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  1. I hope so, it would be criminal to play 5 at the back when we’ve now got so many more decent options further forward.
  2. Are you inferring that I’m sad because I want to block someone that’s annoying me?
  3. Personally I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to go about linking a Twitter source on here, I can’t work out how to block people though, any tips on either would be most useful!
  4. Since I came back on here, I can’t help but notice how very cliquey this place has become, it’s really not very welcoming these days.
  5. It’s always been the way, I’m afraid.
  6. Nah he’s a special case, he has anger issues that need to be vented on a football message board. Apparently it all stems from his relationship with his brother. DZ absolutely idolises him, but is largely ignored.
  7. I can’t agree with that. A band is the sum of its parts, each are just as important as each other. To use football parlance is a defender less important than a midfielder, a striker of more use to the team than a goalkeeper, of course not. I’m not a member of the drummers union, I’ve played guitar, bass and sang in bands, I’ve turned up to rehearsals with a sheaf of papers with chords and lyrics on them, once the drums kick in, the sound is made.
  8. I would list Moon, Starr, Baker, Watts, Purdey, Oh mate drumming is a real art, listen to some Cream with Ginger Baker on drums, or some of the Motown tracks that Bernard Purdy played on. A good rock drummer can impress his own personality on a track and that’s before we even get into Jazz. Watts was a great drummer.
  9. Cheers mate, the forum was going downhill fast, I had to step in! It was Jamie Rednapp DZ gets to claim his £20.
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