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  1. I couldn't quite get to 9 in a row! Unbeaten in 9 though 😂 I was sat on 25 points after 22 games played, so to get 28 points in 11 games isn't too bad!
  2. I knew from the start we'd need an extra man! 😂
  3. I'm just raging because that late Swansea goal turned a potential 5-4 win against @Blanco into a 4-4 draw! 🤢
  4. This angle is brilliant, you can see Bidwell's hits the ball from under Saville's heel before he hits Saville's boot.
  5. If Barnsley win their game in hand, that leaves us 10 points off the play-off, with 2 teams between us and 6th, and only 11 games left to play. I think the fat lady is clearing her throat, in regards to our season.
  6. @smogsterking the Inspirati I'd agree with that, especially with the Cook point. When Strauss retired, we failed to find someone to partner Cook. Now Cook has gone we've still failed to find 2 quality openers. I still think given time, Burns, Sibley and Crawley will come good.
  7. It actually looks like Bidwell hits the ball first but only as his foot goes under Saville's, then he hits Saville's foot. Around the 28/29 second mark. Edit: as in the point of Bidwell's boot goes under Saville's sole, then the top of his boot hits Saville's.
  8. Should have scored/had a penalty at 1-0, equally our goal was offside, so it got evened out. The penalty at the end was a penalty in my opinion.
  9. At times I think I'd love us to be a fan owned club. Then other times I come on here.
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