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  1. H Blackburn Rovers v Wycombe Wanderers H Brentford v Huddersfield Town H Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers H Luton Town v Derby County A Middlesbrough v AFC Bournemouth H Norwich City v Preston North End H Nottingham Forest v Cardiff City H Reading v Barnsley H Rotherham United v Millwall H Sheffield Wednesday v Watford H Stoke City v Bristol City A Swansea City v Birmingham City
  2. H Barnsley v Luton Town H Birmingham City v Brentford H AFC Bournemouth v Blackburn Rovers H Bristol City v Coventry City H Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday A Derby County v Reading A Huddersfield Town v Norwich City A Millwall v Stoke City H Preston North End v Swansea City H Queens Park Rangers v Nottingham Forest H Watford v Middlesbrough H Wycombe Wanderers v Rotherham United
  3. completely controlled header saved a goal (gave me a heart palpitation as well)
  4. one can only hope what we need is for the players who were injured in December leaving woodgate with no choice in who he picks get injured again, the guy is clueless
  5. You can usually sell Shotton to Millwall for about 1.1-1.3m, Howson to Bristol for 1.3-1.5m, Ayala for 5m to Brighton (+40% profit), Britt to Burnley 10-12m (including add ons), Hiwula is a cheap signing from Coventry (after about a week for around 300k), The board often sign Baker for 2.3m Wood and Fry become beasts Using the tactics below we usually get promoted in season 1 without buying anyone else major (I get bored in the prem and tend to restart the game) The board after the sales will let you upgrade youth/training facilities and recruitment/training
  6. Aye, think put it to bed till next season, Well done MM a great effort keeping things going
  7. h FC Koln v FC Union Berlin. a Mainz v FC Augsburg. h Bayern Munich. v Borussia Monchengladbach. h FC Schalke v Bayer Lerverkusen. a Fortuna Dusseldorf v Borussia Dortmund.. (Haland) a Hertha Berlin v Eintracht Frankfurt. a SC Paderborn v Werder Bermem. a 1899 Hoffenheim v RB Leipzig. a VfL Wolfsburg v SC Freiburg
  8. A FC Union Berlin v FC Schalke. A Bayer Leverkusen v Bayern Munich. H Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin. D Eintracht Frankfurt v Mainz. A FC Augsburg v FC Koln. A Fortuna Dusseldorf v 1899 Hoffenheim. H RB Leipzig. v FC Paderborn. H SC Freilburg v Borussia v Monchengladbach. A Werder Bremem v VfL Wolfsburg 7th June 16.00hrs (Danish League) A AC Horsens v Brondby IF.
  9. 29th May A SC Freiburg v Bayer Leverkusen. 30th May. A Mainz v 1899 Hoffenheim. H FC Schalke v Werder Bremem A Hertha Berlin v FC Augsburg. H VfL Wolfsburg. v Eintracht Frankfurt. H Bayern Munich v Fortuna Dusseldorf. 31st May. H Borussia Monchenladbach v FC Union Berlin. A SC Paderborn v Borussia Dortmund. 1st June. A FC Koln v RB Leizig. 2nd June. H Werder Bremem v Eintracht Frankfurt
  10. A Borussia Monchengladbach v Bayer Leverkusen. A SC Paderborn v 1899 Hoffenheim H SC Freidburg v Werder Bremem. A VfL Wolfsburg v Borussia Dortmund. H Bayern Munich. v Eintracht Frankfurt. 24th May. H FC Schalke v FC Augsburg A Mainz v RB Leipzig. H FC Koln Fortuna Dusseldorf 26th May. H Borussia Dortmund. v Bayern Munich A Bayer Leverkusen v VfL Wolfburg.
  11. Really pleased for Clayts and his family that his Dad pulled through. My Mam died 4 weeks ago from it she has been living in an Alzheimers care home Eston Grange, her life had been non existent since getting very severe Alzheimers but it is still hurting losing her early. Normally I would be in Kazakhstan but with the schools going into lockdown there too it meant I was in Northern Ireland so I managed to make the funeral at Middlesbrough Crem. The funeral was such a strange affair, no physical contact with any of the rest of the family, only 10 people allowed. We were a big family, Mam had 4 other siblings still living and she has 5 living sons not much space for any partners, grand children or her friends. A very subdued day. Still feeling a mix of anger and pain now. She died a couple of days after they allowed testing to be done in care homes and for patients removed from hospital back into care homes to be tested. Think it is a disgrace that ill people from Hospitals were returned back to care homes without being tested, too many avoidable deaths caused by the decisions of a few people in government. The nursing and care home staff did a great job but you could feel their frustrations at being unable to do more. We were told on the Friday that she was ill and had all the signs of having COVID-19 but they only got permission to test her (and 7 others were mentioned) on the following Thursday the day before she died.
  12. think it is 5-4 to you now, can see this competition not finishing for some time, we have the same results for the 2 postponed games so I am relying on goal scorers in those, not looking good so far
  13. Am teaching in Kazakhstan today it was announced schools shut for 3 weeks and that no kazakh is allowed to fly out of the country. Getting the kids set up on dr frost maths, seneca learning, and diagnostic questions all free and easy ish to use
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