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  1. Used to have a season ticket in the south stand and it was fairly widespread in the majority of games from people in that stand. Some absolute scum following this club
  2. Wing has been awful again, how does he keep getting in this team
  3. Yeah hope no one followed that 😂
  4. Fine margins in the first few games, threw away 2 points at Luton missing a penalty, 2 goals wrongly disallowed against Brentford, questionable penalty decision at Blackburn, clear penalty turned down against Millwall. We would have easily had 13 points if things had gone our way. Impressed at how much McNair, Fletcher and Johnson have improved under him, they have gone from nothing to key players this season and that is really encouraging to see
  5. Barcelona are without Messi, Suarez and Dembele today. Betis or draw at 5/2 looks an incredible price
  6. Up there with the worst game I have ever seen
  7. I honestly don’t think people are bothered enough to make the atmosphere toxic, feel like the life has been completely sucked out of the club over the last few years to the point where people don’t seem to care anymore
  8. Feel that Woodgate is very much out of his depth, worry for us this season. Need to win these two home games
  9. Didn’t think I would ever see a performance worse than a Pulis side, I was wrong....
  10. Risky without Messi, especially the way they finished the season. Fulham at 5/4 looks a good price tonight considering Huddersfield’s start
  11. jamesp

    Steve Gibson

    The reason we have no money is because he has allowed it to be wasted on poor transfers over the years
  12. jamesp

    Steve Gibson

    So is that a good reason to let him take the club back to that place without questioning his decisions?
  13. jamesp

    Steve Gibson

    That’s why nothing will ever change at this club, fans will sit back while the owner makes mistake after mistake and won’t ever be challenged because of what he did 30 years ago
  14. jamesp

    Steve Gibson

    By not backing him in January. We only needed a few players and we would have been fine, instead we sign Gestede, Bamford and Guedioura. Look at similar size clubs such as Bournemouth, Southampton, Burnley, Watford, Palace, Brighton who are thriving in that league. That should have been us as well if the right decisions had been made that year
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