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  1. The thing is though, once it actually comes to ‘farting around the championship’, most fans won’t accept it and will once again want the manager out. It’s all well and good wanting to play nice football etc. But at the end of the day, results is what matters and what pleases fans. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t mind going for a long term vision, but as long as we are competing for the play offs.
  2. What are Britts strengths though? He’s been here for 5 years and we’ve been saying the same every season. I know he’s played under Monk, Pulis, Woodgate and Warnock but you’d still expect to see his strengths from time to time?
  3. Britt, but I agree Howsons performances have been poor recently. (So have a lot of other players). I don’t usually question Howson attitude or body language though to be fair to him.
  4. They have to actually be a good manager at the same time though. Quite hard to find good managers that play good football that are willing to manage in this league. So more often then not they would have to come from abroad. Do we think Gibson is willing to go abroad again? Personally I don’t mind Warnock being here next season, as I really think we will be more competitive with players like Kebano and Bolasie having a full season. (I know leave at end of season, but hopefully they rejoin us, especially Kebano). However, at the same time, I’m happy for the club to change things, as long as it is a good appointment which makes sense. I am of the strong opinion though, that the grass isn’t always greener, and I fear that if we change manager, we will probably end up changing manager again come the summer, after the ‘transition’ season doesn’t work. Are we better off with Warnock, for one final season, to let him build on the foundations he has created this season, albeit under crap football, to make one last push for promotion? Or is it worth the risk of potentially going back to square one and changing manager, but with the hope that we play nice football and get results at the same time? Ultimately it’s Gibson choice.
  5. Right decision. Body language was awful today I thought. Might be being harsh but it’s hard not to when you have to watch his sorry performances week in week out.
  6. Tbf don’t think Warnock does/will sign plodders. He plays Tav whenever he is fit, and he’s brought in Watmore, Bolasie, NML and Kebano. He wants ‘plodders’ in the positions you need them, like CB. He would probably like a target man aswell. I think if we had Fletcher up top, with Kebano and Bolasie either side of him, with Tav playing in one of the 3 in midfield, we’d be higher up the table. Unfortunately injures have meant we haven’t even been able to play 2 of them players together at one time. Injuries have cost us massively this season.
  7. Could really do with scoring first in our games. Not sure what the record is for when we score first is ? Seems when we concede first, it knocks us for 6 and our players lose all confidence. Even when we start decent, they score, then we just go to crap. likewise when we score first, or score in general, we seem to have more confidence and actually pass the ball more. We deserved a draw.
  8. That’s why Kebano should have been playing from the start, only player capable of doing that
  9. Britt 😂 please just leave the club honestly, so pathetic
  10. It’s ok, we can bring on Chuba now. Jokes, probably should bring on Kebano. Not sure if he was dropped because of his height against this side, but we aren’t going to match them there no matter who we play, so may aswell get him on. They’ve got Flint ffs. The lad can’t defend when facing any other way then facing forward.
  11. Wish we’d start putting players on posts from set pieces. Baffles me even the fact we haven’t against Cardiff, who will win every ball in the box. Also *** header from Dijksteel which lead to the throw in the first place.
  12. Dijksteel man marking Murphy. That’s why it’s hard to see what we’re playing. McNair is in midfield, potentially man marking Wilson.
  13. McNair looks like in midfield the way they’ve set up from kick off
  14. Damn, days like this I really wish I was walking to the riverside
  15. Could be NML wing back, Dijksteel CB, and McNair in middle. Although that wouldn’t really make much sense
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