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  1. I thought (and talked) long and hard about this, and my personal summary is this: If We Stay with Gibson: The club is owned by 'one of our own.' A true Boro fan who helped us through some of our darkest times, and led us to some historical moments. However, I do believe we find ourselves in somewhat of a Catch 22 situation. The club need more income. How do we get more income? From getting to the Premier League. How do we get to the Premier League? Easiest way is to spend money; money which we don't have in the required quantities. The best hope we have under the current system is to somehow squeeze ourselves up into the Premiership - that way, even if we get annihilated and come straight back down, we'll have the money from the parachute payments to help us financially; and we'd hopefully be more frugal with them next time round. Even if this process repeated a few times, we'd be in a better financial position to maybe help take us to the next level on a more solid grounding. The reality is that the longer we stay in the Championship, the worse financial state we will find ourselves in as the club will just lose it's appeal to fans & players alike as time goes on. Facilities such as Rockliffe Park and our Top Grade Academy were not truly designed to operate on Championship budgets. Neither was the Riverside Stadium. The reality is that the infastructure of Middlesbrough is that of a Premiership club, and getting back to that level is the only way of guaranteeing our financial future under Steve Gibson. But we remain an honest club - ran by an honest professional who is also a fan. The legacy of our Phoenix rise is still apparent. If We Sell to Lim, Mendes & Kenyon: Judging from the blue-print at Watford - who's 'Parent' clubs aren't even as good as our reported Atletico Madrid link, promotion becomes a distinct possibility within 1-3 years. We 'get' (not sign) players of real pedigree and talent from Spain, Portugal and South America - whom we can then sell on for proifts - maybe even sometimes big profits - which helps put the club back on, not only a sound financial footing, but potential a very strong financial footing. A financial footing and 'pull of player' power which could, one day, return to our glory days. The negatives? The club loses it's iconic status as a club owned by our own, for our own. We lose our status as a truly Local Club. But the fans aren't coming through the turnstiles. The football on offer isn't much of a pull for people - especially in such difficult economic times for the region and our town in particular? Do we even know if we own our players!? I'm massively torn... I can't imagine Lim and Mendes accepting a stake agreement as it would compromise their power to operate their project. So, in reality, I think it's one or the other... All I can say is that i'll be Boro through-and-through regardless. Great... Wrote all that and the EG says it's been denied!! :P
  2. Aye but look at Watford... They're signing all these Udinese / Grenada players for nominal fees, and who knows? Maybe their 'old' clubs are covering decent percentages of their wages, too - and all well within the 'laws' of the game. Owners with an interest in 2 or 3 clubs could simply move players around like pawn in a chess game in order to ensure each falls in-line with the new FFP rules. There's many loopholes which need ironing out in the FFP...
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23374082 Is this what we'd have to look forward too? Watford sign SEVEN Udinese players; more than likely for a pittance. Zero club identity there now :-|
  4. Gibson won't budge unless he's at least part of the new regime to ensure they stick to Boro's best interests... He'd at least want to have some say in the future of the club if he were to sell at all. Hasn't he said something along the lines of he'd "never sell to foreign investors" in the past?
  5. If Faris and Scotty leave, I don't think it changes much in term of targets... I'd say we need 3; 4 if Leadbitter leaves too. (1) There'd be an added pressure and impetus to sign a natural goalscorer to replace Skippy - but that's nothing new (2) Would we need to replace Faris? I don't think so... For me he's behind Leadbitter, Varga, Whitehead, Smallwood for the CM role - and, personally, i'd rather play Morris or Dolan ahead of him too. I'd use his departure to fund a Right Winger (3) Nothing would change regarding us (possibly) needing a Centre Back - Though Mogga's comments on Gibson suggest that's a lower priority. (4) If Leadbitter leaves, we need a Creative Attacking Mid to replace the role he look set for this season; the role he played in Portugal. In honesty, i'd like to keep Leadbitter. He's tidy without being spectacular, and that's not a bad thing in this league. But £2m+ for a player like that? That's unrejectable... We could use that cash to buy a top Champo quality Creative Mid who'd fit that role far more naturally that Leadbitter: Majewski & Mellis are two that spring to mind. Mellis got 6 goals from midfield in a pretty rubbish Barnsley side last season, plus 11 assists - probably the more realistic of the two targets, too. He'd fit the creative attacking mid role more naturally than Leadbitter, thus giving us a more natural dynamic. In terms of holding mids, the names mentioned before easily cover that position in quality and numbers. Another name who could be a good replacement for Leadbitter - Lee Tomlin. 13 goals in a relegated side, plus 11 assists. Him just behind Juke would be a force to be reckoned with, in my opinion...
