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  1. That’s weird, I don’t understand how the algorithms work, I keep getting funeral related ads, as if I really want to organise another one of those! Mind you, I bought a fridge a while back and my iPad seems to think that I need another one. You would think these things would be a bit more intelligent in this day and age.
  2. Does your missus use your computer?
  3. Are you off on your holidays, Wilson?
  4. Oh no, that’s so sad, he was always a great contributor to this forum, RIP.
  5. …but yeah Corbyn…that one again! He was never in power so you’ll never know how he would have reacted to the pandemic. As you say, their are countries that have handled this crisis even more badly, death tolls have been awful in Brazil, India and the USA. Sadly these countries do tend to have right leaning leaders, as do we.
  6. They’ve certainly got form in that department, but when someone stands up in parliament and calls Johnson a liar, she gets asked to leave. Whatever your political persuasion (I voted neither Tory or Labour) you have to question Johnson’s morals and his motivation.
  7. That’s what happens when the public elect a populist government, they are guided by the weight of public opinion. Happy freedom day everyone!
  8. I’m doing ok mate, ups and downs, I was lured back on here I just can’t resist a good freak injury story.
  9. That was Dave Beasant when he was at Chelsea. He knocked a bottle of salad cream off a shelf and decided to kick it back up in the air as he hadn’t been able to catch it. The problem was, he wasn’t wearing anything on his feet.
  10. Thanks so much for all your kind messages and your donations to the hospice where Sue and I spent our last 3 weeks together. As you can imagine, I’m absolutely devastated that Sue lost her brave, 2 year battle with cancer. It’s an awful and indiscriminate disease and it took her away at the age of 47. Life is incredibly difficult at the moment, but your kind comments have been cathartic. I’m sure I’ll be back to moan about VAR or Warnock’s tactics at some point, but for now I’ll leave you to argue amongst yourselves.
  11. I was there too and I’m pretty sure that the goal came after 42 seconds, we’d barely finished singing along to “Let’s Dance” when our third choice keeper was beaten. I always thought of it as a game of 2 Italians, first the goal and then when Ravanelli limped off after 20 minutes, game over, and yes that really did encapsulate the whole season. I didn’t video any of it!
  12. Yep you are right and not in the least bit pedantic DS. My mind is a bit cloudy at the moment as you can imagine.
  13. I was watching Brighton play the other day and I couldn’t help thinking about the day we beat them to gain promotion and the fortunes of both clubs since. Brighton have steadily improved their playing staff without going crazy and they took the difficult decision to replace their solid but successful manager with a more progressive one. It’s taken a while for Potter to get the team playing the way he wants them to but they are playing decent football now. Two similar sides that were in almost identical positions and are now miles apart.
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