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  1. He is still self isolating at home and due for a test in the next few days so won't of been tested.
  2. I love how people are saying they don't want Lyle Taylor because of his attitude and refusing to play for Charlton, yet they are all for signing Ben Gibson. Ben Gibson didn't refuse to play for Burnley but he refused to train at Burnley which for me is just as bad.
  3. I wouldn't like to speculate given the circumstances. Also the name I was given could be wrong but I highly much doubt it. Club apparently don't want the name leaking out.
  4. 100% the players who have been in contact with the player but it hasn't happened at any other club. The government guidelines states anyone who has been in contact with someone for over a 15minute period regardless of symptoms or not. We all knew this wouldn't happen though to footballers.
  5. Well apart from Vickers, I do know journalist personally and trust me he reads this forum quite a lot..... Honestly.
  6. Like I stated previously, Burnley are paying in 3 installments and have only paid 2 installments so 1 left to pay. Burnley wanted a deal but we weren't prepared to use that for a loan fee only permanent transfer.
  7. Before this pandemic kicked off, the word I heard in February is that we were going to give it a right go in the summer and Woody had money to spend because of the wage bill getting significantly cut. However, because of our current situation I don't know how much that is going to impact us moving forward financially.
  8. The only information I have is what I posted about a month ago reference Gibson, Friend and Ayala other than that I don't have any transfer information. I know the club are looking at the overseas market this summer as there is some interesting free agents but I don't have any names as of yet The only information I have is what I posted about a month ago reference Gibson, Friend and Ayala other than that I don't have any transfer information really. I know the club are also looking at the overseas market this summer as there is some interesting free agents but all depends on what league we are in.
  9. We were really interested in signing Toney in January and were hoping to shift Britt on for around £10million to help finance that deal along with Gibson but Celtic wouldn't go any further than £7million (and that was in installments) . I have heard on numerous occasions that Celtic don't pay substantial fees with a 1 off payment, they like to spread deals out because they know they can sell the majority of players on a higher price (as the league is ***). Something, that I think we should be looking at doing tbh whilst we are in the championship.
  10. Celtic in the January transfer window were really interested and offered around £7million which was laughed away by the club, so the price is going to be further down with his recent form, injuries and this pandemic.
  11. Not recently, I posted last time that Howson has agreed 2year reduced contract depending on we survive relegation and that's still the case and that Ayala had rejected contract and informed us he wanted to move elsewhere. Gibson is a done deal - loan to buy. Burnley still owe us a quite significant money from original sale as they were paying in installments so the deal has been agreed with that in mind. I hadn't heard anything regarding Friend, however good of a captain/character he is around the place, I just feel it's best that it's time he moves on and we start a fresh completely (not even coaching role). I'd keep his contract extending till the end of the current season but I wouldn't be offering a deal for next season.
  12. Interesting news coming out today regardless players expiring contracts for the remaining of the season (if it goes ahead). I can only see Boro offering contracts extensions beyond 30th June to Howson and possibly Friend.
  13. For me Ayala leaving just concretes what I heard a few months ago that Gibson will definately be a Boro player before the new season. I know Burnley still owe us money as it was installments so it will be interesting to see if it's permanent or loan deal. Gutted, that Ayala is leaving tbh as he's an excellent CB for Championship level and has been an excellent servant. Loved by his team mates. I must say I think Leeds can do a lot better especially if they get promoted, so I can't see that happening tbh unless hes going to play back up.
  14. Last I heard was a few weeks ago that Ayala has informed Woodgate he wants a fresh challenge. HOwson agreed 2year contract providing we don't get relegated
  15. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/exclusive-steve-round-his-middlesbrough-conversation-steve-gibson-and-jonathan-woodgate-arsenal-switch-2520759 Just to reiterate what i heard and posted on here from the summer regarding backroom staff approaches. We offered Steve Round coaching role and he wasn't interested as he wanted either Assistant managers role or Director of football role. Real shame if you ask me because of his football knowledge and contacts hes gathered at some of the top clubs in the Premiership could of been critical for us. Looks like Ayala is off in the summer regardless, I have no inside information on this but to me it makes sense because the club are very confident that Ben Gibson will end up a boro player. Last i heard Burnley still owe us over half the money for Gibson (Sold for £15million) and we will waiver that and add some money to get him back (undisclosed i would imagine).
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