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  1. It’s just the way he is, and always has been. Expects a lot from himself (perhaps to much at times). It’s that mentality that’s probably made him make it to pro level.
  2. I actually think he’s improved significantly since he was dropped for that one game a while back.
  3. It’s not necessarily criticism (the way I see him), it’s more frustration. He has everything to be one of the best players in the league. He just needs to improve his end product. Personally think he should be getting double figures for goals and assists every season with relative ease with the ability he has. It’s great that he’s a threat and getting in shooting positions, but unless he actually improves his end product it’s not really helping the team. Just think he could really reach that next level with a bit of composure. Saying that, if he did improve his composure, he’d be a premier lea
  4. Thought Howson was class yday. Didn’t put a foot wrong all game imo. Don’t think he’s ever had a poor game in a back 3 as far as I can remember. Seems to always just ‘do his job’ when he plays there. If we ever play a back 3 I’d genuinely favour him on the right side then the other cb’s.
  5. I’ve felt like this for the past couple games now. Not going to change until everyone associated with this *** negative regime leaves the club. Our manager only ever sees the negatives, from his presser, to his lineup, to the way we approach the match tactically. How can fans expect to be positive when the focal point of the club is nothing but the opposite. All he does is feel sorry for himself and play the victim.
  6. Watching the presser. The reporters “questions” *** me off more then Warnocks answers. Pathetic
  7. Tbf signing players who have had injury problems in the past has finally started to really hit us. Dijksteel, Bola, Fry and Hall can’t be relied upon through a season, not to mention Bamba and Peltiers age. Makes it even funnier the fact we loaned out Coulson and Spence as well 😂
  8. What a mess this has become. Never do things normal do we.
  9. Ironic seeing as the biggest problem atm is the shocking football/results on the pitch - coming from Warnock and his staff. We’ve got a good squad.
  10. Exactly this. Why are we even trying to come to some sort of compromise with him?
  11. If he doesn’t go now I guarantee he won’t make it until the end of the season. Can anyone seriously see us magically turn a corner and get some results? I can’t. Gibson should just cut his losses (there isn’t any) and tell him thanks but the club needs to move on.
  12. Why does Warnock even want to stay if he’s being told he had to come to some sort of compromise with the way he manages us? The fans don’t want him, Gibson doesn’t sound to be best pleased, he’s clearly *** off with the way things are being done. Most importantly however we have been *** on the pitch, performance and results wise. Why is he still here?
  13. I honestly don’t even care about this result. Like I’m just empty about us now, have been most the season. Used to ruin my day when we lost. Barely bat on eye now.
  14. Funny thing is as *** as we were and as *** as the result was, we still created enough chances to win the game. They were good, clear chances aswell. 2 1v1’s, Tav from like two yards out, and Tav again in the second half.
  15. He’s good until he has to do the important bit. Poor final ball, shot and decision making. Hasn’t got over 10 goal contributions in a season yet
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