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  1. Under Woodgate we played two friendlies on the same day with two different squads, a side made up mostly of reserves beat Bishop Auckland 7-1 and the first team got done 5-1 at Heidenheim. Robert Glatzel scored a hat-trick.
  2. I thought the first penalty claim, for the challenge on Kane was the least contentious of the two. Unless it was give as a freekick for Kane's challenge with Poulsen, before he got into the box, I still can't understand why it wasn't given. And having seen this angle on twitter of Sterling's, I really don't think it's that contentious of a call.
  3. To add to the contentious refereeing debate. Thomas Delaney committed five fouls without being booked, at least three of which I thought were worthy of yellow cards. He was getting away with just about everything. Cynical late challenges, professional fouls, the lot. He had a great game and we were noticeably better when transitioning into attack when he left the field, but he was extremely fortunate to not be booked at least once.
  4. https://blog.wyscout.com/galoppo-payero-banfield-wyscout/ Not sure whether this has been posted as there’s been a lot said today. Interesting and exciting piece from Wyscout about Payero here though.
  5. Burnley agreed a £12m fee for Stoke's 20 year old centre back Nathan Collins. You'd think that ends their interest in Fry.
  6. Looks as though the template is the same as Bristol City’s from last season so it’ll look something like this except with the white band and transporter design. 3EF8106D-1D1D-4E2A-942D-454CF8F53337.webp 30583625-C80C-45C7-9942-C1200E76E44C.webp
  7. Same here, often thought the same. Might bring some more dynamism to a pretty stale midfield but he's not a primarily forward thinking midfielder, which is really what we need to be looking at unless some of our current midfielders are being moved on.
  8. I noticed a few people from football stats crowd talking about Gauld on Twitter this week as he was left out the Scotland squad. One claimed he’d been a top 3 player in the Primeira this season despite being in a team that’s been fighting relegation for most of the season. Seems like it would be a top signing but I think he’s probably out of our league at the moment, there are probably bigger clubs willing to take a chance on him.
  9. Interest in Lumley is underwhelming. 5 games for QPR then 2 games for Gillingham and Doncaster on loan this season. Not a great surprise as the way Blackwell and Warnock handled the GK situation since arriving suggests they're a terrible judge of a player. Am I right in thinking Stojanovic is exempt from the work permit rules as he was here prior to them taking effect? He's easily the best keeper at the club and for me even Pears was better than both Bettinelli and Archer. Absolutely no faith that Warnock and co will improve this squad. We are going nowhere whilst they're here. Sooner t
  10. We've played them twice this season, not scored and not won! We've also won just 1 of our last 12 fixtures against them.
  11. We may as well play out the rest of the season with the youth teams then. Warnock has banged on all season about ‘putting a smile on faces’, ‘giving it a real go’ etc but it’s evidently absolute *** as he never attempts to do either. Either that or he’s incapable of putting out a side of doing that. I personally think it’s both - he neither wants to or can. He’s just a spin merchant like Pulis and for some reason, despite the football being dire, loads of people lap it up. I’ll never be able to get on board with his mentality or approach and I’ll stick my neck out now and say we
  12. So because it does nothing for us, you’re happy with us just killing the game off? What does that achieve? Surely you’ve got to try and play well, score goals and improve?
  13. Don’t think I’ll ever be happy when we play such woeful football. If we’re not playing for anything and the football is abject, there’s nothing to enjoy. Given that we’re out of touch now, what have we got to lose by going for it. Warnock set out to kill this game and got away with a point because of one good delivery from McNair. I’ll just never be able to get on board with that mindset.
  14. Point does nothing for us but there’s no intent to go on and win.
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