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  1. Up there with the worst full back I’ve seen defensively at the club. Good going forward but shocking the other way.
  2. Yeah he’s a good player. Very intelligent. Reminds me a bit of bamford with some of the runs he makes.
  3. I always wonder whether someone at the club does check forums etc. to see if a name crops up or something that they may not have thought about. I do imagine that Scott and co. have went through an extremely large list of players, especially the free agents this year. I don’t think in this day and age clubs would miss out on players due to not knowing about them, but instead just not rating them or think they fit into there criteria.
  4. I’m still adamant that the Forest-Arsenal game added about 5-7mill at least onto Spence’s price tag. He went from being worth what maybe a few mill (?) to £15mill literally over night. It’s amazing what a big game on the TV can do.
  5. No but I’m hopeful Wilder can get close to, if not improve on the 1.65 PPG he’s averaged since he started. Which would be enough to get in the playoffs. Full pre season and a summer transfer window to sort the squad out. There’s so many more reasons to be optimistic for next season, so it’s sad and confusing that some fans are leaning towards being pessimistic. Each go there own I guess.
  6. Wilders PPG would have us sitting 5th over the full season. He inherited Warnocks squad and a playing style that was the opposite of what he likes. What would be deemed ‘good enough’ for you? Were you going to be unhappy with any new manager coming in that didn’t achieve playoffs?
  7. Same. Fair bit of hype from some boro fans that Scott is going to get us some foreign gems etc etc. Nothing has told me he’s really capable of that YET. Not saying he’s going to be useless, but i’m definitely in the ‘hopeful’ camp rather then ‘expecting’ camp.
  8. With already a huge amount of players leaving the club, and a large rebuild required, I really don’t think we should be looking to sell our top goal scorer. Putting the ball in the net is the hardest thing to do and Crooks definitely has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. Obviously depends on what offers we might get for him.
  9. No one sees the players train day in day out. Wilder does. Perhaps there are players with attitude problems. Perhaps not. Maybe he’s referring to a winning mentality attitude rather then the ‘bad egg’ type of attitude. Wouldn’t really read to much into it either way, what will be will be.
  10. I reckon we might try cash in on Jones. Think he might be one of the surprise ones
  11. Well there you go. Cheers CT. For everyone wanting Wilder out give your head a shake.
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