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  1. Thanks DS, I can’t say it’s been easy, I’ve just been trying to keep myself as busy as possible. It’s only been 6 months but I feel I’ve turned a bit of a corner, so I ought to post a bit more.
  2. Ha ha, yes it’s modern day, but I’ve probably already said too much👀
  3. I’m due to work on a documentary about Newcastle Utd in January, if they are still bottom by then, it could be quite an interesting programme.
  4. A very well researched piece MMC.
  5. It could be this fine fellow
  6. I’d say salt and vinegar, but not your standard salt and vinegar, he’ll be into salt and vinegar squares for that extra bit of bite.
  7. I hope so, it would be criminal to play 5 at the back when we’ve now got so many more decent options further forward.
  8. Are you inferring that I’m sad because I want to block someone that’s annoying me?
  9. Personally I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to go about linking a Twitter source on here, I can’t work out how to block people though, any tips on either would be most useful!
  10. Since I came back on here, I can’t help but notice how very cliquey this place has become, it’s really not very welcoming these days.
  11. It’s always been the way, I’m afraid.
  12. Nah he’s a special case, he has anger issues that need to be vented on a football message board. Apparently it all stems from his relationship with his brother. DZ absolutely idolises him, but is largely ignored.
  13. I can’t agree with that. A band is the sum of its parts, each are just as important as each other. To use football parlance is a defender less important than a midfielder, a striker of more use to the team than a goalkeeper, of course not. I’m not a member of the drummers union, I’ve played guitar, bass and sang in bands, I’ve turned up to rehearsals with a sheaf of papers with chords and lyrics on them, once the drums kick in, the sound is made.
  14. I would list Moon, Starr, Baker, Watts, Purdey, Oh mate drumming is a real art, listen to some Cream with Ginger Baker on drums, or some of the Motown tracks that Bernard Purdy played on. A good rock drummer can impress his own personality on a track and that’s before we even get into Jazz. Watts was a great drummer.
  15. Cheers mate, the forum was going downhill fast, I had to step in! It was Jamie Rednapp DZ gets to claim his £20.
  16. Who are the journalists on here? Everyone else seems to know their identity!
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