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  1. All the windows we've cried out for wingers and we're now going to be laden with the buggers!!! Where's the bloody defenders! 😂
  2. I'm not... There's literally no other LB cover! I'm not counting Johnson...
  3. Aye, mentioned him this morning. He'd be perfect... But doesn't seem likely now.
  4. Josip Simunovic is a free agent CB? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Aye, same. We desperately need a CB... Especially as Hall is seemingly made of glass. Wonder who's available as a free agent... Off to Transfermarkt I go!
  6. I hope to god bringing in width means a move to playing a number 10... But I can't see it under Warnock. Could even work with only NML coming in today: GK - Bettinelli / Archer / Brynn RB - Dijksteel / Fisher / Spence CB - Fry / Wood CB - McNair / Hall LB - Bola / Coulson CM - Morsy / Hackney CM - Howson / Saville RW - Bolasie / Mendez-Laing 10 - Tavernier / Akpom LW - Watmore / Johnson ST - Fletcher / Assombalonga Not a huge switch from what we've played, but would mean we could play the ball through the side rather than just hoofing it into the channels.
  7. Kamara is definitely different to what we have. Good in the air, strong on the ball, and with it at his feet. Likes to close down defenders and defend from the front too, so Warnock will be a fan. He suits our system better than Britt whether coming in from wide or playing centrally. And if it's a loan, it's low risk. He's likely been our target in case Britt stays as he fills two of our needs - another option out wide, and a more physical, aerial presence up top.
  8. Oh aye, when we had that generation of youngsters who got banned from just about any night life area of Teesside! Downing, Bates, Williams, Johnson, Cattermole. Even got banned from Stockton... Remember seeing masses of police!
  9. I'm wary of Mendez-Laing, however he did come across well, and seemed genuinely repentant, in a recent interview. Spoke about his depression before and after his sacking, and how much work he's done on his mental health with his time away from football. Obviously none of us know with any confirmation exactly what went on. But even with the rumours, I'd rather have him than someone like Ched Evans. Warnock knows the lad. If he believes he's turned a corner, then we should have at least initial faith in his assessment. Likely any deal will be heavily laden with clauses based around behaviours too. From a footballing perspective, it makes a lot of sense.
  10. That's one of the more likely names of the '3 striker list' we heard about yesterday. Diedhiou, Glatzel, and Juke seem to be the most likely contenders for that, so looks like it might be down to 2.
  11. I still think Britt to Bristol City will happen. Britt will want his future secure given how awful Free Agents have found getting a deal during this pandemic. My predictions: OUT: Assombalonga (Bristol City) Wing (Preston) IN: Diedhiou (Bristol City) Phillips (Liverpool; Loan) Reckon we'll have some disappointment on the wings with both Grosicki and Hoilett falling through.
  12. I could do... I'd rather not personally 😂 Hopefully as you say a physical striker can jump in there! I'd prefer Phillips to Grosicki as I think we need a more natural wide right option, but looks like Gros is the one who's going to be available. Still an considerable upgrade in terms of options. Would personally prefer us to to bring in a CB on loan rather than sign another CM. Assuming if it's a maximum of 3 in tomorrow that is.
  13. If Britt goes, this is how we look in terms.of squad depth currently: GK - Betinelli / Archer / Brynn RB - Dijksteel / Fisher / Spence CB - Fry / McNair / Wood / Hall / Dijksteel LB - Bola / Coulson / Johnson CM - Morsy / Howson / Saville / Wing / Tavernier / Hackney RW - Bolasie / Tavernier / Watmore 10 - Tavernier / Roberts / Akpom LW - Watmore / Johnson / Bolasie ST - Fletcher / Akpom
  14. If we do sell Coulson, is Johnson the cover for Bola? I don't see it selling Bola for that very reason. He's our only proper LB cover. Looking at the squad, if Britt goes, we still have Fletch and Akpom even before signing a replacement, with Bolasie and Watmore providing wide attacking play. Wing could leave if we signed a striker. Have Tav as a 10 with Akpom as cover/rotation playing a deeper role where his off-the-ball strengths would be better suited and we can keep him from shooting as much... 😂 Or Roberts, if he stays. Hackney could step up as the 4th CM if we started playing with a 10, which seems to be the way we're moving. A winger, a centre forward, then a CB on loan - that would be my order of priority tomorrow. With Assombalonga, Wing, and Spence as three I'd be allowing to leave.
  15. Their fans are kicking off at AK down here... They adore Juke. They've been worried about this ever since Karanka took over.
  16. If it's still 3 out, the most likely candidates given cirucumstance and rumours would be Spence, Wing, and Assombalonga in that order.
  17. Well we've just signed Fisher. He can grab a game by the balls. We all know what Donald can do... 🙀
  18. Lansbury's a decent CM. But we're full to the brim with 'decent' CMs. Don't think he'd be an upgrade on Morsy/Howson/Saville/Tav. Perhaps on Wing, but wouldn't seem a shrewd move.
  19. Not Boro related, but... The (potential) AC Milan Left Back legacy: from Paolo Maldini to Achraf Lazaar. Jesus Christ, what a journey that is...
  20. With just two signings we now have viable options for a 4-3-3, 4-3-2-1 and 3-5-2. It gives Warnock more flexibility and allows him to have stronger sides even when rotating the squad. Two very shrewd acquisitions both tactically and financially.
  21. I thought he signed a deal in 2018 which was 3 years + 1 year option? Would mean he's unlikely to leave too cheap, but as a 30 year-old CB I doubt he'd cost too much.
  22. Morrison from Cardiff is a possibility. A Warnock favourite. OOC in the summer.
  23. Some selected bits: " Selling Darnell for 300k to a Championship rival isn’t the brightest of ideas?" "It’s been alluded to on here that Neil rates him, but those above don’t" "Depends on how good you think Darnell is. I just want someone that doesn’t have to be subbed every game due to being at risk of sending off." "Strange season... before we started we would have all agreed that; Fisher, Davies, Pearson, Johnson would all be first on the team sheet. We’re going in to the second half of the season without 3 of them..."
  24. I was thinking this. Dijksteel as the first choice RB, but who moves inside if McNair or Fry aren't available. Fisher at £300k is a good deal. Established Championship RB getting towards his prime. Pretty low risk deal.
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