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  1. Don't forget Bolasie and Smith. They're "done deals" too. Must be on the same flight as the Croatians. ðŸĪ”
  2. I thought it was quite a hot response personally... 🙃
  3. Alright lads. I'm happy to let you crack on. You all seem to be having a quail of a time.
  4. Can we stop of the yolking around please? Albumen smack the lot of yas if you don't stop.
  5. Legit checked to see if this was a haiku... Spoiler: it's not.
  6. Looks like The Ass might be playing up top alongside Balotelli next season...
  7. Tuesday 6th July Italy 2 Spain 1 First Goalscorer - Lorenzo Insigne Total Card Points - 5 Wednesday 7th July England 2 Denmark 0 First Goalscorer - Harry Kane Total Card Points - 3
  8. One of me and Marv is going to have to get at least the goal difference right in the England game... Otherwise God only knows how you'll separate us, Youngy! 😂
  9. Not looking too shabby... McNair playing a kind of sweeper role linking the midfield and defence, Tav transitioning into the front line - the option of Morsy or Howson to steady things in tougher games.
  10. Always excited about an unknown South American playmaker like... ðŸĪŠ Worth taking into account with Ikpeazu that he's just coming into his prime. We're more likely to see a build from his play last season than a regression, and if he has players like Taverner, Watmore, Peyero around him, he'll likely be given a lot more chances in front of goal. When you watch his overall play, he's a better player than his stats suggest. Also offers a lot more as a Target Man than any of our strikers from last season, so we'd be able to link play a lot better. I'm cautiously optimistic with him.
  11. Scout: Gaffer, we've found you a striker... NW: Is he over 6ft like I asked? Scout: No boss. NW: Is he an absolute ****house like I asked? Scout: No boss. NW: Is he at least a footballing neanderthal as per my preference? Scout: No boss. NW: Then why the **** do you think I'd be interested? Scout: He's a bit of a **** with a questionable attitude and checkered history, boss. NW: Perfect! Get him signed lad.
  12. Friday 2nd July Switzerland v Spain 2-3 Belgium v Italy 1-1 Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic v Denmark 1-2 Ukraine v England 1-3
  13. You've tagged Marvin twice, Youngy. Against me and RiseAgainst.
  14. I remember that... It was not long after some daft occurrence he had with either shisha or laughing gas. Boro fans were vehemently against it.
  15. Having seen @Barnaby's topless pic, I can now confirm this is the OneBoro version of OnlyFans. 😂
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