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  1. The scary thing is if we stay up or go down woodgate is still gonna be our manager next season.
  2. The guy who had the ball on the left, surrounded by our players who stood and watched him turn and lay it off. That’s where the blame lies for that goal.
  3. Pears has had more than a few good games and barely put a foot wrong. We have much worse problems than him in this club.
  4. Think forest have looked awful myself, how on Earth are they 4th!?
  5. Wing scored a goal wing scored a goal 30 yards or 40 yards everywhere we go Got denied my PPI (?) But wing scored a goal
  6. What does he actually say in that article other than a load of ‘positive thinking’ buzz words? If woodgate isn’t the problem then what is? The squad certainly isn’t as we have enough decent players to get a midtable team at least. If it’s not the players, the manager or the chairman then what? I’m honestly lost for ideas on that one.
  7. Do you honestly think we could pull that off? For a start I can barely get on the sky sports app to check scores during a game never mind order and pay for food. The kiosks are tiny and would need a designated pick up area.
  8. Finally I have some relevant info, I know someone who actually works as part of the stadium staff (not a kiosk worker) and the bottom pouring system has been brought up a few time’s but tptb dismiss it due to installation costs. They want everything on the concourse kiosks as cheap as possible and refuse to consider any radical change. To me it’s a bizarre stance, specially when you hear so many stories of people not getting served or people not buying because of how crap the stuff is. If it was me I’d treat the concourses almost as a totally separate business, you’ve got an audience of thousands totally captured and even willing to pay the extra mark up. I’d be willing to bet with a bit of effort applied, the concourse take on a match day could easily double. Your talking 10s of thousands of pounds and in this league that is almost on a weekly basis. I think having ordering from the stands and coming down picking up your stuff is fantasy land, a lot of the queues could be cut down by simply having 2 servers, one taking the money and one doing the drinks. You could even have someone going along the queue with a mobile POS system taking orders.
  9. Would it not be as simple as whatever we get for Britt would be spent on Toney? £8-10m sounds about right for what we’d sell Britt for. I’d guess Toney would be on less wages, plus gestede will be gone. So a saving on wages and no more payments for Britt would mean a better financial position ‘in theory’.
  10. The redbull thing didn’t come from that article or people putting 2 and 2 together. There’s a post started on this forum by SDS who clearly gets info, he mentioned a potential buyer looking at us and hinted at it being a drink company. Another ITk mentioned that mysterious helicopter at a game last season was people from redbull (if I’m remembering properly).
  11. Karanka or Mowbray DoF for me. Obviously there will be unknown options out there I haven’t really researched them all!
  12. That’s something else that annoys me that they think we’re gonna read crap like that and be like oh yeah everything is fine after all.
  13. I’d wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he sacked woodgate and replaced him with Leo. What a car crash that would be.
  14. Look at it from another way, those episodes of kitchen nightmares where Ramsay went to a restaurant that belonged in the 90s, on the wall are pictures of articles and awards from the 90s and you have the owner still clinging on to those times. First thing Ramsay does is tell him to either change or step aside.
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