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  1. Britt should never have come back into the side. He’d done nothing before his injury to say he should be in as soon as he’s fit. He looks miles off the pace anyway and has stifled at least two promising attacking positions. Nmecha would be a much better option at the moment.
  2. Living just over a mile away from the City Ground this is the shortest trip of the season for me. Historically it's not been a ground for great Boro games but in my two previous visits I've not seen us lose. A 0-0 draw in 2012 that took us to 2nd in the table apparently, and a 1-2 win in 2015 with goals from Nugent and Ayala and a late penalty save from Dimi to hold on to 3 points and take us to 2nd in the table again. No chance of 2nd tonight but I'm feeling foolishly optimistic about getting a result. They've not been great at home and we've not won yet on the road. I didn't see the game on Saturday but it sounds as though it was one of our better, if not the best, performance of the season. The only issue being we haven't put in two successive good performances yet this season, so it would have to be a first if we're going to get something from the game. Hopefully Britt is fit enough to play and make an impact, reading their forum it seems as though they don't fancy their centre halves' chances against a fully fit Britt and they're buzzing that he might miss the game. I'm hoping that the fearlessness of the young academy lads will help us repeat Saturday's performance and I'm going to go for a foolhardy 1-2 away win. Not a disaster if we don't take anything and a point would be great. The big home games coming up are the real tests.
  3. JMC91

    Steve Gibson

    Not the first time either, 69m was written off in the first season in the Championship in 2009
  4. JMC91

    Steve Gibson

    I think the 56m figure is referring to the total amount of transfer fees owed, which has accumulated from us structuring deals over time
  5. JMC91

    Steve Gibson

    Not the most recent but there's a fairly useful and comprehensive breakdown of the club's finances in the first two seasons back in the Championship in this twitter thread:
  6. Shambolic positioning from Shotton, not surprising, that’s what you get for playing such a limited player completely out of position
  7. Weren't we linked with Kolodziejczak a few years back? probably when we were in the prem though
  8. JMC91

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Ye absolutely, I've renewed late before but I don't ever remember the disparity being that great. It's just given the circumstances it's a bitter pill to swallow. I didn't really feel like I had any other choice but to not renew until Pulis had gone. I could complain on here and twitter as much as I like but it wouldn't have made a jot of difference, it felt like the only way to get heard. Having said that, the noises coming out the club and the apparent early bird uptake suggest that not renewing wouldn't have made a difference either.
  9. JMC91

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Do you think a £110 price increase on the cheapest available ticket is reasonable or justified?
  10. JMC91

    'Other Boro stuff'

    A predictable response from you. I wasn't prepared to until Pulis was gone. I've had a season ticket for over 15 years and I've been making the 5 hour round trip from Nottingham for the last four seasons. Last season it became so it wasn't worth the cost and time. For the price to go up by over £100 after what we've sat through for the last 18 months is pretty brazen.
  11. JMC91

    'Other Boro stuff'

    Season tickets back on sale, I didn't renew in the early bird window, as a result my ticket (south stand adult) has gone up to £530 from £397 last season. I think it would have been £420 if I had renewed earlier. £530 for the cheapest adult ticket available is ridiculous.
  12. Jokanovic would fit the remit, Fulham played some of the best football I've ever seen in this division in their promotion season, a couple of recent promotions, the only question mark would be over his willingness to work with younger players. Looking at his time at Fulham he gave the Sessegnon brothers their debuts, and another 4 or 5 players over a couple of seasons, only Ryan Sessegnon went on to play a large part in his team, but he's not opposed to bringing younger players in. You can't really argue with his record in this division but I know he turned Forest down last season and Daniel Taylor the journo had said his wage demands put him out of the reach of anyone in the championship, he's also rumoured to have turned down West Brom this season gone, and with our new financial constraints you'd think he might be a stretch.
  13. I like the idea of Stendel from Barnsley. Young manager with a couple of years experience, was harshly sacked at Hannover and just off the back of an excellent season with Barnsley. Watching that video someone posted the other day about their season, it seems he plays an adventurous style, is loved by the fans and obviously got them promoted.
  14. This Holstein Kiel goal went viral earlier in the season. If their play is consistently like this it looks quite like how Liverpool attack, playing out quick from the keeper into a rapid and direct attack.
  15. It's been pointed out in this thread already but Cowley has said himself he plays that way because that's what's most effective for the players he has. At this point you have to take him on face value because we dont know yet whether he can change tact if he has different players That's all well and good but we shouldn't be going on assurances that someone could play in a more attacking style with no track record of doing so. He's been there 3 years so has had 6 transfer windows, whilst they almost definitely have limited resources, like I said he hasn't looked to bring in players to change that style, and other clubs at that level have been able to.
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