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  1. @RiseAgainst - Great post. People are being naïve or outright daft if they think the money is there for any barring the elite clubs to just fork out on transfers this window. All regular reasoning is out the window. FFP has been relaxed, but we as fans have no idea as to what the accounts look like at the club for the 19/20 and 20/21. Gibson gets a lot of stick. But one thing he has always done is ensure that this club stays afloat, which is no easy feat as evidenced by the struggles of clubs like Portsmouth, Bolton, and Wigan. We've taken a big step in the right direction. Some fans need to give their head a shake and remember where we were last season. If we'd been offered 7th place and 4 points from the Play-Offs at the halfway point before a ball was kicked this season, can anyone honestly say they wouldn't have snapped that hand off? Even moreso if it was offered in the latter days of the Woodgate era...
  2. Only way I can see it is if it goes to the wire on deadline day. If there's no permenant deal, send him out on loan to the club willing to pay the highest portion of his wage. If we could get him at 50/50 it'd be decent, but I imagine there's be clubs panicking and willing to pay more than £15k of his wages.
  3. Guilbert? He was mentioned and looks set for Cardiff.
  4. Does Borodane look like either of these demons? Because otherwise, I'm just not sold. 🤘🏻
  5. Call me old fashioned, but beige doesn't seem like the colour of the God of Hellfire... 🤷🏻‍♂️ Imagine Dimebag Darrell or Kerry King wearing beige chinos. Hellfire ≠ Beige Chinos.
  6. Generally worn by guys who like to think they have a personality... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. We also might have known that Mejias is the type of guy to wear beige chinos...
  8. Probably one of the few places he could still pick up £40k/week. On paper, at least. Turkish clubs don't have the best track record of actually paying their staff. Or dealing with racist fans. Still though. Stay there 1.5-2 years, keep picking up a pretty penny, come back to the Champo for the twilight of his career. He'll be sorted by then.
  9. With the pandemic measures I'm guessing it's much harder for people to gain access to the squads and staff at Football Clubs, so ITK info is a little bit harder to come by currently. I sometimes get to hear little bits about Midlands clubs being down here, but haven't seen/spoken to any of the lads who usually have it during the lockdowns. Aside from that - seen Connor Wickham is being linked with Bristol City as a potential replacement if Diedhou does go, so that one seems to have legs.
  10. We were linked with him in the summer. Mainly a LB, but can play as a left sided CB.
  11. The plus side is it's a chance to see some of the young lads against a decent side, even if Brentford field a few of their own youngsters. There's a handful of our U23s who've had a bit of noise surrounding them, so it's a chance for them to perform, and perhaps in an easier situation with no fans.
  12. That's the best piece of business we could've done this window. Getting Watmore tied down feels absolutely pivotal. Posted about being quite excited by his arrival back in November, but couldn't have guessed he'd have had quite the impact he has. Fair play to the lad.
  13. Update: OUTGOING (Reported Rumours): Patrick Roberts (Man City; Loan cancellation) Duncan Watmore (Bosman; Stoke/Burnley) Lewis Wing (Preston) INCOMINGS (Reported Rumours): Phil Jones (Man Utd) Yannick Bolasie (Everton) Baba Rahman (Chelsea) Steven Bala (Barnet) Jack Clarke (Spurs; Loan) Armand Gnanduillet (Free Agent) Famara Diédhiou (Bristol City)
  14. Not sure, but his record is better than both Wells and Martin, who start most games up top. Contributed 2 goals/minute to their 1 apiece... I know stats aren't everything, but still. Perhaps his goals from being an impact sub are seen as an important factor.
  15. Diédhiou's mins/goal contribution is decent this season. Averaging a contribution every 178.33 mins, and often only playing 10-20 mins at the end of a game. He's only played 45+ mins 4 times this season, so that's not a bad return for an impact sub. By stats alone that would place him after Fletch, Browne, and Johnson from our team, and above Akpom, Saville, and Assombalonga. He's not an exciting player, but I think he'd be effective for our system. Would provide an aerial threat we currently lack.
  16. It does read of potentially being just lazy journalism... He's becoming the new Rob Hulse.
  17. @Borodane Akpom has made a contribution towards a goal considerably more often than Britt this season. By Britt's contribution, he's easily replaceable - which isn't something I've ever said before in all his time here. Akpom mightn't be the most exciting or enthralling players, but he's been more effective than Britt in front of goal - averaging a goal every 273.5 mins to Britt's 311.25 - with the same goals in fewer minutes played, plus an extra assist. And on probably around ⅓ of the contract. Granted The Ass's overall contribution is better, which the stats don't always highlight, but we have a number 1 striker in Fletcher. If Britt wants to leave, let him leave now and bring someone else in with the savings of his wages - which is roughly £1m, not taking into account any bonuses he might have written in for goals/wins. Akpom is fine for competition. The Britt we have right now is not the player Britt Assombalonga can be/has been. If any offer comes up which he wants to talk about, let him.
  18. To be honest, I'd let Britt go on a free this month just to save his wages. As outlined in my previous post, his contributions haven't been anywhere near his usual this season - and we have Fletch coming back to fitness with Chuba also being more effective than Britt. Even as Captain you can tell his heart isn't here this season. Sadly though, it looks like my dream of Luke Jephcott is a no go. Plymouth are refusing to answer calls from clubs about him.
  19. I remember Mark Crossley coming in and losing his place to Schwarzer when he probably should've kept it. Even remember Carlo Nash having a purple patch during a Schwarzer injury. Brad Jones? Nah. Can't remember that one, Wilson!
  20. When I said I'd rather we bring in a second choice keeper so Brynn could get game time, I meant one that had a functioning nervous system... 😶
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