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  1. I just want Roberts back for that RW spot😞
  2. Honestly some of these so called “journalists”...😂
  3. Just had a thought. Imagine where we’d be this season if we didn’t have Randolph for the first half...
  4. Pears for me has always been too small. Every cross/corner into the box he gets left in no mans land with the ball going straight over his head. Either that or he flaps at the ball. But somehow Stojanovic needs dropping because he flaps at stuff to much?🤔 Pears really is no better then Mejias. If he was a 300k signing from abroad, there wouldn’t even be a conversation about who the no.1 keeper should be imo. Warnock literally brought him in for 2 games then dropped him again. Says a lot. I wish Pears well, but he won’t be a miss to the team.
  5. Glad to see we are still after Roberts. Maybe he’s our no.1 target from the prem on loan that Warnock was mentioned wouldn’t know until late August.
  6. Is Amos any good? Never really seen him play. Only 23.
  7. Not saying I don’t want the guy or that’s he’s a bad player, but I’m sure if you YouTube Gestedes highlights, and had not seen him play before, we’d all probably think he’d be a great signing. I’m sure he’s scored a lot of good headers in his highlights. Of course the main difference is that this guy would be on a free so no real risk involved👍🏼
  8. Not fussed about Burke at all tbh. Much rather have Roberts back.
  9. I never understand why the Media reporters don’t ask about Roberts. Warnock would literally either say yes we’d like him back, or no I don’t think he’ll be back.
  10. Charlie Goode I feel will be a real coup for whichever teams gets him.
  11. When he specifically mentioned Nelson from Cardiff, it made me think he might be wanting Goode from Northampton. With Gibson looking unaffordable, he deffo looks a cheaper alternative. Seems to be the standout Cb in league 2. Captain, 6 foot 5. Seems likely.
  12. Yeah think so, mentioned looking at couple from league 1/2. Then also 3/4 potential loan players from the prem. Certainly seems that we are looking at all aspects of the market which is promising. For anyone who hasn’t watched his press conference, id definitely recommend it. Its a great watch. Neil seems to really enjoy talking to the media.
  13. No don’t think so. When he was talking about getting players from Spain, he mentioned how he signed Camarasa when he was at Cardiff. Then went on to say he’s asked his agent if he could recommend anyone that would be available which suits his requirements/positions. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/watch-neil-warnocks-insights-to-the-media Its around minute 11:15 👍🏼
  14. Warnock said he’s spoke to Victor Camarasas agent. Anyone knew who it is?
  15. Warnock said that our no.1 loan target from the Prem said that they will get back to us late in August. Then said that that’s too late.
  16. I’d imagine Norwich will be up there. If they keep there manager and majority of players.
  17. As long as they are on peanuts, then it’s a no brainer imo.
  18. Where do we all think Howsons best position is? Warnock has raved about him since being here. No doubt he’s one of the first names on the team-sheet for the coming season. But where? Holding midfield was where he was played, but I’m not sure if that’s his best position🤔 Where do you guys think?
  19. Still can’t believe that people can not see what Saville brings to the team. And to think they’d rather keep Wing? You do realise there’s more to playing football then scoring a few long shot goals every now and again? For example doing the hard work, winning the ball back, starting play, controlling the game etc. This isn’t secondary school football anymore. And for those that are saying Saville can’t shoot or is a 4/10. Savilles season before he came to us saw him get 10 goals, a better return then any of Wings. The season before the one just gone, under Pulis, Saville also scored more goals then Wing (league only). Not to mention the fact Wing plays significantly further forward. For those that rate Wing and would rather sell Saville, can you please tell me what he does other then shoot?
  20. Would more likely be us paying them cash + wing for freeman surely?
  21. McNair has his qualities, but he always looks to me like he’s a CB playing in midfield. His second touch is often a tackle.
  22. I don’t want to sell Saville. I genuinely think he’s been our most consistent good player the second half of the season. Even before the lockdown he was putting in good performances week in week out. I honestly can’t remember the last time he has a bad game. Just because he doesn’t score a lot and isn’t the most skill full player doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a place in the team. He does his job and wins a lot of balls in the middle and starts play. Speaks volumes that every manager has opted him over others.
  23. Surely Ibe will have better teams after him then us? Probably the Fulham’s and top end champ teams etc. Can’t see him wanting to come to the north east either. I’d love him here tho, finally someone with natural pace and dribbling skills.
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