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  1. I think he means Boris, exactly the sort of leader that we need.
  2. Yes, they certainly aren’t wingers.
  3. We are also looking at the Italian Charlie Cairoli on a free.
  4. I saw that too, but by deducting the 12 points and condemning Wigan to relegation, the EFL are effectively letting the new owner win the massive bet that he has placed. Surely the owner should be punished, not the club, it’s an absolute scandal.
  5. It would be a disaster, there is no guarantee that div 1 will start until crowds are allowed back in the ground, that won’t be until next calendar year at the earliest. With our wage bill and no income, we’ll go bust, it’s that simple.
  6. Jesus this is a tough watch. Players rolling around on the ground, struggling to keep the ball in play, no shape at all. Drinks breaks, more laying around on the floor, not one for the neutrals.
  7. I think I know where the misunderstanding came from. It was a couple of days before Halloween and Woody was chatting to Keane. Keane was worried because he only had half an hour between training and the beginning of the trick or treating. Woody told him that he couldn’t leave early and he’d have to take training in his outfit. Keane said, that’ll be a laugh You’ll be taking training with a warlock.
  8. Read up on Amer, Kitching, McCullagh and Duffield if you want a catalogue of disastrous Boro chairman, the club really was flying by the seat of its pants under those guys.
  9. Who was it who came up with that one? It seems incredibly unlikely.
  10. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the league positions to be settled on the pitch, not off it. I don’t care how well run or badly run a club is, the idea is to beat them with the team that you have on the pitch. Docking points from struggling clubs only helps the bigger and stronger clubs, the owners don’t get punished, just the fans and the players, that’s just rotten. If these draconian rules were in place in 1986, we would have started the 86/87 season on minus 12 points and would never have have got out of the third tier that season and Rioch and the players legacy would be very different. Of all fans, Boro fans should have real sympathy for any teams that struggle financially.
  11. Warnock seems to be learning about the players on the job, as it were. I think this puts to bed the theory that he was at the club, helping out earlier in the season.
  12. Not your problem mate, don’t worry about it. 😃
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