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  1. Karanka would make a good DoF, he’s football through and through and just as obsessive about detail as bielsa. If I was Gibson and had to ‘hand the reins’ over to someone I trusted then Karanka would be up there. Either him or Mowbray I feel would be equally as good. Obviously I have no idea if they have any flaws that we don’t know about. Only thing that would worry me is karankas obsession with signing Bojan and Jesé, maybe he could have got a tune out of them who knows, but looking back I think they would have been disastrous signings to try and keep us up.
  2. Gonna repeat this but I think it’s important that people understand it the right way. karanka never ‘walked out’ he was told to go home by Gibson and sit the game out. On paper it’s a small detail but imo there’s a big difference in walking out and leaving people in the mire or being instructed to take some time out.
  3. The mistake in that thinking is losing touch with the growing % of our fan base for who there was no ‘before’. Personally I started going to boro games under mcclaren, I have no idea (other than what I read) and no connection with what happened and where we were before that. Think of the amount of supporters we have who are 20-25 some may have caught the europa league run, but most will only know championship football and premiership relegations. There are plenty of supporters now who’s only experience of Gibson’s boro is 90% failure.
  4. That just sums up this whole ‘era’ started, carried on and ended farcically. If nothing else it shows a clear lack of planning from the start, people coming under false pretences meaning it all will have started off on the wrong foot full of confusion and probably some anger. I wonder if we got fobbed off at the last minute by someone we wanted as assistant.
  5. I think 352 aswell. It seems pretty similar to the team pulis played those first few home games where we actually looked great. Looking forward to this one.
  6. False economy. Would you prefer someone cheap signing 4 gestedes or someone expensive signing 3 traores?
  7. Yeah we’ve only just got warnock but if the media is to be believed he’s barely going to be here 2 months. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are for who comes next, ive been proper out of the loop this season as I pretty much binned off football so I’ve got no idea who’s out there and who’s doing well etc. One we were linked with after Pulis left was Tim Walter, he was flying before being randomly sacked so he’s available. There’s stendel who I wanted to replace pulis but he wasn’t that great at barnsley. And of course we could stick with warnock ( I guarantee this is the route we go down). Any ‘under the radar’ suggestions?
  8. Same, the best I can think of is keeping us competitive after selling our 3 best players. However on the other side of that we replaced them with expensive dross so we probably could have done better had we bought better. Maybe he dealt with some dodgy football business men or sorted out some issues related to things we don’t even know exist, he’d certainly be capable with his vast connections in the game and character. He kind of reminds me of that local retired doorman with a feared reputation type of person lol.
  9. Anyone else think we will see pretty much the exact same team as pulis? Warnock is here to keep us up which means solid, clean sheets etc. I’d bet he’s been on the phone to pulis getting his opinion on the players and their best positions etc.
  10. Well we all ‘joked’ about woodgate becoming manager this time last year and look how that turned out....
  11. That’s what worries me, yes we’ve finally made the change now but god knows who we will end up with for next season if woodgate was the best option last summer. We could just as easily be back to square 1 with another terrible decision.
  12. Hopefully not, he’s awful
  13. A half decent manager would get goals from Roberts, Britt and tavernier. Not enough to get us in the play offs but enough to not be on the verge of relegation.
  14. Yep that’s the problem it’s seems that we just don’t do anything, we don’t have a solid defence and we don’t have an attack to make up for it. We just have to sit here and watch this slow motion car crash even though we got a once in a lifetime opportunity to press the pause button and fix things.
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