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  1. It makes me laugh when pundits moan about VAR ruining the game. It’s partly because of them that it was introduced. Before VAR they would spend all post match analysing any wrong decision by the ref, specially if it was an offside or handball. Essentially it was post match VAR, they would put their lines on the pitch and go through the exact same process. VAR isnt the problem it’s the way they decided to use it. When it was put forward I and I think most other fans just assumed it would assist the ref if he made an obvious mistake or wasn’t sure on a decision. The way it’s turned out
  2. I’d bet the Brewster deal is the driving force behind it all. They spent an absolute fortune on him and he doesn’t play him, either he was a ‘gift’ or wilder pushed to buy him then realised he wasn’t up to it. I’d guess he was forced up on him after wilder was told there was no money for his own targets. as for a DoF I think we actually do have one here and it’s Steve gibson it’s so obvious now that he interferes far more than people believe. Alves, Downing, woodgate, Rhodes, Assombalonga imo were all his buys. Any expensive ‘big name’ player just has gibsons name all over it. His hearts
  3. Sorry but how can you argue that having premiership and guaranteed parachute payments wouldn’t be a good thing? We spent awfully after the last promotion and still got it all back through sales. Having that money would be a god send for this club, now more than ever.
  4. In hindsight warnock again was an incredible easy and safe option for gibson and one he was always going to take. I think gibson is poor at finding managers and either deep down he knows this or just plain doesn’t like the process. Warnock is probably the best option simply because any alternative would most likely have been awful. Think about it, if woodgate was likely the only candidate after pulis then who on earth would we have ended up with if he’d said no?
  5. If this happened I’d probably give up my season card, there’s literally no point anymore.
  6. I’d agree with this however ‘going down and taking it on the chin’ depends a lot on the fans. If we aren’t performing a lot of them are going to start the booing etc, playing at a higher level doesn’t come into it. Our fans need to be more realistic sometimes.
  7. Every team will play long balls, even city. I think what gets to some people (myself included) is we set up to do it, focus on it and make it our first option. To me that’s just not football, I know the ‘PoSeSsIoN dOeSnT mEaN rEsUlTs’ types will all pipe up here and yes it doesn’t always mean results but it does help you control a game. Id just like to see more thought to our game rather than just really primitive looking kick and rush. We DO put the odd good move together at times and for 5 minutes last night we did play a bit so we can do it. We have Kebano, Bolasie, Howson, T
  8. Yes this is what I’ve been saying for ages! We always seem happy to splurge millions on average players but the manager we seem to put strict budgets on. I’d bet pulis was our highest paid manager in history. That season is the perfect example £7m and big wages on players like Fletcher and we get some rookie manager to spend the money. Even then I’d bet gibsons dream scenario would have been keeping Agnew as manager.
  9. I was simply listing names of out of work managers that we may look at. If you have better suggestions then put them forward...
  10. Totally agree I just don’t know any names to mention.
  11. Potter would be excellent but they would be stupid to get rid of him imo.
  12. Still seems a bit up in the air wether warnock will be here or not, one week he sounds like he wants to stay then he sounds like he’s off. I’m in 2 minds, I can see the benefits of keeping warnock but equally the benefits of getting someone new in. from the obvious out of work managers there are the ambitious and unlikely options. All did well in the championship but didn’t really help their reputations in the premiership. I don’t think we’d have a chance with any of them but you never know if gibson decides to put up the cash... Eddie Howe Marco Silva Frank Lampard Mo
  13. Personally I want an end to these ‘caution first’ containment managers. That doesn’t mean I’m expecting guardiola type football because believe it or not you can have exciting football without constant silky passing moves. Things that *** me off that I want to see an end to is: No movement up front and from midfield - We seem to have had this problem for years, static isolated strikers. Monk was the only manager who looked like trying to solve it, some of the moves from Britt, braithwaite and bamford were really good when things clicked. Aimless balls up the pitch - For the love
  14. I’m not sure he was out of his depth necessarily, up until the January window he wasn’t doing any worse than how other promoted teams generally do, you could say he was doing quite well given our awful recruitment that summer. My opinion was he was overly cautious as he thought the team wasn’t good enough and lost his head when we didn’t improve the front 3 in January. His problems are all psychological going by the stories I’ve heard.
  15. So they’ve spent roughly £30-50m on players (fees) in 6 years. We spent that in one summer and spent the next couple of seasons getting shot of half of them.
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