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  1. Ah wing just missed a good chance for Rotherham
  2. Westwood doing his best to get them relegated 😂 his positioning for both goals have been shocking, especially the 2nd.
  3. Sell. Awful footballer. Has nothing about him apart from being capable of running fast. Not a winger, not a full back, can’t control the ball, can’t run with it, can’t concentrate. Lad has absolutely nothing and him. Sorry but just my opinion.
  4. Love the confidence Malley is showing on his debut.
  5. I have him ahead of Morsy every day of the week personally, just for that reason. He’s a goal threat
  6. Class finish and great skill from Kebano. Although pretty sure the ball was moving from the corner. Edit: maybe it wasn’t moving
  7. Also hall is the only one capable of heading the ball so that’s worrying
  8. Hall going off. Wtf is our defence gonna look like now 😂
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