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  1. Just been looking at that Clarke chap on YouTube, I know it's naughty to presume but he looks a great player. Be good to get him in, we might actually be attractive to watch again. What the heck
  2. This certainly feels better doesn't it. It's hard being a Boro fan. Happy new year all!
  3. Merry Christmas! This is going to make my kids football team with all the baggies dad's a whole lot easier
  4. Man, what are these stats. I must remain focused, I must remain focused, this is Boro.. ha ha.
  5. A loss today might just make gibbo move him on. Then again....
  6. He has said he does not want to manage ever again, he said he isn't the right personality to be a manager, he's involved in a university in Manchester now.
  7. Not been on for a while but I wonder if gibbo is thinking this might have been a bad appointment.... Don't even know if it's woodgates fault to be honest.
  8. Just seen that woodgate has been tasked to reduce the wage bill. Worst case I'm gonna have to support villa. Please sort it out SG
  9. Oh, literally put my kids into bed and we are 2-0 down. Whilst I'm fully behind this new venture I thought we might have been able to have a go tonight. See what the 2nd half brings hey.
  10. Oh dear. You seem to have a very short memory. Just calm down love, we needed to reset and make sure we actually have a club as financially we were unstable. I don't care how long it takes, we need to give JW time and let the new approach take effect. You just sit in your villa in Dubai and cry bud, we don't care.
  11. It makes no difference what I think. It's fact my friend.. get used to it, expectation is very low with Woody. I'm happy with not going up.
  12. 2nd game of the season son. Go have a nap and calm down. It'll be ok. Nobody is expecting anything this season except for staying in the division. It will be ok.
  13. We're still not playing at strength.. at some point Browne, Djiksteel and Bola will all be in the team.
  14. Going to be a busy day if we are offloading players. We definitely need to bolster in places and some places it's critical.
  15. Just a little observation. Have a read back over the past few pages before putting some comments on, lots of people commenting on Britt actually leaving and shirts and other stuff. It's all getting a mental on here. Not having a dig fellow fans, it's just making me eyes bleed a bit. peace X x
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