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  1. Keep polishing. ....... You’ll get there in the end..... My sense of humour is even odder than yours, evidently! Glad to know your not a racist, there’s only one gentlemen on here who enjoys a bit of old fashioned racism, but he’s very old fashioned
  2. Then she taped over the Bond film Gibbo was looking forward to watching with the Queen’s speech.
  3. It was a weird joke mate, I’m not sure anyone really associated the ran ragged comment with a rag doll, it just didn’t work as a joke and I hope that you were severely reprimanded for that! A lot of people on this forum don’t have time for humour of any sort, let alone bad humour. You need to polish up your act a bit before you make a fool of yourself 😃
  4. I was referring to Woodgate’s involvement in an unprovoked racist attack on a Pakistani lad. I’ll get behind him as a manager, but not as a man. As for the other matter, how was it dealt with?
  5. I agree, there is no point spending money on any more loanees, it would be a waste. We’re not going up, we aren’t going down, we are out of both cups, the season has pretty much ended.
  6. Now that we are entering the roaring 20’s flappers seem appropriate!
  7. I very much doubt that he reads the posts on here, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I think he was out of his depth against Spurs, so do most people. I’m not sure that he would have struggled in the same way against lesser opposition. As I said, in my opinion it was a mistake to select him and we looked a better side when Saville replaced him.
  8. My biggest gripe is that Liddle should not have made his first team debut against a top premier league side, that’s Woodgate’s fault, not Liddle’s. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end. He should have been eased into the team off the bench against the division’s lesser sides. I can’t see any experience that he picked up yesterday doing him any good at all. I’ve been largely behind Woodgate this season, but that decision plus the one to pick Meijas were misjudged in my opinion.
  9. I’d probably rest a few players after last nights exploits.
  10. I think maybe Meijas only had one pair of gloves and didn’t want to get them wet or dirty, bearing in mind that the spare pair had already been “used” by Lewis Wing. In those circumstances, l can see why he was reluctant to soil his new gloves and so tried to save everything with his feet or knees in the first half.
  11. If we can keep Ings quiet, we can win that one too. They might even test s few players!
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