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  1. Look at the stats on sky sports. We have had more shots, more passes etc. Just one of them games if you ask me.
  2. Oh come on mate, go sleep it off and try again tomorrow. No need for all the silly stuff.
  3. Don't apologize, it's totally fine. Just move on, this thread does not need stoking anymore. It's been dealt with and you are merely trying to drum it up mate. Just go and enjoy the game.
  4. Pipe down. Move on man.
  5. I think alot of folk genuinely know people that feed info etc. Or some people on here know where to look on the internet. Check your predictive text mate.
  6. Sorry chaps, only just noticed this thread. I'm up for it. How are you managing payment etc.
  7. Well the season starts in around 56 days time. Lol
  8. Anyone who is in the know think we are to keep woodgate and his backroom staff if we go down or indeed stay up?
  9. Lol 2-0 I thought it was still 1-0.. can we go back into lockdown...
  10. Can't see the stream as busy but I'm presuming we are pretty awful, as a Boro fan for a very long time as usual all I want is someone to give it some effort, same for the players. Don't want to be served up this poo poo anymore.
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