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  1. Dont post on here often as i normally just watch from afar Recieved a phonecall from the club inviting me and one other as guests to an event at the end of March with event food and drink free gratis. Turns out i was the first person to renew my season ticket. Im not doing this as a brag, merely sharing this as in my opinion the club gets a hiding sometimes and its only fair people hear the positives the club do UTB
  2. fancy wanting info then being a sarcastic idiot when you get it.
  3. shotton is done and dusted. close to being unveiled
  4. presser will be friday they day before the game. as usual
  5. the 1 on 1 i think not that i agree with any of the slating
  6. However this worries me https://www.mfcofficialdirect.co.uk/kits/home-kit/adult/4697_19-adult-ss-home-shirt.html Try and add assombalonga onto the shirt Hes at the bottom but you cant select him
  7. I know im not seen as one of the itk etc on here I have just been told from a close friend that fry is off and there has been no bid for britt. He is staying, the reason he was not there yesterday is a family issue.
  8. i heard gestede was offered mutual termination over the weekend
  9. Howson is having a baby, well his wife is, walker and fry are injured
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