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  1. I always thought Reece Oxford was a DM? I swear that’s when he played in that game against arsenal.
  2. I’ve just watched videos of That Shankland have to admit he does look pretty good, his touch and composure are as good as you’d want to see in a striker. He kind of reminds me of Ricky Lambert, not physically but in the way he plays, he’s direct, not scared to run through the middle of a defence and finishes strongly with surprisingly good technique. He seems to score all types of goals, first time finishes, screamer volleys, one on ones and headers. My way of seeing if a lower league player can make the step up is what kind of influence they have on their team, I’d bet shankland Will definately handle some kind of step up as he dictates literally everything in their attack and for some goals just does it all on his own. Id have him over cosgrove who just seems to be a standard ‘bustling’ striker, with clumsy touches, lucky rebounds and keeper mistakes featuring in most of his goals.
  3. My wonder kid last time I played FM was adama Traore 🤪
  4. Let’s be honest, he’s gonna play, get labelled as *** while he flaps around getting up to speed, become a hero eventually.
  5. What a back 3 we would have if Gibson did come back! Personally I’d drop fry and keep howson in there if he did, haven’t been that impressed with him this season he’s been all over the place at times.
  6. Btw anyone interested in the Gibson house there is some guy doing a blog on it. Seems like it’s a huge scale talking about pool houses and staff houses, this guy seems to think there’s no chance of it becoming a hotel/business. The place literally looks like a palace. https://ravenswickhall.com/blog/
  7. What kind of ‘aspects’? Personally I’ve never thought Gibson was broke, I just thought he’d lost interest/passion for the club after the monk and pulis failure, maybe just had enough of it all.
  8. Genuine question but could he employ him at bulkhaul on £25k a week, like would we get away with it as a loophole?
  9. It would probably player dependant, if we were still looking at league 1 players or old prem players then no it wouldn’t. With someone like Roberts with actual potential and reputation I think they’d make exceptions.
  10. Selling Britt and buying Roberts would be a pretty decent use of money tbf, we would make money on Roberts eventually.
  11. West Ham will be worried it will flare up again seen as it apparently hasn’t properly healed. Last thing they need is their replacement keeper getting injured.
  12. Hope we don’t get Jordan jones back like, if he wasn’t an ex academy player I doubt any fan would ever consider him, he’s been poor in Scotland. I do think we might be planning to keep NMecha next season aswell, maybe any young player we loan will be with a view to keeping them for 18 months rather than just 6. I’d be happy to loan parrot if that’s the plan.
  13. From what I read he’s not actually injured but the scan showed up scarring on the muscle as a result of the injury.
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