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  1. Gibbo must see that it’s worse than ever in terms of morale
  2. I’m at a place where I want us to do badly so he will go. Sorry to say that. I know it’s a shocking way to support the team. I just don’t have any interest with this current regime in charge.
  3. Great find that is, excellent read. It is worrying that a non professional makes some really interesting posts but NW fails to see what the problems are or won’t change the setup. I really hope Payero is back soon!
  4. Nice one boro. Biggest push overs in British football.
  5. Yeah true but I like to make things hard for myself.
  6. Neither mate, NW & Ale pie, Ronnie Gypsom peas and a glass of I hate this.
  7. I’m really unhappy. People said he was getting sacked and he hasn’t. I can’t believe that the information isn’t accurate. It’s on the internet so must be true.
  8. Bore off mate, of course we all want him to go. I think if you look at all the crap coming out it would be more of a surprise if he stays
  9. Just arguing over if he can keep the bum bag at the moment.
  10. Was very tongue in cheek mate. Every part of me wants him gone today, where have you heard they are in a meeting.
  11. I’m fuming!! So bored of the negative crap that the boro have become. Just get him gone FFS
  12. If that’s true get that *** out of the club.
  13. Been reading for a few days on here. For me I just don’t know how we can continue, I think the fans have turned but then again we are a fickle bunch and can soon turn back again. If the rumours of bullying are true then that’s a sackable offence for me. I think it’s just time to stop all this nonsense and move on to the next longer term manager, that’s presuming he is available.
  14. Well let’s just hope that Neil is off and we have a forward thinking coach coming in who excited us and the players. I don’t want steady anymore, I want the crowds back, a buzz and some good football played. despite what we all might think we have a very good setup. We are attractive!
  15. If it’s true please get him gone, it’s embarrassing. Utter waste of time.
  16. Not for me. He’s another name that’s been around for ages. let’s try something different, I’d rather gamble than go with a safe pair of trusted hands.
  17. Anyone give John Terry a go? I know he’s a bit of a knob but done well at the Villa
  18. Oh I can’t wait to not have to see that old mans club sat on the bench of a weekend.
  19. I’ll be amazed if he’s sacked this week. Never happen
  20. Just shows that a change in personnel is needed, Forest were utter crap and are now winning and scoring. Save the season and get rid, thanks Neil built as you said ‘you don’t know what else to do’
  21. Any ITK put us out of our misery and let us know he’s going.
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