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  1. Just to add to this, there are some very early findings that the antibodies and the overall immune response, is much better when someone is infected with COVID than other viruses. So the antibodies could well last longer than 6 months or so. But obviously you then have to rely on a large proportion of the population catching it and surviving it to achieve herd immunity. Whereas with mass vaccination you can achieve the same results without needing people to catch it.
  2. You are right, but antibodies will only last for a relatively short time (upto 6 month roughly) and they decrease in number over that time too. So you then become prone to re-infection again. Where as these vaccines illicit much stronger immune reactions, that have the potential to last significantly longer and also make you much more resistant to re-infection.
  3. Pulis has been in charge for more games (4) than they have had shots on target in those games. Admittedly they have been down to 10 men on two occasions.
  4. Bloody hell... 38 games into the season and at the time he was sacked we were 21st, 1 place outside the relegation zone, we gave him a fair chance. I wanted him to be a success, but he was not my first choice, especially when we were linked with the likes of Jokanovic. You only have to look at the player's performances* this season compared to last that highlight that Woodgate was a little out of his depth. If he had an experienced backroom staff around him things could well have been different, but as it was we were lacking experience all through the coaching set up last year and it showed. * The likes of Saville, Howson, McNair, Fry, Bola and Dijksteel. To a lesser extent Spence and Johnson too.
  5. Yeah you are needing a minimum of about 60% of people vaccinated to start to see the signs of herd immunity. The higher the % the better it becomes. Each disease has different thresholds for this though, from what I've read and seen recently, they think that they'll need roughly 75%-85% vaccinated to achieve herd immunity for COVID. Just for a comparison but for herd immunity for Measles you need about 95% vaccinated.
  6. SATURDAY 5TH DECEMBER Brentford v Blackburn Rovers - H Bristol City v Birmingham City - H Coventry City v Rotherham United - D Huddersfield Town v Queens Park Rangers - A Millwall v Derby County - H Norwich City v Sheffield Wednesday - H Preston North End v Wycombe Wanderers - H Stoke City v Middlesbrough - A Swansea City v Luton Town - H Watford v Cardiff City - D
  7. Of course they'll come stage were we have to outweigh the cost of a potential new deal for him, compared to his output. But as I agreed we should wait a little bit, but if he continues in the way he has been playing that decision will come a sooner.
  8. Agree, but do think we will need to act sooner rather than later though. Especially if he continues his form, as it'll increase his bargaining power (contract wise).
  9. Great result, good to bounce back after Saturday too. Horrid last 15 minutes for the nerves though! In my opinion Bola motm, Watmore a close 2nd.
  10. Could have taken the most obvious option of playing the ball forward to Akpom, but had the sense to play it to the right where we had to players running into open space. Excellent!
  11. I see, personally I'd keep them both on.
  12. Most of them, but Howson doesn't seem right and Akpom has been largely ineffective so far.
  13. Yeah I reckon playing every game might be catching up with him a bit. I'd be tempted to give it another 10/15 minutes or so and bring Saville on for him.
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