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  1. In all fairness, I couldn’t give a s**t. I ignore any kind of stupidity on here and follow the good stuff. If it’s a day where it’s taking a nose dive I don’t bother with the forum.
  2. All I can think is we are actually going to give it a go this season and push for promotion. I don’t take anything from twitter and media folk as knowing the structure of deals. It’s mental, for the first time in a long time I trust what is happening with the club.
  3. Wow, must be no transfer news. So many bed wetters on here moaning about much they do or don’t know, who is true or false or some other rubbish. be happy all, Boro are doing good things. Stop all the negative plop
  4. Could be we don’t want sporar so might not play him. Who knows
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/live-blog/31771/12476234/transfer-centre-live-pierre-emerick-aubameyang-paul-pogba-ralf-rangnick-targets?postid=3185772#liveblog-body
  6. My son plays at a good level and is only 13. He trains 3 times per week, did play sat and Sunday and the club felt that 2 days playing was too much for them. To be honest my son was knackered by Sunday and he is mega fit. saying that though these clubs have big rosters of players etc. but at the end of the day it’s about money. You can’t field a week team as the stakes are so high. They need to play through this ‘pandemic’.
  7. I find all this a nightmare, deaths are down, hospitalisations are down from 12 Months ago. People in ICU are down from 12 months ago, they are even saying they Omicron is ‘so far’ not that bad. vaccines must do something but I really wish the media would slow the hype train down. It’s them that make all this so hard.
  8. It’s fine, I just think the 4 games under Wilder for me have been a vast improvement so there are no complaints. He knows that some players are not upto it and there is and will be a transitional period where players need to get used to a new system. All good
  9. Not really, read a few posts that sounded like they quite annoyed at how we played. I wasn’t annoyed I just with we’d take our chances better. Delighted with a 1-0 win and watching us playing football.
  10. Wasn’t that bad really. Lots of moaning on here. Swansea are a team that sit high up the field, we coped with it well if you ask me. Work rate was good, good determination to not let them score. The only thing that was a let down is our inability to get games finished, by that I mean put it to bed. We had like 2-3 other good chances and we always fail to capitalise on them. 3 points and back to back wins.
  11. Not to derail the thread but they have already got threats on their life once inside.
  12. Sigh.. There is you and another poster and all you do is post negative crap that nobody really cares about. The guy has had 2 games abs from what I watched tonight we actually were trying to play football. CW has said players will go, he is aware we are not strong enough to compete at this level. Just give it time but please please please stop moaning at everything. It’s like being with my kids when I don’t allow them sweets.
  13. All of you calm down that are crying, itll be fine. It’s just highlighted how crap we are at the back.
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