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  1. Peter Kenyon and Jorge Mendes
  2. Pickford James Stones Maguire Shaw Phillips Rice Sterling Mount Grealish Kane
  3. Quite possibly but i don't think you can confirm that until they come up against a decent midfield.
  4. I'll be interested to see how italy get on against a team with a decent midfield. They've walked through two terrible midfields so far. I'm not saying they haven't been good but they haven't been challenged yet.
  5. What do you mean he turned up in a rag?
  6. Yes. Use the Ignore List, it's very useful 👍
  7. My deepest sympathies Steve. Look forward to seeing you back on here at some point in the future.
  8. Warnock would be all over him.
  9. My comments were retrospective of this performance to be fair. Whilst McTominay and McGinn are a good standard, i'd still find it hard to say they're of a similar standard to the likes of Kovacic and Modric.
  10. I'm with Dan. They aren't in the same class.
  11. Has the Dael Fry transfer saga been discussed? I'm not tracking back through the pages..
  12. Weeeelll i'm working from home but i have a meeting at 2pm. I'll be able to watch the 2nd half on iplayer no doubt.
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