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  1. I think the only one out of Hoyte, Bailey and McDonald that actually gets in their squads is Bailey. I was a fan of Bailey's whilst he was here, I think he gave his all every time for us on the pitch so I'll be giving him a clap if he plays. Comfortable win here for me. We're on a run and will be full of confidence. Big Ken back in at the back too.
  2. If that's the same team, isn't it the first time in 65 games or something that we'd have kept the same team? Mental. I'd have Albert starting in place of Ledesma and get the game wrapped up early, personally. I really do think they're there for the taking tonight.
  3. Great time to play Forest. Majority of their best players are out injured, manager banned from the touchline, team on a losing run, fans not completely behind them/the manager. Hopefully that Ipswich win, and the goals, have given us a bit of confidence back. Another comfortable win tonight. I'm going for Graham to score again and another clean sheet.
  4. I absolutely love parmos. I also absolutely love beating dirty Leeds. I'm getting a big parmo from Gs Golden Chippy in Brookfield on Saturday night, so beating Leeds would make it a perfect day :D
  5. Ah right, didn't know about the Clapham / being released stuff. Seems like a shame as I did hear some good things about him. Fair play to him for taking that drop though, shows a real desire to just play football. Cheers Powlay.
  6. I'm sure he was really highly rated only 2 or 3 years ago. It's quite a big drop to go straight into the Northern League. Do you know if there was any other interest in him Powlay?
  7. We simply have to stop this nonsense of having Leadbitter playing 'in the hole'. It's ridiculous, isn't his game and is a big reason as to why we've stopped looking threatening. Team I'd pick is.. Given Varga Omeruo Woodgate Friend Whitehead Leadbitter Carayol Tomlin Adomah Graham Leadbitter and Whitehead work well together, and Chalobah has done nothing whatsoever to impress me since he came in. Tomlin simply has to start to give us a bit of spark. Carayol and Adomah should definitely play, two quality wingers and we to have them both playing at the same time is a huge bonus. Ledesma has been very quiet for the past few games, so he's on the bench.
  8. Main is useless. Runs about a lot, anybody could do that. He hasn't got a footballing brain. Please start with Graham. If he isn't for 90 mins, give him 65/70 and then bring on Kamara.
  9. I presumed Tomlin's ban was 3 games because it was his 3rd red of the season? If he's only banned for one game then that's quality.
  10. Tomlin will be banned for the next 3 games, so won't play for us until Sheff Wed away at the earliest!
  11. Really, really happy with Graham and Tomlin.
  12. 150 games, 43 goals for Tomlin for Posh. Great record.
  13. Quite happy with Tomlin! Was very good for Posh in this league, and is a PROPER attacking midfielder. On loan too, so nothing long term to lose if we don't fancy him after this season.
  14. Sunderland Chief Exec has just left their training ground. Graham done and dusted?
  15. Get a bid in for McCormack! If he says sorry for the summer anyway, haha. He sounds like he wants out on Sky here.
  16. Emnes has signed according to SSN reporter who is live at Swansea's training ground!
  17. We really, really need something to happen today. I think if nothing happens, then a lot of our fans are going to be so bitterly disappointed, and a lot of the positivity that has built up recently will go. The very least we need is one striker.
  18. I think the Immers thing came from Vickers originally. I'd never even heard of him before this morning, so certainly won't be disappointed if he doesn't join. I would be extremely happy with Graham and getting Given to the end of the season. I'd be absolutely ecstatic if we somehow managed to get Dorrans in too - great player at this level.
  19. Yeah, we got the entire North stand behind the goal, then the extra allocation was in the corner / at the side. Always look forward to Donny away, brilliant that it's got so much interest. Boro invasion! Think we'll get back to scoring and winning ways tomorrow. 3-0. Train down for us too btw.
  20. Yeah it was. I thought it was 5pm for next day, not 12pm?
  21. Ian Dennis usually speaks sense, good to see a tweet from him regarding Graham. Really, really hope we can get it done in time for him to play tomorrow. Like has been said already, will be utterly deflating to see Main starting again tomorrow. These were my initial thoughts, but any player we've signed, we haven't been 'desperate' for as we've already had cover. Karanka must surely see that Main just isn't up to it, and if Kamara isn't 100% fit for 90 mins, then it would be feasible that a new lad would go straight in.
  22. Echo are indeed clueless. Sat desperately looking for things to print.
  23. Scott Wilson always seems utterly clueless. 'Possible' ffs :D Lionel Messi on loan? Possible.
  24. Kone isn't getting a game because he is knackered and is out for the season. Big yes to Graham from me.
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