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  1. Unpopular opinion: Lewis Wing is bad. if Saville had been giving the performances he has of late, the pitchforks would be out
  2. He literally had a simple 5 yard pass to Saville but didn’t turn his head.
  3. He wasn’t 1.5mill? Think you’re thinking of Dijksteel
  4. On Wednesday it was the players fault for not getting the 3 points, we created enough chances. Today however, Woodgate and co have to take the blame. Keeping 5 at the back until 80 minutes?!?! Not to mention our best player in McNair playing there. eventually he brought on Browne for some pace but instead of sticking him on the wing, he put him behind the forwards... Basics of playing against 10 men is make the pitch wide, not cram everything in the middle like we did. Such a awful performance. Can’t see anything changing with this personnel, both players and staff. Bad times 😞
  5. Harsh on Johnson to be left out instead of either Fletcher or Britt. I don’t mind Johnson on the right of a 3. How *** must Dijksteel be in training? Is he really that bad? I think we’ve been missing Howson in the middle as of late.
  6. I’d have him back in an instant. I didn’t even mind him when he was here tbh. But he’s on fire for QPR so no chance of that now 😂
  7. We can’t score, and we haven’t shown we can all season. Feel for Woodgate tbh. We need to get a striker in in January. Someone nasty who’s gonna annoy the defence and get stuck in, hold the ball up and challenge for headers. sick of us having strikers who play on the edge of games, and are to nice to play against.
  8. Hahaha and there’s Britt sitter. WHY DONT YOU JUST SHOOT THE *** BALL
  9. If we could actually attack and play the right pass at the right time, we’d batter these cos they are awful. but we can’t so lol
  10. As funny as it sounds I’m not even surprised . Had it been him or Britt that missed, they’ve both missed absolute sitters since playing for us. I don’t get how it happens to our strikers
  11. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but did anyone see Ayalas second miss, (not the header), he was literally on the goal line from the corner and managed to kick it back to McNair?! The commentators didn’t even pick up on it, he’s literally 1 yard out.
  12. We are painful to watch when we go forward. So slow and every person looks scared to either shoot or get past their man. we are getting space down there left, so could be good to see Coulson come on to get in the space there.
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