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  1. Apparently we have got in contact with Tyler Blackett's representatives. Initial talks to begin early next week.
  2. Yeah good luck on getting that! Not even worth half of that regardless of his transfer fee.
  3. 40k a week I heard Moore wanted, is that same figure you heard? Wolves also interested in Fry
  4. No he didn't play a single minute. He refused to play.
  5. Not really tbh other than what I put over last Friday. Doesn't look like Roberts will renew which is a massive disappointment imo. Gibson deal a priority and we are extremely confident a deal can be agreed especially as I said previously that Burnley still owe us 1 installment of roughly 4million.
  6. I've got a friend who's cousin is a regular starter for Blackpool and he was raving about how good Armand Gnaduillet is to play alongside and believes he's good enough to make the step up. He sent me some videos of him earlier in the year and he looks a right handful. Obviously not as good but his game can compared to Adebayor. He also informed me that Bola wants to move closer to London and doesn't mind if he has to drop a division because he can't settle on Teesside.
  7. With George friend as assistant!
  8. People are forgetting that there initial story was completely false thoughts
  9. It's only a dig because of the complete U-Turn like they did last summer with the Woodgate appointment and stories reference Pulis. People take gospel what the gazette writes and this just highlights once again why I don't think they should because they always write misinformed opinion stories. My point is that they won't of been told any information on Friday so decided to publish an opinion based article which was completely wrong and decided to do a U-turn 4hrs later. If they had the same information as me and lurker on friday they wouldn't of initially published a complete nonsense story that contradicted to what we shared. This isn't about believing me, lurker or anyone else with information. It's more about time that people realize that the gazette are a shambles of a newspaper who only publish articles which they think the club want them to publish. Please tell me a time since they had a fallout over the whole Karanka episode, when did the gazette publish a negative article in regards to MFC? The editors are scared to death of Steve Gibson. I personally know people working for the gazette and the northern echo btw and I know that they are only following instructions so I am not blaming the writers at all.
  10. Can I just say how embarrassing the gazette is and that honestly people should take what they read as a pinch of salt : 17.37 Yesterday - They wrote an article stating nothing had been agreed and Warnock was pondering his offer with a decision due end of the week. 21.00 Yesterday - They wrote an article stating that Warnock shook hands with Gibson after Thursdays meeting and agreed a 1year contract, leaving Gibson with a list of targets and other bits and pieces and announcement due early next week. Just over 4hrs between articles and they completely did U-TURN 😂😂. I'm not suggesting or saying 'I told you so' but this just highlights how inept the paper has become and how they write articles based on opinions or from reading notice boards rather than facts which leaves them looking rather silly. The information I had on Friday was very reliable once again, and it wouldn't of took long for the reporter on here to ask the questions from someone within the club if they had close contacts. This just highlights once again how far the gazette and MFC are from rebuilding a relationship of trust.
  11. I love it when a reporter reads this board and then writes an article, especially when he got given the same information as me on Friday 😂!
  12. 😂😂😂 Most probably from the same person. Don't you find it interesting that the gazette or northern echo havent released anything at all until today? I think it's about time that mystery journalist on here reveals his identity ..... 😂😂
  13. Completely agree. We need someone who is willing to scream at their team mates who is not doing as instructed but is also a constant 8/10 performer every week (like Grant Leadbitter).
  14. On Friday I heard 1 year contract with potential of further year, but he wasn't 100% sure so don't quote me on that
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