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  1. If we can win tonight then I'll start to really believe!! Cmon Boro!!!
  2. NW has little to prove and if he feels it's beyond him then I think he'll jack it sooner rather than later. As you say, he's had Covid very recently and now knows he has very little to work with as far as squad goes. I certainly wouldn't blame him for wanting to retire and have a quiet life. There's a massive difference in being flown in to keep a team from relegation a few weeks before the end of the season to planning a long term promotion push.
  3. going to be a really long season again, never mind the bloody virus
  4. Have to say that this was extremely baffling! Get Warnock in March and give him time to get to know players etc.
  5. I guess we'll see now if Warnock can prove that you can polish a turd.
  6. Its really doubtful that they're going to get any worse, surely?
  7. Might be the same team but each with a broomstick up their ***.....that has a positive effect usually
  8. It's Boris Johnson, I mean we've actually voted this guy in to make decisions about things like this ( when I see we, I mean the country, I sure as hell didn't vote him in). As long as we keep washing our hands then everything will be fine.
  9. Sure someone has pointed out that tomorrow is a massive day, Stoke and Wigan win and we lose then we're 4 points adrift which puts even more pressure on us. Our goal difference is starting to cause concern too with the teams around and above us.
  10. I agree, anywhere in Europe you're guaranteed the ref blows for a foul but you have to say that Grabban just stood strong and got his goal.
  11. ah well, I guess it's better than a loss....I can concentrate on my advert now for fun bras for women over 50
  12. Seems we have the ability to make the top teams look really bad and the worst teams really good......
  13. Seems we have the ability to make the top teams look really bad and the worst teams really good......
  14. Forest have picked up most points since New Year out of any club - 25. We have just 4
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