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  1. Expect to see some movement on players we want to spend money on now!
  2. Haha, not called Junhino but has a picture instead. Welcome aboard fella and thanks for the info.
  3. Spence's agent will be pushing this, can you imagine going back into work when you have been a bit of a sausage to the organisation you work for. It's why he has been given an extra week off.
  4. Calm down fella, season aint started and you are already unhappy.
  5. I think it was Trent that wasn't marking his man. Have your opinion, I'm just saying that making saves with your hands is not the only thing considered these days. Your last statement is ridiculous as well mate, obviously someone doesnt just take a fast player and say bang 'he's a striker'. FFS man. Clubs look for so many small details in players now, its wild. I only know as I'm around scouts as I help to coach 2 teams. Scouts do only look for certain traits in alot of players. Pace, determination and how physical players are a the staples for most positions. It's just h
  6. It’s not about the clubs that went up, it’s all about what system a club wants to play. Like it or not GK these days are expected to do more than just be a large unit in goal. you mention Real Madrid? Your point is? Liverpool and Man City both want their keepers to play from the back, maybe that’s what Wilder wants. Saving goals is important but I’m telling you now U10 girls scouts even look for how a player is with the ball at their feet. I’ve seen it with my own eyes chap.
  7. Being able to play football is a massive part of the game, my son plays at a good level and is only 13. All the scouts look for distribution and how good they are with their feet over saving the ball as that can be taught.
  8. The Payero thing I’m happy about, Wilder needs players he can communicate with. Communicating with someone that does not know the language is not going to be easy. Ive hardly seen him play so it’s no loss, it’s football. Players come and go don’t they, we’ve had players in the past that have been crap and we all wanted them to be brilliant. bad business, get a good pin fee, wages covered and move to the next one.
  9. Forest could still go for him, it would be better if he went there. He prefers Spurs apparently, even though he loved Forest and the club. Blah blah
  10. Transfer rumour thread. Kind of gives it away, add to that the countless articles in the papers and online. Kind of builds to people assuming he is going. I think it’s pretty much nailed on he will go. Spurs have been made favourites so I think that’s where many of us assume he will go.
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