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  1. Woodgate has admitted that he knew he’d got the job, but he didn’t tell a soul. How come everyone seemed to know about it?
  2. I think he’d be mad to take the job. He won’t be able to sign players, Hazard has left, he’s only got 1 seasons management experience. If I was him, I’d wait a couple of years.
  3. I think Lampard will stick with Derby, won’t he?
  4. We were happy in those days and we could spell properly!
  5. I remember when I was 32, I had my whole life ahead of me. There were no football forums and the internet was in its infancy, in fact it was still black and white.
  6. I can’t see Howson going, I think he’s got a future. Shotton is worth hanging on to he can play CB or Cover RB. Flint is an odd one, it would be great if we could move him on, I’d rather have Ayala and Fry as our Centre Backs, solid hang on th Ayala. I’ve got nothing against Braithwaite, why do you refer to him as a snake? As far as I can see, he didn’t like Pulis and his tactics any more than most of us! Im not sure any other club would be able to match Gestede’s salary, so it may be difficult to shift him. Friend and Clayton aren’t bad pro’s to have around the club, but a new LB would be good. I’d hope that we could sign a couple of wingers too.
  7. You are probably right, come to think of it, Bausor and Kenyon will probably be involved too.
  8. “Randolph and Ian Harte (loves round here) played a big part in Keane coming ” His lover by the sound of it.
  9. That’s a big concern, the players won’t be able to move for Christmas jumpers and antlers.
  10. A committee of 5 was mentioned in Woodgate’s interview. I would imagine the committee would consist of Gibson, Bevington, Woodgate, Keane and Leo, but I’m guessing.
  11. Maybe Knudsen is being signed to keep Braithwaite happy. It could be another Emerson/Fabio situation. 😁
  12. It would seem that Steve Round wasn’t interested in the role offered, I presume it wasn’t the role of DOF. I’m not even certain that the club are looking for a DOF, I think that was pure speculation, mate.
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