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  1. Would be typical of us. One of the lowest scorers in the league, blows half the budget on a center back.
  2. I only managed to listen until just before they scored and up until that point at least it did sound dreadful. We didn’t seem to be doing much of anything and forest fans were booing their players for ‘sideways and backwards’ passing. That said it is a good point away at forest coming from behind.
  3. I never said we had a deal agreed for praet, I said we had a strong interest in signing him. Also some London journo tweeted after Ziyech had tortured spurs that we had him at our training ground that season we went up but decided against signing him in favour of Fischer.
  4. We had deals agreed for Mandi, Ziyech, Deleufeo, subotic which fell through for different reasons. Llorente was our number 1 striker target and we wanted a DM from Porto rather than De Roon. I remember Dennis Praet being quite heavily linked also with either his dad or agent mentioning interest from us in foreign media articles. Llorente and Deleofeu where Karankas choices, Ziyech was scouted but we went with Fischer for whatever reason. A front 3 of Ziyech, Llorente and Deleofeu would have been 10 times better than what we got! That said I didn’t mind Negredo, I thought he was far better than he got credit for and suffered from a horrible lack of support, supply and talent in that area of the pitch. By the end of that season I think he had contributed to 70-75% of our goals either scoring or assisting.
  5. Can’t imagine loans in January cost any where near as much as season long
  6. I always thought bamford was far better as a lone striker, if he played with Britt I could just see them both making the same runs
  7. It’s all a load of ***, our team is an experienced championship team, the majority of the players are the same players who finished 7th last season. Randolph is a top class keeper, Britt averages 15 a season, Ayala one of the most respected CB in the league, Howson is about as experienced as you can get. Also if they are going to use lack of experience as an excuse are they not going to counter that by pointing out Coulson has been one of the best performers this season?
  8. LinoJo3

    Steve Gibson

    Fine yes in this instance I’m supporting short term thinking, I think for once the timing is right for it, warnock until May is win win for all involved imo. I just can’t think of another alternative other than the ones I mentioned which are huge gambles and I’m not sure now is the time for that.
  9. LinoJo3

    Steve Gibson

    Your totally misunderstanding what I’m saying, I’m not supporting short term thinking but we just have to admit that now is the time for exactly that. And where did I say we dropped out and rebuilt? We’ve got every decision badly wrong since sacking karanka, I’m not supporting any of them. What I meant was dropping out of the championship in to league 1 is a totally different proposition and we have to avoid it at all costs. Warnock would achieve that and that’s what would make appointing him viable.
  10. LinoJo3

    Steve Gibson

    It wasn’t just those 6 games, we had a period of a few months after the first international break where we were awful. That was when he changed formation to 433 to accommodate Saville and hugill and persevered with it for ages. It wasn’t until Blackburn when fletcher came in and we went to 352 that we started getting results again. Pulis was awful, stop being blinded by league position and look at the team he had, specially in that first season. He blew the play offs, he blew £20m and went on to have one of the dullest seasons I can remember. Are we seriously supposed to celebrate finishing 7th in the championship ffs?
  11. LinoJo3

    Steve Gibson

    Because there’s a time where these kind of appointments are necessary and imo this is one of those times. This isn’t a premiership relegation fight where we drop down with a ton of money and rebuild, were closer to league 1 than ever and going absolutely no where. If woodgate isn’t the man then what do we do, who do we go for? I’d have stendel, I’d have a foreign league manager, Pearson and shakespear? they would all be huge gambles and we’d be stuck with them. We are just not in a situation where we can turn our nose up at warnock, that’s all I’m saying. He would all but guarantee safety and that is an improvement on what we have now. Yes I am in favour of long term plans, but hiring another local who said he wants to play attacking football at best is a poor, poor way of doing it and I don’t trust that the club has identified targets to come in and pick up where woodgate has left off. Warnock would be a safe choice and that’s what we need right now. The time for gambling was when monk left, Dean smith should have been brought in, the cowleys should have been brought in last summer. We have missed out on good candidates and the pool of options is now tiny. I’d love us to do what Huddersfield did when they went out and got Wagner, but can you honestly see that happening?
  12. Even if they make astute signings and get us into the top half premiership? At Leipzig they have done exactly what we need to do, got someone in to run the club and that guy has done a fantastic job, they may even put that guy in charge here as there is far more money to be made. We would be instantly relevant in football again if they took over. However I think the ideal option for everyone would be Gibson to change to a spurs type arrangement, put someone in to run the club, like his best mate Kenyon who seems to be sat around bored wanting to run a club. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen though.
  13. LinoJo3

    Steve Gibson

    I don’t see why anyone would turn their nose up to warnock? I mean I’d like to see stendel brought in, we SHOULD have brought the cowleys in, but now is not the time for another gamble. If we do change manager it will be the one shot we get at it and surely warnock is the sensible option? A contract till the end of the season, he keeps us up and we part ways is surely win win for everyone. Are people still worried about style of football when we are close to relegation to league 1 ffs?
  14. You do realise investors care little about size of fan base? The money that comes in from us pays the stadium and that’s about it, it’s a drop in the ocean. Look at the teams redbull have already, they were hardly giants of the football world when they took over. Redbull were interested in Sunderland after they got relegated and they were interested in us, why can’t people accept that someone might actually want to buy us haha. Some seem hellbent on proving how crap we are. The truth is we are ripe for investment at this exact moment, while we are a small club we have shown we can sustain ourselves in the premiership and have the infrastructure in place already. Our current predicament means we would be cheap to buy, changes to improve the club would be easy to make to anyone who has a clue and the investment in a good squad to get promotion is nowhere near as big as some would have you believe. Buyers get their return from the premier league money, you just need a clever one, redbull have a history of running clubs making them the least risky option.
  15. Yet Redbull came up for talks to buy the club. Sick of reading these types of responses, if you think we’re that *** and unattractive of a club why do you even bother?
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