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  1. Was just looking at the fixtures myself, Borodane. There's some tricky ties in there for the teams above us - Cardiff have a new gaffer, Wednesday and Reading have started the season well, and Fulham had picked up (and still looked decent) before we beat them.


    Obviously we're away too, but Brighton haven't been too good this season. They look to have picked up slightly over the past few games, but before that when reading their board there was so much criticism. Their one main criticism is that they don't score many goals. For a side like us who look like we've cracked being defensively sound again, after some early season blips, that's a great sign.


    Could go top tomorrow. That would be superb!

  2. All looks fine to me Marvin.


    Think we'll win this one. I went to Uni with a Reading fan and all summer he's been so downbeat about their chances this season. Said they've had a 'decent' start but he isn't convinced at all and expects them to finish near to the relegation spots this year.


    2-0. Hopefully Dimi back in goal to give the defence a bit of confidence, and Kike back on the score sheet.

  3. I'm just looking forward to the window closing now, it's all getting a bit annoying. Obviously I don't have a clue of the things that make up a transfer / loan, but it's understandable that it's so frustrating as a fan looking in.


    Can't wait for it to be over, so we know what we're going with, until January atleast! Don't get me started on the Emergency Loan window :D

  4. It's a superb draw. Of course getting a lower league side at home would, in theory, give us an easier chance of progressing, but for me, ties like this are what being a football fan is all about. We haven't had a big away day for what seems like an eternity now, since our Prem days, so it will be great to go and play Liverpool.


    We've got every chance of getting something too IMO. First two CL Group Games in the midweeks either side, an away tie for them at West Ham late Saturday before, and the Merseyside derby is the early game the Saturday after. Will definitely rest their stars and I'd think we'll go at it full strength.


    Hopefully they are sensible with ticket prices and we take a good few thousand down there. Should be a quality away night under the lights.

  5. I would expect Damia Abella to go straight in. I know it hasn't usually been Aitor's way, but he'll have trained with us all week, potentially have already made his debut tonight, and we really need him in there a recognised right back.


    Wouldn't expect any other new signings to go straight in though, but would think we'd see Clayton coming off the bench.

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