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  1. Apparently sold 18,000 season tickets. How does this compare to previous?
  2. Who did we play behind him? I can’t even remember.. Mix of Stuani, Downing, Traore and Ramirez? Or did we play 433?
  3. Remember when there was talk of Forshaw getting an England call up.
  4. Off top of my head, Ramirez definitely. Perhaps Stuani, Forshaw, Friend, Ayala? I actually think the team we took up, along with the signings we made, Chambers, Negredo, Valdez etc. was more then capable of mixing it with the mid table boys. I think the off-field stuff was what killed us, both the manager and players. On pure individual skill, I think we could have and should have stayed up.
  5. Yeah looked good first month or so. Really thought we’d got a proper striker in. I remember his goal away at Forest, thinking wow this guys the real deal. Pretty much got worse and worse as the season went on and unfortunately turned out to be no where near good enough. Is it 5 goals from open play all year? Had a good song though.
  6. It’s always the case with some fans mate. Crooks was perfect example last summer. Turned out to be by far our best signing.
  7. Embarrassing for the posters going at him, even more so for the mods to ban him for no reason.
  8. The pull Chris Wilder has in the game compared to our previous managers will be night and day. It will be instrumental in attracting the better players this window, make no doubt about it.
  9. He’s actually shown this year that he can though. Obviously he’s a year older again this coming season, so there’s no guarantee he can do it again. Would be interested to hear of some CDM’s that posters think would be a decent upgrade? Haven’t really been linked to many yet.
  10. Yes that’s a fair point. Should definitely be his spot to lose, if his form is crap then fair enough. For comparison, Swift only scored 3 goals in his last 18, but did manage a few assists. Maybe we were keen on him to replace Tav 👀
  11. If crooks is fit, he should (and probably will) be starting. People need to start acknowledging the fact he scored 11 goals from midfield. It’s almost like some people think this is the norm and can be easily replaced. It isn’t. He has a knack of being in the right place at the right time, and that isn’t something you can just teach. Sure his yellow cards aren’t ideal, but his general play is very effective for that RCM position. We all love Jones and his form was good when Crooks was on fire as well. There are bigger problems to solve then our top goal scorer and baring the last couple months
  12. What do you mean about the leaking out bit? You talking about the lads on internationals or others?
  13. Yeah unfortunately our kit has been made to accommodate the sponsor, and not the other way round. 2 lines of sponsor…really?
  14. Kit defiantly looks better in person. Not sure how they’ve managed to make it look so much worse in the actual release photos lol
  15. Anyone have a bit more info on the young lad we signed from Watford earlier in the window? Is he highly rated etc etc. Just thinking could he be closer to the first team then perhaps we maybe expect.
  16. So much nicer and cleaner. A white vertical band just makes a kit look uglier in my opinion. I get that it perhaps makes us more unique etc. but I’m not that bothered about it. Kit manufacturers rarely, if ever get the band to look nice.
  17. Can’t get over how bad that actually is😂 months and months of designing and this is what they come up with…jesus
  18. Wow that shocking haha. 2 year old could have designed that. Minging collar and they *** up the band to accommodate a large sponsor.
  19. I think Fredericks is to good to be sat on the bench at championship level. Premiership yeah fair enough, but to not be starting in this league would be mad from him. He’d start for every other championship team no question.
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