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  1. As Brunners says, you don't have to register U21 players. They're free to be used in addition to 25 registered senior professionals.
  2. Fisher is a decent RB at this level, but if we get him we need a CB in too. The benefit of Guilbert was that he could.also play centrally - Fisher can't. Gilmore is a pipedream I reckon, but never hurts to aim high. Get nothing, you've lost nothing.
  3. It's all just a bit of joshing mate. We've all got to find joy and fun wherever we can at the moment 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Aye, I mentioned Jephcott a few weeks back. Big fan. Sadly though Plymouth are refusing to even negotiate about him in this window. You'd hope we might be scouting for a potential summer move - though have a feeling it might be quite a high price. Especially if he carries on his incredible form.
  5. Aye, get him sold. He's a hard worker and always gives us his best, but ultimately contributes nothing. 🙃 (JK!)
  6. The Brentford heirarchy are gunning for promotion this season because it's the last season they can operate with their current recruitment model in its entirety. Many of the players they've signed from Europe wouldn't get Work Permits with the new system post-Brexit. Europe will still provide better value for money, but the reality of it now being harder to get permits for European players means it'll be much harder for British clubs to complete deals. The full spectrum is yet to be seen, but it's clear that recruitment in football, especially outside of the elite level, will be affected in Britain.
  7. Think we'll see a lot of deals at all levels collapsing over the next week. The economic factors are a huge part of it for clubs, but some players are wary of upping and uprooting their families at the moment, especially if they're having to do so on lower wages. It's deals further up the chain which will scupper loan moves to the Football League. I predict we may at least see a young lad or two loaned from bigger clubs U23s come ino on low wage contributions just to help ease the strain on the squad.
  8. Really? Because of leaving for Chelsea? Not surprised... West Ham fans are fuds.
  9. Frank will be a Premership manager in his next role. I don't think there's any chance of him dropping to the Championship, even if he has to wait a little longer for an opportunity. He's very highly regarded by people in high places. He'd be the perfect fit at West Ham, but Moyes is doing a good job so can't imagine them changing manager any time soon. Supposedly Hasenhüttl is of interest to Chelsea. If so Southampton could be a decent fit. (EDIT: Scrap this last bit. It's Tuchel who's got the job by the look of it).
  10. We've got to wait till we know if there's been a fracture I suppose. You can't even blow your nose for weeks after an eye-socket fracture, let alone consider contact sport - so that will be the key info. If his vision was affected that lasts 2-4 months even after treatment too. Have we had any info on him yet? Or, for that matter, on Tav?
  11. Adults who want the truth? Dael Fry? Decent human beings? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. He went after Douglas. Douglas gets there first, seems to turn towards Branthwaite who then comes over (Number 30).
  13. You can't trust a still though... To be fair to Branthwaite, he keeps his eye on the ball all the while it's floating into the box. It's still insanely dangerous play and should be a straight red and penalty, for sure, but it wasn't premeditated. He did go to Fry as soon as he realised how bad it was too.
  14. Doesn't fit the bill of what Warnock said about the player. The guy we have lined up has been in match day squads and played a part. Saivet hasn't played a single minute, or even made any squads. Between Saivet, Atsu, and Lazaar, they're haemorrhaging over £100k/week on players who don't even get a sniff. I know we complain about some of our deals, but Newcastle take it to a whole new level.
  15. We no longer speak European. Brexit means Brexit. Apparently. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. EG have ran an article on Diedhou still not signing a new deal with Bristol City... Could have legs that one.
  17. It won't be Atsu. He hasn't made the Newcastle 25 so there's be no need on a hold up, they'd piggy back him to Teesside if needs be. And, you know, if allowed in The Lockdown rules... I'd imagine it's someone like Kamara or Kebano as @TLF10 suggested, and @Poly before him with regards to Kebano. Either would absolutely fit the bill of what we need here, and would tick many of the boxes Warnock mentioned in that article.
  18. Surely not...? He's a proper player. EDIT: Just seen he's only played 4 times for Norwich this season. Surprised at that - often looked their only game changer even in the Prem. Bring the Cuban to Teesside!
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