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  1. Don’t see Payero starting tomorrow personally.
  2. Didn’t they have their kids out (by and large) too?
  3. I certainly don't dispute that. I see his ability and i know he's capable of so much more. He is young, so you can forgive him to an extent.
  4. Tav should focus on his football and stop believing his own hype. He had a decent game with a cracking assist but there are times when he over does it. Hitting that free kick from about 35 - 40 yards out in the second half rather than crossing was a prime example. He's got a lot of ability, he just needs to focus it on being productive.
  5. Siliki showed some flashes of his quality. Clearly he’s technically sound; he just needs to adjust to the pace/tempo of the game and how he fits in with the way we play.
  6. We played some nice stuff in patches but looked disjointed during other spells. It’s an improvement and great to see Sporar get off the mark. He looks very confident. Siliki is still off the pace but that will come. Defensively we’ve still got a bit of tuning up to do but with Bola to come back in and the midfield to settle down, you’d expect that to develop over time. I’d like to see us keep a little more of the ball as that would help us defensively. We did that quite nicely at times last night. We won’t get many easier nights than that though Forest we’re appalling.
  7. Interesting. I see where you're coming from and i'm not against it t be fair.
  8. I'd go with... Lumley Dijksteel Fry Hall Peltier Howson Siliki Hernandez Tav Jones Ikpeazu Our left side looks weak but i'm not sure if there's much we can do about that.
  9. I understood your note regarding poor decision making but I don’t see the link between the “IKEA stadium”, the training facilities and the hotel (I believe that’s what you’re alluding to). These are undoubtedly superb assets to a club like ours. As I said we wouldn’t have had the success we had from the late 90’s to the mid 2000’a without them. Even now with all the bad decision making and poor planning that gone on for years, we’re still attracting players, in part due to the quality of the training ground and outstanding hotel and facilities within which we can house and support players from
  10. These events literally heralded the clubs golden era. A trophy, consistent premier league seasons, cup finals, European football…
  11. Oh I agree…but we had a very similar circumstance leading up to the Fulham game and Bola ended up turning out. Might be different now the windows closed mind.
  12. Bola touch and go for tomorrow. Only started training again yesterday and Warnock isn’t keen to risk him if he’s not right. I reckon he’ll play
  13. Expect we’ll hear more about Hernandez and Bola in today’s press conference
  14. Thinking on, you could put Bamba in and push McNair into central midfield. I wouldn’t personally but you could.
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