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  1. I probably haven’t posted on here in a good 10 years but lurk regularly, tonight was at a bus stop in south london with A guy who turned out to be Nicky Bailey. I was probably about 12 when he played for the boro and he was absolutely delighted that a boro fan recognised him. Had a good conversation about him and boro back in the day under Mowbray..
  2. Must win game this one - they've had a dreadful start to the season and anything less than a convincing victory will be disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two players are rotated for this as we have played so many games recently. Kiké Reach Downing Adomah Leadbitter Forshaw Friend Gibson Ayala Kalas Dimi As people have said, Fabbrini looked very tired when he was taken off and he has played every game so far. Im far from convinced by Reach but i would like to have d
  3. Anyone know roughly how many tickets will be available on the door tomorrow night? I've got the offer of a lift there & back but I don't want to risk going and not being able to get a ticket
  4. I would really love Dwight Gayle. Think he would score just as many as rhodes
  5. It's CB not RB I'm worried about. Only Gibson & Ayala as senior centre backs now. Hopefully Bennett/Halliday prove they are good enough to cover for Kalas.
  6. Is Bryn Morris still injured or just not involved with the first team? He hasn't been mentioned with the names of youth players training with the first team & he isn't in the squad today.
  7. A few interesting names on the premier league released lists - Adam Campbell: 20 years old now, obviously very highly rated a few years back. Surely worth a look as he could still turn out to be a very good player. Tom Thorpe: Man United u21 captain last season. Centre back - not young at 22 but he could be someone that could break into the first team squad in 2016/17 if he had a good year out on loan. Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill: 19 year old left back from ***nal. Surprised to see him let go as my ***nal supporting mates always say he looks like one of the brighter prospects in their u
  8. Pretty sure we were linked with Borja under Mowbray. He would seem a likely target, especially as we have connections with athletico.
  9. Sell Leadbitter? Would be an absolutely awful decision. We wouldn't even get very much for him as he is 29 now. As for a goalkeeper, Ben Amos from man United? I believe he is out of contract and has said he will be leaving. Did well at Bolton this season according to their fans.
  10. Darren Bent would be perfect to replace Bamford, probably well out of reach now though.
  11. Just coming home after the game, Best game I have ever been to, fantastic atmosphere, utter cynical play for 90 minutes, brilliant
  12. How many times have we heard our play described as 'too pedestrian' on the commentary recently. We need something out of somewhere. Wildschut May be a gamble that needs to be taken at half time unfortunatlely because he is the only player I can see making the big impact that is needed.
  13. And knock the confidence of our best defender if Ayala gets injuried and Woody tried/injuried going into the run of fixtures that could be the club's most important for the last 8 years? Never. Karanka showed he wasn't scared to do a similar thing when he took off omeruo at half time a while ago. His confidence will have already been knocked. And, based on today, I disagree that he is better than Gibson or omeruo anyway. Also, I'm not have saying I would have done it, just I would do it sooner than take tomlin or reach off.
  14. Bit suprised that people are calling for Tomlin & reach to come off, neither have been too bad and Tomlin has made some nice passes. If anyone comes off it has to be kalas for omeruo.
  15. Very poor 45 minutes. Nsue needs to stay further back because he's pushing up far to high in my opinion. The centre backs just need to pull themselves together and I'm confident they will at half time. If we manage to sort the defence out I think the rest will improved because I think We've just been shocked by them going forward. I wouldn't neccesarily make any changes at half time to be honest.
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