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  1. Yeah 5 shots in total...4 on target...4 goals! 😂 Toney scored another tonight, think that's 7 goals in 7 games for him now.
  2. As predicted I thought we'd win tonight, but that it would be a struggle. Glad that we have won and yes it was a struggle, but defensively barring one or two moments we were relatively comfortable, which is a big improvement on last season. It's effective football that we are playing, which away from home against "better" teams I understand the need to play that way. But tonight against Coventry at home, I feel like from the off we could have sacrificed one of the back 5 or midfield 3 for an attacking player, to help us break them down.
  3. We'd potentially have 1 fit striker for 3 league games if Akpom was out for 2 weeks, is being concerned by that being miserable?
  4. I can see Coventry exploiting the space behind our wing-backs when they attack. Think Howson and Morsy will need to be vigilant of the runners they have from midfield too. I'm confident that we can win tonight, but (famous last words) I can see it being a struggle for large parts of the game tonight.
  5. Few question marks raised, Tav at left wing-back is a bizarre one, but he's been played on the right hand side a few times. Akpom just being rested, or has he taken a knock? I suppose with Fletcher out NW may just be being really cautious with both Akpom and Britt. Glad to see Roberts from the off. Think we'll see Britt get off the mark tonight with Roberts playing behind him.
  6. Just going back over the PPV topic, 40k people paid to watch Newcastle vs Man United and roughly 20k paid to watch Villa vs Leicester. As a comparison 1.7m watched Man United vs Chelsea on Sky. There has been talk that some PPV games have actually cost Sky and BT money to show, due to low viewers.
  7. Yeah they basically play a "square" shape midfield with 2 players sitting deeper and 2 players in the 10 role. (Rubbish diagram below)... . . . .
  8. Coventry line up with a back 3 and 2 wing-backs, then they play with 2 Number 10s who like to push up behind a lone striker. As much as I'd like us to play a back 4 today, I think we'll line up with a back 5 tonight.
  9. TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER Barnsley v Queens Park Rangers - D Blackburn Rovers v Reading - H Brentford v Norwich City - A Middlesbrough v Coventry City - H Swansea City v Stoke City - D Wycombe Wanderers v Watford - A WEDNESDAY 28TH OCTOBER Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town - H AFC Bournemouth v Bristol City - H Derby County v Cardiff City - A Luton Town v Nottingham Forest - A Preston North End v Millwall - H Rotherham United v Sheffield Wednesday - D
  10. So NASA have announced that they have found water molecules in the surface of the moon. But really importantly in the sunlit regions, not just the poles of the moon, indicating that the moon has a lot more water than first thought. Which is a big step toward a permanent lunar base.
  11. Aren't they giving a catalogue of PS games free with the PS5 too? (The PS collection?)
  12. I've silently watched this thread evolve. Good entertainment.
  13. 1. I would say no, but he'll come on. 2. I hope he does. 3. Yes. I've said it before (in the non-boro thread) but Coventry have an interesting way of lining up, so I'm excited to see more of it, but also excited to see how we combat it. I'd like to see the same back 4 (plus Bettinelli). I'd maybe consider trying Browne in the midfield 3 for Howson*, have Morsy sitting in the Howson role and Saville and Browne further forward. Then a front 3 of Akpom, Tav and Roberts. *Howson hasn't done anything wrong, but think Morsy could do his role well. Might also be worth while giving him a game out, he's played the full 90 for all our league games so far.
  14. I understand that and I did edit my post after looking at it on repeat. What I was asking is at first glance it looks like Vaulks just holds his position in the box. The rules are a bit unclear, but is the act of him being in that position and not being interested in the ball then Saville making contact with him the foul? As once the ball is kicked he doesn't really move from the spot, it does look like he leans into Saville, but it isn't exactly like he's moved 3 feet to block Saville's run to follow Moore.
  15. What's the actual ruling on "obstructions"? I know that they changed to something more broad like "impeding an opposition player". To me it looked like Vaulks (?) didn't move from where he was or make an action to deliberately obstruct Saville (grabbing him etc). But he definitely knew what he was doing if you catch my drift? Personally from what I saw live and from the highlights it didn't look like a foul to me (unless the rules are clear?). Edit: Just been looking back at the corner on a loop for tha last few minutes, it does look like Vaulks appears to shadow Saville and slightly blocks his path and leans into him. The more I watch it, the more it looks like he impedes Saville.
  16. Shame for Marske but pleased for Brackley, they're only a few miles from me.
  17. Wasn't Woodgate a scout for Liverpool, before he took up a coaching role with us?
  18. Are they talking about Saville being blocked during the corner?
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