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  1. Sorry to *** on everyone's bonfire, but Deal Fry isn't going anywhere. He had a chance in the summer and refused the transfer as he doesn't want to leave the area and has just bought a new house in Nunthorpe - sounds like he's a bit of a home boy and would take something special to change his mind. Gibson was all dependant on Randolph leaving. Both parties interested in it happening but Burnley want a large fee for the loan until the end of season. Boro and Burnley do not have a good relationship at all which is making it tricky to do a deal.
  2. Fantastic news that Derby has finally been charged - It will definately make the rest of the league is yours stand up take notice especially as Mel Morris has close connections with the FA
  3. Unfortunately not sorry. Randz was on a basic 25k a week at us though and got different types of bonuses
  4. It's a massive contribution for that deal happening
  5. I'd say the Randolph sale is off. Our incoming business will be complete unless we free up some wages and receive a little bit of money. (Barring uncle Steve bringing Ben back) I'd expect Shotton to leave.
  6. I completely agree, but it's just speculation about the 3year contract. Id say it's 2seasons with a possible 1 year extension. We should take a leaf out of the bigger clubs book regarding renegotiation contracts for players over 30.
  7. I think people are missing the point as to why that's why we are in the current predicament. I would be very surprised if we hadn't learned our lessons and make the same mistakes this time around
  8. You could well be right and I don't have a clue regarding the contract but like I say I would be just surprised. I know we offered him 10k a week recently and it was knocked back by his agent. It's the sort of daft thing we have done in the past which has contributed to where we are now.
  9. I would be extremely surprised if we offer a 31(going on 32) HOwson a 3year contract in our current financial predicament regardless of how much Woody loves him. Clarke deal is dead in the water and looks like he could be QPR bound. Spurs have included a financial penalty clause for every time he doesn't start providing he's fit.
  10. Be careful what you say about Britt on here - anything negative and certain members seem to cry and claim to be his friends. I don't rate Britt at all but I don't believe we play to his strengths either. If we played Gestede alongside him, I believe you would see the best of Britt. Britt wastes a lot of energy with pointless runs which should be done by our full backs but that could be down to frustration as we often use him as a target man so he's not involved in the game as much. He's not a clinical finish so anything above £7 then we would be mad to turn it down. I wonder if Celtic will come back calling
  11. Keane and Woody came to blows and apparently Keane was close to walking away but after a few days away the situation seemed to calm down.
  12. He's been the true professional from what I heard and has been nothing but supportive to the club and pears but the club has stopped him playing to risk further injury. Apparently, the club were very upset with him choosing to play for Ireland when he had been injured for us in a crucial period. There was a massive uproar including Woodgate, Keane and Randolph and investigation had followed by Gibson who sanctioned this move. All parties move amicably and on good terms from what I know Ps yes I do get information from a certain ex player, but also a member of the backroom staff also plays in the same game at times.
  13. All I knew of was Randolph and Shotton unfortunately but I will ask the question again on Thursday. I heard a while back that Woodgate really really likes Toney but we have baulked at Peterborough's asking price - Unsure if that changes if Britt leaves. I think we have looked a better side without Britt in it but I wouldn't entertain anything less than 7million for him.
  14. Shotton is actually injured but he is on his way out to either Wigan or Stoke. Randolph hasn't been injured and has been training since beginning of December - I posted but people laughed at the suggestion that Randolph would do such a thing. Like I posted the other night, I had been informed the club didn't want to sell Britt but going by speculation that may of changed by incoming targets fees. Heard tonight that we are going to be speaking to Burnley over the next few days regarding Gibbo. Clarke deal is still tied up due to a few loose ends but there was more talks after the match at the weekend. Jose has apparently been impressed with our performance but wants certain assurances that Clarke will play. Apparently whoever signs up will have to pay a penalty fee for whenever he's fit and misses a game - I'm sure Liverpool do something similar.
  15. I'm glad i didn't have to burst peoples bubble! But yeah unfortunately he was at a family do. Lets hope his nana made her wish for Gibbo to rejoin the boro when she blew out her candles
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