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  1. It is one of the finer things in life. Arsenal up next, Hope they grab a win and stay top.
  2. Palace are looking good, totally outplaying Man U.
  3. Yes I’m very impressed with Young Richard Irons.
  4. He’s just got this really insipid way of playing, totally uninspired.
  5. Not a bad first half performance, I’d like to see Morsy on for Saville at some point in the second half. A lot of empty seats in the ground though.
  6. He doesn’t really commit to anything and always looks for the easy backwards ball. The rest are playing well though.
  7. Are you a stenographer or something? 😉
  8. Saville plays like a limp dish rag.
  9. Oh can’t we keep it like this? I much prefer it.
  10. That bloke in the crowd whistled and it seemed to reset itself.
  11. Neil Warnock doesn’t look his normal self
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