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  1. we look far more concerned about losing the game than winning it
  2. I can't see any point in prolonging this. Woodgate is completely out of his depth. We can't score and can't defend.
  3. I think that, looking ahead, what is going to change? Scoring goals has been a problem for us for several seasons now and it's pretty much a given that if you don't score then relegation is a certainty. What can Woodgate do to change things? He seems to be stuck on a course where he believes that if we keep doing what we're doing then eventually we'll get it right. Something big has to change soon or by Christmas we may well be several points adrift of safety as those teams just above us seem to be able to get the odd win here and there which we just don't look like doing. Come the January transfer window I'd be more concerned about who we might lose rather than who we might get in. We might be at the stage where Gibson starts to offload in prep for League 1. He seemed to do the same when we were adrift in the PL with Karanka.
  4. You could be right DS, we just can't score
  5. Woodgate is not the person to be in charge if this turns in to a real dogfight.
  6. we haven't had a shot on target.....................
  7. Let's be honest, our lack of goals is not down to bad luck, it's sheer poor finishing and nothing else. Luck changes and evens itself out over a season, poor finishing doesn't.
  8. 2 wins in 13 has relegation stamped all over it. 2nd lowest scorers in the division
  9. what a pile of ***....if we can't score then we're ***
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