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  1. Mpanzu would be really good squad filler imo but looks like Crooks will be like for like Saville
  2. Hoillet won't be signing. - thank God for that! Terms were agreed and he was going to join for pittance, but he's received an offer for treble the amount he was going to sign for us for. M'panzu.... Where to start on that one? It's been a fiasco for a few weeks. Was joining and for some reason the deal collapsed and then he was going to come back up for talks but never appeared and now our original offer is back on the table but looks like he's going elsewhere. We're dragging our heels over Akpom, we desperately want to sell and player desperately wants to go but we now want per
  3. Euro's over..... Bread and Butter is back! Now who are we signing tomorrow?
  4. I for one cant wait for Wednesday..... The mighty Boro, were going up.............
  5. Italy deserving champions for their performances throughout the tournament unfortunately. Well done to Italy first and foremost. We can also crucify moments/selections throughout the game including penalty takers last night, but we shouldn't be anything other than proud of how far we have progressed as a team and a nation. There is a lot of positives we can take from this tournament but its been a step forward. This defeat is going to sting for a while, but hopefully we can use this as fuel for the World cup November 2022.
  6. Yes of course you could be correct but you would of thought they would have released my information when I posted the information on the 26th and not wait for 3weeks later. I obviously knew about south Americans from the screenshot I posted previously and lazaro's name was passed onto me. Didn't have any inkling on the Payero deal so club is obviously scouting the area thoroughly. Good Avenue to go down imo and something I've wanted the club to do for a long while. What's your take on it?
  7. Mullins all agreed so not sure what the hold up is there.
  8. Only what I posted yesterday mate unfortunately. Mpanzu deal close but Luton come back with a late big offer for him so he's asked for a while longer. You are right about Spence for £5million, however the club's that were interested have since cooled their interest. We hope to sell him on 👍(Thank goodness!)
  9. It's 1.5million we have received and it's a further 500k we have saved paying so in total it's around £2million deal
  10. Couldnt agree more. The stojanovic deal is another example of really bad business. I had heard he wasn't going to be returning for pre season, but surely that cant be true?
  11. Yeah but its better than losing him for free as he said he didnt want to sign an extension last season and wanted to move back home. I PM a few members on here last season regarding his situation and that he was adamant to move on and unhappy at being out of the side for a while from March time.
  12. I genuinely thought you got the same information as me from the same person mate. Any information is helpful but i never have any reason to doubt my contacts
  13. Like i said previously, Saville, spence and Akpom are generating us some funds to work with. £1.5million for saville but our £7million was instalments over the length of his contract so that's saving us some money as well. Deal could be worth just over £2million
  14. Yep, He worked for the club and has very close connections to the club.
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