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  1. Don't need a centre back,keep your money for a beast up front.Need a creative player.I am fed up of hearing about pace.Pace is no good if you can't keep the ball or place it.
  2. I also think you should add Digard to that list.If the French club don't buy him,we are stuck with him,as I can not see a rush of interest in a often crocked player.Not on £40+K wages I can't.So as Sarge says on another thread,you may have to play him to generate interest,as VB says hes on contract till June 2012.The main trick is to keep both Thompson & Digard fit to play continually. Flood,Kink & Haas? I can't see Mogga keeping 'em on long. The others are only young & will get their turn when Mogga sees fit.
  3. We should have invested in a good keeper years ago.Both Garth & Gord persisted with Skip Jnr.Why I do not know.Then Gareth gets Coyne,who at best is a cover keeper or lower league standard.Though has better positioning sense then Jones ever had.Also Jones never talked to his defence.So the back 4 never knew if he were coming for the ball or not. We should keep Smith if we can.We should not put too much pressure on Jason,let him develop naturally.
  4. After what some write on here I can not blame him wanting to leave!!!
  5. Yeah,but I don't think he was on about Steve Round or maybe Harrison.I think he's on about Crosby,Coops & Agnew etc. He was coming on a bundle under George & Doriva.Then he had no one to look up to or lean on.The rest as they say is history. He needs a strong manager to channell his aggression. If we were to sell Bennett,we need to put in a clause about loaning him back,& having 1st option at reasonable price.
  6. Do not know how you work that out Rich.Its been 5 years since the Gunners won owt,& that were the FA Cup.They were in Champions League final against Barcelona,always get past group stage AND never been out out of top four in Prem for over a decade. Where as since the halyceon days of Mac,never been in top ten,& finally relegated.Then abject failure in the Championship,AND don't anyone give me that old chestnut that Gareth would have won us promotion.We were only a few points behind the leaders,but we were only 2 points ahead of mid table.Thats why rightly or wrongly,Gibson gave Gareth
  7. I thought I heard Mogga saying that because of Boyd going on loan he was looking for the odd player.Or has Steve nipped him in the bud.
  8. Unusual for you to be so chirpy CS01:exclamation: I have no problem with the team or the management.I do however worry about the creditors or vultures flying round Gibson.
  9. Well why does Sky reckon that?Plus I did add that McAllister had a lot to do with it.Players & posts said that they improved under Gary Mac.
  10. You make some good points fella! A lot of people didn't give MAC a lot of credit.I get sick of the over aged & over paid cliche.At least they achieved something.Being old didn't stop Jimmy Floyd from scoring,or George B running the midfield.Never stopped Mendietta from creating or Skippy stopping bullets. I think we have a decent chance of going up next season.Of the teams coming down I do not see anything to fear.I also can't see Brighton & co dong a Norwich/Leeds standard.Theres more to worry from Leicester or others that fail to go up this time.
  11. To Boro-unger i didnt say everything strachan did was bad. i was just implying that bennett didnt really make any progress under him, strachan barely played him and he would have been on his way if we'd have got an offer for him. I'm sorry,but I disagree,why the Sky ha ha jibe? i remember strach dragging him off about 5 minutes into the second half of the preston game last year which it seemed was just to humiliate the lad. unless he had picked up an injury (which he hadn't) why not just take him off at half time? You base all that on 1 match? it was only when mowbray came, put an arm
  12. I love some of these posts I really do.Do you really think these players clubs are going to let their strikers go for a song?You're having a Steffi Graf!!Adomah blows hot & cold like Lita.Can be a good player on his day & is having a nice run at present.The Chelsea boy that The Swans just signed looks a very good player.Either that or go into the lower leagues.Thats what Norwich do,& they aint done too bad.I still say get Adam LeFondre.Can always put Lee Miller in part exchange. As for Emnes,I, like the jury, am still out on him.If you get a decent offer for him,take it!!! MaccyD
  13. He did!!Not every thing Strachan did was bad.MaccyD is the only goalscorer fit with 7 & he's been playing in midfiel nigh on all season.GS2 also gave chances to Luke Williams & Franks.Now whether their progression had more to do with McAllister I can not say, but GS2 picked the teams. Sky don't get it too wrong often,so give credit where its due.:exclamation: I wouldn't want either player to go,but being a pragmatist I know that every player has his price.I only hope that all the money raised from the sales doesn't go straight into the Save Gibsons Arris Appeal:angel: Some money mus
  14. Well actually I think we should give servicemen a quota of free tickets.its not as if the place is throbbing is it? I recall Palace giving tickets away to patients & staff of local hospitals etc(& emergency services).I believe Sunderland do similar.
  15. I gave up buying the Gazette years ago.The only thing that shocks me is that it is still in print.Vickers writes the occasional good column.
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