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  1. Even if it's not now, like Warnock said himself, he can't get anything more out of this side, which in my eyes means that he'll be sacked sooner rather than later. If this all he can muster, it's only a matter of time.
  2. Don’t blame him to be honest. Can’t imagine it’s enjoyable playing this kind of football every week. Its also no good for developing as a player. You’re not going to improve your touch or pass when the balls flying over your head 90% of the time
  3. No, the football was draining. It sapped the life out of the fan base, players, everyone associated with the club.
  4. Warnock says he doesn't think he could be doing much more with this squad. Really? These players are playing at their absolute maximum potential. Utter nonsense.
  5. Remember when we got to the playoffs, didn't have a shot on target in 180 minutes and lost 1-0 to Villa
  6. He's busy posting on here as BoroAbroad
  7. Ye absolutely is the perfect time to change. We've got a couple of weeks until the next game, the season's still early enough for the league to still be relatively tight and there are eligible candidates available. There's no reason not to make the change now.
  8. Warnock you are finished, get out of the club
  9. Commentator said Hull haven’t even led in a game yet this season. If that’s right surely this has to be it for Warnock. It’s absolutely tragic.
  10. Hahahahaha could see that coming all afternoon
  11. Sporar’s movement is great. Just a shame we can’t fashion many chances for him.
  12. To be fair I didn’t think there was too much in that. If anything it looked like Bola was slightly late. Just a full-blooded challenge.
  13. Spence just scored for Forest. Seems like he’s doing extremely well there.
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