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  1. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/head-hunted-koeman-trusted-woodgate-16980703.amp This is a gazette article from last year saying she was head hunted by Koeman. Maybe she’s going to Barca.
  2. Obligatory YouTube compilation. He looks decent, albeit in an awful league.
  3. Gaston before he spat his dummy out would be perfect for this team.
  4. LukeR


    I’m not too sure if anyone’s posted this yet, but it’s quite interesting about Warnock’s style of play. There’s more to it than the simple football I originally thought.
  5. You’d drop Britt after scoring the winner on Tuesday?
  6. Dijksteel was integral to a Charlton team that got promoted and he’s 22. I don’t see the argument that he’s a kid.
  7. I’d take Dijksteel off for Browne and put Howson at right back.
  8. Didn’t someone say that Pulis got a cut of the transfer fees we received? I can see Pulis wanting to get shot of our most saleable asset if that’s the case.
  9. I’d be happy enough with Woodgate as our manager as long as he has an experienced DoF to oversee things.
  10. What if you knew that you were the next in line to take over in 6 months time?
  11. There’s talk in Italy about Pep to Juve (I doubt it’s true). Do you think this might open the door for Arteta to become a manager?
  12. Off Twitter “@MichaelJBaum Leeds and Norwich just scored more combined goals in stoppage time in their games TODAY than we have in our last FULL 6 games (15 or so minutes vs 550+ minutes) @boroform” He needs to go.
  13. Surely Pulis can’t have long left if it carries on like this.
  14. On the basis of this game I don’t really understand this. We’re away to probably the most inform team in the league who’s top scorers in the league and our preparation has been scuppered by Braithwaite this week. We have almost nullified Leeds this half. A point is good and we will get chances to nick a point. We’ve had a few already. What don't you understand? I hate the way he sets his teams up. I hate the players he picks [i loved Downing /until 2009]. I hate the fact he stumbles on winning players and formations [but doesn't stick with them]. I hate the pragmatism of it all.
  15. We have Wing/Howson/Mcnair/Besic and Downing. How many more do we need??? Well if he wants 2 in every position and we are playing 3 in the middle then we need another one We have Clayton and Leadbitter too. Not sure I’d class leadbitter any more Even without Leadbitter we already have 6 centre midfielders. I think signing Saville would push Wing further down the pecking order.
  16. We have Wing/Howson/Mcnair/Besic and Downing. How many more do we need??? Well if he wants 2 in every position and we are playing 3 in the middle then we need another one We have Clayton and Leadbitter too.
  17. Which rumours are they? Bolasie’s instagram story I’d appreciate it if someone could translate it though :P
  18. Has he just followed them or he just happens to already be following them? it's a very random selection to follow from our squad Assombalonga makes sense because they both play for the same national team. Chapman is an odd one though.
  19. so it appears We’ve apparently had a bid accepted for Bryan, but quiet apart from that.
  20. Plus the £7 million we got for Bamford. Surely we have the money to spend.
  21. Don't think Chapman has even been given a squad number has he? has anyone? Apparently Wing has, but Chapman hasn’t. That's what I was told, thought it was public knowledge. Maybe not It’s on the boro site if you try to personalise a kit. Someone put the full list of them on FMTTM.
  22. Not sure if it’s been posted already.
  23. Typical I had a bet special of McGuire and Kane to score and Trippier to get an assist. It was 100/1 and when McGuire scored I thought that was the less likely part of the bet. Now I realise why the odds were so high. If only it was Rooney he would have scored a hat trick :(. How does stuff like that get into a newspaper :omg: Have you never heard of the “Daily Sport”? It’s a satirical paper filled with ridiculous stories and women’s boobs Very similar to The Sun really.
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