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  1. I'm actually glad to have you back posting regardless of your opinion on Spence 👍. I actually PM'd you because I'm actually a nice guy which you try your hardest to make out I'm not....
  2. Personally, we ask our CM's to drop into a defensive CB's sweeper roles when defending so I can see what Howson is doing in that position but he just ends up far too deep for my liking especially after losing Armstrong. He should be balling at Spence to get into the right back position and leave Rothwell to himself but like you say Spence has drifted all the way over from RB to CB to mark Rothwell leaving another 2 players free at the back post. Shocking/confusing defending all over but Spence is at fault. @pikerman I wouldn't agree with me though, because certain posters will manipulate your words because you ain't entitled to see football in a different way. 👍 UTB. I will leave that argument there and use my social media platform tomorrow night to further vent my frustration.
  3. Must of been ****, that's why he's been playing week in week out since I made those comments and also Warnock has come out and said he switched off and could be playing In league 2..... Are you Spence agent by any chance?
  4. Not disagreeing, but you are making an assumption in that photograph because like I say that is the 2nd phrase of the attack and it evolves into a goalscoring opportunity, and just further highlights to me the bad positioning of Howson and how he left the attacker after the 1st phase of the attack. If Armstrong had scored, then I would of been giving howson pelters, but he didn't score, Rothwell did and who's marker was that......... Sorry it's going to pain you to agree, so we will just say it was Chuba Akpom fault eh?
  5. So the 1st picture you show - highlights exactly what I said. Howson marking Armstrong on the initial start of the attack and loses him - not good enough like I also said. 2nd picture shows Howson furthest back but he's not marking Rothwell. Spence is who is stood right alongside him. Cross comes in (poor cross) but Rothwell reacts and Spence is stood still thinking of how his agent can endure a move after his fancy step over in the 1st half which shortly resulted in him falling over as per because he's wearing slippers and not football boots. Come on lads, give your heads a wobble. Yes, Howson was also at fault in some capacity, I said that but the goal came from Spence losing his man and poor decision making and marking as per usual. And to @Changing Times He was in the team for a massive period earlier in the season as a wing back and we were talking about the same mistakes so that's not me making stuff up. It's me backing my earlier posts in the season up 👍
  6. Quite clearly shows,(2nd photo) initial phrase of attack Howson picking up Armstrong and (1st photo) shows Spence marking Rothwell who then he loses completely and scores. He's getting ripped to shreds because week after week he makes the same sh*t mistakes which cost us. Everyone is entitled to opinion and I respect that but people seem to think you cant criticise or have an opinion on a youngster which is wrong when they are constantly making the same mistakes.
  7. Howson was marking Armstrong at the 1st phrase of the attack, but he lost him and then was scrambling round when he lost him and ended up going towards Rothwell because he was also ball watching. Rothwell was Spence man. Pause the attack when the ball gets fed into Armstrong and you can quite clearly see Spence is stood marking Rothwell with no1 even close by.😂 Armstrong chance in the 2nd half when he fired over. Armstrong span off Spence and fired over. The are examples which lead to a direct shot, but there was many many more throughout the game but luckily didn't lead to a chance. You are right, about senior players not getting criticism I agree but it's week in week out SAME mistakes by the likes of Spence which isn't good enough. I couldn't care if they are experienced players or not, if a player is making the same mistake week in and week out, I don't want him in our team. Period!
  8. Sorry mate, I disagree with you saying he was decent enough. I can provide you at least 10 incidents where he lost his marker and we got away lucky with it and that's not over exaggerating. Britt, Bola and Howson weren't great at the goal I agree but for a 'defender' losing his marker like that is unacceptable. He lost his marker and Rothwell had 5metres on him before Spence realised where he had went 😂
  9. Btw can I just add to my previous post.... The marking for the goal was completely horrendous and unacceptable and once again SPENCE clueless at defending and losing his marker... The guy is stealing a living
  10. It just highlights the need for proper wing men who can score and create and is direct. Not someone like Johnson who puts crosses in... We need a wide man with pace who beats players and causes havoc - someone exactly like Bolasie (although I don't think he will come now)
  11. Inevitably we are going to talk about the Fry incident and how it changed the game. 100% Penalty and red card. Playing 60odd mins left with 10 men Blackburn and it's a completely different result. After the incident, we were poor and reverted back to lump ball like we did against Birmingham which is extremely frustrating especially at home against teams that we should be beating. Playing teams away from home, we play some nice football and get the ball down but at home when teams put men behind the ball we struggle and revert to lump ball - Extremely poor.
  12. Excellent bounce back from Saturday. That midfield 3 suits us away from home, but at home I'd like to see us more offensively. Tactically spot on today by Warnock. Britt was awesome today, love him or hate him but his overall performance today was very good. Just a shame it's only 1 in 10 from him and I think it was a performance to showcase his skills to the forest board to make a offer. Tavernier, Howson, Britt, Saville and Bola were absolutely immense tonight. We look so composed with Howson in midfield and there's a good link between midfield and attack with him in the side. Massive 3pts and massive performance especially with Stoke and B'mouth dropping points last night and us having a game in hand. UTB!
  13. This is why the majority of people throughout football love Warnock!
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