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  1. Should have started one of Nmecha or Flecther from the start in my opinion. Fulham have dominated possession partly because the bloke (Donkey) upfront is no good at pressing/pressuring their defenders.
  2. We've dropped right off them again, and again we a defending so deep! Get further up lads!
  3. When Woodgate wears the tracksuit, part of Pulis' soul fuses with his (ala Harry Potter and Voldemort) and he starts to hook the creative players. Roberts will be the next one off!
  4. Think Tav is going to become a really important player for us over the next few seasons.
  5. We've definitely let Fulham play their way by having a target man upfront. Until late in that half there was little to no pressure on their centre halves. Bring Fletcher on and let him get amongst their centre halves and disrupt them. Also start the defensive line another 10/15 yards further up from the off. We started to do that last 15 of that half and we looked much better for it!
  6. Hopefully we can carry that good end to the half, into the next half!
  7. At least we are playing in the right areas now! After the start we've had glad we are seeing some of the ball.
  8. I can see us getting back in to this, reckon we will nick a goal before half time.
  9. Hoping we can weather this, then get a foothold in the game. Maybe we can do to Fulham what Derby did to us?
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