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    Used to read this forum purely for his posts at first, those transfer threads were awesome with the info he had, specially the legendary Ross McCormack one! As I used the forum more I learnt of i inboxed him late at night he was generally half drunk and he would tell me all sorts of goings on behind the scenes. Big RIP to that guy, genuinely interesting person to talk to.
  2. This is actually insane haha https://twitter.com/brunoandrd/status/1419793444059353093?s=21
  3. I may be wrong but I think we agreed a similar deal when we bought Rhodes. Clubs will make deals like this all the time, ourselves included.
  4. Maybe they had an interest but went for Marin instead?
  5. I think Crooks will become another George friend type of fans favourite
  6. Don’t get the hype around Howson, hes turned into one of those ‘jack of all trades’ midfielders who does a lot of everything but nothing really special. Yeah he shows his class now and then but mostly he’s one of them Players that football hipsters tell us ‘it’s the stuff you don’t see’ that’s good.
  7. Wonder if that last part means we are waiting for a striker to sign before letting him go.
  8. Yayy, haven’t we had enough crooks in the team these past few years??
  9. You are correct, however at least the signings are cheap this time. We will probably get most of the warnock type players in for less than pulis paid for saville (not including payero as he has long term viability!)
  10. Your missing the point, there clearly is another faction buying players or at least there was back then. At a lot of clubs the manager just tells them what positions he needs filling etc and they buy the players. with gestede, guedioura, downing etc this is likely what happened. He will have knew they were coming and gave the go ahead because we needed players.
  11. Hardly getting ‘vilified’ is he... I think most people will just be a bit apprehensive based on past splurges by the club, specially on players where the championship maybe a big culture shock. Im over the moon we are straight in there after the permit relaxations, it’s a really positive/progressive move by the club, something I and most others have cried out for. If we get 2 or 3 of them in I’ll be absolutely buzzing.
  12. Maybe it will be a good thing to have warnock around and keep gibson a bit grounded when it comes to buying these players. let’s be honest they have a high failure rate over here and Juninho was definately the exception rather than the norm. I’d rather get 2 or 3 well researched players in than go mental and end up with half a team of players that can’t function over here.
  13. Personally I think the discrepancy is more damaging to academy players more than anything. Read the multiple stories of teenagers getting depressed after being cut from top academies because they haven’t ‘made it’. The truth is even a career in league 1 is nothing to be sniffed at, you will still be on a nice wage doing what you enjoy with an amazing opportunity to move up the ladder either while playing or getting in to coaching (or a multitude of other football related careers) afterwards. Getting your foot in the door at any professional level is still an amazingly rare opportunit
  14. Christ these past few years really have hit everyone hard havent they 🙏
  15. The thing about goal scoring strikers is their current team are generally built around them, put everything through them and fully play to their strengths. Often they go to bigger teams and it’s like playing with 10 men as they contribute zero to anything other than getting on the end of balls into the box. That’s why Karanka never played Rhodes, if he actually had to have posession he was useless. Instead of buying a goal scorer we need a focal point up front, modern strikers operate more as a #10 but much further up the pitch.
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