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  1. Always thought Josh was the better of the murphys I’d be buzzing if we could loan him in.
  2. I’m not criticising, I’m just pointing out one of the changes I’ve noticed in the club. I don’t care enough to criticise anymore, I feel gibson is living off past glories with a large portion of the fan base. He’s a good chairman who won’t let the club fold or put us in danger but any ambition he used to have thats long gone. He’s found a formula that keeps us ticking along and is clearly sticking to it. I guess it depends what you want as a fan wether that’s a good thing or not.
  3. I think Downing sounded genuinely gutted about what happened here and while schwarzers complaint was a bit frivolous it does give add to the picture of how the club works. The annoying thing about that podcast was it felt like Downing wanted to really open up about them 2 seasons but Schwarzer moved on to Blackburn, would have been interesting to hear more. I think we’ve all noticed the change in gibson and the club which for me goes back to the Southgate days. Since then we’ve averaged almost 1 new manager per season, plus the fact he’s totally disconnected from the fans other than to dish out actual empty promises. Downing should be kissing Steve’s rear end yet all he could do was sigh in disappointment. I don’t doubt that it won’t be as one sided as he made out but was probably as revealing as we’re gonna get.
  4. I watched that interview and it sounds like he was really up for the move and gutted it never happened. I hope we try again as if warnock can get him firing I’d really fancy us for the play offs.
  5. It’s a bit surprising though, warnocks teams have always had a maverick in them and i though Roberts would be that guy here. Totally different player from the guy we seen last season.
  6. Birmingham getting halilovic by the looks of it, think he was mentioned here a while back.
  7. I think people are being a bit unfair on watmore describing him as ‘another body’. He’s got more about him than just that and can definately be a threat and make things happen.
  8. It does make sense because it takes away having even to look up before passing, for a midfielder under pressure that must be a huge help. But that just shows also how switched on they have to be, if they make a run up the pitch a second too late they will be out of position. I remember the secret footballer also said a similar thing ages ago. When you see players hit a cross field pass to apparently nobody and it goes out of play, it’s the other player that’s messed up as he was supposed to be there.
  9. It’s not about writing his whole career off, just that judging by his games last season he’s simply not ready to be a regular here. As I said a loan was the best move for everyone, it’s up to him now to prove himself and he will get the chance to do that. Tgeres so much more than just pure football ability, setting up for a game is almost like being in school. Taking mental notes of where you have to be on the pitch during different phases of play etc. If a player decides to take no notice then during the game they will disrupt the whole game plan. No manager will pick them. There was one player who did an interview a couple of years ago and mentioned a manager who would stop training sessions because a player was a couple of ft away from where he wanted him. I did wonder if it was Karanka he was talking about.
  10. Seen the same thing a million times before now, franks, Park, Walker (2009), grounds, luke Williams, Smallwood. Give them a chance, you can’t loan him out he can ‘do a job’, they need time to develop, best player from our academy in years, looks great in the u23s. Sorry but 95% of the time you can tell a mile off if an academy player will make the step up. Walker last season looked WAY off the pace, compare him to tav and Nathan wood who looked like they’d been in and around the first team for a season or 2. Yes Walker might come good after a loan spell, he needs it tbf to him. The point is would he improve our team or add something we don’t have? No he’d literally just be a ‘body’ in the squad, the best thing for the club and him as a player was to go on loan. I get that we all want our academy players to make it here but we have to accept that the majority of them won’t.
  11. You know usually I’d be moaning about us playing bad, but tbf I think this is as good as it’s going to get for us. As long as we keep plodding along picking up draws and wins then we will be in a good position come the end of the season. Who knows if we are in a similar position in January then gibson might be more willing to push the boat a bit and get a couple of better players in. I get the feeling anything can happen this season.
  12. Anyone got a link where I can even just listen to commentary?
  13. This kind of post is an embarrassment, same old lines of ‘pumping money in to keep us going’, ‘£1m per month’, ‘nobody else would do it’, ‘how dare you question the messiah’. Last time the accounts came out a couple of people on here who know that kind of thing pointed out gibson hasn’t put any of his own money in for years. I don’t particularly want to ‘abolish gibson’ but I can no longer support the way he runs the club. We have proven time and again to be behind the curve in almost every aspect, from player recruitment to fan engagement. I think it’s more than clear we have no plan or strategy for how we want to progress as a club (even before covid). I think it’s a bit cringey when the gazette still churn out the ‘best facilities in the land’ when they are on a propaganda push. Yes we have a nice set up but they still act as if all the other teams are still training on a field with portacabin changing rooms, we have been caught up with and in lots of cases surpassed. This is not 2005 anymore. My main argument against gibson is NOTHING to do with money, I actually think we do well financially for a club our size. My argument against him has always been the strategising. It’s VERY clear to me that since it no longer works to just throw money at the best players we have struggled badly. To put things into context remember when Strachan spent £9m one summer and people said we were buying the league. That was only 10 years ago. We are still that same club now, we need to change how we operate and adapt before we end up in a worse position.
