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  1. RVDB is a centre half which emphasises the need for a right back with Dijksteel the only other ‘competent’ player we have in that position. I’d imagine we’re making enquiries to ensure we aren't caught cold if Paddy does leave in January. We like to have irons in the fire for every position, particularly those that carry an element of risk via injuries or lack of depth/quality. Essentially I’d say Kieren Scott is just doing a diligent job.
  2. Five if we sign another centre half as you're alluding to, unless i've misunderstood? Fry, Lenihan, RVDB, Clarke and a new signing.
  3. Then you’ve got five first choice centre halves. All expecting to be playing and being paid a substantial wage. With one and possibly two of them not making the matchday squad. Sorry that’s just not feasible in our financial situation. You have to be realistic. The only realistic solution to this scenario is that you bring in a short term loan or you bring through an academy product as back up. Our resources are limited and they’re needed elsewhere rather than being used to cover a situation that is unlikely to happen again.
  4. We don't need a centre half on a permanent which is why a four month loan would be perfect as a stop gap until the injury crisis lessens.
  5. I bet you're one of those people that goes looking for your presents around the house before Christmas? Just wait until Jan FFS
  6. The Leeds lads at work were very nervous about Saturday and delighted with the result. Not sure it that's a reflection on us or them mind.
  7. Buying a centre half would be a waste of our precious resource when we'll have four fit and ready to start next season. A right back and a striker should be our priority as we don't have sufficient depth in those positions. I'd consider a centre half on loan, at best, in January. I think Djiksteel's not grasping his opportunity, will have expedited our need for a right back. I'd honestly be shocked if we don't bring one in during the January window.
  8. Congratulations @BearSmog
  9. We don't need him. A right back should be a priority.
  10. I would’ve liked a more disciplined performance personally. We were well drilled against Leicester and didn’t feel like that was the case today. Easier said than done with personnel we had at our disposal but you’d think all the more reason to be a little more structured. I’ve mentioned it before but it just seems we’re either really naive or extremely arrogant away from home. Squeeze the centre of the pitch, narrow the space between the lines, condense the midfield…any of these would’ve made us a little more difficult to play against. Maybe Carrick will always play this open, expansive typ
  11. I'm happy that you're talking absolute tripe 👍
  12. I'd snatch your hands off for a draw right now.
  13. My prediction is for Leicester and Leeds to breakaway mid February. Southampton, Ipswich, West Brom and Boro (but could easily be Watford, Hull, Norwich, Blackburn or Sunderland) in that last spot.
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