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  1. I'm ITK. We've put offers in for a Kellyn Acosta & a Jozy Altodore. That is all.
  2. Hugill is a Boro fan so its a no brainer he would want to come here and play regular football rather than sit on the bench at West Ham.
  3. My Cousin is mates with Jordan Hugill & Hugill isn't aware of any offer... Surely the player would know if the two clubs had had some kind of discussion regarding a transfer?
  4. F**K IT! I would rather we sold Gibson, Traore & Assombolonga, keep the money and play 8 or 9 academy players & hope to stay in the division rather than overpay for poor players.
  5. At this point in the window I honestly believe we are preparing for a few more years in this league. Pretty much selling the spine of our team if we lose Traore, Gibson, Assombalonga on top of Bamford. Even if we reinvest every penny replacing these players, on top of adding a left winger we also need two wing backs. That's pretty much a full overhaul & it will take time for new players to gel. On top of this we are singing championship players who are likely to be fairly low earners (Other than Besic). All of the above says to me they are trying to get the club in a healthy financial position whilst doing our best with a fairly cheap squad. Maybe in 3 - 5 years we will have another Karanka :)
  6. Woodgate as manager hahhaha. It seems like its not only Woody that has been on the class A's.
  7. The gazette is total dog s**t. 99% of everything they publish is misinformed or completely incorrect. I hate the Evening Gazette.
  8. I like the player, but I prefer a bit of filth from a CM. I want to see skid marks and spitting.
  9. I'd have Lewis Holtby on the left wing. His contract is up in the summer. Don't think he gets a game for HSV.
  10. Has anyone heard anything about the fee we got for Fischer? Monk reminds me of my self on FM selling everyone possible! Never turns out well for me though.
  11. What about terrible hair? Does that knock a few mil off Traore?
  12. Id go as far as to say he is a decent prem defender. Best wb we have in all fairness.
  13. Ah thats good to hear. I was just going off transfermarkt. Assuming we had some kind of extension clause. Stilp my point stands, very thin squad.
  14. Im just going off the news that De Dart has gone on load for a season. Leadbitters contract us up & he still hasnt resigned. Downing has been told he can go on a free... & csn you honestly see Ramirez ever pulling on the boro shirt again.
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