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  1. JLS, Crooks and Payero Is the midfield I wanna see. I think JLS has so much potential that we just need to unlock.
  2. I agree with whoever mentioned it earlier, I think 343 could be a good compromise of our squad and wilders system.
  3. How did the wing backs look in his system? was it a case of them playing as traditional wing backs, sitting deep etc or was it more a wing back in name only and they were high up the pitch? I only ask as it’s my one worry about this system, we finally have a couple of decent wide players and I’d think they’d be wasted at wing back. On paper at least, we don’t have the squad to play 5 at the back effectively. But it would depend how he uses them.
  4. Probably what that gazette journalist will say
  5. I don’t see how we can judge crooks passing for us based on stats when our stats as a team are terrible. We barely seemed to finish games over 40% posession under warnock, sometimes getting into the 30s.
  6. You can always tell that feeling when we’ve got a ‘proper’ manager. With pulis and monk you could almost taste the smarminess and there was never the excitement of good football behind them to back it up. With woodgate you just knew he was spouting scripted spiel, saying all the right things that we knew he just wasn’t going to deliver. Wilder seems to be a serious person, no banter and jokes to cover up questions and looks like someone you wouldn’t wanna cross, confident in himself but not arrogant. I noticed that about Scott aswell in his interview, he’s not here to *** aroun
  7. I wonder if we can make a kind of half challenge for the play offs like we did when Karanka first took over. The one thing I’m looking forward to most is (hopefully) FINALLY seeing us doing some quick pass and move stuff, I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen it from a boro team, even under Karanka we played pretty slow football.
  8. Can we drop this *** woke *** please. Get bombarded with it everyday as it is cba with it on here aswell
  9. I think this squad has been screaming out to play 4231 for ages, I’m hoping he at least try’s it.
  10. I wanna know what he’s gonna do with the wide players. We have 3 who could all arguably be seen as our best players, yet in a wing back system where would they feature? All I can think of is he may play one in midfield and one off a striker, I can’t remember what kind of midfielders and strikers he used to pair up at sheff utd. I do have a feeling he will want to try payero, crooks and Siliki as first choice midfield 3.
  11. You’re being to black and white about it all. maybe in the summer Reiziger was the number one target, we thought we would coast through this season with warnock, maybe challenging for the play offs and get reiziger next summer. However, things change. Warnock clearly wasn’t happy, performances have been rubbish and there is every chance we could have flirted with relegation if our form kept up. Not to mention he clearly had a problem playing along with the clubs plan which caused problems with new signings. Maybe we thought we could persuade reiziger to come earlier but he decline
  12. Didnt he get norwich promoted twice? Fair he was rubbish in the prem but you don’t promote a team twice by fluke. Tbh I’d probably prefer wilder over farke anyway.
  13. I also think gibson will keep Leo around simply because (at least from the outside) he seems fiercely loyal and someone you can trust. I think those are rare qualities in football.
  14. Yea and he’s probably driving back with a nice wedge of cash in his boot. Any one involved in anyway in the game could see he needed to leave dont see why he’s so bitter. Yes we may have missed out on ‘his’ players but the team he ended up with isn’t exactly terrible and definately better than 14th place with some shocking stats to go with it.
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