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  1. I don't think they can be watched through SkyGo, but they used be on the Sky Sports app. Only caveat is it's only available on mobile/tablet I think.
  2. Decent. I guess this is because the Luton game is now off, which was on the red button. Still strange how ours wasn’t on originally.
  3. Anyone know why the game isn’t on tv? Obviously it’s outside the Saturday blackout and the other two games are on sky. Also anyone know if we’ll be able to buy the game on the website?
  4. You're contradicting yourself here. You say you're 'solely talking about his time in the Premier League' but for some reason haven't mentioned he finished 9th in his first season. Are you just choosing to ignore that because it doesn't fit your claims that he's a 'one season wonder'? Despite only talking about his time in the Premier League, you claim 'his record suggests he hit his ceiling in the Championship and couldn't cut it in the top flight' - an utterly bizarre claim when talking about a manager who literally got his side promoted from the Championship and then finished in the top
  5. 'There are no guarantees in football' - does this only work if someone is talking about the possibility of him doing well then? As in your first post from this exchange you made a number of assumptions - 'he was a 1-season wonder' - what if he's not? Four promotions and taking Sheffield United from League One to the Premier League and finishing 9th in 4 seasons - doesn't sound like a one season wonder to me. 'Fact is he couldn't keep it going... If he gets us promoted that will be quite an achievement. I was simply saying, don't bank on him lasting much beyond that.' - what if he does?
  6. Agree on Bola, think he's an ideal fit for that role. As an aside it's worth noting that he's apparently 6ft1, I always thought he was smaller than that. Re the GK situation - I'm hoping Wilder comes in with no preconceptions about the squad and gives Stojanovic a run in the side. The old coaching staff were terrible judges of goalkeepers. With Bettinelli and Archer last season and Lumley this year - it's like they were actively trying to recruit the most error prone keepers around. Stojanovic is the best keeper at the club for me and I don't think it's a particularly close run thing.
  7. Finding it hilarious how people are taking his word as the absolute irrefutable truth. This is someone who has routinely come out and dished out some ludicrously biased and quite often just outright untruths in his post match interviews. To the point where it had become parody and people were predicting exactly what nonsense he would spout after the game before it had even finished. But as soon as he comes out and makes a claim against the club everyone takes his word for it. I’m still shocked he didn’t blame all this on the ref, even if it had just been out of habit. He’s had ample t
  8. To add to this - pretty good video from tifo on how Sheff Utd played under Wilder...
  9. Record against teams in the top half: P5 W0 D2 L3 Teams in the bottom half: P10 W6 D1 L3 Bristol City in 16th are the highest placed team we've beaten. I just can't see the point in Warnock being our manager. What is he doing here apart from wasting everyones' time? Those who are backing him, enlighten me, what am I missing?
  10. We’ve done absolutely nothing in the second half. Not created a single chance. Not done anything to try and get back in the game.
  11. My mistake, missed our win over Sheff United in lofty 14th place.
  12. We’ve not beaten anyone above 17th 😂
  13. Honestly. Lumley is shocking. Ye he’s pulled off some good saves at times this season. Nothing spectacular. But he’s made so many errors. Cost us too many points already. Shocking.
  14. Just read the Gazette article about Don Goodman warning to not count us out of the promotion race. Not surprised to see him say that as every time he's commentated on one of our games he seems to have no idea about what kind of team we actually are and just relies on tired clichés. Not wanting to *** on the parade of the last few games too much but I just noticed that we've played 10 of the league's current bottom 12, after Saturday we'll have played 11 and just have Preston from the bottom-half left to play. From our 4 games against teams in the current top-half, we've taken 2 points from
  15. Really poor decision making and quality from Ikpeazu there on a couple of occasions.
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