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  1. Holy *** boys IVE FOUND ONE!! Middlesbrough are interested in Algeria international right back Mehdi Zaffane. The 27 year-old is available for free after his contract at Rennes expired. Nottingham Forest, Norwich City and Celtic are also reportedly interested.
  2. If howson is the rb maybe we will be sticking with the 352 where he actually did alright, or 343.
  3. So we could sell fry, flint, McNair, saville and braithwaite and bring in another £40m, surely could put together a decent transfer budget out of that!
  4. Not necessarily as villa have shown, however that would have to be a total take over rather than just extra investment.
  5. Probably someone crap like Ben Mee but possibly it’s Vydra as we clearly have a big interest in him. Tbh I think if we get £20m for fry that’s astonishing business, yes he’s got potential but wasn’t even nailed on starter last season. As someone said earlier snap their hands off.
  6. Oh look, a day of endless opinions and no rumours, finally a break from the insanity of the last few weeks.
  7. Think you need to lower your expectations about where we are and be realistic.
  8. Wow a football team went to a training ground and played football, cutting edge stuff. Why does it have to be ‘typical pessimism’? We have messed up badly and are seeing the results of it, that is just a fact. Am I not allowed to give my opinion on that?
  9. Never bought into all the interviews and training videos anyway, heard and seen it all before. So far we’ve seen nothing different than the norm. Rookie (cheap) manager appointed, transfer window seems to be another ground hog day. It’s just another summer of saying one thing and doing another.
  10. With braithwaite, Britt, fletcher and gestede on the books it’s unlikely.
  11. There’s nothing wrong with wishing to sign players, clubs can spend money on a player and do well out of it. Our problem is we have been really bad at it, it’s not like it’s a hindsight thing the likes of gestede, saville, hugill even flint had question marks over them from some fans at the time of signing. Clubs like ours have to adapt, we must use players as revenue generators, like traore, buy, develop, profit. If we were ruthless enough we could do the same with Randolph, sell for profit and replace with someone like Raya who went for £3.5m. Our problem seems to be replacing players and getting our first choice targets in. For me it goes all the way back to 09/10, we sold Johnson for £9m and wasted the lot on over paid Scottish league rubbish. weve just carried on from there. People can bleat on all they want about expectations or whatever, I have no expectations this season, I was happy enough to see us trying to get in the likes of Lowe, Dijksteel, Koroma, Yearwood. My whole issue is the terrible way we appear to run ourselves, wasting millions on players we don’t need/barely play, missing out on players, going for ex players, showing no invention at all in our recruitment. We pretty much got laughed at in the media by Millwall after we took saville. I know the ‘jokey’ thread title will have been partially inspired from what I posted earlier in the day but *** it I don’t care anymore, it’s my opinion and All I have to go on is what we see and that is zero progress, regression, terrible decision making right from the top, no strategy or future planning, our chief exec apparently being taken for a ride by and old manager and his agent, £40m worth of players sat on our books who either don’t look up to it, don’t want to be here or have barely even played (Saville, Gestede, Braithwaite, Flint, McNair, Fletcher) and selling off our 3 best players last summer and replacing them quite frankly with absolute dross, even including a token attempt for a former player. Laughable
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