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  1. Agreed! Think Spence going for anything close to £15m would be very good for us, but I don't think that alone will allow us to spend as freely as some think.
  2. Exactly, the merging and averaging of those two seasons has been hugely beneficial for us. Without that, then we probably would be right upto the limits. Probably why we had the Woodgate era, cutting costs, as we went into that season not expecting to see averaged years. I still think we'll need to be careful in the coming season, as the EFL will be judging us on; 19/20 & 20/21 (averaged), 21/22 (very likely another lost making year) and then the coming season (which will be "live").
  3. Just nitpicking, but they aren't reporting on the usual 3 year period (whilst the merged Covid Seasons are about). So the first 2 periods you mentioned would be the same. But the 3rd and 4th are now 1 "3" year period. So the actual reporting is 17/18 through to 20/21, so 4 years. But 19/20 and 20/21 are averaged (effectively 1 year).
  4. Well and truly 2nd choice there, looking at the appearances. Could be tempted maybe? 🤔
  5. Billy Sharp was headbutted by a "fan" during the pitch invasion yesterday. I'm not just saying it, because of this but, I hate pitch invasions.
  6. I agree with that, for me I'd see him as competition for two positions (Leftback and Left centre back). He'd be a big upgrade on Peltier who filled that role to a degree. But we 100% need a new Left back.
  7. I think Adebayo signed a new deal recently, unfortunately.
  8. Wouldn't mind him coming in on a free at all, he always looked decent for Birmingham. Plus he's left footed, can play left back and on the left of a back three.
  9. Louis Reed at Swindon would be worth a look for that role.
  10. I agree. Also don't think we'll go down the route of spending money on that position (this window at least).
  11. Grandad’s Team - Middlesbrough Dad’s Team - Hartlepool Mum’s Team - Chelsea (Way before the money) Local Team - Northampton Town Your Team - Middlesbrough
  12. Just on Darlow, never realised he was from my neck of the woods (Northampton). Has there ever been a Northampton born Boro player? (I realise that's one for the Boro Historians).
  13. In an ideal world I'd have Stefan Ortega (Bielefeld) on a free. For the past 2 seasons he's been immense for them and off the back of that has been in and around the German national team. But apparently Munich and Leverkusen are sniffing around him. Sam Johnstone would be on my list also, he was very good in West Brom's relegation season. But like Ortega Johnstone has interest from clubs further up the food chain. I would also have had Alex McCarthy high on our list also, but he has very silently signed a new deal at Southampton. Officially not confirmed by the club, but confirmed i
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