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  1. Humpty

    MSF Meeting

    I'd note that Boro Pride and the general disregard for non-season ticket holders seemed to end with Anthony Emmerson leaving the club.
  2. Humpty

    MSF Meeting

    I'd like to note my dissatisfaction with the club regarding their approach to non-season ticket holders. Not especially during this spell and everything that's occurred as a result of the Corona virus but the general after thought this segment of the fan base has become for the club. Many fans from Teesside work shifts, offshore or live and work away to the point where a season ticket isn't really viable. Ever since the disbanding of the Boro Pride card, there has been nothing but exploitation of this segment of the fan base through extortionate ticket prices. The extended period of not having the opportunity to visit the Riverside will probably finally push a lot of fans away from the club permanently and the club only have themselves to blame. No Boro fan every really walks away from the club but i'm finding myself more and more apathetic towards them due to their own attitude towards me as a supporter.
  3. I’ve just noticed...is this not a head to head league? Makes it much more interesting than points imo.
  4. Patrick Roberts would be my No.1 target now Sanogo's fallen through. He's not a striker but would provide us with a different option behind the strikers.
  5. Finish: 14th Player of Season: Howson Surprise Package: Marvin Johnson Top Goalscorer: Britt Biggest concern: Squad depth and Quality Win the League: Norwich Biggest surprise: Barnsley Underachievers: Watford Top Goalscorer: Pukki Happy with Transfer Business: Abso-***-lutely not.
  6. I'm probably not arsed with that tbh.
  7. Yes I’m in. Just a quick note. You don’t have to be around at the time of the draft to play. You can select a list which will pick for you automatically. The quicker you set up the league, the quicker players can enter and select their lists.
  8. Did you get that info from the Daily Mail per chance?
  9. Did i read someone talking of "revelations" last night?
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