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  1. To get a reaction 😂 Like I say including PMs that I have sent you, I like your posting and the forum wouldn't be the same without your opinions I don't believe but you are very controversial especially to certain members. (I have been guilty for that previous).
  2. Like I said yesterday, I'm not even going to give you the ammunition to name the players as people like yourself only crucify and trying gaining at satisfaction at trying to make other members look liars because you don't agree with there opinion. Crack on winding other people up because I don't fall for that sh*t mate 👍 With the greatest of respect of course.
  3. I think these players haven't helped the club over the past 3 managerial appointments and it's set us back as a club as a whole. What I'm saying is Warnock isn't the 1st to highlight this issue with these players. Warnock, Woodgate and Pulis have all said the same issue ( Granted the players involved have changed over the course of the 3 seasons and I'm sure that happens at every club). I think the situation having bad apples and egos haven't helped the club's cause over the previous seasons. OBVIOUSLY it's not the only reason, but it certainly has contributed. It's clear as day to s
  4. Having bad apples at the club and in the dressing room effects performances on the pitch and morale and that's what I was highlighting that's it's effected our results and being hit and miss. Doesn't matter if they are starting or not. They train with them every day of the week so it brings a unhealthy morale around the club. Also, how do you know they haven't been playing? I know that 3 that have been regulars all season and have been starting in the past couple of weeks that have been causing issues weather that be they want to move or been complaining about tactics and training.
  5. Fry absolutely wants to remain at the club. Has no plans to leave. He's a home boy and just moved into a new house in Nunthorpe 👍. I think the 3 previous managers talking about problems with players attitudes just highlights what's been wrong at the club for a long while. Luckily a few of them are moving on this summer. And they will be in a big shock when they don't get anywhere near the current money they are currently earning.
  6. Yeah I couldn't agree more. I believe Warnock has too many options to know what to do with since January and that's cost us. I don't think it's necessarily the players not being good enough, I just think Warnock's style suits those players and that's what worries me for next season. I see players like Hoillett and Matt Smith joining us and going extremely direct. He lost a lot of credit from me when he came out and slaughtered Akpom in the press and claiming it was recruitment video analysis fault. Just think it's going to be Pulis all over again without getting the results. Wh
  7. Yeah that is what i tried getting across really because i think a lot fans are hoping it clicks together next season because its his last season in the game. People are claiming this isn't Warnock's team, However it has been his team since Christmas and for me, thats when we have performed the worst which is worrying.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/BoroFanTV/videos/139281494745975/
  9. Ha ha No I was the one who was shaking his head at the comment! Would be good to get your opinions on the station 👍👍. I was the one who was blasting Warnock
  10. @Changing Times Did you tune in tonight's show?
  11. Yeah. I really hope he doesn't stay. Him along with quite a few others are far too inconsistent
  12. Facebook we go live on Monday nights mate 6.30
  13. I will be touching upon this on Monday nights BorofanTV show and it's coming from someone who has supported Warnock even recent times, but this squad is HIS SQUAD! We have been absolutely shocking in terms of performance, results and tactical decisions since January and he can't have excuses as he got the players he said he required to push us on. Personally, I think he's had too many options to know what to do with and that's really poor imo. I really worry about who we end up with in the summer and apart from Tav, Fry, Mcnair, Bola and Fisher I don't see any consistent perfor
  14. We have made initial contact with the representatives of Liam Palmer. Early days but we are definitely interested
  15. Yep, put it this way an agreement has been reached and it's going to be sooner rather than later 👍, however something needs to happen before it's announced
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