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  1. We've played them twice this season, not scored and not won! We've also won just 1 of our last 12 fixtures against them.
  2. We may as well play out the rest of the season with the youth teams then. Warnock has banged on all season about ‘putting a smile on faces’, ‘giving it a real go’ etc but it’s evidently absolute *** as he never attempts to do either. Either that or he’s incapable of putting out a side of doing that. I personally think it’s both - he neither wants to or can. He’s just a spin merchant like Pulis and for some reason, despite the football being dire, loads of people lap it up. I’ll never be able to get on board with his mentality or approach and I’ll stick my neck out now and say we
  3. So because it does nothing for us, you’re happy with us just killing the game off? What does that achieve? Surely you’ve got to try and play well, score goals and improve?
  4. Don’t think I’ll ever be happy when we play such woeful football. If we’re not playing for anything and the football is abject, there’s nothing to enjoy. Given that we’re out of touch now, what have we got to lose by going for it. Warnock set out to kill this game and got away with a point because of one good delivery from McNair. I’ll just never be able to get on board with that mindset.
  5. Point does nothing for us but there’s no intent to go on and win.
  6. Watching those videos it seems like we spend a fair bit of training sessions doing small sided games with short quick passing in tight areas. We’d be better off just launching it in the air and practising aerial challenges as we barely ever try and work the ball in games.
  7. 52 minutes of football without a single shot.
  8. Watmore in a good position there on the left but we’re so slow to get anyone in the final third that we become outnumber 3 to 1 and then hit a dead end.
  9. Was there even any contact in the challenge? Didn’t seem like it to me. Don’t even think it was a foul.
  10. There is absolutely no credible footballing argument to bring him here. It's clearly evident by your desperation to argue the 'not guilty in the eyes of the law' line where you stand on this. Anyone with a shred of dignity knows that, regardless of the technical verdict, the incident and the subsequent court cases were morally bankrupt. So don't try and mask your stance with a contrived argument that he'd be a worthy signing on a footballing basis. You seem to be a contrarian who gets off by playing devil's advocate to just about everything that gets said on here but this is by far the wei
  11. The game was ‘exciting’ according to Warnock. Hopefully he was just employing some ill-judged deflection to take eyes off what was another shocking performance, otherwise he’s more delusional than I’d previously thought. Warnock and those like him have had their time in the game now. It’s moved on. The sooner we can move on the better, as we’re going nowhere with him in charge.
  12. Why? What has he he done to suggest that he’ll do better next season? He’s had a full pre-season and signed 11 players this year. Produced nothing and the football is atrocious. Let’s not pretend he didn’t say he wanted promotion this season. He said he wouldn’t be here for anything else. We won’t finish any higher next year with him in charge. No chance.
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