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  1. @Dan1234 Spot on mate! Back to square one otherwise. If Warnock keeps us up then that is great, he has done his job. It's harsh, but I'd say thanks very much but we are moving in this direction. If he was open to it, I think he'd be a good addition to the backroom staff (Coach or Assistant) as a "mentor" if you will, for a more positive thinking manager. Think if we do go down the route of a untested/inexperience manager, building the correct backroom staff is a must. Something we failed to do with Woodgate.
  2. The Wallace incident on the replay looked like he deliberately threw his shoulder/upper arm out at Spence. Pretty sure the Woods incident he kicked out at McNair. Annoyingly right next to the Ref, who seemed to miss it completely.
  3. Just to add the ref was absolutely shocking today! Should easily have had 2 Millwall players sent off.
  4. Huge win. Was a half decent performance too in my opinion. Still at times a little suspect at the back but I do think a back 3 with wingbacks is the best setup for us at the moment. Also think Britt and Fletcher could form a really good partnership if we consistently go with 2 up top. Shame we couldn't capitalise on the weekend, as I reckon 3 points there and the 3 points today would probably have seen us home.
  5. The last section is the exact reason Wigan won't win their appeal. The EFL simply refuse to acknowledge that their set of tests is not fit for purpose. They even then mention another case where that was evident (Bury).
  6. The owners haven't massively overspent and run the club into the ground. From what I have seen Wigan is/are a fairly well run club in terms of finances (in a football sense anyway). But the owners have literally used the club for some very murky reason. They sold the club to a new owner (a fund) that the old owner was the majority shareholder in. Then immediately installed a new majority shareholder to the fund that now own Wigan. That shareholder bizarrely has no online footprint at all, other than everything related to him owning Wigan. This man then on the exact same day he has acquired the club has placed it in administration. It is that reason that Wigan are appealing the decision. All of the above of course was signed off by the EFL themselves. Which opens a whole new can of worms.
  7. Apologies when I said 1/4 of the creditors, I was meaning 25p out of the £. I should have made that clearer. In terms of our situation in 1986 I'm not too well versed with the details (as it was before my time). But I'm pretty sure we were going into Liquidation rather than administration. I also imagine that the EFL regulations/rules have been updated since 1986.
  8. 15 point deduction next season if they fail to pay 1/4 of the creditors off.
  9. Genuinely I'm not sure. My own opinion would be that 2 separate investigations would be taking place, one EFL (which seems to be resolved) and a criminal one. Who knows though, the EFL may be working with the authorities already on this.
  10. If that is true, there will be criminal implications too. Chansiri is the director who signed the accounts off. "Company directors have a legal duty under the Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”) not to file false information on Companies House. Knowingly or recklessly delivering information or making a statement to the Registrar of Companies that is misleading, false or deceptive is a criminal offence under s.1112 of the Act and can lead to imprisonment and/or a fine." Edit: Missed a bit off the post!
  11. I'm sure one of their local reporters said the club would challenge the deduction. From what I've seen, it's clear as day they'll be deducted points from the EFL. But it raises yet more questions as to why the EFL signed off on the initial takeover and then the 2nd one. You could argue that the EFL's failure to do the correct checks have lead to the situation Wigan are in. Which is then pretty hypocritical of them to then punish Wigan with a points deduction due to their (EFL's) own failings. (Just my opinion).
  12. Until the points deduction actually happens, we shouldn't factor it in. They will be challenging the deduction, so we will need to wait and see what happens with their appeal. That said the results today are certainly going in our favour, however they are meaningless unless we win/draw tomorrow.
  13. Silver lining for me is the Cobblers got promoted to League 1, so if we do go down, at least I have an away day on my doorstep!
  14. If we go down, my 2 biggest worries are the financial implications and how Gibson runs the club. Going down to the 3rd tier will leave us with an even bigger financial hole to fill, as we will lose yet more TV money (In terms of actual broadcasting income, plus we will receive the League 1 Solidarity payment rather than Championship). If that was the case, it stresses the need for Gibson to continue to support the club financially, but would he relinquish any control and let footballing decisions be made by footballing people, probably not. What I will say though, if (Big if), we sorted ourselves out financially, Gibson brought in a Director of Football and we came up with a long-term plan, it shouldn't all be viewed as doom and gloom. Southampton, Wolves, Brighton, Leicester, Norwich and Sheffield Utd have all been relegated to the 3rd tier within the last 15 years and are now playing in the top division. Bristol City, Millwall, Blackburn, Preston, Nottingham and Leeds the same and they are all top half Championship sides (Looking at this season).
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