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  1. Was that around 2012 (ish) or further back?
  2. Genuine question (not having a pop), when did he do that? As far as I'm aware he's not written the debt we owe him off, as it's all owed to the "parent/group" company.
  3. Do think if Stones had scored that would have completely changed the game and importantly the momentum of the game. But can't rue chances like that as Scotland created plenty to rue themselves after. England just didn't not look at the races today at all. Pickford and Stones probably the best of the bunch. Fair play to Scotland really turned up today. That said remember Portugal won the tournament last time out after drawing all 3 games in the group stage. As long as we eek out win when the time is right I'm not fussed.
  4. Slovakia v Spain - A Sweden v Poland - D Portugal v France - D Germany v Hungary - H
  5. Russia v Denmark - D Finland v Belgium - A North Macedonia v Netherlands - A Ukraine v Austria - H Croatia v Scotland - H Czech Republic v England - A
  6. Spain v Poland - H Hungary v France - A Germany v Portugal - A Switzerland v Turkey - H Italy v Wales - H
  7. Don't sweat it Youngy! You've done a fine job. Keep at it, human error happens to all of us (clue in the name "Human" error)!
  8. @Youngy228 No need to apologise at all mate! You've done and are still doing a brilliant job!
  9. Netherlands v Austria - H Ukraine v North Macedonia - H Croatia v Czech Republic - H England v Scotland - H Sweden v Slovakia - H Denmark v Belgium - A
  10. Yeah showed great character getting a point against the Swiss, especially when the Swiss were very dominant. Then Turkey really haven't lived up to the hype at all against Italy and Wales they've looked really average.
  11. Turkey are doing a great job of scuppering my pre-tournement prediction that Wales wouldn't win a game.
  12. Finland v Russia - A (Kidding) Netherlands v Austria - H Ukraine v North Macedonia - H Croatia v Czech Republic - H England v Scotland - H Sweden v Poland - D
  13. You'd assume...unless they did check it on the sly?
  14. Think Neville mentioned afterwards it looked off! 😂
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