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  1. That's probably the fee to buy after a loan, so incorporates the loan fee into the equation.
  2. Absolute legend. Orri Freyr Oskarsson. Nabil Abidallah. Jon Roi Jacobsen. 3 cheap legends in different years there!
  3. Happy with bringing in that St. Gallen keeper so swiftly if it does go ahead. Having players all-but lined up already is a positive sign of progress on the recruitment front. Randolph has been the best keeper we've had in the Championship. In fact, maybe the best keeper the league has seen in quite some time. Without him, we'd have been nowhere last season. Good luck to the lad and I hope he makes the GK shirt his own now he's back at West Ham.
  4. I don't think a keeper should be priority if Randolph leaves. It takes guts to stick with young players, but Pears has earned his place in the side. He's not the finished product. He's not infallible. But he's done what's been asked of him. Mejias is fine as cover. An emergency loan is always an option with a keeper too, if needed. I think it's vital we add at least one permeant transfer who adds something to the squad and something for us to carry on building with next season. Ben Gibson or no, I'd not be spending £2m on a loan fee for any player at this stage and with our finances. Hopefully we've scouted sides like Rochdale, Coventry and Colchester who've brought through some solid young talents in recent years. I wanted Macaulay Bonne in the summer (ex-Colchester, then Leyton Orient), and he's done well at Charlton. Frankie Kent has looked good at Portsmouth. Rochdale's young lads have proven themselves against Newcastle today. There's a lot of talent in the football league, and it's there for nurturing at Boro's benefit.
  5. Good to see what a few wins and some good young prospects can do to the place. Hopefully next year with Woody as well as.the young lads like Spence, Coulson and Tav having an extra years experience under their belts we can look to build from here. Good news also that it frees up the likes of O'Neill and Walker to go out on loan and get regular first team football. Bring them back and into contention next season.
  6. I reckon Gestede is here until the end of the season... And Woody will use him. Nmecha I can see being used in rotation as a striker / winger on either side. Clarke + a CB in, likely on Loan, and I reckon we're looking quite solid. (LP - Nicked your site. Like it better!)
  7. Depends how much width we'd be playing with up top. But I'm guessing he's been signed as a wide forward and cover for Fletch. I'm resigned to Britt going.
  8. Striker / Wide Forward Has been on loan at Wolfsburg from Man City, but rarely played. Represented England and Germany at youth level. At Preston last season. Looking at the stats; Scored 3, Assisted 8 - averaging a contribution every 211 mins.
  9. *Actively ignoring Nunthorpered* Clarke - Maddison - Roberts As a three behind Fletcher/Parrot would be the stuff that cream is made of... Where is CF nowadays!?
  10. They could do with him... It's touch and go between wether I'd rather Dibble or Nylund between the sticks. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Similar to my thinking. The key players are the likes of Howson, McNair, Tavernier and Wing who allow us to switch between 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and 5-3-2 with just the fluidity of 1/2 players.
  12. But surely Wing/Tav would be the more advanced options? Neither is a traditional No. 10 in the Karanka fashion we know; it wouldn't be the same system. Only in numbers. A central 3 of Howson, McNair and Wing/Tav would have a good balance I reckon. An anchoring/covering defensive mid (Howson/Clayton), a linking mid (McNair/Sav), and a more creative/threatening mid (Wing/Tav).
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