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  1. Embarrassing performance. We’ve not created a single chance against a team that ships goals for fun. They could quite easily be 4-0 up.
  2. The eagerness with which we get the ball back to Bettinelli is comical at times. We’ve got outfield players on the pitch who have cost us 40m+ and our game plan is to get it back to our keeper as fast as possible so he can launch it over all their heads repeatedly. You have to laugh.
  3. Play long balls for 45 minutes with no success and then we get it in to feet with a few neat passes and we get an attempt on goal in the box. No surprises there.
  4. No surprise that we didn't cause them any real problems today when we approached the game with sunday league tactics. If you're going to play long ball then you have to at least challenge for the first and second balls and we didn't do either today. An insipid performance.
  5. If he insists on us playing it longs constantly we seriously need to work on the accuracy of the long passes. Barely any of them have been have been close enough for us to even challenge for them.
  6. Came out revved up for two minutes and then reverted to type.
  7. First pass on the floor through the lines and it creates a 1v1. Funny coincidence that.
  8. Shocking. Need to have some faith in the players and allow them to have a go at keeping the ball, instead of bollocking them if they dare take a chance in midfield rather than play it back to Bettinelli for an aimless punt.
  9. If we were capable of executing a long ball game with any success it might be bearable to watch but we’re just absolutely *** at it anyway. Why do we persist when we don’t have the players to make it work? God awful to watch.
  10. Embarrassing start once again. Hopefully we’ll see the same response as we did at Wycombe.
  11. 22 accurate passes by us so far. 1 per minute. Would it hurt to try and keep the ball for a minute rather than smash it out for a goal kick.
  12. He made a series of ridiculous errors in his last few months at Millwall. Looks like he'll fit right in.
  13. It’s said every week but this ref has made some shocking calls today. Daylight between Jacobsen and the defender there when he went down.
  14. McNair done again there for that shot. Not defending the 1v1s well recently.
  15. Pleased to be 2-1 up after going behind. Two good goals too. But some of the quality of our play has been seriously poor. It’s difficult when the ball is 30ft above their heads for most of the game but Saville and Morsy have been non-existent, not showing for the ball when they’ve needed to. And apart from a couple of decent crosses, Johnson’s passing has been, well... Johnson-like. A few more moments of even the slightest quality from us should result in more goals as Wycombe are woeful at the back. There’s been so much space in their box but we haven’t taken advantage anywhere near as much as we should have.
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