  6. "Steve Gibson is the current owner of the England team. His fortune, achieved through transport of dangerous substances..." Makes him sound like a Drug Lord!!!
  7. Premiership: GK - Stekelenburg DF - A. Cole DF - Vermaelen DF - Zabaleta MD - Bale MD - J. Cole MD - Lampard MD - Bellamy ST - Bony ST - Van Persie ST - Van Wolfswinkel SUBS: Gazzaniga, Ramage, Cabbidon, Lucas Championship: GK - J. Steele DF - Hoyte DF - Smith DF - Upson DF - Trippier MD - Ince MD - Eagles MD - Carayol ST - Holt ST - Rhodes ST - Jennings
  8. Some good plans - like the Danny Dyer one especially ;) To be fair to Juke, i've never seen a player who gets so unfairly targetted by Referees... Even at Coventry he got given fouls against him when he'd hardly done a thing! Think refs see that he's quite tall, stocky and looks like a bit of a strong, brusiing Centre Forward and automatically think that every header he goes for, he'll foul his man! Very frustrating. I'm guessing that plays on his mind when he's looking to bully defenders... That when he tries, he automatically gives away posession because of bad refereeing decisions. That said, though - he does need to be more confident and ruthless in front of goal; but the lads still young. That'll come with time and experience.
  9. He's actually played a decent ammount of football under AVB, CAS... 14 games in the Prem last season, 26 in all comps including 9 in Europe. KP ain't a bad shout as an impact sub who'll help bring on the likes of Main, Williams, Wyke and our other young strikers. He's studying for his badges, I, like you, believe - maybe offer him a dual role of Player & Youth Team Coach? Would also give Main a chance to have another year of experience to prove he's up for it, and maybe allow Williams a loan to League One.
  10. Jutkiewicz. Emnes potentially too if he's in the form he showed against Morecambe - and I bloody hate Emnes! Do think we need a striker still, though.
  11. I reckon the deal might be Boro to terminate his contract / accept a free transfer to Millwall. Millwall will probably pay him around £15k a week and our severance package will make up the difference. 2 good signings for Millwall in my opinion... What's the odds both score winners against us this season... :P
  12. Bates on a PAYP deal wouldn't be a terrible signing... Would at least give us another option in the centre of defence. Another injury prone defender, but the chances of all 4 getting injured at once would be very remote... Though knowing our luck... :-\ OOOOH! Sounds like £30k+ is getting removed from the wage bill! Cheers VB :D
  13. Okay - EG been printing interesting articles on 'The Ones That Got Away' recently. Thus far: Kluivert, Delvecchio, Rivaldo, Keane & Tudor. Who's next do we reckon? My money's on Roberto Carlos! Imagine if 'that call' had been just a few hours later... He'd have already signed the contract :(
