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  1. 1 win in 10. 0 wins in 7. Regardless of any situation, that's just simply not good enough. From Woodgate, the players, the club. Anyone. Right now it feels like we're going to "do a Sunderland." Something's got to change.
  2. You're mixing up 2 legends there: Carlos Marinelli and Arthuro Bernhardt
  3. Barring Randolph, Pears, McNair, Wing & Coulsen, I think every player should be available for the right price... So long as the money will.be made available for replacements. The Pulis hangover is not going to be fixed by the end of the season. So if we can get a decent price - even for so-far underwhelming, but talented players like Assombalonga and Fry - we should sell for the good of the season and the club. January isn't a good time for us to look to improve though. There's very little value for money. Looking at the Prem squads, there's some strong talents barely playing who may be available on cost effective loan deal. Including seasoned Championship players like El Mohammedy and Vydra who could make a squad-wide difference with their quality and experience, and both in positions which were currently very weak in. Even players like Mariappa who are seasoned, unsensational, but dependent could be key to us getting much needed point. Otherwise there's young players like Skipp, Mepham and Brewster who need playing time at this stage of their careers. They'd likely be cheaper options. It's the replacements which concerns me. We need to move players on, but I'm not confident in our ability to (a) identify replacements, or (b) genuinely make moves for anyone...
  4. Right. About to go do a matinee. When the show comes down, the window will be shut... Can everyone stop panicking so I don't have to read through 30 pages of inane bullshit to see if we've signed anyone? Cheers! ?
  5. Anyone who says that Britt hasn't been good enough is absolutely deluded. If we sell Britt without a replacement, I reckon that knocks us down the table at least 5 or 6 spots. Replace him with Ivan Toney and that's probably down 12 or 13 spots....
  6. I'd like a CB in on top of the RW/ST coming in... But, all told, it doesn't look awful. Especially if Hutton were to come in too. GK - Randolph / Mejias / Pears RB - Dijksteel / Hutton / Spence LB - Bola / Friend / Coulson CB - Fry / Ayala / Shotton / Friend / Wood CM - Clayton / Wing / McNair / Howson / Tavernier / Saville? WG - Browne / Fletcher / Johnson / *NEW LAD* ST - Britt / Fletcher / Gestede The likes of McNair, Coulson and even Shotton could cover extra positions than listed too. Then there's Reading, Malley, Wearne, Liddle and Walker could still be in contention. Only area I'd have any real concerns about would be the depth at Centre Half. EDIT: If Fry or Britt were to go though, that just highlights where we'd have major issues...
  7. When are you going to admit he ruined our squad and set us back years of development?
  8. What a signing from Everton... Moise Kean. And for a fee which could rise to just £14m more than what Brighton paid to sign Webster from Bristol City. Fantastic piece of business!
  9. The psychology behind it is that most players are right footed. So, subconsciously, players pass to other players right foot - or have to take another moments thought to process passing it to a player's left foot, and at this level, every split second decision counts. There's loads of managers and coaches who're wary of left footed keepers for the same reason.
  10. Yep. Read that too. Clubs, the FAs and the likes of UEFA and FIFA need to come down with the harshest penalties on fans, and, if necessary, the club involved if there's continued issues. It's not just racism either; Brighton fans started an awareness campaign about all the homophobia away fans throw at them and their team every single game. It's disgusting. Something drastic needs to be done. Frankly, this Christie incident is a Hate Crime, and should be reported as such. All evidence should be handed to the police and the two cretins who've commited it charged.
  11. Good to see the forward momentum yesterday, but I'm very, very concerned about our defending - especially given we play Brentford next week. As some have said - a natural RB and Fry would go along way to solidifying, but the lack of support from the midfield was a huge concern. Often big gaps between the defence and midfield, which Luton capitalised on well at times. More talented sides - and there's many in this league - will run riot with that if it's not sorted before long. Still, a point away at a very physical, well drilled Luton side who have made their home a fortress over the last few years. Some encouraging signs, some quite major concerns. Let's see what the next few games bring development wise.
  12. I was always 8. Played as a hard tackling (aka dirty), box to box midfielder. But that was in the 90s when every formation was 4-4-2.
  13. It absolutely is... also no bloody digs round there. Dread working in Reading. ?
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