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  1. Well... What a ****heap of a day...

    I don't get to follow much in Lockdown as I spend 7.5 hours online tutoring on saturdays - but having watched back? Jesus Christ.

    Our play-off hopes are diminishing. If we don't make it, I'll be rooting for Barnsley. The turnaround under Ismaël is nothing short of incredible. They're also the only other viable northern club in contention...

  2. 4 hours ago, Old Codger said:

    Our situation is more like the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities..  it was the best of games.. it was the worst of games..  passes of wisdom, passes of foolishness. displays of belief and displays of incredulity, the season of light and the season of darkness, the autumn of hope and the January of despair...  who said culture was dead 🙂 

    Dickens and Shakespeare? Wouldn't get this level of cultural reference on FMTTM. 😉

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  3. 6 hours ago, Blanco said:

    Defenders, Full backs, Midfielders.......

    Lend me your ears 👂.......

     I dunno billy a bit of Shakespeare and we could claim to have a cultured defence 😃

    He was our keeper, faithful and just to us:

    But Warnock says he was calamitous;

    And Warnock is an honourable man.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Changing Times said:

    Didn't some of that happen before Warnock ever showed up, and wouldn't it all have happened regardless of who the manager was?  Some players were sold, some left when their contracts expired, a couple will likely leave when their contract expires this summer, and a couple have been kept on like Howson and Johnson.  I'm not even sure you could call some of the players who have left losses.  We were glad to be shot of them.

    Perhaps. But a player like Howson signing on a lesser contract, Fletch being offered a lower deal and considering it, and Marvin Johnson re-signing and actually contributing aren't exclusive of who the manager is. Getting players like Dijksteel and Bola to play as they have, and even getting the best out of McNair, are firmly on Warnock's doorstep. Even look at Fry now compared to when people were writing him off over the last 2 years. Then add to that the Watmore deal. And signing our first genuine wide players for *** knows how long.

    What happens in logic and what happens in reality aren't always married. Again, Pulis' tenure being a case in point.

    If I were Gibson? I wouldn't have offered him a deal right now. But it's quite easy to see why he has. And it's quite easy to see what Warnock has done here in a short, tumultuous period. It's a 'safe' decision. Not exciting. But at a time when all football clubs at this level are struggling to meet financial demands, you can absolutely understand going for safety.


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  5. 4 hours ago, Changing Times said:

    We were more competitive under Pulis, and just as competitive under Monk.  The only diabolical decision he has helped to turn around was the one to appoint Woodgate, and that was only made because Pulis turned Gibson down, and Gibson thought he could get away with giving it to Woodgate.

    I didn't mean we weren't competitive under Monk and Pulis - as you say, certainly did mean Woody. The issues he's helped turn around for Monk and Pulis are more financial; insane wages, high transfer fees on mediocre players. He's essentially done the job which Pulis claimed he'd be doing, whilst actually just lining his own pockets.

    Stability is the most succinct word for it I think. In different ways compared to different tenures, but now at least stable in a higher percentage of aspects. I'm not a fan of the guy, but I am thankful for the work he's done so far. 

    I also think he's benefitted from there being no fans in the stadium. Less 'in your face' reviews of the style of football played.

  6. Warnock has saved us, to be fair to him. Yes the football is dire. Yes he's a bit of a ***. But he's turned around the diabolical decisions of the Monk, Pulis, and Woodgate eras and made us competitive again.

    One more year. Let him keep consolidating the turnaround. Then, we move forward. That's the hope. 

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  7. On 3/2/2021 at 7:37 PM, DanFromDownSouth said:

    Could go for his successor at Ostersunds Ian Burchnall. The season after Potter left he basically got exactly the same points and position in the league as they did the season before. The 2nd season was marred by off field issues, the chairman getting jail time amongst a lot of uncertainty.

    A decent call - but, as always, Gibson won't chas3 a guy who's already in a management job. So we can almost certainly discount brining in a young, blossoming boss from a lower level - which would be my personal preference. Someone like Ryan Lowe would be on my list, or try to tempt Valérian Ismaël from Barnsley - but I can't see it with Gibbo.

    I don't see names like Howe or Lampard being realistic options. And without poaching, there's not much available. My bet would be we end with an appointment like David Wagner or Mark Hughes and just follow along that similar, well trodden path. 😑

  8. To be honest, I don't think it really matters what XI we'd play with everyone fit, because it's unlikely to happen. The key is going to be how well we rotate, and the strength and depth of our forward players means we can do that far, far better.

    All clubs have an insane fixture pile up, so it.truly is a squad game more so than ever before. NML and Bolasie will take time to reach match fitness, and Watmore arguably isn't quite there yet anyway - but having Kebano, Tav, and Johnson in there to keep vitality is going to be key.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, LinoJo3 said:

    Think I’d have bolasie as a LW, that’s where he seems to have played most of his football.

    Aye, could have Watmore on either side tbf. He's played from the Left move often for us, but they could.easily be interchangable. NML can play either flank too, so even gives us the options to switch mid-game and test opposition FBs.

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  10. Just now, TLF10 said:

    I must confess I thought Kebano was a right winger but quick search suggests he a attacking midfielder/possibly a no.10?

    Anyone know where his natural/most effective position is?

    He's a natural No. 10, but was very effective cutting in from wide for Fulham in the back end of last season.

    He's been on the fringes of Fulham's side for a while, but everyone he's been given a chance he's had absolutely unplayable moments. Instrumental in their Play Off games. 

    Give him a Free Role and he'll create us some.good chances. 

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