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  1. I remember when football was a sport too, but it’s not any more, it’s an entertainment business, where games are played for the sake of TV schedules, currently in empty stadiums! I’d love a lot of things to go back to how they were in the 80’s but capitalism has destroyed everything it’s touched. I’m happy to stick where we are as a team, I loathe the Premier League and VAR, but many want to get back up there and the only way I can see that happening is with some sort of ambition and a plan, which I fear the current owner lacks.
  2. I’d rather we changed our style of play than signed a big target man to hoof the ball to.
  3. There has to be a motivator for change, I’d say boredom would be a good starting point. When I was bored with my job, I quit and went freelance, it was a risk, but I’ve never looked back and I’ve had 20 years of travelling the world and meeting some amazing people. sometimes change is for the better.
  4. I hate this Middlesbrough negative mentality, always expecting things to go wrong, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t be a Southampton or a Leicester, but instead supporters assume we’ll end up as Hull or Blackburn if we get a new owner. As I’ve previously said, you have to take risks, you have to have ambition you’ll get nowhere in life if you succumb to inertia.
  5. I still wouldn’t be happy with that signing, what is this obsession fans have with ex players, do they not watch any other football teams?
  6. Oops, sorry, I won’t mention Wolves, Leeds or Villa then.
  7. Warnock plays one up front so I can’t see him being the solution here.
  8. In other news, Chelsea and Manchester City were mid table clubs that very rarely won anything and had both been relegated to the second tier...
  9. It’s just football mate, don’t let yourself get so wound up.
  10. Hugill is atrocious, all he does is fall over, he was useless when he played for us, why would you want him back?
  11. If you aren’t prepared to take risks in life, you get nowhere.
  12. You are truly on the road to enlightenment
  13. To be fair, I’ve seen us miss those.
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