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  1. That move is exactly what Sporar thrives on from the highlights I saw of him. Great ball from Tav, great finish. Hernandez also looks dangerous on the left in my opinion, still growing into the game, but always willing to actually get forwards.
  2. Blackburn v Hull - D Blackpool v Huddersfield - A Bournemouth v QPR - H Sheffield Utd v Preston - H Reading v Peterbrough - D West Brom v Derby - H Birmingham v Fulham - A Bristol City v Luton - H Coventry v Cardiff - A Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough - D Stoke v Barnsley - H Swansea v Millwall - D
  3. Birmingham v Derby - H Blackburn v Luton - H Blackpool v Fulham - A Bournemouth v Barnsley - H Bristol City v Preston - D Coventry v Middlesbrough - A Reading v QPR - D Sheffield Utd v Peterbrough - H Stoke v Huddersfield - H Swansea v Hull - D West Brom v Millwall - H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff - A
  4. Just to correct you, they've had the exact same clinical trials as any other vaccine. In some cases they trialled it on more people than they'd normally trial vaccines on. The only difference with these vaccines is that all the normal hurdles of bureaucracy and lack of funding have been completely removed.
  5. I've given up even bothering to discuss it with people. Fair enough choose to not have it, but then don't bemoan other people exercising their right to freedom of choice by limiting unvaccinated folk. I say that with a heavy caveat of not including those that medically cannot have the vaccine. Just be safe in the knowledge that nearly 88% of over-16's have had one dose, and 78% have had both.
  6. Please direct all unpleasantness to @Dan_Boro_Till_I_Die . The mods can't even get the right posters (shocking)! 😂
  7. I'd like to point out it was actually one of my namesakes, I believe @Old Codgercreated the thread for them. 😘
  8. We have Peltier for right back (presumably). Whether that's the right choice is a different matter altogether. But if Bola gets a knock, we genuinely have no options other than shoehorning Jones there.
  9. My only worry is if we stick with the 3 at the back. That won't leave us with much room for manoeuvre, as you'd expect 5 of that list to be starting in that system. Does make me think that Bryan could be on his way to us in the future as he covers LB and CB.
  10. With Spence (potentially going) and Wood already going it does leave us a bit short at the back.
  11. Fair enough, personally I reckon he'd be perfect for our left wingback slot.
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