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  1. Which would probably be the best thing to do if the NHS hadnt been underfunded for years. This way means that the need for hospital care will massively increase and it seems pretty clear the NHS doesnt have the capacity to manage at the moment, so how do they manage when they suddenly need to double their capacity
  2. Would imagine that games will still be played when they can, even if it meant pushing the last ten games back to August and starting next season 2 months after that. Cant see any way that this season can just be written off.
  3. Considering a high number of people will have to rely on SSP if they are off work, how many people can we realistically expect will agree to loose 7 days work if they have a cough? Even for this inept government the slow reaction has been shocking.
  4. The government has done nothing at all to help this, wonder if you will still be praising them in 2 weeks when their massively underfunded healthcare system has collapsed due to this?
  5. More people have died of flu because tens of millions of people catch it each year compared to 100,000 who have coronavirus, how can this be so difficult for people to understand? Flu has a death rate of 0.1%, this is killing around 4% at the moment
  6. Banning large crowds, restricting travel, and actually testing people travelling from high risk countries would be a start. only reason this hasn’t exploded in this country is because the cases so far have been identified early and then quarantined, once you start getting hundreds of cases that’s impossible and you end up with a situation like Italy. yes a lot of people will recover but doesn’t Italy have around 30% of cases needing hospital treatment at the moment? Health system is at capacity in this country so how do we manage that? already reports from Italy a
  7. Italy had around the same numbers that the UK currently does 2 weeks ago. Its very likely that this country will be in the exact same position in 2/3 weeks. Infact I would say its likely to be worse considering the UK government has put next to nothing in place to stop this from spreading.
  8. Completely agree, what we needed for this sort of game. But we havent seen him put in that sort of effort in his previous 3 years at the club though. Seems obvious he is only bothered now so he can find another club
  9. Sums him up completely that he starts to put some effort in around the same time as he needs to find another club, shouldnt be anywhere near this squad
  10. Who would have thought Gibson hiring his mates to do a job they were massively under qualified for would turn out like this
  11. Is Moukoudi just a loan or do we have option to buy?
  12. Morrison could be incredible for this level and we sign him up for next season. attitude could also be shocking and he is released at the end of the season for a 5 month contract it is worth a risk though
  13. The squad doesn’t need them though. The only way that we are going to be able to compete is by developing our own players, not giving Leicester’s back up CB game time just to loose him again in the summer. We have nothing to play for this season so there is no better time to give someone like Wood game time and look to use him next season.
  14. Good player at this level but we will never progress as a club if we continue with loan signings which we will just loose at the end of the season. We aren’t going to make the playoffs and we aren’t going down, surely just play someone like Wood at CB. No point in giving someone else’s player game time just to finish mid table while our own players are sat on the bench.
  15. @exWHUemployee So as I said on the podcast that is out tonight it looks like the medical has came back with some concerns about the injury he has! They are going to have to explore this further tomorrow re Randolph. That account seemed to be first to a lot of things re West Ham
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