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  1. Sorry for the radio silence - my sideline job is working in my local pub and prepping re-opening and working to the guidelines has taken up every day and every ounce of energy...
  2. Interestingly, looking at win percentage of our manager history, this is what it tells us: 1 - Harold Shepherdson (52.94%) 2 - Aitor Karanka (47.06%) 3 - Garry Monk (46.2%) 4 - Jack Charlton (45.6%) 5 - Andy Walker (45%)
  3. Aye, they have - fair play to Ben Mee, James Tarkowski, and Sean Dyche for their responses. All were far from manufactured virtue signalling phrases too - each spoke genuinely from the heart and with such compassion and empathy. Was quite beautiful to see. Football and footballers get a bad press, but to a man I think we've seen a brilliant response from the game and the Black Lives Matter movement. It's been far more than just the old 'stick on a T-shirt' of old.
  4. Not gonna lie. I can't stand Warnock as a human being. But hopefully he gets enough out of our players to keep us the Championship and then we find a younger, hungrier less ****ish coach to take us forward. He's a huge SG fan, so will work hard to do his bae proud at least. (Edit: Also said I couldn't stand Woody as a human being and he was thick as ****. Hope this doesn't follow the same trajectory 😅)
  5. Stendel seems like a bit of a snake... I'd be looking at young assistant managers and coaches who've worked under well established talented managers. We're unlikely to attract the Man Utd and Real Madrid types of old, but someone like Jason Tindall at Bournemouth has a lot of tactical knowledge and is very highly thought of. Would've said Nicky Butt before the assault charges... Other than that, go down the route of a manager who has a proven track record of operating within a tight financial structure and utilising the academy. Mark Robins at Coventry (if we stay up) has done exactly that, and on a far tighter budget. Some of the kids he's brought through have done a good job. Another option - follow the German tactician revolution. The reality? Gibson would refuse to take a manager already at a club... Mick McCarthy, anyone? Has the Gibson stamp of approval all over it...
  6. After today's ridiculousness, can we just burn Burnley to the ground please?
  7. @Blanco -***Edited, no longer needed***
  8. Oh well. It'll be nice to have an NE derby again next season with Boro vs. Sunderland. Some exciting away days at Doncaster, Blackpool, Accrington, and Milton Keynes to look forward to too!
  9. Glad you're feeling better, BB. Puts football, no matter how dire, into perspective.
  10. Missed that... But just makes my feeling about relegation that little more succinct...
  11. So Ayala won't be playing for us again...
  12. Aye, can see that thinking. It depends whether it's quality or psychology wins out with such a huge amount of games in so little time. I can see Bowyer getting his lads proper motivated for it, whereas we've just looked passive. Hope I'm wrong... Would be very happy to be!
  13. Gronkjaer was close for me. Laudrup was a phenomenal player, but did very little at Chelsea. A brilliant Scandi player, but not for his time in the Premiership.
  14. I'm just going to be honest... I see us going down. I don't see Woodgate having enough about him to get us through such a tight period of games.
  15. We only win things we actually qualify for. 😉
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