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  1. Anyone who is in the know think we are to keep woodgate and his backroom staff if we go down or indeed stay up?
  2. Lol 2-0 I thought it was still 1-0.. can we go back into lockdown...
  3. Can't see the stream as busy but I'm presuming we are pretty awful, as a Boro fan for a very long time as usual all I want is someone to give it some effort, same for the players. Don't want to be served up this poo poo anymore.
  4. Good to be back, not like there is enough negativity about at the moment. Just joking guys, I'm sure we will win 7-0 and it'll be all good.
  5. Just seeing that there could be restrictions around social distancing till the end of the year. I wonder what that will mean for football? I know it's not important in the grand scheme of things but could it send one teams under? Playing behind closed doors doesn't produce revenue does it. I wonder if teams could broadcast their games and then charge folk a season ticket price for the privilege of watching the games. Just a thought...
  6. Remember guys. The internet tells lies. Who knows how the hell this will all play out.
  7. If the season is nu and void are we saying it all starts again next season with no promotions or relegations?
  8. I'm no spring chicken mate. I'm just not a sheep, opinions are like *** holes. We all have one. But if anyone disagrees with your opinion on here then you are branded a fool
  9. No, just lots of people with an opinion and if your opinion is different to others you are classed as a moron. #prophetofdoom Was also just a bit of humour, obviously wasted.
  10. Out of interest, are you in Australia or the UK buddy? Communication? Yeah but too much info is send everyone wild, to seem a little wild mate. That's a joke so don't get upset
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