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  1. Anything that helps us bring in Bolasie permanently, eh? 🙃
  2. That can be because that's what they've been told to do by a manager though... Remember seeing an interview with a full back - I think it was one who played under Plus at Stoke - who was saying exactly this. That the fans would say to him "why didn't you do [X], [y] or [z] " - and the reason was that they'd been expressly told by their manager to do exactly what they had on the pitch, and how frustrating it was as a player. You get it in the neck from fans when you're only following orders, but if you do what the fans want you're given a barrage from the gaffer and unlikely to play the ne
  3. I'll happily give it a go - though I have no idea if I'll be snowed under with work or entirely free through the summer, so will have to just do my best to keep up?
  4. We could actually do worse than to bring in James Collins as a back-up Target Man, so long as we brought in a main guy up top too. 10 goals and 3 assists this season in a poor Luton side (a contribution every 192 mins), which is an improvement on contributions from his tally last season - 14 goals, 3 assists. He's not Hollywood in any way, shape, or form. But he suits Warnock's system and style (holds up the ball, good in the air, contributes defensively), would be on far cheaper wages than the likes of Diedhiou, and if it meant we could bring in another player elsewhere it could mean a s
  5. Aye, we were linked with Gregg Cunningham in both windows, who nearly fits this bill. Though he's a bit more if a LB I'd say - or a left hand of a back 3. Warnock clearly wants players who can play more than one position.
  6. Wayne Hennessey was the.one who did the Nazi salute wasn't he? If so, nailed on we'll sign him...
  7. Thing is, we've heard time and time again throughout his stay here how popular and important Assombalonga has been in the changing room. He's a popular figure within the squad. You also hear nothing but good reports about Fletcher... Until Warnock takes charge. I've never liked Warnock as a person. I've defended him a little on here for the work he's done - especially with players like Dijksteel and Bola. But for a considerable time now performances have been substandard, tactics and team selections have been baffling, and some of our most influential players have been hounded in public.
  8. I think Chuba has every right to not want to play for Warnock after his comments about him a few weeks back...
  9. Well I'm going from the official court documentation, which with all due respect I'll accept over your memory mate. Even Evans' representatives are quoted in the retrial mentioning her alcohol intake, so it just doesn't make sense. It's also worth noting that Evans wasn't found innocent, or not guilty in the retrial. Only that the case of the victim hadn't been proven, in their view, beyond reasonable doubt. So he's not innocent in the same way she's not guilty.
  10. Where on earth are you getting the supposed report that there was no alcohol in her system the next day? Even Evans commented on her drinking in his testimony. Yes, she also tested positive for cocaine and cannabis, but there's nothing in the official court records regarding any evidence as to what you suggest.
  11. I don't know... Probably a local non-league team? Though my local side had Lee Hughes playing for them a couple of season back... So maybe not them!
  12. Firstly, it comes back to being drunk is not consent - and the evidence the court heard about who she had been spending time with that evening, which was not Evans. I'll also point out again the discrepancy of the statistics of rape convictions in our courts before the next part. The sentence for lying in court is a prison sentence. Up to around 5 years I think, off the top of my head? If she was believed to have lied about it, she'd have been found guilty. But she wasn't. The way our courts handle rape cases - and the very simple, clear laws on consent, needs looking at as a matter
  13. Actually, DZ, it is the same. The law states it has to be unequivocal.
  14. Consent cannot be implied. It's the actual law. And, yes, consent should be received for each action when it's with a new partner. Absolutely. And many women actually find it beneficial in the act and feel more at ease and comfortable. Consider this. If you are/were married, and your wife was passed up drunk. What would your sleeping with her amount to? Would you do it? I'd hope the answer is no. And why? Because it's rape. Marriage doesn't quantify consent, let alone going to a hotel room.
  15. Still - going to a hotel room is not consent. Anything less than a hard "yes" is not consent. Consent cannot be assumed, ever.
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