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  1. Ha ha ha. I forgot we were playing then got a notification, I knew it wouldn't be good news.
  2. We have lost so many points because we are so awful.
  3. This football is awful.. ball is in the air more than on the ground. Ha ha
  4. Tactics? What tactics? We don't play football at all. My son's U13's play better football than this.
  5. I think (and it's been said a million times) that it's beyond the manager. Meaning it's the club and what it wants to achieve long term. I'd take farting around the championship if we had a vision.
  6. Brilliant. I'd not bother with the Boro. Let's argue about threads, hell that's much more fun 🤪
  7. I'll take that! Won't get an easier goal all.season.
  8. Same again, good run forward then... Slooooooow down and wait for Bristol to get back into position, then oh poo we need to go back. It's utterly boring.
  9. We just don't play football like other teas. Bristol, Brentford were something else. High pressing, good shape. They seemed to know where their team mates were etc. We just head the ball all over, smash it forward. Then against reading we knocked about it nicely. Why? Just why?
  10. Our build up play is non existent. Very very slow.
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