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  1. The top brass of my local constabulary are having a very early meeting tomorrow morning. Definitely think we will see some drastic measures tonight.
  2. @Uwe and @boro-unger it is the same in the Police and further education. The amount of wasted money on "middle men" or support staff is pretty insane. I'm not saying that they aren't all important, but I'm almost certain (if time or money was no object) that, if we did widespread reviews of everyone's roles within organisations like these you'd find people that have just "hidden away" and picked up pay check after pay check, without adding much value to the organisations. Obviously it is incredibly difficult to strike the right balance between offering a high standard of "service" (Healthcare, Policing and Education) and being financially savvy on a national scale.
  3. Extended editions I'm assuming? As a minor inconvenience of all this is that the new Lord of the Ring based TV series is going to be delayed! 😞
  4. Annoyingly I've only just found out that Football Manager 2020 has been free to play all week. Been putting off buying it as it looked so similar to 19. Guess I can get at least a day out of seeing the difference. Also begs the serious question of whether they will push the release of 2021 back?
  5. Sorry I was meaning anyone before the end of Jan in UK (alledged first cases in the UK were back end of Jan). I think it's a certainty that anyone that passes will be tested now.
  6. Drop Dead Fred (early 90's I know) or See no evil hear no evil would be my choices.
  7. Personally in my opinion it is highly plausible that this virus has been in the country for 3-6 months already. The symptoms are so similar to a standard bad cold or flu, that it is possible a mass outbreak could have already happened and we were simply not aware. I seem to recall it was common knowledge at the back end of December that there was a new disease emerging. Since then look how far it has spread. Say this has been bubbling away in China since September, by December it would have already been as widespread as it is now (if not more). The particularly bad flu that was going round, over Christmas and New Year, could well have been this.
  8. On the flipside of that, people could have had it, passed away and not been tested for it. So there's a very real possibility that the mortality rate could be higher, but also just as likely to be much lower too.
  9. Most of my office are working from home as of today. Us in finance are now on a rota system, so 2 people who do the same thing aren't in the office at the same time. My designated office day is Monday, other than that I'll be at home. Stay safe people.
  10. In my opinion, from a normal business point of view, the club is in a bit of financial trouble, as we have only posted profit in 2 seasons since 2011. But we are talking about the football industry, where running at a loss each season is "Normal", so normal business practice doesn't always couple up. Personally in terms of FFP I don't think we will be sanctioned for our 3 year period since relegation, but I do think we will end up posting a big loss in this season. Which will have a big impact on what we can afford to spend on player transfers and wages (and what we can afford to lose) on the next 2 seasons after this current one. What @estonpidge has suggested is for me the most likely outcome over the next 2 seasons, we may need to sell 1/2 promising young players in the 2020/2021 season and the season after that to reduce our losses.
  11. This is all it is at the moment. As I'm not privvy to the actual ins and outs of this seasons accounts. Just have to wait another 12 months to actually know for certain. I expect to us to spend too, just think the days of spending millions hand over fist on players is behind us (for at least another season or 2, until we go for out boom or bust phase again).
  12. Thank you. In terms of any compensation payments for Monk, they would have been included in the 2017-2018 period (the last set of accounts). Without knowing how MFC classify transactions, I imagine it would have been included in Wages and Salaries. If I recall correctly I'm sure the accounts filed for 2016-2017 made reference to paying Aitor compensation.
  13. I think for the 2019/20 season we are looking at a loss of £25-30 Million. The Gazette put an article out saying the wage bill is estimated at £22 Million and turnover a similar figure. They also mentioned that the general running cost of the club is about £12 Million. I'd also point out that for this season I doubt we are even close to making £30 million on profit on the sale of registrations, like we did in 2018/19, I reckon between £10-15 million is fair. That's puts the loss somewhere between the £27-32 million mark. Obviously the amortisation figure will drop, which will lower the amount of loss, but we have admin expenses to consider too. I don't think things are bleak, but I do think we'll have another season of relative belt tightening.
  14. I don't think we will be at risk of breaching it. But was more trying to highlight that we will need to be very wary of the limit as I believe we will post a big loss for the current season.
  15. On a lighter note, if the season is scrapped has anyone asked the question of what will happen the Oneboro paid fantasy league? I'm definitely going to make a late surge and potentially win, so I'd be peeved to miss out on all that dough! Disclaimer: I'm most certainly not going to be close to winning!
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