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  1. 😂😂 one loss and so many people have wet the bed. Are you guys expecting us to now win every game and perform well every week? Come off it, the squad is still massively overachieving.
  2. Not sure why Warnock getting blamed. We had enough chances to put the game to bed in he first half. And the goals we conceded were school stuff.
  3. Mate he might be at fault for the first couple, but there not a chance he even comes close to saving that shot 😂
  4. Akpom is such a donkey😂 We have 3 strikers and all are donkeys, unable to trap a ball.
  5. Honestly painful trying to watch us attack. Ah on cue McNair just passes the ball out of play as soon as he gets in a dangerous position. *** me
  6. These look horrific defensively. So much space for Tav and our wide players to run into.
  7. I agree. Don’t recall Spence playing particularly well when he’s started a game out wide. We will struggle to create and convert chances with those front 3 today in my opinion. Hope they prove me wrong.
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