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  1. hadn't noticed this thread before! live in Boro, been a season ticket holder for 14 years, since I was 10, and always been in the same seat in Block 17. So obviously at every home game and also do a lot of aways. Always massively optimistic about Boro but really started to question Mogga towards the back end of last season. Always knew he wouldn't be going anywhere though so just sucked it up in pre season and was always looking forward to this season. First 2 games brought all the bad memories from last season back, but the Charlton game and Mogga's comments over the past few weeks have given me a lot of hope and I think we'll have a decent season. With the squad we have now, barring any major injuries, I think we're easily good enough for a comfortable top half finish and a good flirt with the play offs. A few players in though, one or two strikers, an attacking midfielder and some decent centre back cover (don't rate Hines, Gibson looks like he could be very good but is obviously still young) and I think we can give the league a real good go. In relation to the Mogga's comments bit, I thought his interview the other day stating that players we've had previously just weren't listening / couldn't do what he wanted was ultimately holding him and us back. This is almost entirely his squad now.
  2. if the forum did go into some sort of partnership with the club, would it not have any affect on what people such as Magooder and VB post? 'Inside Info' so to speak.
  3. apart from Vector, has our third bid actually been confirmed anywhere else? Got no reason to not trust VB, but I'm sure I haven't seen it reported anywhere that we've bid again, not even a 'Sky Sports understands..'
  4. agreed Humpty. That articles makes Leeds sound very desperate in their quest for signings. McDermott must know if nobody goes out, he can get nobody in. Seems the only player that's attracting concrete interest is McCormack, so surely they're just going to have to bite the bullet. and re: Yakubu getting smacked, it was definitely Wheater, and fair play to him, Yaks performance that night was absolutely disgusting.
  5. £1.6m plus add ons is a really good offer for McCormack. Hopefully they accept it, I'd love us to sign him.
  6. We need players that can definitely do it in this division right now. Paying £2m for Wells would be a completely stupid move and a huge gamble. I'd be all for it if we were plush with cash and £2m wasn't a lot to us, because he does have clear potential, but there is no guarantee that he will slot in and start doing the business instantly - McCormack would.
  7. Dean Whitehouse ffs.
  8. We will smash the tits off them. 3-1 win, Juke, Emnes and Adomah getting MOTM and a debut goal. The boys are back. UTB.
  9. Just been on to my mate who knows a few people. He's told me the talks are at a very early stage and we haven't formally bid for him - they're wanting in excess of £1m. His words were "wouldn't bet on us getting him", but you just never know. Hopefully Gibbo just thinks *** it, let's go for it.
  10. Alright lads, new member here, been reading this with (obviously) loads of interest the past day or so, so thought I should register! Not to sound too questioning of an admin here, but how in the know is vector? Never really read this board properly before so don't know previous things he's got right - but I hope this one is right!
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