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  1. Very arguable, and I dare say it would be mainly boro fans that would have that view. I personally don’t rate Fry that much though.
  2. Haha what did she expect. Asking the same question in a different way 5 times, when he answered her the first time. Woody made her look a right muppet.
  3. 1. I didn’t say it was ok. 2. We didn’t get hammered for 90+mins. 3. I didn’t say anything but a hammering is considered exceptional. Apart from that, I agree. Good post.
  4. I wouldn’t say I feel good about the result, but yeah, definitely not as angry as some others. People’s expectations have wrongfully changed for the season.
  5. Amazed at the reactions to getting beat away by one of the best teams in the league. (Best team I’ve watched this season). I think people’s expectations may have raised massively after a few good results. We are still a massively inexperienced/young squad, with currently only 1 fit CB! Britt, Ayala, Friend, Dijksteel, Shotton all our injured aswell.
  6. It’s not 100% his fault. We’ve been battered by a team far too good for us. On another day we could have been down 3-0 in 10 minutes
  7. Defence has been tragic today. Counting the days until Ayala is back
  8. Hoof hoof hoof hoof. Get Fletcher and Nmecha on man, *** me
  9. Every time he has the ball, he does something with it. It’s a shame he’s only had it 3 times lol
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