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  1. He put " @boro pulled it out the bag at the death "
  2. Server crashing on one boro is the biggest anti climax ever
  3. So we are going to have De Pena in our squad and this isn't a joke or a dig but a serious point he would struggle to get a game in league 1
  4. Slightly under whelming if no one else comes in don't get me wrong AK and Gibbo have done amazing over the summer bringing in some real quality Negredo , Barragan looks good . Yet for me we were light in the wide areas and we aren't going to be no further forward? Bringing in Traore and Fischer both young unproven players who may never make the step up? Very very strange if you ask me . Just about every fan has mentioned the wide areas , surely the club can't be the only ones not to see . Our lack of creativity is frightening we have downing one side who couldn't even get a start in the champi
  5. I'd take 750k for reach never mind 5 million ! Amazing news
  6. Disappointing day if no more other than Traore
  7. I'd be devastated if we replaced a inconsistent winger who gets into good positions only to have no end product in Adomah to ... Playing nsue a player who gets into goo.... Yeah you get the rest . No way can we play a season relying on nsue in the PL
  8. For a second I thought that meant it was us getting Buckley. Heart in mouth. Phew. :D I had to read it a few times to understand what he was getting at haha. Adomah out Traore in . Reach out and another in makes sense.
  9. Has anyone been on Twitter and looked at @quicksessions .... Adomahs brother apparently he's giving it big licks saying how Villa are a bigger club than boro and this and that .
  10. Won't sell reach to sheff wed till we sign a wide man
  11. I must admit I was excited for today however reading through the last few pages has took a bit of enthusiasm out of me . I like the look of Traore but very underwhelming signing replacing a inexperienced PL winger ( Adomah ) with erm.... A inexperienced PL winger . When was the last time we actually bought a out and out wide man with pace to beat his man and get balls into the box ? I'm pretty sure it was Adomah which was about 5 year ago now . However I'm hopeful we will bring more in I'm just hoping the clubs dealings are so so tight lipped not one news reporter has a clue about anything
  12. Hasn't really been much of an update on any of them players I'm sure a few week back they were hopeful of De roon being back after international break , and I'm assuming George will be back Aswell as it was a close thing weather he played against WBA.
  13. I was looking at Norwich squad then and the only Person who can play that behind the striker / wing and even up front role is Naismith. Not sure on that one if it is him.
  14. KM Defo got his info from direct messaging @karanka on Twitter .
  15. That was super duper believable .... Until the past hour part. Nearly had me.
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