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  1. Agree with all of that apart from the last sentence. 100% the aim for us should be and will be playoffs. However, this is the same as probably 14 teams in the league. Not getting in the playoffs, although would be disappointing, imo wouldn’t be a big failure. I don’t think we have the players to be deemed a failure if we don’t get top 6. Our squad is also very small with next to no depth if a few injuries occur. Im not being negative as I also feel we have a good as good a chance to get playoffs then other half of the championship battling for it. That’s the beauty of this league, every clu
  2. I’d have Kebano back definitely. Quality player.
  3. I would have thought that aswell. Warnock basically confirmed we were after Brown last night. Guess we will see!
  4. would this be as well as the lad from Cardiff then?
  5. QPR signed Johansen. Always thought he was a tidy footballer. Probably not suited to our style of play mind. They are currently beating United 4-1. They also play Leicester next week.
  6. I hope Malley is in Warnocks thoughts for this season. Looks a proper footballer, and all looks so natural to him.
  7. You can just tell Akpom doesn’t have a clue what he’s going to do when he gets the ball. Has absolutely no confidence.
  8. We don’t have any good wingbacks at the club unfortunately.
  9. Check your junk or ‘other’ section. Also might be worth clicking the send again link.
  10. Stream looks good quality. HD and multiple camera angles. It’s started now for those interested.
  11. Didn’t Warnock say his favourite formation last year was 433? Currently I wouldn’t mind 5 at back as we don’t have good enough wingers yet in the squad. We’ve lost Kebano, Bolasie and Johnson from the wings and replaced them with Ameobi…We weren’t good enough out wide last year so unless we sign some wingers I don’t think we have the personal to score enough goals in a 433.
  12. Yeah I think Watmore should be and deserves to be starting every week. I know he’s a bit ‘raw’ in the way he plays, but he’s a genuine goal threat when ever he is on the pitch. I like having forwards that can come up with a goal even when playing crap. As much as I rate Tav, the only thing that doesn’t convince me he’s a winger is because he isn’t a goal threat imo. Hopefully this comes this season and he can get double figures for goals and a few assists. He has the ability to achieve that.
  13. Do people see Tav as a RW or a CM? I wouldn’t be against having him on the wing for this season tbh. Main reason is because our current wide options are pretty *** atm (could change).
  14. Really need some wingers like. Good ones aswell.
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