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  1. Who would have thought Gibson hiring his mates to do a job they were massively under qualified for would turn out like this
  2. Is Moukoudi just a loan or do we have option to buy?
  3. Morrison could be incredible for this level and we sign him up for next season. attitude could also be shocking and he is released at the end of the season for a 5 month contract it is worth a risk though
  4. The squad doesn’t need them though. The only way that we are going to be able to compete is by developing our own players, not giving Leicester’s back up CB game time just to loose him again in the summer. We have nothing to play for this season so there is no better time to give someone like Wood game time and look to use him next season.
  5. Good player at this level but we will never progress as a club if we continue with loan signings which we will just loose at the end of the season. We aren’t going to make the playoffs and we aren’t going down, surely just play someone like Wood at CB. No point in giving someone else’s player game time just to finish mid table while our own players are sat on the bench.
  6. @exWHUemployee So as I said on the podcast that is out tonight it looks like the medical has came back with some concerns about the injury he has! They are going to have to explore this further tomorrow re Randolph. That account seemed to be first to a lot of things re West Ham
  7. He has been nothing better than average, he’s probably our highest earner and the team looks to have improved without him. 7/8 million which can then be reinvested where it’s most needed seems like a good deal for all involved
  8. From watching the highlights, the keeper is absolutely shocking once again. Any average keeper and we wouldn’t have conceded the second and third. Imagine what having someone that bad in goal is doing to the confidence of the defenders. If we sell Randolph and persist with him it will likely get us relegated
  9. Flint, Shotton, Howson, Gestede, Guedioura, Downing off the top of my head, all players who are at the wrong age, on big contracts and the club will never get their money back for them. Saville and Fletcher two others where they are at the right age but it should be obvious to anyone involved in football they aren't worth that much and we will make a loss on them.
  10. Regardless of that it’s not difficult to see where so many clubs go wrong especially ours. Signing older players on huge contracts who have little sell on value will always come back to haunt you no matter how much money you are willing to put in. Add that with constantly changing managers on big money who want their own squad, and the club is only going one way. No excuses for Gibson at all, he’s been in football long enough to know how to do things properly, and the club is seriously paying for his mistakes
  11. Once again tonight has shown how much we need to keep hold of Ayala, we are relegated I’d we loose both him and Randolph in January
  12. Worrying that Pears is likely to continue in goal once Randolph is sold in January. He was absolutely woeful today, cost 2 goals that any professional keeper would have saved. Not helping a defence that already has zero confidence.
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