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  1. A lot more going on here than we know. I'd expect the Assistant Manager role is something AK is used to working as. A well known Assistant under Jose, AK will probably have a very good idea of the type of role he wanted Higgy to play. If he is not living up to this then we could have seen the beginning of a new regime. I don't buy into this one mistake and your out mentality. That's cod's wallop. My worry is the Assistant is often the buffer between the players and the Manager. When someone has a genuine grievance it can be a good Assistant to smooth things over; with Higgy gone it could be a
  2. Quite often the case when a player, Kamara, is signed by an outgoing manger, Mowbray, they never get their chance to bed in. To be fair to him a lot of the fans were rightly ticked off with his post that one time. Unfortunately he should have known how vehemently supportive the fans are of this club and it's chairman. Unlike our norther neighbors the club is the heart and soul of the community - I'm surprised Kei didn't realize that. He seems like a nice fella, but unfortunately he was always going to be on borrowed time as soon as AK came in, given the competition for his place. Good luck
  3. Loving the Kike assist - looking like a great buy that lad!
  4. I agree a lot with your sentiments there NB. I think were more likely to see Reach partner Gorgeous George down the left because as Weasel rightly highlighted Fulhams goal threat can well come from down the right side - in Hoogland you have a out and out wing back who may be allowed to bomb away down our right side. Reach is more defensive and less likely to loose his shape. Wildschut; i don't know. Reach could be pretty tired having played most of the last 6 games. He may have a chance at starting but we'll see What interests me the most is that we will have Dean Whitehead and Clayton fit
  5. Ok it was a bad result - as DS said, we have no divine right to win every game, and the pressure of playing a "struggling" team is always going to give us problems. Like I said before I think we will be back a*** the goals on Saturday. Although I think people need to chill a little, one game does not make or break your season this early in the season. We are still a relatively young squad, and couple that with the ole' contingent we still need some bedding in. The main point for me is that we didn't lose, a point which is already been made on here multiple times. I agree with a lot of folk
  6. After the heroics of Anfield I always felt these two games were going to be a big ask. The longer we go without getting defeated, the bigger a scalp we will be. Remember anyone in this division can beat anyone else. I would have liked 4 points from these two games, especially given the lower placement of the opposition. I think however, we always will raise our game for the bigger teams - remember what AK said, complacency is our biggest enemy this season.
  7. As we are all Boro fans I agree it hard not to get excited, however we are all waiting for the Boro of old to resurface it's ulgy head. Hopefully this year we will be hard to beat, with Dimi in goal and a sturdy defense, a even more fierce attacking third with bags of talent to pick from the only thing which may impede our success is as it is every season, Damia is a prime example, is injuries! If we can keep the core system which I now believe is going to be 4-4-2 after Saturday well stocked with rotation and rested players, who knows playoffs could be really achievable, dare we dream automat
  8. If we go 4-4-2 we will win a lot more games this season - natural wingers in Adomah, Carayol (when fit) Yan the man and Ledesma and three potential "centre" forwards in Kike Vossen and Tomlin with two natural box to box midfielders in Clayton and Leadbitter and the defense speaks for itself. I wonder how much playing time Bamford will get but I have high hopes of goals form all over the pitch once we have some continuity.
  9. Remember continuity is king. At the back end of last season we had a very settled and consistent team for a good number of weeks. With all the new signings, I am trying to temper my excitement, but I think 1-1 is smart money - I have voted for a win though, blind optimistic lol.
  10. Agreed. We all know Football is about opinions - unless your Shilton, Schmichael, or Schwarzer chances are you're going to have players who eternally transcend the line between quality and average at best. Steele is a young keeper, he hasn't really had the best time of it since AK arrived, perhaps it's is size, not small but not overly big. AK seems to like a presence between the sticks. Given was of similar stature to Steele but obviously has a lot more experience. We should be glad we have options even though I think Steele will be a good keeper one day. In the end look at Paul Robinson,
  11. We could be left with a bit of egg on our face this season, unless they don't sort out the continuity they need right about now. Ok the GK position is very very important, i'd go as far as saying GK and strikers win games, the rest of the team decide by how many. Meijas hardly played last season, Given was far an away the most outstanding GK we have ever had since Mark Schwarzer - if not better in my opinion. At the moment there are more questions than answers in the whole squad if you ask me. I'm a worrier lol.
  12. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Mr. Chipotle Ambassador.
  13. Let's be fair Hines has never been good enough...Squad player at best.
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