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  1. Marvin to left back, sav and clayts in midfield. Wing in the number 10, 2 up front.
  2. I think that is probably my favourite ever Boro shirt.
  3. I guess Brunners was stretching things a bit, but when you came up with that story about washing your bras whilst listening to the match, that my friend, was a dead give away, I get that you were trying to create a picture of you in your environment in order to come across as believable but that was too much. The same goes for the Danish porn, you need to steer away from stereotypes to fool the likes of me.
  4. Smogdane, Ladyspite and Brunners for starters.
  5. Most of them are you though, surely? ?
  6. You should see the 16chan lot, now they are real nutters!
  7. Any changes to the team that lost against Blackburn? Clayts back in, Friend to CB, Bola and Browne in Whats the most annoying thing you've ever been bitten by? My ex wife  What will the score be? 0-0 Is promotion still the goal this season? No, of course not, not with this team Is there any chance that we're relegated this season? A few injuries and a run of bad results could see us in a bit of a pickle. Woodgate needs his first win, that’s what annoyed me so much about his team selection against Crewe. It was a chance to get a positive result. I bet the 1st team players can manage 2 games in a week, this week!
  8. Ah the French lad, we should be all over that, great movement although not much of a voice in the dressing room.
  9. Ah ok, what are the origins of that phrase, I’ve never come across it before?
  10. No but that’s done, it’s in the past, nothing we can do about that now, forget it and move on. Edit wtf is a meme argument?
  11. Sorry I shouldn’t have quoted you, I wasn’t having a go at you NB, nor was I putting words into your mouth. My post was more me musing on the situation, as many fans are crying out for Gibbo to invest.
  12. Woodgate needs to stick to his guns and play the way he has promised, otherwise he’s going to look a bit foolish, do you remember the flack that Monk got when he abandoned his philosophy after a couple of defeats?
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