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  1. I'd agree with this, we have seen an effort to move towards a more attacking approach. But it's early on in our teams development and we certainly cannot keep up the attacking play over a prolonged period. At Luton 1st and 3rd goals were flashes of how we wanted to progress. Brentford first half we looked good also. But 2nd half was like watching a Pulis team, we seemed devoid of all ideas and everyone was static. This is also a reply to you @Changing Times.
  2. Against Brentford we definitely had Clayton sitting deep and Wing and NcNair pressing further up. In a 3 man midfield triangle. Seems like we have gone away from that completely.
  3. Sounds like Howson is in the No.10 role? Which is bizarre!
  4. Was excited to see the midfield 3, but it sounds like we have moved away from Woodgate's system completely, which is not suiting them at all.
  5. Very excited to see how the midfield 3 do today. Back 4 is a bit weak, especially that left side, when it comes to pace. Think I'd take a draw. Obviously want us to win, but Blackburn have a handy side, full of ex boro lads too. So 1 of them is a dead cert to score.
  6. There's a little cafe in Seaton Carew called Glady's. They have a similar 40's/50's vibe, but it is done in a British style. And they do a decent breakfast too!
  7. Amazon Prime for the boys, not sure about the rook.
  8. Well the Bundesliga kicked off with Bayern Munich vs Hertha Berlin that ended in a very exciting 2-2. I also managed to catch the last 20 minutes of Bilbao vs Barcelona, which kicked off the La Liga season, which was shown on ITV4. Wow Aduriz take a bow, great goal to seal a 1-0 win. He is going to leave a big hole when he retires at the end of this season.
  9. I know that feeling all too well! I haven't seen "The Rook" yet, any good?
  10. It's brilliant! Me and the Mrs binge watched it in 1 sitting!
  11. It's crazy, an MP is implicated in it too. What's worse is something like £1 Million of public money has been spent to investigate the whole situation. And £10 Million of public money has disappeared. I knew someone who worked for the building company hired to redevelop the stadium. They told me after about £2 Million worth of work had been completed they never received any payments. So it's almost as if, from Day 1 the money had gone.
  12. Too many owners see lower league clubs as a way to make money. Coventry, Bolton, Bury, Leyton Orient and Northampton have all faced disappearing at some point in the last 5 years (There are probably a lot more examples too). Locally for me in the last decade Rushden and Diamonds and Kettering Town both went bust due to poor ownership and have since reformed. Northampton were also on the brink at one point, before being saved. Coincidentally they also got promoted whilst their future financially was up in the air. More annoyingly the Northampton saga has an even murkier story as the football club borrowed £10 Million from the council to redevelop the ground, which subsequently went missing. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-northamptonshire-48635993
  13. Think tonight's game will be a close one in my opinion. Be interesting to see how Huddersfield get on without Mooy in midfield.
  14. This will forever be my favourite snippet from a cricket match ever...
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