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  1. Yep it’s time for him to go.
  2. He also came out with the comment “Good old Boris” in his press conference. He thinks Johnson is doing a great job and people shouldn’t care about dodgy Tory donations. Just when I though Warnock couldn’t sink any lower in my estimation. He probably thinks that he’s doing a great job at Boro too.
  3. It’s odd how we have teams that we feel that way about. I really don’t like Bristol City, Exeter City or Wolverhampton Wanderers.
  4. So much bitterness on here, nobody minded Rooney when he was knocking the goals in for England (apart from the Irish and Danish contingent).
  5. What is all this anti Derby vitriol? I’d rather we had as many big teams in the Championship, it makes the matches far more appealing. As @SmogDane said in an earlier post, wouldn’t it be great to have a go at Sunderland twice a season. For me, a match against Derby, holds far more appeal than one against Rotherham or Wycombe.
  6. There’s a confusing piece in the gazette this morning... “And while Warnock has been keen to calm expectations over the weeks, that results in quite the dilemma for him this weekend. That's because Graeme Lee's side have a huge game on Friday afternoon - just 24 hours before Boro's clash with Wycombe. Lee's U23s side host Crystal Palace U23s in the final game of the season knowing they will likely need to avoid victory if they are to secure a play-off place.“ If only football was that easy.
  7. I’m going down the pub with a few mates, Im sure that it will be far more entertaining than the game.
  8. I liked Dave Nugent too, a hard worker and he was always a dead cert to score against Ipswich.
  9. Rhodes, Hugill, Juke, Kamara, Emnes, Gestede...we’ve had some bad strikers in recent years.
  10. Ensenada? I didn’t think we’d signed him, Mexican lad?
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