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  1. NB. I'm not going to ban you. But I would like to point out that in the context you mean it's spelt here not hear ;) That spelling mistake alone should warrant a permanent ban Lol... Now ban me ffs.
  2. Some people get really upset about my opinions, It is baffling how someone's opinion can upset someone else, Any normal person would block someone who constantly annoyed them, Which I obviously do for some bizarre reason, Ask yourself why those people don't block me but constantly have a go at what I say, Its pretty obvious they get a kick out of arguing/Try to wind me up... Fortunately I couldn't give a flying *** what people on hear think about me & I have absolutely no interest in what anyone has to say on hear anymore. @Mods.. Now do the job properly and ban me PERMANENTLY.
  3. I would much rather us sign Ramirez over Praet & Ziyech... We know Ramirez works in our formation/Style of play & plays the No10 role brilliantly, He was by far our best attacking player. We aren't even interested in the other two lads, The Gazette confirmed that regarding Ziyech.. It's just two of many names thrown out there in the rumour mill with no substance... Oh yer, For the people who thought it was possible, How's the Falcao signing coming along Lol.
  4. Twitter is having a right laugh at the Falcao to Boro rumour, Tbh it is a funny joke. Espinosa will be a solid signing as a 3rd/4th choice CB. I think the rest of this summers rumours are all tosh apart from Mandi... Expect signings out the blue.
  5. I've heard some silly rumours this transfer window but Falcao takes the biscuit.. Seriously, If you think there's any chance of this happening then you have lost you're mind, Go out & get some fresh air. I've read a few tweets about Falcao but who starts these insanely stupid rumours?.
  6. Tin hat on, I'd much rather have Adomah in our team than Redmond at this moment in time. I don't see Redmond as an upgrade on Adomah. I think you're right to put your tin hat on, because that's crazy :) Redmond has done it in the Premier league, and is much younger than Albert. I'm fairly confident that Redmond has put up better stats than Adomah the last few years as well. Done what in the premier league exactly?.. He is another overrated English player who flatters to deceive... He has been relegated twice in the last three seasons so he is consistent :)
  7. Not another Zemmama ffs :) Joking aside... No chance we will sign this Moroccan lad.
  8. It's all about opinions, Not everyone has the same so don't get upset when someone doesn't agree with you, Don't get you're knickers in a twist, loosen ya belts & now relax :)
  9. Marc Bartra has signed for Dortmund for about £8M.. That is an amazing signing. Bartra should be Piques partner at Barcelona but they for some reason one seen the huge talent he has. Value for money.. That is the signing of the season so far.
  10. Don't think Levy will negotiate, but Delia needs the sherry money :) Hahaha... If it's true that Pritchard Is available for £8M then we should be able to get him for £6.5M with AK' Mates rate :) Joking aside I would go for Pritchard even if he cist £8M.. He will be worth more than that after a few seasons.
  11. Pritchard is far better than Redmond & would probably cost less.
  12. Redmond is perfect for Norwich, Top championship player but not good enough for the premier league.. That's what Norwich have, A team full of top end championship players who aren't good enough for the premier league. We already have enough championship players in our squad.. Dimi, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Clayton, Rhodes.. None are proven in the premier league (They all might prove good enough but some might not) Add more championship players & we will get relegated. That's not mentioning the likes of Leadbitter & Nugent who aren't good enough for the premier league. AK & Mr
  13. We ain't buying anyone from Norwich & nor should we. We won't buy anyone from the championship.
  14. I think this transfer window is going to be smashed in terms of the most amount of money spent. It's already busy/Lots of money spent & the window isn't even open Lol. I don't know what the record is for the most amount of money spent in one window but I think it will be eclipsed by about £200M... It's going to be entertaining :)
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