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  1. Ah ok, what are the origins of that phrase, I’ve never come across it before?
  2. No but that’s done, it’s in the past, nothing we can do about that now, forget it and move on. Edit wtf is a meme argument?
  3. Sorry I shouldn’t have quoted you, I wasn’t having a go at you NB, nor was I putting words into your mouth. My post was more me musing on the situation, as many fans are crying out for Gibbo to invest.
  4. Woodgate needs to stick to his guns and play the way he has promised, otherwise he’s going to look a bit foolish, do you remember the flack that Monk got when he abandoned his philosophy after a couple of defeats?
  5. Why would Gibson want to sink any more of his money into the club? There has to be a limit as to how much he is willing to throw away and I think he’s probably reached that limit. Fair play to him, he’s given us all a great ride, but it can’t last for ever and it’s probably time for the club to run itself in a sustainable way, without a benefactor throwing money in to the bottomless pit that is a modern football club. People get upset that he’s spending money on his new home or that he’s got a new wife and his priorities are elsewhere. Why the hell shouldn’t he spend his money on himself and his wife? Give the guy a break, he’s done what he could for the club and all good things come to an end. Sure he’s made mistakes, but who hasn’t in life? We’ve all bought the odd car that we overpaid for and it’s cost us a fortune in repairs, or bought a house that has gone down in value we are all human and make mistakes. I’m very grateful for Gibbo’s past generosity, those years were an absolute blast, but they were never going to last forever so we need to lower expectations and accept the current situation.
  6. Is there a five aside league we could maybe join?
  7. Fair enough, I’ve only been able to watch one match so far, this season and that was the Luton game which was very entertaining. If the philosophy has changed then that’s a worry.
  8. It’s early days yet, Woodgate is still new to the job. How many of you guys were really good at your job, when you first started it? These things take time, he’ll become a better manager and he’ll begin to make the right decisions. The table means nothing, this early in the season, there is a hell of a lot of football left to play. There is no point slating the new players, the club bought the ones they could both attract and afford, there’s no point getting cross because they came from league one teams whilst advocating the use of under 23 players. I want Woodgate to carry on with his philosophy rather than revert to long ball tactics. No need to panic, chaps.
  9. Tiny Pulis is the co commentating on the Saints v Liverpool match on 5live, if anyone wants a bit of entertainment.
  10. Gestede can amble up and down the pitch in training, he doesn’t need to actually play in matches to attain match fitness.
  11. Why doesn’t Woodgate know that? What is he doing putting him out on the pitch? He should be a last resort.
  12. Yeah the club probably don’t need a decent cup run to make extra cash, I’ve heard we are minted.
  13. We totally disrespected the opposition, the competition and the fans by putting out a reserve team. That’s what’s happened. Footballers should really be able to play 2 games per week, especially at this stage in the season. It’s pathetic.
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