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  1. Noticed during the Huddersfield game that he seemed very reluctant to pass to his defenders and would just launch the ball up the pitch every chance he got. Doesn’t really fit in with what Woodgate is trying to play
  2. Right Chris, we’ve got no money, in the relegation zone and the entire squad is up for sale still interested?
  3. We can’t afford to sack Woodgate we can’t afford to pay a new manager can you think of a single half decent manager who would touch this job where everybody is for sale, there’s no money to buy anyone and half of the squad is out of contract in the summer
  4. jamesp

    Steve Gibson

    He is only having to put that amount of money in to cover the mistakes he has previously made. Sounds like the club are preparing fans to not expect anything to be spent in January
  5. Completely Gibson’s fault, for years we have had the wrong people in charge and making decisions at the club with the exception of Karanka and his staff. To go from premier league at the most lucrative it’s ever been to this is just shocking. The likes of Burnley who are arguably a smaller club with a smaller budget have thrived through good management and even played in Europe. To think of how weak the league was and if we had actually spend money in that January window we would have comfortably stayed up, it doesn’t take a genius to see where we were lacking and what needed to be done to fix it. Instead we signed not even championship standard players and replaced our manager with a coach. How can someone who has been involved in football for so many years mess things up to that extent?! Then waiting to were relegated and dismantling the team that promoted us was another mistake. Young manager like Monk was a great idea but to expect him to completely transform the club in six months before sacking him? Again absolutely unbelievable. Then worse still Pulis and his squad full of 30+ players on big contracts with no sell on value. Again how can anyone think that’s possibly sustainable?! so it’s no surprise that we are where we are. Club is in a serious relegation fight and no one can deny that. Problem is that we will end up selling anyone we can get decent money for in January as we’re skint because of the mistakes above, most of the teams were fighting won’t have that pressure. Doesn’t matter who’s in charge, Woodgate is out of his depth, but who will want to come into this, no money, entire squad up for sale and an owner who has no idea what he’s doing. Any decent manager will know this job will likely damage their career with the inevitable relegation. really do struggle to see where the club goes from here, Gibson doesn’t have the funds to buy his way out of trouble, crowds are massively down, premier league money stopped, very few sellable assets and the majority of the squads contracts are expiring. Basically Gibson gets my vote!
  6. 2 clean sheets in a row, things are looking up
  7. People just aren’t even bothered enough to revolt at anything. That’s how bad it has become. Owner clearly doesn’t care, so why should the fans
  8. I mean I thought Gibson was to blame for basically giving up in the premier league season, spending around 80 million on Fletcher, Assombalonga, Gestede, Braithwaite, Saville, Flint, guedioura, Shotton etc, poor managerial appointments 3 times in a row and basically taking the club to the brink of league one. but yeah I do see your point about fans being to blame for moaning that we were playing the worst football imaginable when they spend thousands following the team each season....
  9. Hard to see a way out of this for the club, selling off the rest of the players of any value in the summer for a much lower amount than we paid (minus Randolph) and relying on youth/frees will end up in league 1, especially if Woodgate is in charge. No more premier league payments, only one player of any real value (Fry) and crowds could easily drop to 12/13k again. Club is a mess and the majority of this is down to Gibson, can’t understand how some fans don’t see this. His name is still sang every game ffs
  10. West Brom next, dread to think what they will do against this team
  11. Yes please, surprised we even bothered offering a contract to anyone but woodgate tbh
  12. Regardless he still had a much better squad. If he was still here we would still be ***, except we would be paying a manager 60k and allowing him to sell every player he could to get his cut
  13. Anyone starting to think that Woodgate didn’t actually beat Jokanovic in the interview process and was actually given the job because he was the cheapest?
  14. Pulis spent 20 million last season though and a much better squad, of course he was going to do better, doesn’t make him a better manager than Woodgate. To be honest they are both absolutely *** and should be no where near this club
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