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  1. Tony Pulis’ club are in good company, joined by Barcelona and Tottenham according to the report.
  2. Blaming the ref is embarrasing. We were wasteful and then just gave up completely second half. Pulis out. Gibbo out.
  3. Friend and Flint, god help us. I'm opting for the Liverpool game for tonights entertainment, i'll use this thread to check for any possible boro 'highlights'
  4. Called out for pace and attacking players and VLP still cant get ahead of downing. **** me
  5. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Same old, same old. We've been totally outplayed tonight, our lot should be ashamed.
  6. Hugill's dive was blatant, lucky he didn't get a yellow to be honest. Not a bad first half, just have to improve our passing. Randolphs fantastic save is the only real time they threatened bar their goal. Hopefully we nick one before they do
  7. I've lost count the amount of times Mo Besic has given away possession
  8. Because Pulis sucks his **** and expects a statue of him to be made
  9. That lineup screams defend for 90 minutes and hope for a 0-0 to me. Best we can hope for today I think
  10. More looking forward to the meltdown on here post 11pm
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if he's already down that way already, in the anticipation of the deal going through and looking likely all day.
  12. Was just about to suggest the same God, please no.
  13. 19 games this season, cant see why he would be?
  14. Just remembered back to a time when we could sign good players in the January window...Branca and Armstrong for example. I miss those days..
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