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  1. Imo Fry is probably our slowest CB. He has the turning circle of a bus.
  2. What teams are possibly getting a point deduction? And how many will it likely be?
  3. The amount of good areas we’ve got in and made nothing is infuriating.
  4. Awareness and a simple extra touch and he’d have been one on one.
  5. Roberts back in training on Monday. Ayala still ‘2 or 3 weeks away’ 😂
  6. What a load of tosh. Saville is one of if not the midfielder that gets stuck in the most. He wins so many scrappy 50/50’s and a lot of headers. More then Clayton, McNair, Tav and Wing. I honestly don’t have a clue where you get that opinion of Saville from.
  7. Agreed. I defiantly wouldn’t drop Tav. He brings energy and had a decent game last night. I would however probably bring Saville in for McNair, as I think it was extremely harsh to drop him in the first place considering he’s been our most consistent player over the last few months. McNairs also been *** recently.
  8. Am I right in thinking that that’s the 9th game in a row where we have conceded first? If so, that needs to change ASAP. Fighting a uphill battle from the beginning.
  9. Coulson is so much more effective on the wing. Great player. Him and Roberts in the front 3/4 will be a massive improvement.
  10. Thought Rudy did well tonight. Offered us something different. Won a lot of his aerial duels and created several chances for us. Bagged a goal as well. Not sure why he didn’t go for goal for the one in the second half though?
  11. How are people seriously saying it’s a foul? Come on now. The lads literally just stood his ground and Pears has got himself in a *** position where he can’t get the ball. What grabban is doing is no different to what strikers do when they hold the ball up. Look at the defender to see where he is, put there arms out and make themselves big so the defender can’t get round. Plain and simply not a foul in any way shape or form.
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