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  1. Fulham v Bournemouth - D Coventry v West Brom - D Barnsley v Huddersfield - A Blackburn v Preston - H Blackpool v Luton - A Bristol City v Derby - H Cardiff v Sheff Utd - A Middlesbrough v Swansea - H Millwall v Birmingham - D Nottingham Forest v Peterborough - H Reading v Hull - H QPR v Stoke - H
  2. Blackpool v West Brom - A Coventry v Birmingham - D Middlesbrough v Preston - H Nottingham Forest v Luton - H Reading v Sheffield Utd - D Barnsley v Swansea - A Blackburn v Peterborough - H Bristol City v Stoke - D Cardiff v Hull - H Fulham v Derby - H Millwall v Bournemouth - A QPR v Huddersfield - H
  3. QPR v Luton - H Sheff Utd v Coventry - D Bristol City v Blackburn - A Fulham v Barnsley - H Huddersfield v West Brom - A Hull v Birmingham - D Middlesbrough v Millwall - H Preston v Cardiff - H Reading v Nottingham Forest - A Stoke v Peterborough - H Swansea v Blackpool - D Derby v Bournemouth - A
  4. Just to add, whilst at Northampton (in their promotion season), Wilder played exclusively with a back 4. So I wouldn't be too surprised if we chopped and changed from a 4 to a 5 to begin with. Unless he's already got a blueprint for the team in mind, which it sounds like he's been working away on before his appointment.
  5. Do we think Farke being available might change things or are we too far down the Wilder road?
  6. Just bare in mind that the video is focusing heavily on their system/style whilst in the Prem. Although they had a very similar in the Championship, they were able to dominate teams, due to the players being similar levels of ability (comparatively).
  7. If I recall correctly we gave Warnock a new contract for this season...before Wilder was sacked. I remember a few posters saying at the time it was an odd time to renew Warnock's contract. (If we should have renewed it at all).
  8. To be fair to Wilder, he did a great job at Northampton, especially considering all the off-field shenanigans that's season too.
  9. He got them from League One to the Prem within 3 seasons. Barring back to back promotions he couldn't have done it any quicker!
  10. Just speculative on my part, but I reckon his main gripe was that someone came in above him after he'd achieved what he had at Sheffield U. When he first joined them, I don't think they had a sporting director, so that side of things he had to pick up. Having someone come in above you, after you've been pretty successful must have caused friction. Knowing that there is someone above you beforehand probably helps from any sort of issues like that arising again. Edit: @BrunnersI wanted to reply to your post too. But this sums up what I was basically going to say.
  11. I've been beating this drum for a little while. There is a bizarre misconception Wilder is just a Warnock lite. But it really isn't the case at all. The main issue/concern I'd have with Wilder is whether he is happy to work under Scott (more broadly a DoF). But if Scott has been the one to lead the interviews/recruitment process for the new head coach. You'd assume they'd at least be aware of the new set-up and how they fit into that.
  12. Barnsley v Hull - D Birmingham v Reading - D Blackburn v Sheff Utd - H Bournemouth v Swansea - H Cardiff v Huddersfield - A Coventry v Bristol City - H Luton v Stoke - D Millwall v Derby - H Nottingham Forest v Preston - H Peterborough v Fulham - A West Brom v Middlesbrough - H Blackpool v QPR - A
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