10. SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER D Bristol City v Swansea City A Cardiff City v Middlesbrough D Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers A Huddersfield Town v Preston North End H Millwall v Barnsley H Norwich City v Wycombe Wanderers H Queens Park Rangers v Birmingham City H Reading v Rotherham United H Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town D Stoke City v Brentford
  11. TUESDAY 20TH OCTOBER D Bristol City v Middlesbrough A Coventry City v Swansea City D Huddersfield Town v Derby County D Millwall v Luton Town H Norwich City v Birmingham City H Nottingham Forest v Rotherham United H Reading v Wycombe Wanderers WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER D Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End H Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth A Sheffield Wednesday v Brentford H Watford v Blackburn Rovers H Stoke City v Barnsley
  12. At least we have got the top of the table team out of the way and won’t have to play another in form team for at least 72 hrs
  13. Don’t know why everyone is down after that performance We nil - nil’d the crap out of them 😀
  14. A Barnsley v Bristol City D Birmingham City v Sheffield Wednesday H Blackburn Rovers v Nottingham Forest H AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers H Brentford v Coventry City A Derby County v Watford D Luton Town v Stoke City A Middlesbrough v Reading H Preston North End v Cardiff City A Rotherham United v Norwich City H Swansea City v Huddersfield Town D Wycombe Wanderers v Millwall
  15. Uwe

    Bonkers For Boro

    Hey I get my resting bitchy face from my mother. And she would say don’t roll your eyes at her boy 😔
  16. Uwe

    Bonkers For Boro

    Yeah you would. OneBoro is your serotonin 😀
  17. Uwe

    Bonkers For Boro

    I was really angry a few months ago. Really hated most people. Then I came off social media (I don’t count this forum as social media) and swapped the time I used to surf Facebook, Twitter etc for podcasts and I honestly mean it when I say I’m much happier and more chilled now. I don’t miss it at all Although trying to log in to some sites is trickier as they’d rather use your Facebook account
  18. Can’t imagine why his missus wouldn’t want to move to Saudi ? After all women are allowed to drive there now #progresive
  19. Denmark were the better team Erikson was the best player on the pitch thought the Ref was weak and fell for all of Denmark’s shithousery oh and Schmeichel was class when needed
  20. Came to late but got To The ball first 🤷‍♂️. He dragged his trailing leg over Maguire and screamed like he’d stood on a landmine
  21. Two shocking decisions with the Danes milking any contact and the ref falling for it
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