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  1. These sections talking about stats are completely cringeworthy.
  2. It show whats a great position we are in when I'm not overly worried that somebody as good as Tomlin may be injured for this game, as we've got someone as good as Vossen to come in :D
  3. Been going in quite a few mazy runs these past few games. Always freaks teams out a bit when a defender runs out with the ball. Quality!
  4. Was just looking at the fixtures myself, Borodane. There's some tricky ties in there for the teams above us - Cardiff have a new gaffer, Wednesday and Reading have started the season well, and Fulham had picked up (and still looked decent) before we beat them. Obviously we're away too, but Brighton haven't been too good this season. They look to have picked up slightly over the past few games, but before that when reading their board there was so much criticism. Their one main criticism is that they don't score many goals. For a side like us who look like we've cracked being defensively so
  5. Can and Allen are injured :D Gazette just so, so clueless. Can is injured, as is Allen.
  6. holgater


    We all live in a Jelle Vossen world, a Jelle Vossen world, a Jelle Vossen world!
  7. Echo Tweeting no more arrivals then we get this lad in :D
  8. Unbelievable. Expected that to be starred out :D So happy and excited.
  9. Have a look at @klaasdirk on Twitter, some of the stuff he's saying about Wildschut are so comical :D 'He runs fast but is blind like Stevey Wonder' 'We call him the blind horse, run like horse, blind like Stevey' :D :D
  10. Either a doppelgänger or his wishful thinking! :D
  11. Did anybody get a look at the Directors Box today? My brother in law was sat in the West and swears Vossen was in there sat next to Gibson. I couldn't see anything from my seat in the North!
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