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  1. Aitor is a class act. Would imagine many managers would have just ***ed him off, cutting their nose off to spite their face so to say. I love AK!
  2. I really rate Clayton, but this whole debacle has left a bit of a sour taste. It's obvious he had nothing to do with not having the first arranged medical, as that was Huddersfield. But wtf happened to the 2nd one? I'm with Humpty, his agent can only advise so much, surely the final decision lies with the player? I'll support him as he's (seemingly) going to be our player, but think he should clear this thing up when he's signed, and tell us exactly what happened. Damia Abella and Clayton, two more great signings. I can't believe how good our business has been this summer. Hats off to all involved at the club, things couldn't have gone much better!
  3. I'm gutted I didn't get a bet on Kike 2 weeks ago - he was 25/1 in most places!
  4. Am sorry, you seem to expect us to roll over and accept the first offer you give us? Well hes a Huddersfield player and till you lot give us a offer our owner likes its staying that way. Doyle alert. The offer has already been accepted, you're just holding it up for other reasons.
  5. Birmingham have just lost Tom Adeyemi to Cardiff. He was easily one of their best players. Really think they'll struggle this season.
  6. Is there any way around international clearance, any special dispensation? I know it was just a friendly, but Nsue apparently didn't have proper international clearance to play against Villarreal? Really happy about this signing. Osasuna's defence has always been very, very solid, and obviously he's played a huge part in it. When was the last time we had such an imposing backline? Friend, Gibson/Ayala, Ken, Abella all over 6 foot.
  7. 140 games in the past 4 seasons. That is a great record. Basically played every single game for them.
  8. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/damia-abella-finalise-move-boro-7576859 Says Abella will be our senior right back. Presuming they mean he will be our starter after their comments about him, rather than senior in age.
  9. talkSport is embarrassing overall. TALK***E more like.
  10. Never heard of this Abella. 32 years old though, so quite experienced. Hopefully the fee is only really small though as going to be no potential resale value. Anybody seen him play? Opinions?
  11. Wouldn't want to lose Ledesma at all. As others have said, he is one of the only players we have who has a bit of magic about him, to create something out of nowhere. I know Karanka has said he wants solid performers each week, but I think in every successful team there is room for a Ledesma.
  12. I think it was our relegation season - beating Spurs at home, Wheater scored.
  13. I really think we will turn these over, quite comfortably. Birmingham were utterly awful last season, and have since made a load of absolutely bang average / poor signings. Don't rate Lee Clark one bit either, I think he'll be gone pretty soon after Birmingham have a poor start. Just so much optimism around at the moment, and I think that will transfer onto the pitch. I'll go for us scoring atleast 3 goals and keeping a clean sheet. Be great to see Kike get a debut goal, who was the last player we had score on debut? Hopefully he'll have a debut like Ravanelli's!
  14. Wonder if there's anything happening at the ground. I'm off there after work at 4.30 to pick up a few drinks books, will keep an eye out!
  15. That Delort fella has been linked with almost everyone this summer :D Just checked his Wiki, been edited to say he plays for Brentford :D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Delort
  16. Who makes up these rumours, Atsu ffs. On the verge of an Everton move.
  17. Really want Chalobah back. I was a bit critical of him during his first few games, but he really grew into the team and was really good towards the end of the season. I've only seen Ake play once, against us, and he looked good though.
  18. Montoya would be amazing. Seen him quite a few times and he looks like a top quality player. Surely it can't be him :D
  19. What's that Graeme Bailey tweet all about then? I hope Vickers hasn't jumped the gun again.
  20. Another highly rated player at the perfect age. So happy with how we're going about our business this summer. Cannot wait for this season to start.
  21. Do you guys just sit with Vickers' Twitter open :D Seems extremely highly rated. Could be a fantastic signing.
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