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  1. I'd like us to add another CB as well that, especially if he's going to continue with the wingback system.
  2. 3 players but we are hoping to also ship on either fry(relucant to leave) Randolph or Britt.
  3. I have heard we are preparing bids for Johnson Clarke Harris (Bristol rovers) and Randell Williams (Exeter) . This is exactly sums up where we are heading taking chances on lower league players.
  4. I am not doubting what you have heard but from an ex player i heard the quite opposite last night. A meeting was held on Monday and Woodgate was told results must improve but injuries have been a factor in results and they are still happy to give him time which has always been the plan. The meeting was apparently regarding transfers in January and a few big players are going to be moved on so we can significantly add numbers to our squad - Wasn't given any names but i would think the only players who can get us some money is Randolph, Fry and Britt. What i don't like is that Woodgate is planning to contradict his philosophy he sold the fans when he said he was going to buy exciting prospects and instead buy experienced players. The guy is a inept walking contradiction.
  5. I am surprised that this hasnt got more likes and users falling for the bait
  6. well, well, well. Here is something as a surprise, could Woody be out of the door after all?
  7. Yeah he even played a out of position attacking left midfielder at left back over his top signing Marc Bola lol. Unfortunately some people fall for what woody and the club say in interviews when everyone behind the scenes know it's complete lies. There is literally no money in January unless someone gets sacrificed and from what I have heard Randolph is on his way out for £7million mark
  8. The man is a constant walking contradictory and just shows how inept and how much out of his depth he is. He forgets what he has previously told the press. I so wanted it to work because of his love for the Boro, but it was never going to work unless he was backed financially and he had a back bone. Gibson - sell up you complete con man and fans please stop singing his name
  9. I would love Woody to admit defeat and walk away but that's never ever going to happen. The guy is deluded and completely inept. He got put in charge because he is a YES man for Gibson and he is going to continue to be a YES man for Gibson until the end of the season. I said months ago after information I received, if we are still in this position end of Feb going in March then we will look at making a change but until then Woodgate's going nowhere unless he goes by himself. The whole club is a complete mess from bottom to top and more cuts are happening throughout the club.
  10. Bring some vodka, having some Charlie......
  11. Sorry to disappoint you but Woody isn't going anywhere any time soon. He has excuses at the ready regarding injuries and will no doubt say players are tired playing 3 games 6days. Woody is completely inept tactically and this type of performance sums up exactly where we are heading. Leeds haven't got out of 2nd gear all game and we havent even had any good spells of possession in the game.
  12. Be very interesting to see what gets said in the press conference this morning regarding injuries to Dijksteel and McNair - How we miss Ryan Shotton's versatility at the moment. 9/1 for the Boro win - stranger things have happened especially after the win on Tuesday night but unfortunately i can't see us picking up anything as we don't tend to do well at Leeds. 2-0 Leeds for me unfortunately
  13. I thought Tavernier was excellent last night with his drive and enthusiasm throughout the entire 90minutes. He seems to do it in patches in matches but last night he maintained it throughout and him, fletch and Britt link up really well. Burrell - I have seen this lad play on a few occasions now and hes more than ready for the 1st team imo. If Tyrone O'Neill can make the bench then i dont have a clue why Burrell isnt. We all know how big of a win that was last night but the bench worries me
  14. Was even funnier when leo screamed 'watch the bounce' and it seemed to scare Bola
  15. It's obvious woody wants to stick to the wing back formation but why do we keep putting players out of position? Hasn't he learnt from weekend? We could of quite easy dropped to a back 4 or put wood into CB and howson at RB if he wanted to keep wing back formation Tactically inept. Weather is shocking and killing the game for both sides although Barnsley have been slightly better offensively imo. I'm sat West lower and getting soaked but I will be worth it when we Nick it at the end. UTB!
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