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  1. He’s got 2 wins in 5 games. Woodgate got 2 in 13 before he went.
  2. With a team/squad so devoid of any attacking threat/flair, for me Roberts offers enough to start every game until the end of season now.
  3. Also on a side note, surely Tav and Roberts have to start one game together? Every time they are on, we as a team look so much better. I guess that’s what happens when you have players comfortable and capable of controlling the ball under pressure.
  4. Can’t expect to win every game. Bit of perspective needed. We are where we are because we have been *** all season. Bristol City are a good side that knock the ball about well. If we get a result against Reading (I fancy ourselves), then I think we should be close to being safe. This was the game I least expected to pick up points. Also everyone else round us in the table (literally everyone) are just as bad as us!😄
  5. And some fans...They thought he was better then Gibson. Fry is ok with the Milwall lump ball type games. Any team with the slightest bit of pace and quick passing he’s awful. He’s a donkey that is particularly *** in the air for someone who’s 6”3. Every clearance goes into row Z also, which irritates me no end.
  6. Actually mad how much of a donkey Fry is. Unbearable to watch him play sometimes. Depressing
  7. He is. Only person in our squad who’s capable of creating a chance. Final ball might be *** but at least he’s doing something. Not a coincidence as soon as he comes on we have some chances.
  8. Not sure that change is going to change the games play tbh.
  9. Spence has to do better for the 2nd goal. I’m honestly not sure how good he is defensively. Only young though I guess.
  10. Calved then open?!?! Watching a different game to me haha, I’d say 2 chances from set pieces in a half isn’t exactly calving them open tbh. We can’t pass the ball, and we can’t defend.
  11. On a side note, great to see Dijksteel back for the run in. If we persist with the 5 at back (you’d imagine we will), then he’s a good like for like option for Spence. Saves shifting Howson out the midfield, and changing it all around again.
  12. Yep. His first was an unbelievable save. The fact he got to it and actually kept it out was very impressive. Such a strong hand.
  13. Nice to see he had the confidence to grab the ball for the pen tho and what a penalty it was!
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