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  1. Liverpool have reversed the decision now. Rightly so, in my opinion.
  2. I don’t think it’s down to the working class nature of football, boxers don’t get the same flack, I think it’s because clubs are very often the heart of a community. I remember chatting to a woman I met a few years ago who wouldn’t let her kids watch football because footballers were payed an obscene amount of money. I asked her if she allowed her kids to watch Hollywood movies, of course, she said!
  3. I think our players earn enough to do their bit for the club.
  4. Liverpool are getting a lot of flack for furloughing their non-playing staff, whilst paying the players their full salary. I’m sure I’ve read that Boro have done something similar, yet another case of the big clubs getting all the attention.
  5. It’s great being at home, I haven’t worn a pair of shoes for 9 days. The only downside is my agoraphobia has just cleared up, talk about bad timing!
  6. Yep my wife works for an NHS trust, they are doing a brilliant job under the circumstances. As for the importance of my job; Unless the nation riots when they find out that there are no new episodes of Car SOS to watch, or a new series of Nadia’s Family Feasts its pretty insignificant.
  7. Just teasing mate. You obviously have a far more important job than the likes of me. Stay safe.
  8. Here’s mine: Jim Platt. Gianluca Festa Gary Pallister Emanuel Pogatez Franck Queudrue Gaizka Mendieta Bosco Jankovic Craig Johnson Bolo Zenden Juninho Alen Boksic Subs Cristhian Stuani, Julio Arca, Yakubu, Tuncay, Tony McAndrew, Christian Ziege, Shay Given.
  9. I’m enjoying it, time to chill out, read some books, play some guitar, discover new music and create a few playlists, catch up on some TV series I’ve missed out on. No shopping, no pressure to hang out with anyone, still got a full tank of fuel in my car. I may not be earning money at the moment, but I’m sure as hell not spending much either!
  10. You’ll be telling us next that Bernie Slaven was Irish.
  11. The Olympic Committee are meeting today to discuss postponement, it’s bound to be, don’t you think?
  12. Oh undoubtedly, these actions are putting so much extra pressure on frontline staff.
  13. Top secret stuff then, a nods as good as a wink....
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