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  1. No you are right, it came from me and was supported by another member on here (not my brother), but his information came from the same player at the time. Like I say, players grow up, perform for better managers so it would be no surprise to me if he was complete polar opposite to what he was like under Pulis. And tbh I am glad as Tavernier is really performing under Warnock and it's nice to see him showcasing his potential we all knew he had. Everyone knows that I am in a minority of supporting Pulis time at the club, but we all know his training was boring for the players which could easily have contributed to some attitudes.
  2. Put it this way, I'm going to believe the person who played alongside him for a number of years regarding his attitude rather than what people think they know from a Oneboro forum 👍. If people don't want to believe that from a former team mate of his, then that's fine. Obviously people grow up and perform for better managers of course.
  3. Sorry mate, but he's been cack (nicest word I can put without breaking violations) so I wouldn't compare it to other performances this season, plus he's been on the bench a lot. He literally once again brought nothing to the side but I felt sorry that he got put out at LWB.
  4. I'm genuinely interested to hear what you expect as a fan and that isn't me having a dig honestly.... Every fan has different expectations. As a paying customer and a fan I want to see us win at all costs, and if we do that by playing good football then that's a added bonus. I'd love to see us have some identity as a club but unfortunately whilst we have Bausor and Gibson running it, we won't and fans need to get use to that. Additionally, to that I wanted a manager in the summer who we could put down foundations with for the next 3 or 4 seasons and had experience (someone like Houghton or Pearson. I'm not knocking Warnock because he's done a good job in such a short space of time and I like the togetherness of the team.
  5. I hope you are not trying to justify Britt and Spence performance because they scored a goal? That type of analysis is exactly why majority fans are so thickle.
  6. Tbh that 1st half was really poor showing I thought, but agree the 2nd half we stepped up the tempo and played some nice football and had more clear cut chances. Tavernier's challenge was crucial in getting the result yesterday. Had we gone 1-0 down, Coventry would of further parked the bus making it hard for us to break them down.
  7. Surely you enjoy the feeling of picking up points again after what we had to endure last season? For me, it's all about the points rather than entertainment, yes it's frustrating on the eye especially watching on TV but I'd take that if it means a play off push and something to get excited about. (Maybe that's my competitive footballing side)
  8. I agree, I just don't see a player in Spence. Very poor defensively and when he gets in the offensive positions he panics and either falls over or runs straight into the opposition player. I wouldn't say they are shoe-horned though as Spence has missed out recently.
  9. Yeah I agree with this game is made for Coulson down that left hand side. Give it 60min mark and I'd take Morsy off and bring on Wing because shot from distance may be our best bet tonight because they are playing very rigid like we did at Bristol city
  10. Wing, Roberts, Britt and possibly Browne have to play for me on Tuesday. Ideal time to get some needed minutes under their belt and attack a team that we should be beating at home.
  11. Warnock and his backroom staff are doing excellent work with the defence. Look a lot more organised and compact. It's refreshing to see Howson, Morsy and Saville also drop into the back line and defend and then break when we are in possession. Only thing is that we concede far too many silly free kicks in dangerous areas which will cost us goals over the course of the season. Dijksteel is looking like the player we all expected him too be and more and credit has to go to Warnock and his backroom staff. If he can get improve his heading, then we have some player on our hands.
  12. You do know that this isn't the foul that lead to the equaliser? But yes, this was a free kick. Moore was doing it all game. TBF, I thought their equaliser was a foul (a harsh one and not stone wall)on saville but if it had happened down the other end, not many Boro fans would be complaining about it.
  13. Yeah at home against teams like Coventry I would like to see us score goals with playing 2 strikers with the likes of Tav, Wing and Roberts.
  14. A win against Coventry and 8pts out of possible 12 is absolutely fantastic start. Like to see Akpom, Britt and Roberts start against Coventry and see if we can get some further confidence by scoring goals and creating further chances. One thing I worried about is playing teams who are direct, but I thought the whole team stood up to be counted and we dealt with the aerial duels and second balls.
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