  14. Nailed on to be Niasse imo, I’d be happy with him or sakho tbf. That said it will end up being some random German or something.
  15. I think you’ll find a growing group of people who simply never experienced any glory days under gibson. The 15/16/17 year olds and obviously younger going to the games now will only ever have known championship football. Whatever gibson did in the 90s means nothing to them. Those are the ones who will get more vocal imo.
  16. That’s fair enough but being so reckless in 2017 put us in the position of signing cheap league 1 players last summer. Ironically the monk summer was far worse than this summer. The level of incompetence to sanction spending nearly £40m on central strikers when we already had bamford, gestede and (wether he wanted to leave or not) Stuani at the club was staggering. We could have had an excellent attack that season with stuani, bamford and traore and just blew the budget on a left sided player.
  17. Indecision, he looked left and their lb was marked, turned inside and seen Saville blocking that route, didn’t want to hoof cos instructions. Ended up doing nothing.
  18. 95% of me thinks not a chance. 5% of me sees warnock retiring leaving 2 experienced coaches needing somewhere to work. A lot of people said woodgate needed some one experience behind him...
  19. I think the official line is if the original attempt is heading in then it counts as on target. If it’s heading off target and deflected in then it’s not a shot on target.
  20. How can you possibly be content with the way we’ve been going? The only positive I can see is having warnock in this situation and he has been badly let down regarding getting players in he needs.
  21. Can you show me the quote by these ‘some one here’ saying they expect us to play like city or Barca please I’m interested to read it! In all honesty I’m tired of these arguments, I’m tired of seeing people get criticised for daring to want us to attack a bit more, or even (god forbid) wish we’d improved the team. The thing I’ve noticed with this forum is it’s the polar opposite from fmttm, here you’re supposed to celebrate what we’re given, no matter how good or bad there will always be someone around to defend it, even the most ridiculous of decisions/results. I can’t believe I actually seen someone in this thread say ‘I don’t get the obsession with attacking’. Seriously? Like that’s what football is all about, attacking teams and trying to score. Wanting your team to be more open doesn’t HAVE to mean leaking goals left and right or trying to pass teams to submission. It’s as simple as swapping (for example) Saville or howson for tav or Roberts, letting a player or 2 make a run forward a bit earlier in a move. For 2 years now we’ve played totally devoid of ANY kind of inventive attacking shape or pattern. For 2 years we’ve failed consistently to adequately replace ANY of our list wide players. The fact that we have now resorted to playing a league 1 winger at lwb and then an attacking mid at rwb all because we once again couldn’t sign a *** full back or 2 just sums up how laughable we are. The fact that people here will not only defend the club but criticise those who point out these failings is just as laughable. So no, nobody is expecting us to play like city or Barca, that is just a terrible, bird brained, generic phrase to throw at people who have the nerve to point out a fault, simply because you can’t come out with any meaningful defence and that’s because there isn’t a defence. Anyone saying tav and Johnson shouldn’t be our wingbacks is right, Johnson is awful and tav is totally ineffective. Anyone who says we need to improve our attack is right, we are simply awful at attacking. Anyone who says we are dull to watch is right, no neutral in their right mind would watch us out of choice. We are a poor, boring football club, having woodgate as manager for a few months doesn’t get us off the hook, these big ‘recovery’ periods people think we need are a total myth and a coping mechanism. If another fan has the nerve to point this out and to not be happy with our recent performance as a club then I can’t do anything but agree with them. We’ve sunk into oblivion and are doing our best to stay here.
  22. Hardly gonna be ‘start of a new era’ type stuff is it, just more expensive incompetence.
  23. No and that’s the whole point now. We could get promoted and it would barely be worth celebrating, we won’t sign any exciting players or progress as a club. We could stay up or go down but in this current direction we will always be left disappointed, underwhelmed and just bored.
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