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  1. Yeah I completely see your point of view. If dinosaur/Warnock was still in charge we would all be crying out for him in the team because of his creativity. 20k a week saving at least although I would expect us to be paying the short fall that Birmingham can't pay👍
  2. Please can you tell me how to do that? I mean pretty please ***Update - I've found how to do it. Goodbye Payero! 👍 Although I do wish Admin could get rid of the constant trollers on here. Got to say I'm gutted about Hernandez and not fitting our new system. In the right formation I think he would be one of our best players and fans would of been incredibly excited about him. Got a friend who's a Norwich fan and he was raving about him and I've got to say I've always been impressed in glimpses in this season even though his final product definitely needs improving. Good luck One
  3. I was going to say 'unfortunately' ....... Older but not as street wise brother
  4. Can I sign the form to get my brother banned from the forum as well? Please oh please... I'm convinced certain members don't like me because of him
  5. £45 for adults apparently
  6. Just been informed that we are getting 9500 tickets for Manchester United.
  7. Your opinion that it's false information but don't take snippets out of my whole post. If you look at everything I stated rather than just some of the information. I stated : I stated - Wilder rates him - He confessed that today I stated - Wilder wants him 1st team football but chances are limited because of how other 3 have performed - He also stated that today I stated in the Mansfield thread that he had covid against Mansfield - again confirmed today Trust me, if someone pays the full 18k wages, it's been agreed he can go out on loan. If you don't believe that then
  8. Yep it was in the summer after we stayed up. I posted it at the time but the goalposts changed as one of their strikers got injured playing against Burton if I remember correctly. I for one was over the moon he didn't come because I thought he looked extremely raw and we were going to be paying his full 20k a week wages which would of pushed us to our limit.
  9. I think they acted correctly. I like CT as a poster and respect his opinion (and I have had numerous disagreements with him over the past few years) but he has over stepped the mark over the past few days so admins had to act.
  10. I think that's why the club are exploring other countries. It's players reference to go back home but financially it won't happen atm
  11. Wilders impressed with his attitude and technical ability but wants to get him 1st team football consistently and push on for next season. Looking at it from a fans point of view it's disapointing if it comes to fruition as we all have high hopes for him but makes complete sense as I can't see currently how he can drop any of the midfield 3 which just pushes back Player's progression even further.
  12. - Payero Potentially may be going out on loan (no option to buy) if we get 2 players in and our T&C's regarding his full wages are covered. His preference is to back to Argentina but clubs can't afford his full wages but interest also coming from German and Italian clubs who can cover his 18k wages. Deal is to get him 1st team football and come back for the summer. Deal makes sense especially if we don't renew Howson contract although talks have begun on that front but it will be even further reduced terms. Not sure if people are aware but Howson's last contract extensi
  13. Couldn't agree more and got to say those particular 2 posters are fantastic for this forum
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