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  1. Possibly but a medical doesn’t take long.
  2. Spence went out on loan because of Jones’ breakthrough.
  3. If it’s done I don’t see why there’d be a delay to announcing it.
  4. Humpty

    Price cap

    Would be a bit of an *** if i'm paying £34 in the east whilst being sat next to an away fan paying £14 less..
  5. I can’t speak for how it works at any other club but the media guy at Boro knows. His role is more than just sending out social media messages.
  6. That's what a few posters have alluded to, yes.
  7. I know for a fact that the media guy at Boro is privvy to incomings and outgoings.
  8. The way that was worded seemed to infer FG had decided not to renew.
  9. Seems strange that they wouldn't renew his contract with those stats.
  10. @El Guapo Fair one. Sounded like a sarcastic comment….and I know one of them when I see one 😇
  11. Humpty

    Keeper Poll

    Butland would be my choice. If he can recapture his best form, he’d be the best keeper out of that lot by an absolute stretch. Obviously the question remains whether he can recapture that form.
  12. Sorry don’t agree with that. If your hands aren’t good enough then no amount of ball playing ability will make up for it.
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