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  1. It's all good man - in a bit of a mood myself this morning for various reasons, Boro related and no 😅. Given you a like to get you a little rep point. 👍🏻
  2. I'm basing that on what we saw of him in a Boro shirt. There were several fans who wanted him in the match day squads at the beginning of the season - based on what we'd seen with our own eyes in pre-season. He didn't get a look in once Bola came.
  3. I thought midway through "why the *** didn't we keep Paddy Reading?" Coulson is more effective further forward. Johnson is okay (/mediocre?) further up the pitch, but his defending is lacking. Reading would've offered something a little different behind Coulson as a further option. I'd be tempted with Spence at RWB, then Howson in CM in place of McNair.
  4. Ancelotti on United: "... When a team has an idea, that is the manager's job." So when a team doesn't have an idea...? As is the case with us? 🤦‍♂️
  5. On their equaliser - if that was Grabban vs. A centre back, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. It doesn't suddenly become a foul just because it's a goalkeeper. It was a fair goal.
  6. Overall, a decent performance. And, solitarily, a decent result. In the grander scheme of this season though? Sadly not enough. We simply cannot control a game from any position. We lack intelligence. In all aspects of our play. We appear sluggish, but much of that in indecision and lack of creativity and flair.
  7. Remember when, at the start of the season, Woodgate said the goal was "Promotion. Obviously." Or something along those lines? Yeah... Suddenly we're expected to forget that.
  8. For me, it's by looking for a manager who is willing to give youth a chance and develop them into talents who can play a part in the first team and eventually find bigger moves elsewhere. That's got to be the model right now with our financial situation as in. Mark Robbins has done a phenomenal job with Coventry on a shoestring budget and with a solid stream of academy products coming through. Has the potential to be taking them to the Championship this season though. There's managers out there who have done more with less than we have.
  9. Because we're *** and heading to League One with him at the helm. So we may as well be likely ***, but with someone in charge who we'd be more confident in building something regardless of what league we're in. Woodgate should not be here in 2020/21. End of. Get rid now while there's still even a remote chance of a turn around.
  10. Bottom. ***. Three. In no way, shape, or form should this club or squad be in this position. It's an absolute travesty. On the 16th anniversary of our first ever trophy win to drop within touching distance of League One is just horrendous. Something's got to give.
  11. Uwe beat you to that joke CT... You must be devoed.
  12. I'm currently just feeling resigned to us being in League One next season. The likes of Huddersfield, Wigan, Luton and Barnsley have upped their game - their managers have doubled down their efforts and found ways of making things work and inspiring their players. Woodgate hasn't given us a single hope that he's capable of doing that for us. I've rarely seen a manager so lacking in intelligence in the decisions he makes in team selections and during games. Either way though, we need a new manager. Someone who we will have faith in to build something regardless of what division we're in. Jonathan Woodgate simply isn't that man. I usually pride myself on my ability to see the positives where Boro are concerned. I've not been able to do that with Woodgate at any point.
  13. No. It's been confirmed we have no financial interests in any future sale of Traore.
  14. Glad the young lads are heading out on loan. Hopefully do well and come back to battle it out for the match day squads next term.
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