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  1. I'd rather us compete at the highest possible level against the best. What's the point of competing otherwise?
  2. Gibson did support Karanka. He might not have got his first choice targets but that's not usual and not the fault of Gibson. We should've moved Karanka on after he disappeared and gave it to some one capable of building the club at the highest level.
  3. I don't understand why match threads are archived before the next game has been played? Particularly when discussions are on going. Little bit of user feedback @Downsouth
  4. Don’t think I believe him in that regard.
  5. Folarin looked like a fish out of water. Felt like we were playing with 10 men for spells in that game whilst he was on. He'd go back to playing a few U23 games for me until he's up to speed. Warnock rolled the dice and it didn't work.
  6. To be fair i don't think there's much else for Warnock to do up here at the moment.
  7. My granded grew up with Mannion at South Bank St Peter's. They used to play in the same position and unfortunately my grandad wasn't quite the same standard as Wilf. My grandad said Wilf would often feign injury to allow my grandad to play.
  8. Professional players don't make cross field passes if there's no one there. There's either a player there or there's a player making a run in that direction. The player making the pass has too much field of vision to hit a cross field pass to someone that's not there.
  9. I don't believe our U23's have qualified for this.
  10. If you don't make a genuine attempt to play the ball, the referee can send the player off and award a penalty.
  11. We're a team with a limited skill set as things stand. There aren't many teams at this level that break down a defensive line of 5 that sits on the 18 yard box with a flat midfield four 10 yards in front of them. It wasn't particularly a case of us changing much, the big difference was Coventry pushing further forward and having a go last 20 minutes. That opened up space for us. Nothing more nothing less. Fortunately we were patient enough to wait it out and take our chances when they came. One other thing, i would not have envied Britt playing the role he was tasked with. It was a thankless task. Good strikers score when they get their chance and he did. Fair play.
  12. Well that escalated quickly... Next week's topic for discussion... Should we send Bausor to the Gulag?
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