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  1. Thought Bola was decent again. Howson and Watmore at least offered something when they came on. Everyone else was sloppy. Can’t believe how many second balls we lost/didn’t win today. They won all of them.
  2. Yeah but why is he still here? We are paying part of his wages for literally no reason.
  3. Why are we genuinely paying a part of Roberts wages from city? Like why is he here? Send him back.
  4. Dijksteel has been so bad today. Bela has had his pants down all game
  5. Lol Spence and Coulson ending up on both wings when chasing a goal.
  6. Hahaha Britt doing his weekly run straight into the defender
  7. Looks like Howson, Britt and Spence all coming on
  8. We surely can’t be any worse in the second half...can we?
  9. I’d get wing off at half time and bring Tav into the middle. Put Watmore/Roberts on the right. Dunno how many times I have to say it but every time Wing plays it’s like playing with 10 men. It’s not a coincidence.
  10. We haven’t won one second ball today, anywhere on the pitch
  11. Johnson Akpom and Tav haven’t even had a kick of the ball yet
  12. Is that the Karanka era/promotion era completely gone now?
  13. Warnock mentioned in his conference yesterday, that he’s perhaps like to get in a defender who can cover centrally and full back.
  14. Yeah thought Spence had a good game at Rb. Hackney did himself no harm with tonight’s performance. Put him self about and grew into the game. Got to remember though that there team was also significantly weaker tonight. Probably more so then ours.
  15. I don’t remember many clear cut chances/ 1v1’s tonight. They were mostly half chances/decent chances. Can’t recall any ones where I was left saying ‘he has to score there’. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  16. Even if we win this game it will still feel like a disappointing night for me. Losing Browne, likely for the season is an absolute sickener for him and also the squad. This really was a game we could do without tbh.
  17. Do we think the god awful pitch played a part in is injury? Or not really?
  18. Fs. Got to feel for the lad. Honestly can’t catch a break. Warnock clearly rates the lad aswell.
  19. My FA player is a working perfect. Good quality as well. The pitch is awful. So bobbly.
  20. I sometimes wonder what Warnock could have done with Gestede if he was arsed and motivated to give it a go playing under him. Perhaps instilled some confidence into him, without the fans being there. He used to be unbelievable in the air, just a thought as to whether Warnock might have been able to re discover some of his form at Blackburn. Probably best for all parties that he did leave though. Was just thinking about it when the talk about target men was mentioned.
  21. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s coming in as 3rd choice. Club might see it as...Brynn has impressed in training and is seen good enough as 2nd option. Pointless having both him and Dejan sat on bench. Loan Dejan out to get some game time, in the hope he comes back a better keeper to battle for the no.1 stop when he returns.
  22. I’ve noticed this season Saville is ridiculously good in the air. He wins literally every single ball he goes up for. It’s very impressive, considering he’s not the tallest or most athletic.
  23. Another assist for Neymarv! Great finish and run into the box from Saville. He’s very capable of doing that.
  24. On a plus side, you’d imagine we’d only have sent Roberts back this early, if pretty much every thing had been sorted for Bolasie coming in?
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