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  1. I think this forum needs to remember that opinions are mostly within the grey scale and not just black and white...
  2. Matcalfe is highly rated I believe. Will be good to see how he gets on.
  3. Problem with signing Forest Green players though is you don't know how they'll perform if not powered by a vegan diet. 🙃
  4. I think the 3 forwards we'll get will be Gayle, McGoldrick, and one of Archer or Armstrong. Unless we make a marquee signing up top. That one would replace Gayle I'd say as the loan of Archer/Armstrong would be cheaper to offset the spending.
  5. He did a brilliant interview a few months (years?) back about mental health. The lads had his fair share of issues, and the furore surrounding him heaped more on top of those. He went to play at the amateur level, got his head straight, found his focus and his love for football again. I'm just glad to see that lad wearing a shirt and playing the game. Fair play to him.
  6. Can't we get José Luis Chilavert out of retirement...? Sweeper keeper and set pieces sorted all in one. 👌🏻
  7. I voted Iversen - but only if it was a permanent deal. Steffen is a good GK, but I'd prefer to buy a good young keeper rather than loan. Butland or Darlow would be other options I'd be happy with as purchases.
  8. Off topic - where do I write a suggestion about these sodding ads that block almost half the screen on mobile? 🙄
  9. If Bola is looking set to leave, that would make sense of the Robbie Brady links. Get some cash in for Bola, bring Brady in as an experienced head and competition for Giles, use the extra funds to strengthen other areas of the squad. Downside would mean us likely needing to sign two LWBs next season...
  10. I think it's more to do with individuals. Coupled with the fact that adapting to somewhere like London, Birmingham, or Manchester is much easier for foreigners because there's more pockets of multi-culturalism - you can find people from most cultures in/around those cities, or at least from similar regions. Having moved from Middlesbrough to the Midlands, the difference in terms of that is enormous. My GF is foreign, and I don't think the sheer scale of the Cultural Difference thing is fully understood by many Brits. She's been to Middlesbrough and liked it, but definitely would struggle
  11. Darlow would be a very good keeper at this level. Very happy if this one works out. Darlow with Roberts to challenge is a God send compared to last term.
  12. Tbf, I've not done it as in depth as that with who's on what side. Just bodies. Couldn't be arsed to do anything more detailed. 😂🙃
  13. Payero was homesick at times last season. 18 months back in South America, come back when he's 25 and perhaps more prepared - if that's the deal, we clearly see a player there worth investing in and not getting shot of, but equally understand that his development might be better suited on loan until he gets his head straight. It *could* be a masterstroke. It *could* be a disaster. Only time would tell (if true, of course) But, if we are considering McNair a DM option, we still have 2 for each midfield position: DM - McNair / Howson CM - Tavernier / Boyd-Munce CM - Crooks / McGree
  14. Not really - there was a question about if we had to lose an asset to fund more acquisitions, which would it be - with a list of players. My post was in response to so many saying "McNair." I'd go as far as to say lose McNair, lose our hopes of promotion. He's a central figure both on and off the pitch.
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