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  1. Just read we have won 9 in 33 games in 2021. That’s disgraceful
  2. Hmmm, There is no way SG is going to get rid of Warnock mid way through the season. We have a great team now (or on paper we do). If all we do is bang it forward then the season is done for me (yes very dramatic), other teams know how we play and we dont have a plan B. Is Payero injured? If he is then fair enough, if this is is one one of NW tantrums then its a bit of a joke, he needs to actually play with the team to settle. Grrr.
  3. This transfer period has been crap, I demand at least another signing.
  4. Mental it’s taken this long to sort out. Hopefully we will be sensible going forward
  5. Is anyone else touching cloth with what NW might do with our team. He’s gone at the end of the season and I seriously hope he doesn’t wreck the squad. Morsey is a good player for me, why would he sanction a move away for him. Same with Payero, unless he’s injured he has to get some game time.
  6. Onel Hernandez? When did that one get mentioned. Must have missed it
  7. Really?? I said it’s exhausting. Merely stating the truth, I’m hardly berating him.
  8. Wow. Absolute cryer babies today. it’s only a man that kicks a ball fellas. frustrating yes, life changing no
  9. Physical attributes only make up a portion of the overall player, its important but gone are the days where every team has to be based on a bunch of brutes. I know NW like his players to be physical and tall etc. but it shouldn't be what makes a player in my opinion. Jones has been unreal so far.
  10. My big worry and I know it’s very early in the season is that NW is going to ruin the younger players by not using them and if this thing about Payero is true and NW not wanting him that he won’t give him the game time. Only seen him in glimpses but he’s massive! Get him on and playing then bring him off if needs be.
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