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  1. Thank you for the analysis. Seems quite a few share your opinion. I just watched 10minute highlights and looked to me we had the better chances overall but that's not a true reflective on the tempo and control of the game imo so never take them too seriously so will reserve my opinion until I watch the full 90minutes tomorrow. It did seem they should of had a penalty just after half time - clear as day to me. What was the atmosphere like around the ground? I've been impressed this season at home but away games have been toxic recently.
  2. Sorry but please can someone give me a rundown on yesterday's performance ready for my show on Monday night. Didn't manage to listen or watch any of the game (1st time in about 5years!).... Chose the option to drink in the pub with friends and gave away my ticket for free as I was still angry after Hull away and Warnock still in charge? Surely one performance doesn't change fans stance on Warnock does it despite injury list? How did Payero play? Sporar and Uche link up? Going to watch the 90minutes at some point tomorrow but was just wanting a general view from the good pos
  3. Bola injured during international break....You really couldnt make this stuff up could you? Signs that players are downing tools maybe? Our back 3 or 5 will be extremely interesting tomorrow.....
  4. Providing nobody is back from injury, this is the team I would go for Lumley Howson. Mcnair Bamba Bola Lea silki. Crooks. Tavernier Watmore (Begrudgingly) Jones Spoar
  5. Going to paper over the cracks by winning our next 2 home games! UTB..... He may even start Payero and Silki at this rate.... Thank god for these compromises.
  6. Complete opposite to what i heard... No sign of injury at all and was told he wont be near the match days squad for a long period as warnock and the backroom staff dont trust him. What time is warnock getting sacked did you say?
  7. More holby city 😂😂 (If that's still even on these days)
  8. Like I posted previously, still a option at the end of the season for a new position. If warnock was to leave before that, I don't know where that would leave the negotiations and if he would come before hand. Guess work here, but I'm presuming the club are still in contact with him as they were over the summer.
  9. I can only presume some of the compromises are regarding some of the backroom staff and playing Silki and payero. I asked that question and wasn't given an answer. Let's just say from reading game, it's exploded behind the scenes and like I've said to a few posters on here, I'm bewildered how we managed to get a result against Sheff utd with all this crap going on.
  10. He's on a rolling contract as are his backroom staff so it's not going to cost us hardly anything financially to axe him. Personally I agree with what a few posters on here have speculated and it will be down to 'hush hush money' and not informing people of the problems going on. Karanka and a few players previously had signed something similar
  11. Sorry I wish I could but I don't have the specifics at the moment . I was just informed compromises were being discussed regarding quite a few issues and some were agreed. Unsure at the moment on what they are/were.
  12. I can't say too much just yet but a meeting took place this morning and from what I'm led to believe a few compromises were agreed but further talks are happening in the morning. Sorry to be so vague, but I'm getting this information 3rd hand at the minute and it's changed since Sunday evening. Players are still due back Thursday and payero has gone back to Argentina since last week - Believe the meeting and some sort of compromise was agreed regarding that situation. Feel so sorry for the lad
  13. Unfortunately I feel that a lot of people on here are going to be disappointed
  14. Went back end of last week. Trying to get more information
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