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  1. Well if we don't have the money / the opportunity to bring in some genuine wingers, a wing-back system might have to be the best bet - both Coulson and Reading would suit that. Friend playing on the left of a back 3 would add a bit of mobility to play from the back. RWB position could be an issue then though... not really Shotton friendly and don't know much about Spence.
  2. Just putting 2 and 2 together, but if it is a LB - Burnley are set to complete a deal for Erik Peters in the coming days. Could free up Charlie Taylor from them?
  3. Don't judge Howson purely on the role he was forced to play under Pulis... We've not had a chance to see the lad for a prolonged period in his natural role, or at least in a footballing side suited to his talents.
  4. Probably Kovacic for Drinkwater and add Abrahams as competition for Batshuayi in back-up for Giroud. Even bloody stronger...!
  5. Chelsea will do well if Lampard is given the time. Even with an embargo their squad is strong. Pulisic was shrewdly signed as Hazard's replacement beforehand, and Lampard will promote youth - so their squad is still pretty remarkable. GK - Kepa / Willy / Blackman RB - Dave / Zappacosta CB - Luiz / RĂ¼diger / Christensen / Zouma LB - Alonso / Emerson CM - Kante / Jorginho / Mount / Drinkwater AM - Loftus-Cheek / Barkley LW - William / Hudson-Odoi RW - Pulisic / Pedro ST - Giroud / Batshuayi Even with zero additions, still a strong side. Plus there's players like Ampadu and van Ginkel not listed in there.
  6. So if it's 4-3-3, and Tav is seen at on option in CM: GK - Randolph / ??? / Pears RB - Shotton / Spence CB - Ayala / Flint CB - Fry / Wood LB - Friend / Coulson / Kitchen DM - McNair / Clayton CM - Howson / Wing / Malley CM - Saville / Tavernier RW - ??? CF - Assombalonga / Fletcher LW - Braithwaite? / ??? Genuinely doesn't look awful. And it's a side with plenty more creativity than it was when shackled by Pulis. Addition of a RW, competition on each flank - an upgrade in one/two positions and we'd be okay. There's many varied options and mixes available from those 7 CM options.
  7. Nah. Bet it was all Martin Braithwaite's fault..
  8. Next Doncaster manager?
  9. 18th October 1986 Middlesbrough 3-1 Walsall Archie Stephens scored the first goal. Got a brace that day.
  10. Another player we were linked with years back... Do we just recycle the same.lists over and over? Or are the media just putting 2 and 2 together and getting 42?
  11. Let's ask @SmogDane - he's the expert in such matters. SD?
  12. We're signing the wrong one... Macaulay Bonne would've been a better choice in my opinion.
  13. Story from Blues fans in Brum is that Monk was angry about the sale of Jota over his head, as well as the impending sale of others - including Che Adams - again, without his being consulted. Add to that the awful way the ownership dealt with things last season... Monk was pushed before he walked - that's the claim. Another manager who overachieved there being pushed out.
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