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  1. I'm not. I've written for the Gazette, the club programme, FMTTM and various websites but not in any professional capacity.
  2. Wouldn't need a professional writer to carry out that task. My 6 year old nephew however has mastered his own name, he should be free...
  3. I don't think i mentioned european football but i'd bite your hand off for "just exisiting" in the Prem right now.
  4. The cups aside, this is a bad thing?
  5. That's called planning for all eventualities @GrimsbyBoro πŸ˜‰
  6. I'm ok with it. It just feels all a little... 'short term'. I hope there's a genuine plan in place to move things forward after next season, come rain or shine.
  7. Thanks for going in to the detail to explain why it is as good as having the funds in the bank πŸ‘
  8. That’s purely an accounting practise issue. The sale is recorded and is as good as having the funds in the bank.
  9. I don't know if this was discussed in another thread or not (πŸ‘€) ...would you be happy with him becoming Director of Football with an inexperienced, up and coming manager hired?
  10. I really don't want another of the merry-go-round-managers. Unearthing a 'Graham Potter' would be ideal.
  11. One thing I quite enjoyed doing was live tweeting an away day on behalf of OneBoro. I think it was Wolves and Monks first game. Only problem was that the signal died as soon as I got in to Molineux. Might give all forums members an opportunity to be involved and it can be a little less 'invasive' than a podcast etc.
  12. If we were to play a back four, i'd play it the same way @Neverbefore with Howson in there fitness dependent as you say. Allows the full backs to concentrate on what they're good at which is defending and lets our creative talent do their thing. Morsy should balance things out if he plays his natural game.
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