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  1. Potentially round-about Boro news: Preston look set to sign Ben Whiteman from Donacaster - who we were linked with in the summer. If the PNE fans info on them being interested in Wing was true, Whiteman signing might change things a little.
  2. I'd rather Brynn have gone out on loan to be honest... Sign a free agent veteran GK to sit on the bench so Brynn can get game time. Someone like Rob Eliot. Best of luck to Stoj though.
  3. I've always been a fan of Britt, but he does seem destined to leave. Looking at his performances, he doesn't seem to have the desire he's had here previously, and with the additions of Akpom and Watmore, as well as Fletcher's development, he's not as vital here as he has been. Looking at minutes/goal contribution (score or assist) this season: Fletcher - 53 mins/contribution Watmore - 76.6 Browne - 81.66 Johnson - 158.5 Akpom - 218.8 Saville - 257.29 Assombalonga - 311.25 If there was ever a time to sell Britt, it's this window.
  4. Maddo Special XI GK - Raya RB - Raba CB - Wada CB - Mola LB - Bola DM - Kana CM - Bala CM - Beka Beka RW - Boló ST - Bobô LW - Belá
  5. I'd read about the dispute and the Benfica stuff, but didn't know he's been playing for our U18s. Never heard anything like this before... It's mad. Sunderland are supposedly interested too, but if he gets the chance it sounds like he'd come here given he's already played with us.
  6. Here's the only links I can find from the media so far: OUTGOING (Reported Rumours): Patrick Roberts (Man City; Loan cancellation) Duncan Watmore (Bosman; Stoke/Burnley) INCOMINGS (Reported Rumours): Phil Jones (Man Utd) Yannick Bolasie (Everton) Baba Rahman (Chelsea) Steven Bala (Barnet)
  7. Can see the logic of both to be honest. Suppose it depends what's available in January. If we're after a CB I reckon it might be Sean Morrison from Cardiff after Warnock's comments and high praise for him. He's out of contract in the summer, so would be available for a small fee. Have we been linked with any CMs this window? Will try and collate a list of linked players like I did in the summer.
  8. Aye, I'd take him. 3 goals and 3 assists so far this season too. Quite like the younger lad Ledson at PNE as well.
  9. Not where players like Wing are concerned. We don't need to sell as he's part of the squad and not on a huge contract, so if he stays, he stays and we utilise him in the squad rotation. For players like Assombalonga - who is on a big contract which expires soon - and Fletcher who is in a similar boat, though not to the magnitude of The Ass's deal, there's some decisions to be made. But the club have said they're in negotiations. With all honesty though, none of us really know. And I'm guessing all you PNE fans are in the same boat. The pandemic will have had a massive effect on finances in football, which many fans don't seem to want to acknowledge. Gibson puts in as much as he is allowed with FFP, but we also don't know what how economic elements like Covid and Brexit will affect his Bulkhaul business, and the club's revenue will be down considerably without fans in the stadiums. We're in safe and shrewd hands with a local guy who loves the area and the club, so we know we'll be okay. But Boro have been trying to become a more self-sustainable club over the last few years because, frankly, the Gibson-effect can't go on forever.
  10. He's one of those luxury players. Has an occasional Hollywood pass or long range strike in his locker, but it's sometimes like playing with 10.5 men with him in the side. A game changer, on occasion. Anonymous more often than not though. If he'd made the move to professional football sooner he'd have a better footballing brain I think - but he's 25 now - approaching his peak - and he struggles with the basic reading of a game and off the ball positional elements.
  11. Luke Jephcott has scored for Plymouth again. Looks a real talent up top that lad. Only 20, Welsh u21 international. Clinical finisher, holds the ball up well. I'd be looking at him if I were Boro.
  12. I'd love Kebano. We know he can do it at this level, and he's something very different to out current options.
  13. My first response to the title of the thread was 'its entirely sexual...' Afraid the rest is a case of TL;DR. Sorry... Might do so later!
  14. If you're going to live within 20 minutes of The Hawthorns, then you'd want to be in the Client Hills rather than Barnt Green.
  15. I can see Britt leaving in the sumer to go to Turkey/USA for a deal closer to what he's getting here. I can see Fletcher accepting a lesser contract which I slightly further subsidised by our savings from Britt - but likely not until much later in the season.
  16. Sorry lads. This is my fault. I should never bet on Boro to win... 😔
  17. It's he's right to speak how he wants. Your entitled to you're opinion, but it's he's prereogative.
  18. ... Are we Smoggies genuinely moaning about someone's liberal and colloquial use of language? 🤣
  19. Ah - that wasn't quoted in the report I saw. That went on about the FA's agreement with the Home Office which is going to make it significantly more difficult for EFL sides to sign foreign players. Either way I think we can kiss goodbye to seeing many foreign transfers into the Championship for quite sometime.
  20. I believe it's to do with Brexit, not Covid. (EDIT: The statement is Covid related.)
  21. You say this, but I won the Bundesliga (x2), La Liga, Serie A, the Club World Cup (x3), Copa Italia, Italian Super Cup, DFB Pokal (x3), German Super Cup, European Super Cup, Europa League, and Champions League (x3) all with Alexander Sørloth as my superstar striker. He made the World Team of the Year 5 years running. Granted, only on FM21 - but we know your views on him. 🤡🤣
  22. True. Browne would be just as effective as the 4th choice playing the second striker role. Or use an academy lad for what little they'd play, or change up the system. Fletch coming back will be a decent boost I reckon - once he's back to fitness at least. A front 3 of Bolasie, Fletch, and Watmore would be my preference.
  23. Can we just take a step back and ask whether the likes of Davis/Wyke would actually improve us...? I'd rather stick with Fletch, The Ass, Chiba, and Watmore than bring in any old dross. There's strikers out there who could improve us - the likes of Davis and Wyke aren't those strikers. We don't need signings for signings sake.
  24. That first sentence had me thinking "... Tory" 😂 Only mean that comedically like! It's not the same.boat though, is it? That's like saying everyone's in the same boat regarding work that they were in 2019. Or that Warnock is in the same boat as McClaren was just because it's the same club. Or Karanka was just because it's the same league. It's not excuses. It's reality. It's looking at the given circumstances. It's looking at the facts. Yes, Warnock makes mistakes. All managers do at every level. I'm personally not a Warnock fan (I'd go as far as to say I've loathed him at times before he was here). But there's few managers within our reach with the circumstances as they are now - as you say, with the circumstances of what we can afford and attract - who you could anywhere near guarantee would have us where we are now. Jokanovic might've had us higher, but the reality ia we couldn't afford him. Woodgate speaks for himself. Another appointments like Agnew would've likely spoken for itself. With the given circumstances under Warnock, were (currently) doing okay. With the given circumstances under Woodgate, we were a failure. With the given circumstances under Pulis, we fell short. That's the crux of it.
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