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  1. Did we also work out what player it was that had it too? I'm thinking Stojanovic, as he's not been on the bench past 3 games. And with Pears seemingly off to Blackburn, it's surprising to see him on the bench in Stojanovic's place. I wonder if Stojanovic's positive test has put the breaks on Pears' departure? This is all speculation as I have no idea if Stojanovic is suffering or has been suffering with the virus.
  2. Anyone watching the rugby on BT? Exeter vs Saints.
  3. The fact that the club haven't address issues regarding our lack of creativity every window, is probably the reason the debate regarding Maddison comes up so often. We lack creativity and have done since we went down, we discuss players on the forum who could potentially help with our lack of creativity.
  4. Yeah ridiculous. Can't help but feel once Southampton went behind they've played into Spurs hands.
  5. Britt's run to the near post was so important for that goal.
  6. Just watched the extended highlights, so it's a limited point of view. But Bettinelli looked the superior keeper compared to Begovic, made some really good saves (Brooks 1st half effort, is the pick of the bunch). Obviously Bournemouth's goal took a huge deflection, so although it's not great to concede, I don't think there was much that could be done regarding it. If I was being harsh I think Johnson could have done better sticking to Solanke and getting in front of him and I think Dijksteel could have done better to cut out the ball coming in. You can see the "Zonal" marking causing a small mix up in that goal, in my opinion. Our offside goal, I actually think Browne after chesting it forward, could have got to the ball. But Saville reacted on reflex and put the ball into the net. I don't think Saville was in a position that impeded the keeper or any defenders. But as I say it was a reflex reaction, so no complaints here. For our actual goal, it highlights the importance of getting a good delivery into a dangerous area. It was in the perfect position to throw doubt into the minds of the defenders, 1 tracks Britt's run and the ball passes both of them. Then the 2nd defender can't get ahead of Browne quick enough to prevent him getting his head on it. All the while Begovic is rooted to the spot, probably with half his mind on the save he'd have to make if Britt made contact.
  7. Agree regarding Maddison. Every transfer is a risk, his would be a bigger risk than most, and there is no guarantee that we'd be able to get the best out of him. But if his wage demands are favourable, I'd be willing to give him a go. His best football is undoubtedly in the number 10 role, but at Peterborough he was at times just as effective when out wide (at Hull he was poor out wide, but he barely had any games). You'd hope that maybe this summer has been a bit of a wake up call for him regarding his demands, as it's not like he has a queue of suitors at his door. Also think you're right in terms of us being in for Roberts. If we get him, I cannot see us shelling out on a 2nd similar player.
  8. From everything I've heard/seen he does seem to have a massively over inflated opinion of himself. I'm sure in January, there was talk in the press that he'd priced himself out of a move to the championship. I found this YouTube video (I'll post the link below) of the Peterborough chairman talking about their January window, of which Maddison is discussed at length. Very much backs up that Maddison has priced himself out of moves and has a high opinion of himself. His agents also seem like tools too. In the video he also mentions that 7 clubs had interest in Toney and another 7 had interest, but couldn't do a deal until the summer due to FFP. Wonder if we were one of those. He also mentions 1 club making 4 bids in January, and he mentions he "loves their model", which in my opinion is Brentford.
  9. Did Neil read my post earlier on the match day thread...?
  10. Think that's more indicative of Barnsley going down to 10 men, then 9 later on.
  11. If we did end up getting Woodrow he'd be a good fit behind the 2. He has some good passing percentages and obviously also has an eye for goal. But think that is out the question now, due to Akpom coming in. Do think @DevKWat is right, we need a "specialist" number 10.
  12. Just to add to this Johnson has attempted 17 crosses in our opening 2 games and has been successful with 1 so far (6% success). Spence has attempted 6 and 1 has been successful (17%). If we stick with wingbacks, those percentages need to be much higher.
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