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  1. I went for Steffen as he’s the right type of keeper for a team that wants to play out from the back and I’m sick to death of long punts upfield. The fact that it’s a year long loan doesn’t bother me, as Roberts will have had a year at the club and may well be able to make the leap from league 1 to championship.
  2. Those pop up adverts are getting very annoying
  3. I should have made myself clear…I meant the senior mods!
  4. It hadn’t occurred to me that people on here had jobs, someone actually employs you lot?
  5. Can everyone just chill out and live and let live? All this baiting is tiresome where are all the mods when you need them?
  6. Regardless of who you think he may or not be…he had correct transfer info and was ridiculed for it.
  7. A Juninho related user name isn’t that unlikely on a Boro forum though is it? There was an unnecessary pile-on when all the guy was doing was providing everyone with the very information they were craving.
  8. I’m sorry you got all this flak, hopefully it won’t drive you away, it’s great to get bits of info!
  9. How can you be sure of that and how would anyone else have that info?
  10. I do wish people would be given a chance and their posts respected by fellow members rather than shot down in flames. Let’s have a bit more tolerance and a little less bullying…that pile-on earlier was embarrassing!
  11. What is that supposed to mean? You've totally lost me, I’m not au fait with those picture thingys…did I say something daft? edit…I’ve just noticed you previous post saying it was a joke…you’ve led me right up the garden path with that 😂
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