  14. I'd not want Bothroyd - for the same reason i'd not want Ireland or Cattermole; bad attitude.
  15. JPM - I mentioned Stewart. He's now linked with Ipswich, Charlton and another; not us unfortunately :( To be honest, I'd be content starting the season with the current squad + a creative mid. That way, we can asses what we need to bring in first in the loan market, then following that in the January transfer market - signings that will either push/keep us in the promotion fight or keep us from struggling down the bottom of the table depending on how we fare pre-Xmas... No point on throwing all our eggs in before September. Keep some on reserve
  16. (1) A little, but only due to impatience! I'd much rather we waited it out to recruit the right players than just go gung-ho and make 'Football Manager' style signings who just plug gaps. That said, i'm frustrated we've missed out on some good players in positions we need to strengthen; Centre Back particularly: Baptiste, Nyatanaga, El-Abd, Ward, Flint - all would have been good (and cheap) acquisitions. (2) Realistically - we compare with the teams around our standing. I.E. Mid-Table teams with little money, not a lot of regional magnetism in terms of the market and looking out for the FFP. The likes of Millwall, Barnsley, Sheff Wed, Burnley etc. We can't compete with the likes of Reading, QPR, Wigna, Bolton etc with their parachute payments, or Forest with their mega-rich (and over zealous) owners. (3) Essnetial? No. Ideal? Yes. Players need time to adjust to their surroundings and gel with their new team mates and coaches. In addition, if they're Free Agents, they'll need time to catch up on fitness levels. (4) Yes. How we fare in the loan market could be the key for us this season; either the catalyst for a top 6, or the failings which see us drop towards the bottom three again. My worry is that Mogga's record of loan signings isn't exactly encouraging... Adam Hammill, anyone? (5) I've taken to not giving anything even the remotest credence until it's published in the EG. Transfer Windows are a frustrating time for football fans, but i'd not change deadline day for the world ;) I'm certainly not worried by the 10 out, 2 in scenario. Look who's gone: Arca, Bikey, Bailey, Miller, McEachran, Ameobi, Dyer, Thomson, McManus... I'm happy they're all gone; barring possibly McEachran and Bailey, but we've replaced them with two better midfielders (potentially, in Varga's case). Arca? I'd rather play Smallwood, Morris or Dolan. Bikey? I'd rather play Hines or Gibson. Miler? I'd rather play Jason Lee. The list goes on...
  17. I am well up for this... My starting team is immense. No doubt they'll be abysmal come kick-off, though! :P
  18. Put it this way - if we signed Varga, i'd be more tempted to fork out the coach fare from Birmingham to Boro to see him play a couple of times. There's a name i've not heard in a while...!
  19. Gremio paid £1.6m to take Vargas on loan, guessing it would cost is around the same amount. To be honest, it'd probably be worth it... It could be: (a) The difference between a mid table and top 6 finish (b) The sort of signing to put bums on seats © The sort of signing who fans want on the back of their replica shirt (d) A brilliant piece if business in terms of football. £1.6m is a lot of money, but if it got us to the playoffs and potentially the Premierhship, it'd be £1.6m very well spent. Hell, even if we dropped straight back down, we'd at least have parachute payments again!!
  20. I'm slightly worried it could end up a re-run of the Kerlon saga of years ago... EG say we're set to sign soem South American youngster with bags of potential only for it all to go mysteriously quiet; probably due to No. 2 in Downsouth's reasons. I'd love it if we got him though... Also think that it would mean the end to any interest in Ireland, so a double plus from me ;) Can't see us signing both because (as others have said, too) Varga & Whitehead wouldn't have signed without first-team assurances, and Leadbitter is never going to be dropped by his boyfirend Tony... Not much chance of Varga displacing Hoyte at RB either with Justin being another Mogga favourite. Reckon it's a given that there'll be a midfield trio of Varga, Whitehead and Leadbitter next season. Question is, who'll be the creative midfielder we're looking to add? Vargas? Ireland? Someone else?... Will just have to keep waiting...
  21. Can't say i've seen much of Piscu - not surprising given he only made 11 apps for Wigan over 2 years according to Wiki? How would people feel if we made a cheeky move for Rory Delap? Would his long throws be worth having a mediocre Right Midfielder in the side?
  22. jpboro - Fail to see how your knowledge of his quality is far superior to that of the Fulham fans I mentioned who regarded him as a Cult Hero...
  23. David Bentley's a decent shout if we could get him on a fitting wage. He's one who's attitude has changed significantly for the better over the past couple of years. Used to be a right egotistical little brat... Reckon if we were to get someone like Bentley, it'd be in August time after the seasons already kicked off and he starts worrying he'll not get a club. Aye, true story that. Got a mate who's a Fulham fan and he loved him; had a somewhat Cult Hero status with Fulham fans. Very decent defender.
  24. Ha! Remember that! Gold :) Bruce has told Cameron Stewart he can leave Hull this summer... I'd take him on the Right Wing
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