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  1. I've got to say, I understand both @wilsoncgpand @CrazyL on this one. This squad is good enough to be challenging towards the Top 6. The squad we had last season was too, but Woody was an abysmal manager who hadn't a single idea about tactics or motivation of players as a manager. However, this squad is far from the quality that Pulis inherited. The top teams in this season's league are also of far better quality than those we faced during TP's reign. Pulis should've been challenging for automatic promotion with that squad, and fell short. Woodgate should've been challenging for the Top 6, and failed dismally. Warnock should be challenging towards the Top 6, and is doing okay. Thus far. There's still plenty of football to be played, and there's still time for that to change either way. One factor which is massive is the sheer volume of games this season. Now more than ever before it's a squad game. The schedule is mental. That's a factor which is more considerable than it was during the TP and JW eras.
  2. He looked a real talent a few years back... Obviously there's been a long injury list since then, but from what's being said about his performances in training, I'm genuinely quite excited about this one.
  3. How much longer in the international break...?
  4. I'd rather still have a club than sign players in January... Gibson will know best what the economics of the club looks like. If we don't spend in January, we have to understand why. The financial forecast for football clubs is already looking more grim than previously with the rise in cases, second lockdown, and the likely extension of it. I was only just born, but anyone who was alive in 1986 will tell you that us having a club of this stature right now is a small miracle. Let's not risk a repeat of that.
  5. Grosicki is also already 32. Bolasie is a year younger, so we'd likely get a little more time out of him (if signed permanantly).
  6. Warnock's Grinchy grin. Mowbray's tears splash his parmo. 3 points. U. T. B.
  7. Diafra Sakho is a player who always gives 110%. Think he'd be a good player at this level. Averaged a contribution (goal/assist) every 170 mins in the Prem for West Ham. He'd be a good option.
  8. Roberts will be a Support Striker / Free Role I reckon, so closer to 2 up top. 3-5-2 / 5-3-2, however you want to title it.
  9. I was thinking Turkey. Sure that Galatasaray or Fenerbahce wouldn't scoff at paying 60%+ of his wages to bring him in on loan with a view to a permeant deal.
  10. We've been crying out for a dynamic formation for years... This reading is more exciting to me than SmogDane's browser history!
  11. So was it 4 at the back? Or a back 3 of Dijksteel, Fry, McNair?
  12. Been working all day, too tired to really look... Please help. 😅 How was Bola? What were the main positives and negatives? Very happy to have 3 points.
  13. I'd be going 3-4-3 personally. Roberts as a deeper lying 10 with a bit of a free role to float into wider areas and free The Ass / The Ak / Fletch to make runs and find space. McNair on the right with his recent creativity and decent delivery, Dijksteel linking the defence to the midfield. Easily morphs into a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 even without subs, so we could adapt during the game easily. If we had a LB who was solid defensively, 4-3-3 would look far more balanced. With Johnson, Coulson, or Bola as the options though the WB system still seems the most logical.
  14. Do reckon Bowyer will be a good influence on him. We'll see how much desire he has in the next 2 seasons.
  15. Everything that came out at the time was carefully worked out to make Plus, Bamford, and Boro all look like they got what they wanted. In reality, only one of them did. And it wasn't Paddy.
  16. This is definitely not what several of us on here heard at the time... That's pretty much the PR spin to a tee.
  17. If the measures were actually about stopping the spread of the virus as opposed to scapegoating people for the government's failure in their own measures, the pubs would be shut. And I'd support that. Currently the sector workers feel like we're being treated as canon fodder to the virus. The reality is many of us are now doing 300% the work load for, in my case, 80% of the pay, and we're under pressure by law to enforce the 200% extra work at the same low rate of pay on cut hours. It's beyond a joke.
  18. As someone who got a job as a Deputy Manager in a pub to help get him through the pandemic whilst his main sector - the Entertainment industry - was being outright buggered from lack of adequate support, can I just say? ... *** the government.
  19. GK - Bettinelli CB - Dijksteel CB - Hall CB - Cunningham RWB - McNair LWB - Coulson CM - Morsy CM - Saville AM - Tavernier 10 - Roberts ST - Assombalonga Two signings, creativity from Roberts, Tav, McNair's good deliveries and Coulsons running. Saville to link the midfield roles. That'd do me.
  20. I've only seen him as a more forward thinking FB/WB, but must admit that was a few seasons back. He's 29 now, so may well have changed. Hopefully he could slot in the LCB position in a similar form to Dijksteel.
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