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  1. Not a clue unfortunately. Had few offers for loan which we have turned down as player and club want permanent move. His preference is London. Luton had enquired but didn't progress
  2. Bola in talks with another championship club. McGoldrick wasn't at training ground today contrary to reports. If no progress on spence deal by Friday, then it will be interesting to see if he returns to training or start his fitness examinations that he was recently provided with. No further updates on incoming unfortunately.
  3. Sorry that's my bad with dates. It's actually a week on Monday due back
  4. Never been mentioned to me, thats not to say nothing hasn't happened though. Personally I have always rated Joao so it's a deal that I would like to see happen @Changing Times Yeah Scott is doing the negotiations in and out sorry. Hence why I find it strange as to why he isn't involved in the spence deal especially as he renogatied the January loan deal including some add ons which paid off for us that I mentioned months ago
  5. I mentioned that we are pushing hard for Armstrong, he's keen to come. Agent was up for talks last week. Covering full wages plus a £1million which further adds on if we reach play offs or get promoted. Scott is pulling a blinder financially in some of tge deals we are offering. What I find strange is Bausor is involved in spence negotiations and not keiron Scott. On gayle I was told it didnt move past enquiry stage but I'm sure someone said on here that its progressed since, so I may be out the loop on that deal.
  6. You forgot to mention looking into the garage to find an abandoned scooter with 1 wheel
  7. Didn't he indicate in his post to warnock that he was now a Premier league player?
  8. He will blitz the bleep test now he's a 'premier league' player 😅
  9. Samuel folarin would be my guess. Spence due back on Monday
  10. It was me and I spoke to him directly a week last Monday so not sure what's happened yet. I know the guy Chris who is taking over his teaching academy.
  11. Who was it on here that said a bid had been made?
  12. Akpon got personal programme in London but not sure what his situation is unfortunately. Personally I thought he would come back for pre season but I don't know anything else sorry. Uche, Hall and few others told not to return to training and find a move elsewhere. Like I previously posted, wilder only wants to keep around 15 from last season including a few under 23s and I think that showed in the video that was released yesterday.
  13. .......Unfortunately I don't ask my friends at the club who wears what boots and shin pads unfortunately mate. I will ask them later how many studs they have as well 👍 I'm not saying he's not going to re sign but he hasnt been back at club since the players returned last Thursday I have been told.
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